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Shor and KitaView game page

A team-oriented adventure platformer
Submitted by Pepperjack22 — 2 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline

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Game Maker Studio 2

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Jam Host

This game would highly benefit from gamepad controls.


I absolutely agree, it’s one of my top priorities for the final product. I wish I had had more time outside of work to add a few minor things such as this, since they have huge quality of life impacts! 


The graphics and music go together great. I wish there was some way to change the controls, though. It's hard to do everything with one hand.


yeah my ideal vision for the final product would allow for fully customizable controls, I personally didn’t find the controls to be too cramped, but a few people mentioned it and now I’ve started to notice it too. thanks for the feedback!


I suggest putting a barrier that needs a boost to get after the rock wall. Otherwise the pit that needs a boost to get out of forms a softlock. Also, being able to attack in mid-air would be nice.


ahh, valid point, hadn't realized that without knowledge of the boost that pit provides an issue :/ thanks for pointing that out! and yeah, I originally had the option for air attacks, but had to put a temporary lock in place on it, something bugged it out and I'm still not quite sure what lol.


Love the atmosphere in this. The art and music together are very nice. The controls took a bit to get used to, but once I got the hang of it, things went a little better.

I feel like the game could benefit from either more generous checkpoints, or for Shor to be a little less fragile. One mishap with those spikes and it's back to the beginning. I might come back and play this more, but I'll admit I rage quit after the 15 item door barrier thing, because I died on the spikes there from a single poorly pressed key after making a jump and didn't want to start over again.

Anyway, if this artwork is custom, it's very impressive! Congrats on finishing and submitting your demo. I may come back after I've had some time to recover from losing my progress. The switching between characters was an interesting gimmick. 

Developer (2 edits)

yeah I originally had 3 points of health for both shor and Kita, but I found that it was just easier to take a hit here and there and do everything as shor lol I may have over corrected with the health change since I later added in the barriers to give shor more necessity, and the checkpoints were literally my next goal if i had had time XD at the very least if you reach level two it has a “checkpoint” that allows you to access level two from the main menu. And you were basically at the end of level 1 once you pass that pit lol

I feel kinda bad for accidentally making the game so hard, so far comments have pointed out it’s difficulty which was completely unintended lol 


It isn't obvious how to get past the rock wall.  I didn't realize I could control the panther until randomly pressing buttons for a while.  The graphics are fantastic and the music is good.

The text was really antialiased which made it difficult to read.  I would make your GUI scale larger so that the text is more readable.  How do you get past that rock wall?


The main menu has a controls option to explain it all, but K and J are used for Kita's attacks. Hold K to charge with her to break rocks, and she can ground pound to break rocks as well by pressing S and J at the same time while in the air. And yeah I was having issues with how the text looked, but I honestly did that in the last day so I was a bit too rushed to get the font and GUI scale precisely how I would like.


OK after a bit of practice I got past that wall.  It was tricky even after I knew what to do.  timing that rush jump to kill the top block was rough. :D


Yeah, it frustrated my girlfriend as well lol. I need to figure out how I can make it a tad easier. I appreciate your feedback. The downside of making the game is that I have everything down pat XD

I agree about the art. I wish I could take credit for its awesomeness, but the backgrounds were free internet resources I found. (Credit in game files of course.)


It's all good. I'm just trying to give critiques of what I saw when I tried people's games.   I really like the art style on the background.