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A jam entry

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Can you be the Diamond Idol?
Submitted by MakioKuta (@MakioKuta), Racheal with 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline
Rated by 48 people so far
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I liked it a lot. I am all into the male idol visual novel thing. Also, the story was pretty interesting, the art is great, and the stats mechanic is funny.

A suggestion: the background art is not bad but I feel that it could fit better with the characters.

This is a nice visual novel gem anyways, I am curious to see how the story develops I still want to play strip poker with Mark and Lanford


Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The backgrounds took the hit from the 1 month time restraints (along with some of the mechanics) It can take me a long time to do fully polished backgrounds, so I concentrated my time on the character art and writing.

When we move into the full version, they will be fixed up for sure! And just maybe you can play strip Go Fish with the guys ;> 

Thank you again!


My favorite game from you is always going to be U. U. P. Gemstar, I think.  I'd love to see that finished.

This game wasn't really my thing, but I enjoyed it!


Thanks for playing!

Every new VN brings us closer to actually tackling Gemstar - which turned out to be a bit adventurous in its story branches for our skill level at the time. It's always on the back of my mind, though. :)

(1 edit) (+2)

The game is pretty neat so far. I've only played about an hour but what I did see was nice. A lot of the backgrounds were a bit slap-dash but that's understandable given time constraints. I look forward to seeing a more polished version eventually. I also felt like there was a very slow build up to the actual gameplay itself, but being a VN that's understandable. What I did see of the gameplay was simple but effective. The little cut-outs of your character doing stuff reminded me a lot of a cute game called A Little Lily Princess.

As to the characters, I think there were only a few I didn't really get a good feel for/remember well. I got a bit attached to Perry, Yun, Chris, Ryan, Oliver, Lanford and Archie. I was super upset when Ryan got sent home first because I get the feeling it's because I bugged him the first day when Perry nabbed me to slack off. ;.; I'M SORRY RYAN!

So, yeah, it doesn't need saying that the character art is gorgeous, being that it's Makio and Racheal making the game. It definitely needs some in-game reference-type thing, though, if only so you can see how you're changing over time and how your relationships are stacking up.

Overall, I quite liked it. >.<)b


Good job on your entry!I really enjoyed the game and found the writing pretty quirky–there were a few lines that made me laugh throughout the game. I like the concept, and especially all the heart that was put into it; I can tell that you guys worked super hard on this all month. It's a huge game with a lot of potential and a month really just scratches the surface of what (I feel) you guys were aiming for!

Like everyone mentioned, the large cast was a bit difficult to keep track of–there were so many personalities and not really enough air-time (haha) for me to really get to know them each as characters; I think the stat raiser portion of the game kind of limits me as a player who wants to both do well at the performance and also make friends with the others. I was so focused on not performing terribly that the window for slacking off and getting to know them is really narrow, haha. I think as a result it was kinda hard to form emotional attachment for the events later down the road, but since this is a prototype I'm sure there's still loads of time where you can focus on balancing the performance mechanic with the social one! 

Overall a really fun game with a lot of heart and I'm looking forward for more to come! 


Thank you for playing!

It's okay that you didnt get to slack off in this version because it was one place where time restraints heavily impacted the contents. In future versions there will be days where you can train alongside other characters to boost friendship and also hopefully when you can easily see where your stats are their will be less pressure to train. (Or perhaps doing well in the contest is more dangerous than you realize ;) and training becomes second to forming alliances.)

It's a balancing act that we will be putting a lot of focus into in the future. More focus than 1 month allows for for sure Haha

Thank you again!


Wow there is a LOT of characters in this game.  I was going through the introduction portion and was just hoping there wasn't going to be a test later because I didn't remember half of their names. :D  

If I were going to tackle it I might introduce the player in the audition process and give a few key characters in a tutorial, then pair up other characters into "teams" constructed of archetypes of personality that can be drilled into for more nuance.  As it is the introductions are just to much to take in for me.

The artwork is great, I like the way that the game animates the portraits with the emotions.  It's a really great system for visual novels.  Overall really nice work!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, we've been hearing a lot that it's hard to keep track of all the characters. I guess personally I was never expecting the player to remember all of them from the introductions alone. It's there to give you a quick overview, not a cram session. (just my interpretation, I'm not the writer, haha)

We've had suggestions of a menu where you can see and reference all of them, and we're probably go with something like that in the future. Relationships will play an important role in the outcome, so it can all be tied together with a friendship menu. I'd also include the stats and routines and such info in there. I knew I didn't have the time to design / program that for this build, so it was cut early as an extra.

Thank you for your comments and suggestion and for playing our game ^^

Oh, as a quick fix, I'll add a visual reference for who is who on the game page. It's older concept art (and Nikolai changed his spelling), but maybe it will help.


When starting the game, before getting into the core mechanics of the game the player will assume that the information you give them is very important.  So spoonfeeding the content a bit more, with a shift or two in play style would be a great way to fix it I think.

(2 edits) (+2)

A fantastic game with such a large varied cast that it explodes with boys.  Nevermind the inherent blood lust of the devs, the games mechanics will have you dancing.  

Here you have three primary stats which are trained at the expense of relationship points to other contestants.  

Forming bonds, dancing, singing, and learning concrete routines are your ticket to success.  There is a solid mechanic I wasn't expecting, in which you can randomize your routine for varied results.

Pros: Clearly stated graphics and animations for training.  Lots of characters and a variety of routines. Characters aren't all the same mold or style.  They range in age, skin complexion, and backgrounds.  The cast is not white washed.  Such a feat doesn't go unnoticed as the events and dialogue play smoothly with an equally skilled programmer at the helm.

You can deviate from the normal and take a chance on random performances.  Events besides the contest that allow you to bond.   Routine is mastered in four sessions and can be chain trained allowing the character to expand quickly.

Cons:   Cannot see stats or performance values, even after elimination.  The backgrounds were sacrificed for better content, which is fine.  We need a stat screen, and a tutorial on how to use it and what the routines are BEFORE performance day.  We need a closed set practice booth that will allow us to rate each of the contestants abilities and see how the main character's score measures up against their three primary stats.  Seraphina from Disgaea 5 is hosting the show for some reason?  Small grammatical mistakes.  The music is so generic, it just doesn't fit the intense nature of the game.

In it's current shape the story and protagonist's/player's motivation is enough to propel the game further.  I highly recommend supporting it.  Please talk to a musician.


Thanks again for playing! Most of the things listed in the cons are things that were left on the wayside to make up for the time. (especially the music. I think what I found worked for this build, but it's just free-for-commercial use music. We'd certainly be going custom in the future.) Our host is staying though ;D

I'm glad you liked the characters and story and enjoyed what depth we could put into the training in this version.  Thanks again for the feedback!



1. Art is awesome, as expected and loved! (you know I love your art MakioKuta!)

2. I got a bit overwhelmed by the amount of characters in the game at first, there was a lot going on and I was a bit lost for a while, but as the game progressed I got more used to it. The ingenious way of showing the characters in the little boxes so the screen didn't get over crowded was brilliant!

3. I loved the mechanics for training, and the option to slack off, those were fun!

4. The story was interesting, and I liked the characters and theor little stories (except Perry, he annoyed me no end! Loved Nikolai, Langford and Chris though, and Daniel sounds like me when I get really into my phone games! lol. I liked how you let us get into the mechanics of the game, and get used to the general way things worked in the game competion while adding all the hints that you don't realise are important until what happens in Episode 3.

I was so surprised, and then was all "So that's a huge reason why his brother..." and I loved it. and I need more, so you had better hurry up and make more so I can get to the bottom of this mystery and win this contest!

In short, I loved the whole thing and look forward to more!


That can't be the whole game can it??? It was just getting so good and I want more so badly!!! What an incredible entry you should be so proud of yourself! I genuinely wasn't expecting that king of ending, but I'm a fan of it. The rpg elements mixed in were great too!

I was a bit disappointed that I didn't really get to choose who to slack off with, but I completely get it, time limits on game jams suck sometimes.

Us game devs should support each other, I'm glad I got to play and rate your game! It deserves even more comments and ratings, I can tell you put a lot into it.


Thank you so much for playing our game and for your kind comment!! We wanted to end on a hook to build interest heheh

Slack off was certainly trimmed for time reasons, as was a lot of other things. (hopefully the finished game will have a lot more variance in events, as actually having the slack off system in place, will allow the friendship system to be a thing!)

Thank you again! <3