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¡Muy divertido! En el fondo todos queremos poder vengarnos 


Gracias por el feedback! :D

Sí, los puntos de guardado es buena idea, se hace un poco pesado cuando fallas. Intentaré hacer una versión con algunos retoques.


First of all, sorry for replying to you so late.

I am glad you liked the game. It had a lot of bugs (haha) since it was made for a game jam. Thank you for your comment, it makes me happy to know that you enjoyed it!

This past year has been a wild ride for me in a lot of ways, so I couldn't keep developing this and other jam entries I made. Although I don't know if I can, but I swear to God (or whatever superior being there is, if it ever exists) I will develop it further if we don't get any Animal Crossing announcement from this year's Nintendo conference in E3.

Thank you!

It seems we skipped some typos, we will spend some time correcting them.

About the game getting a bit "repetitive", it's true, we are testing the game and looking for ideas that could help us to make the game funnier, improve that mechanic (or even finding a new one)

I liked it a lot. I am all into the male idol visual novel thing. Also, the story was pretty interesting, the art is great, and the stats mechanic is funny.

A suggestion: the background art is not bad but I feel that it could fit better with the characters.

This is a nice visual novel gem anyways, I am curious to see how the story develops I still want to play strip poker with Mark and Lanford

Muchas gracias! :)

Mmm yes, maybe it is an issue of personal likes. Anyways the customizable controls are a good idea

I think that yes, that could help to balance the fall damage. It is hard to know until you try, but it is a nice idea

Thank you for the feedback! It will be very useful.

It is true that it is a bit short. We will try to add more feedback to the actions, we had something planned that couldn't be included, but there are other chances for feedback we didn't thought about. I will also look into the bugs, we didn't notice the ones you found, the one that is more troublesome is the orders bug un the second level.

I like the idea overall, 2D platformer about running errands and delivering things, with the possibility of exploring. I also think that this can be developed into a nice full game. Some issues I would like to point out:

Good things

  • The platformer mechanic and physics, which as far as I am concerned are the hardest to achieve. They work pretty good.
  • The story and dialogues, of course we still don't know the townies much but it would be interesting to see how the relationship with Shaia grows while she runs errands for them.
  • Having to explore and find hidden paths. Nice level design.
  • I don't know if this was intended, but I get some Naruto vibes. This is something related to personal tastes, but in my case I was a Naruto fan for some years so I liked it!

Things that in my opinion cold be improved

  • The controls are not bad, they are not hard to use, if only I would change the "Talk with person/interact" key to Z instead of up, since the player has to use Z to pass the dialogues it would be more coherent. Also there is no way of learning them in the game. I don't think you need to make a tutorial, instead Shaia's house and the training ground are good places to show the controls, specially the latter if you put some signs. 
  • The falling damage, it is good that it exists in order to avoid the game from being too easy, but it could work better if the meters you have to fall to get damage were more.By the way, adding some damage sound to make the player notice they got hurt.
  • When Shaia is inside buildings, it is hard to see where is the exit door.

In a nutshell, it is a lot of work for only one developer and it is a funny entry, so good job! The game has potential. Keep up with the good work!

Great game. As others already stated, the art is cute (I like that magical girl vibe) and the level design is neat, I personally love the different ways you can use the transformation powers. I enjoyed it a lot! Already shipping Rose x Serena.

I am playing with a QWERTY keyboard, the controls are good overall, but I would rather set the Up arrow for jumping instead of Z, that way the Z key could be used for one of the available powers. It is just a suggestion though. About the bugs, the only one I found that could be important is that after getting the Wind transformation spikes don't hurt.

Nice one. Looking forward to the future versions!

I was stuck in the Ice Maze, I got the two items from the labyrinth but it was not clear what to do next.

However, the idea of them stuck in the world of a film is interesting. I agree with the feedback left by miracleJester and Colin, in my opinion if you want to develop a longer version then the best you can do is identifying the good parts of the game and focus on them. For example, you could plan the story overall, and once you have the sinopsis then you could start working in the level design and the story's script.

Keep practicing and learning about game design! I am trying to learn too, it is not easy but someday we will become better.

We are planning on developing this game further so any feedback will be welcome! Specially feedback regarding on how to enhance the gameplay experience. Thank you in advance!

This one is a great entry! There is a lot of gameplay time, it is very well built and a rather clever way of taking advantage from the engine. I also love simulation games so you won me totally.

In case you are developing it futher: as a suggestion, since the movement is executed on a tiled map, you could slightly mark the borders of each tile so the player could see where they can move.

Good job!

Las ilustraciones y las animaciones son sencillas pero atrayentes, y además  reflejan muy bien los versos de Bécquer. En otras palabras, que el arte está genial. El juego en general es muy interesante como poema interactivo. Buen trabajo!

Está muy interesante, hace tiempo cuando leí está leyenda me gustó mucho, pero además es que habéis hecho una adaptación muy buena. Aún tengo que terminarlo, me he quedado atascada pero seguiré probando hasta llegar al final. 

Está muy bien el detalle de dar la opción de leer o no determinados fragmentos, porque así el que no le guste leer no se le hace pesado, y al que sí le guste puede leerlo entero. Las ilustraciones también tienen su punto, y la banda sonora es genial. En general os ha quedado un juego muy chulo.

De acuerdo! Lo volveré a probar cuando tenga un rato. Gracias a vosotros también :)

Ostras, no nos habíamos dado cuenta. Luego en cuanto tengamos un rato lo corregimos. Gracias por avisar del bug

¡Nos alegramos de que te haya gustado!

Lo de los objetos y el click lo comprobaremos, puede que se nos haya pasado algún bug.

También nos gusta la idea que propones para que los eventos sean más inesperados, si seguimos desarrollando el juego probaremos a ver qué tal.

Muchas gracias por probarlo y comentar.

Sí, en ello estoy. Gracias!

Me parece muy original que haya que jugarlo con el libreto impreso. Es divertido, de momento me he quedado atascada con el acertijo del segundo avión de papel que hay que hacer, pero lo seguiré intentando!

Tiene bastantes minijuegos, se nota que os lo habéis currado. Además la música y el doblaje están muy bien 

Me encanta la idea, es súper original! Y además está muy completo, hay muchos dibujos para utilizar y todos son preciosos. Lo he jugado sola pero tengo ganas de probarlo con más gente, debe de ser muy divertido también.

He echado una partida con my hermano. La idea es buena y es divertida, el pixel art y los sonidos están muy chulos también, además es bastante educativo.

Lo único que le vemos es que se hace un poco largo porque llega un momento que se empiezan a repetir los versos, por lo demás está genial.

Lo he probado desde el móvil y me ha gustado mucho, la historia es entretenida y el juego está muy pulido. Además es muy interesante cómo habéis modernizado Yerma con los problemas que tenemos hoy en día, prácticamente invirtiendo los roles. Muy bien hecho!

Thank you for your kind words!

Sorry for the typos. I guess we misses them