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Great game. As others already stated, the art is cute (I like that magical girl vibe) and the level design is neat, I personally love the different ways you can use the transformation powers. I enjoyed it a lot! Already shipping Rose x Serena.

I am playing with a QWERTY keyboard, the controls are good overall, but I would rather set the Up arrow for jumping instead of Z, that way the Z key could be used for one of the available powers. It is just a suggestion though. About the bugs, the only one I found that could be important is that after getting the Wind transformation spikes don't hurt.

Nice one. Looking forward to the future versions!


Thank you for the playthrough and the comments! I have never seen that bug you describe. Weird. I will have to test it out. In terms of the controls, I do think that some people don't like up arrow as the jump. This makes me think I should add customizable controls so everyone can play the way they are the most comfortable

Mmm yes, maybe it is an issue of personal likes. Anyways the customizable controls are a good idea