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Atmosphere and visual storytelling is top-notch! Although the music can get a bit repetitive. I was able to obtain the tarot card. I think that is the current end of the game right?

I was not happy about the enemies and how they worked, but after obtaining the axe I think I kind of get that you are supposed to be a bit defenseless without it. 

I felt really lost until I was able to get the axe. A bit of guidance to it would have been great, like it happens for the tarot card when you get to the note describing it

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Thanks for playing!

This is really strange. You are the first person to report not being able to attack unless you are crouching. Most of the people playing the game have done it on the web version with a keyboard, so that is extra strange

You should be able to do a melee attack while on the ground with or without crouching, and on the air.

The dash and projectile are unlockable abilities. You don't have them from the start

Also the enemies not flinching from your attacks was a deliberate choice. That was heavily influenced by castlevania, as many things in the game are. I understand it is a matter of preference here whether that is good or not, but it is possible to defeat any of the enemies in the game without taking any damage

Not sure what to say about the control issues, other than maybe trying the windows or mac version

Thanks for playing!

Great feedback all around. I really appreciate it. There is  good stuff to take for improvement

Thanks for playing! Agree with your criticisms

I just think the buttons are placed in a more comfortable way so you can jump/spear/dash in quick succession better

Thank you for playing!

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Thanks for playing!

I get you, using the spear is hard, specially in keyboard. It requires some reworking. The main thing is that it needs to travel a short distance before it can be stuck to a wall. That is something I should have thought of better

Thanks for playing! I agree with your criticisms. Especially the checkpoint one. Was a tad too influenced by how old metroidvanias did it

Good aesthetics! I found the controls to be rather clunky. I feel they would be better if you had infinite ammo since that is your only method of attack and enemies are super tanky (got stuck on the big star near the beginning all the time because I kept running out of bullets) and also if you could just shoot while moving.

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Amazing game! It controls perfectly and that is really impressive considering the game is 3D.  Some more audio feedback could have been nice for the claw swipes and the bomb mechanics definitely gave me some headaches. The biggest critique I can give the game is that it is easy to get lost. I almost didn't make it to the end because I could not figure out where to go, even with the walkthrough

It was still an awesome experience all the way up until the point where I needed to go up the lava waterfall (got lost for so long on that part). The rope mechanic was seriously impressive in how intuitive it was to use, and the n64 aesthetics were on point

Thank you for the review!

Thanks for the review! The combat had a lot of castlevania inspiration, where you often just do a basic melee attack repeatedly. I agree that some variance could have been good. I actually want to make a sequel with the rest of the story for the next jam if possible

Thanks for playing! The air dash needs some redesign for sure. I wanted to allow moving while melee attacking in the ground but I didn't have time to make an animation that would not look weird. Definitely adding those things next time

The game looks nice! The physics were a bit too strong when jumping. I felt like I was moving all over the place. Also got somewhat lost on the map

Good job!

Thanks for the review! It is very difficult for me to come up with a proper control scheme for keyboard, so I think next time I will push hard to include key rebinding as an option

Thanks for playing! I agree that the spears should wait more, or maybe even not disappear at all somehow

Really cool ideas, mechanics and premise! But I have to agree with the people who said this was extremely difficult. Could not get too far even with the ability to save almost anywhere

Really unfortunate that the engine switch affected this game's development. Good idea to give the debug tools to allow players to see all that was made for the jam

The concept of the pet is great! It has its jank, but I was able to make it to the boss just fine. Should be good with more time to develop it

Great visuals! I got really lost after getting the dash, but that is more like user error

I was having a hard time with the boss but then in the last attempt I loss all hearts and was still alive, so I was able to just tank everything and kill the boss

Neat demo! I really liked the sense of progression

This is a pretty big game with lots of mechanics. Sadly I died on the first boss fight and did not have any saves so I could not continue. I did play around in the tutorial to check out the abilities I missed. It is plenty of mechanics! I feel like the physics were a bit janky but nothing gamebreaking

Great game! A bit too massive for me though. Was able to get 2500+ scraps but did not find the last 2 portal pieces. The controls also felt a bit unresponsive at times. I kept falling off trying to do double jump + dash because some of the inputs in the sequence did not register the moment I pressed them. Maybe it is a controller + web build issue

Awesome presentation and great mechanic! This is better realized version of the spear mechanic of my own game. The platforming physics felt a bit off and the lack of coyote time makes some jumps somewhat frustrating

It was still a great time. Amazing work! 

Sure, that sounds like a good idea! The pickups don't drop anywhere else in the game so having that as an introduction can really help

Thanks for playing! I should have left some hints for the second boss. The idea is to do the melee attack against its blue projectiles. They drop mana pickups

Great theme and presentation! I felt the movement in slopes and climbing were a kind of buggy. Sadly I could not finish the game. I got all upgrades up to the gun, then entered a room where clouds could be seen in the background. My character was nowhere to be seen and I was seemingly softlocked

Very interesting momentum basic mechanics! They were quite slippery though. I think they needed a bit of an adjustment

It was a fun time. Combat felt a bit janky but losing was not frustrating thanks to the checkpoints. A bit too linear for a metroidvania but still good!

Thanks for all the feedback! Agree on explaining the mechanics better, not just the air dash. Some more player guidance was needed in the game.

This is the first time I hear of that bug. I will check that out

Great game! Looks very nice and the few characters I interacted with were fun! I had some trouble with the wall jumps and water dashing (especially that last dash to leave the cave. Took me a while to figure out). Nice work!

This was pretty fun! Sadly I ran into a bug in the red zone where I entered a house and the screen went all black. Could not do anything else after that. Still a great submission!

Very creative concept! Wish it was a little longer. The chip programming part was a little buggy but nothing gamebreaking. Nice ending! Got a chuckle out of me

Amazing entry! Solid all around. The final level is a bit too big to my liking, but that is just nitpicking

Amazing entry! Great controls and metroidvania progression.  One of the best submissions in this jam

Amazing work! Had a blast playing this game. The one thing that I did not like much was how difficult some things were to see. Took me a while to notice the lever, or the many spike traps

Good game overall. I wasn't able to finish though. An enemy hit me and pushed me inside a wall and I could no longer move. The dash ability specifically feels pretty solid!

This was fun! Good work. There is some jankiness with the platformer physics but I still made it all the way to the end

Thanks for the feedback! The spear thing was because you could go up any wall indefinitely as long as you had mana, when the idea was to use the spears with multiple walls. There is another game in this jam that actually did that mechanic the way I wanted to do it without the drawbacks of the minimum distance: Yestersol. That was more or less the intent

And yes, the underground does need another checkpoint for sure