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A mini Metroidvania about a demon regaining his powers.
Submitted by AriNeonShark — 4 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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Vanilla Javascript

Ariel Wexler

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A really nice game, though it ran kinda slow (probably an issue on my side), absolutely loved the minimalistic style and animations, great job!

This is great, a joy to play. Controls are a little fiddly on keyboard but would be great on gamepad.


I agree with others that this is a solid entry. It nails the fundamentals and has some nice extra things (e.g. the effects when you get power-ups). Controls felt a little weird on the keyboard but it was very nice on a gamepad (The jump is a little springy for my tastes but it works). Well done! My only real criticism is that I think the level design, aesthetics, music, and ending could be more interesting. The caves didn't have much variation and were a little dull to navigate after a while (though I appreciated the variation that was there). And of course, there's the useless bones (which bounced around nicely, however). 


An excellent execution and a clean design.


  • There's a lot of character in both the player and the enemies even though their visual designs are super simplified.
  • Controls, movement, and UX in general are a shining example of how well things can be done.
  • The map screen alone is a testament to the scale of the crafted world that you've created.


  • I wish the map overlay was larger on the screen when it came up (played in fullscreen mode if that matters).
  • I wanted to use some of my abilities off of the walls and think it could lead to some interesting level design options ...
    • Dash while on a wall directly dashing off of the wall could let you have vertical sections with timing windows.
    • Fireball while on a wall directly firing the projectile away from the wall could let you have wall-to-wall combat scenarios.
  • The currency ran into the same issue we had with currency in our game: little value in acquiring it since it wasn't really used for anything. I know that it was likely due to time limits for the sake of the jam, but having some way to use the bones during the run to give players a choice about what to do with them would make that system more interesting.

Beautiful game, very clean and responsive. The movement in particular feels great, especially around corners and other tricky areas. Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this game. And pure Javascript is definitely very impressive! 


Like the game very much. Thank you for sharing.


I loved the look of this and the responsive controls, though it felt a bit cramped. I tried playing with my controller, but the attack button wouldn't work. Not surprising though since this was in a browser.


Wow that was pure javascript? nice!

Very cool execution, cool animations, cool design. Have no idea why did I collect bones, but it was fun;)

I have not much to say. It was maybe a bit too labyrinth in design, I feel like metroidvanias work better in bigger zones. If You can just go everywhere all the time... idk, maybe its just me complaining. And it does make the traveling quick, so... Not bad design for sure.


This is a really excellent game. Loved the mechanics / abilities, the animations, and the level design. The controls were also really good (even though the jump is a bit floaty, it didn't feel like it detracted from the experience at all). 

I really don't have much else to say, so I'll nitpick some small things that I would have liked to see:

- The fact that I collected the bones with no apparent use was a bit of a bummer, but presumably that's partially due to time constraints. 

- The fact that checkpoints only healed you when you activated them (i.e. only if you have another one active and then come stand on it) was a bit annoying. It seems to encourage you to do a checkpoint run where you go to a different area's checkpoint, only to come back to the previous one, which is just busywork, really. Or to just avoid activating the checkpoint because you might want to heal later. Both of these don't seem like the kinds of things you'd want to encourage.

Anyway, this is a really excellent game; amazing work!


Great work!  The mechanics were outstanding -- the wall crawl and double jump were very well implemented.  The player controller here is very nicely tuned and responsive, which makes the gameplay very fluid.  The player animations were also great, and transitioned smoothly and naturally.  The map function was very detailed and useful, and you created a large world.  It's particularly impressive that this is a solo project written in javascript with no external assets.  Nice!

Some feedback that I hope is helpful:  it would have been great to have felt more invested in the character or environment, or for there to have been some kind of story or objective (aside from collection/completion).  The game did abstract platforming and collecting very well, but in further development, making the world come alive a bit more would be fun, even if it were at the expense of world size.  And this may be a matter of personal preference, but I would have loved to have seen more challenge with these great mechanics.

Great game!


Amazing ^^ you nailed the player controller, for me that's the most important part so 5/5 the game runs so well, really impressive. I don't have any bad things to say, well done! :)


I love the smooth animation, and the controls are exelent. I'm just a tad bummed there were no bosses and only two enemies though. With how nice the attack animations felt I was really hoping to test it against a boss of some sort. I wish that bones were used for something. Great game though!


Incredible work! Controls felt fluid and responsive, level design is top notch, and the animations are great! 


For me a Big Winner - this game takes it simple design and use it to it full. the enviroment is harmoic, totaly clear what is what, where to go, where to not go - the bioms are well indicated with colors, the ability visualisation on the character is awesome and cute made - the movement feels satisfying - I had a blast playing it and I got all the chests!  Thanks for this Game!


Dang this has the best movement and combat I have played so far!!  I learned a lot from playing this, thanks a bunch!!  I love the lowering spikes as a dash hazard, gonna use that in my game for sure too :D


The artstyle is simple yet beautiful
The movement is so fluid
The music/sfx is great (I accidently overlay some other game's music with yours sadly)
The level is not too small nor too large
There are only 2 types of enemy just like in my entry

Yeah this is best submission so far that I have played yet.


Amazing entry! Great controls and metroidvania progression.  One of the best submissions in this jam

Submitted (1 edit)

super impressed.  level design, game feel and juice all delicious.  the effort put into this really shows, with all the subtle details/animations and destructible terrain.  the sfx were very evocative and satisfying, and the music is thematically a good fit (although i probably would have personally preferred a more overt, catchy music style for a dynamic/active game like this, but i can also certainly appreciate the artistic decision to use a more broody dungeon synthy style, which served well for immersion and cohesion).  front runner for the entire jam imho.

only critique is that the ending was a bit sudden, might have been more satisfying to have a final confrontation which utilized each powerup, but i understand that you can only cram so much into a month.  seeing the rest of this, there's no doubt in my mind that you could have pulled off a really excellent final boss, if given a bit more time.

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

Absolute treat to play. Creating something in straight up javascript is obivously a big technical feat (13KB !!), but more importantly, this game controls really smoothly and the platforming feels fantastic. There's plenty of content here to enjoy and the level design is maze-like and engaging. Vectory graphics really pop and stand out in the jam. Top marks.


Really solid entry! Animations were very smooth and in general the game was really nice looking.  Player movement felt really nice and responsive as well.  Can't believe you were able to make this with vanilla javascript.  Really well done!