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This is great. It's like 2048 except your game is actually fun :P Thanks for the Android touch version

Oh, please don't take anything I said as a complaint, it was all praise! :)

I like exploration games where the player is actually able to explore! I'm sure you've played games where the player is given things to look at, yet resource management is so tight that it's impossible to get anything done. The player is actually punished for exploring which defeats the whole purpose of the game. This really ruined Out There: Ω Edition if you've seen that.

I also don't mind an easy game. Not everything needs to be an ultra-hard nightmare roguelike.

Don't worry about time. It took Tom Happ 5 years to make Axiom Verge. The guy doing Pixel Art Academy has been going for 5 years with no end in sight! Take your time and enjoy creating.

I'll follow your devlogs and have wishlisted on Steam. The game is ready when it's ready :)

This is great! I've often wanted a good modern "text RPG" sort of game and you've got the idea perfect. The writing is very engaging, each of the places and characters have a unique feel, yet there's also a lot which appears hidden and makes you want to explore more. The idea of different "moods" and different conversation paths lets a player actually "play a role" which is something a lot of RPGs surprisingly lack! The timer is generous so you can get quite a lot done in one day. The danger level seems forgiving, especially with the idea of quicksaves and autosaves. I couldn't put this down once I started. Really hoping that you continue to make this. I'd gladly pay for the full version.

It's incredible dedication to stick at it like you have. Breaks are only natural and arguably required! Be happy with the well-playing and beautiful game engine you have made, and enjoy creating room-based puzzles in it :)

This is a cool little game. You've got a good focus on level design and guiding the player. The idea of a small level with a time limit allows for both exploration play and speedrun, all in a little mobile pick-up-and-play package. Really well done!

More difficult than a normal game of Columns. Really good job!

Considering that rotation works on the login screen, it's possible something has gone bad in your user profile.

If you create a new username, then login as that new user, does resize and rotate work okay as the new user?

What an interesting idea. Well done.

Even though it's just a two-room demo, this plays pretty well. Good stuff.

It ends up as W and C on QWERTY.

Good concept, interesting way to take the typical snake mechanic of tail getting longer putting you in more danger and applying it to a platformer with gravity.

This is really cool. It's like System Shock meets Tomb Raider. It's pretty unbelievable that this is done in DOS.

DOSBox needed `cycles=auto` for me, which ends up using `max`.

Funny and clever, but I wouldn't have put lives in it. The idea of punishing a player for exploring and experimenting in an exploration game is not good design imo.

This was quite good. It has a few challenging parts and tells a good story with a twist at the end. Amazing that you made this in 3 days, I couldn't make something as good in 3 months! Thanks for sharing this little gem.

This is a brilliant idea, executed exceedingly well. This will easily be one of my most memorable Metroidvanias. Thank you!

You can do anything at ZomboCom.

Anything at all.

The only limit is yourself.

Very impressive.

What a game to play right now.

I'm always glad when you release a game, I love your writing style so much, it's so completely unlike anything I'd ever think of but also comfortable and welcoming.

The autosave points were a good touch, thanks for those.

One small typo: Friday's should not have an apostrophe.

This is a fun game. Once you get used to the symbols it's a good challenge.

I don't expect you're updating it anymore, but I often find the girl won't make any moves anymore, the tiles won't move. All I can do is go to the menu.

Just start out small, like a single walk maybe 3 times a week. Set a reminder on your phone to prompt you cos it's not in your routine atm. Don't be mad at yourself if you forget or whatever. Just say, oh well I'll try again tomorrow.

If you don't feel like it, you can try trick yourself into it. Like get your shoes on and just walk to the footpath. Now you're there and ready, you may as well keep going for a small walk anyway.

It takes 2-3 weeks to form a habit. That's the hardest part. After that it becomes easier :)

Sorry to hear things are not going well, and very sad to hear about your cat. Pets are so special and it's not fair they don't get to stay around forever, I know that feel. At least you can think you gave your cat a good home for its entire life and that's very important :)

It's also important to maintain a good balance between work and life, and your "work" here is game development. Start small, like go for a walk each morning and evening, you could consider that your "commute" so you start working on games after your morning walk and you stop working after your evening work. Take a break in the evening and do something you enjoy, whether that's seeing friends or playing games or just lying on the couch watching shows.

Try and work a little exercise (cardio or weights or whatever you prefer, it doesn't matter) and meditation into your routine, they will help your brain produce better chemicals which will keep your mood more steady and at least help a bit with depression.

I hope that helps. But overall, do look after yourself. Your personal health is more important than video games or random people on the internet like us.

Mega Man with Metroidvania elements taken to a silly extreme. This was a good idea executed very well. Thanks for sharing this fun little game.

This was great. I got the final upgrade just at the end of 9 years, so you paced the game perfectly :)

Saw this on AlphaBetaGamer and loved it.

Linux version works well, using Ubu 18.04 with AMD HD6870. The Yoyo Games Runner also requires libssl1.0.0:i386. You can see all the library files required by running ldd ./Zordak though it's not always clear which files are in which library package (eg: file libcrypto is in the above libssl package).

The art, sound, and level design are all wonderful so far. The pose of her jump while initally unsuited seems a bit odd, like she's leaning back too far, but not really a big deal.

I thought more indication when oxygen was depleting would be handy, perhaps a box blinking red around the oxygen indicator? I didn't even realise the gas section was using oxygen until I was in the last room.

There's one point where you shoot upwards to a tentacle above but the edge blocks you, you have to step out a bit to shoot the tentacle, the edge probably shouldn't block like that. ABG does the same thing.

A lot of people are complaining that this is apparently a Super Metroid clone, as if that's a bad thing? Also I think you've extended beyond that game with things like kick/punch, ledge hang, crumbling blocks, so it feels like it has a bit more variety which is great. I look forward to seeing your future ideas to differ from the exact SNES/GBA gameplay as well.

Will definitely buy the full version.

Wish I could give 6 stars. Great little Gameboy-palette metroidvania, it's even open source.. Quick but enjoyable. Reminds me of Tiny Dangerous Dungeons.

This was good fun. Kept my interest, made me laugh, and had a surprising ending. Impressive feat within the limitations of Bitsy. Well done.

Hahaha, this was great, thanks for the chuckle.

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Agree, this was just beautiful. The physics were really intuitive and enjoyable. The game mechanics are introduced gradually. Secrets are well hidden but not so obscure as to be unfair or punishing. You obviously really "get" good game design. Thanks for this fun little adventure :)

Cool :) This is really impressive for just a POC. I'm very excited to see where you go with it next!

I couldn't get the hang of this walljumping at all. Pressing one direction but jumping away from the wall so far in the other direction is way too disorienting. A shame as it seems like a good game otherwise. Oh well, sucks to be me.

The game looks really beautiful. I feel like I'm playing a long-lost GBA ROM. It reminds me of the Flashback Legends demo if you know that?

The air physics could do with some improvement. Jumping and falling feel very "floaty". You move up and down at a constant rate with no "arc" of slowing down in the middle of the jump as your direction reverses from up to down. Falling feels too slow.

The jump's spin animation doesn't feel very smooth, like you can tell it's separate frames of animation. Perhaps it needs more frames? I am not sure.

The default controls feel uncomfortable to me, I found [Z jump] [X shoot] [Shift run] to be more comfortable on a keyboard. Gamepad support would help.

The enemy movement is not great. If the flying bugs hit you, they jitter back and forth very fast. The big jumping enemies feel pointless early on with such a weak gun, their art is also inconsistent with the rest of the look, as those monsters are hugely pixelated compared to the rest of the environment.

You're obviously well-versed in Metroidvanias so the idea of being able to just ball-jump and swim straight away feel like a shortcut. You know how long it took to get those that in Super Metroid :P However perhaps I am comparing your game too strongly to Super Metroid.

Please don't take this as too negative. Overall this is pretty amazing. You've got 2/3rds of the way to making your own game which is easily better than NES Metroid or GB Metroid 2, and is approaching the quality of professional games like Super Metroid or Zero Mission. That's a great achievement! It just needs a little more polish to be great.

I hope that is helpful feedback. Please keep making games! Imagine how good you will be in like 5-10 years with more experience.

I thought the way the screen follows you as you jump around is very janky and uncomfortable.

Nice minimal Metroidvania. Managed to get the good ending :)

Pretty incredible for a Pico-8 game. Great art, sound, music, and puzzle design.

I found the lower edge of tiles difficult to determine. Many times I knew what I wanted to do and was sure I was in the right position, only to die due to poor placement. Very frustrating and ultimately I gave up after Idol 2 because the platforming wasn't fun for me anymore.

I'd like to see this with some sort of cleaner tileset which fixes that issue.

No worries. I forgot one thing, I wanted to leave a little constructive criticism on a point to improve if that's okay.

Even though there is a lot of art which makes the world feel very alive, there were times where it felt L had too few expressions to choose from. I could imagine having those conversations with a person and them looking a specific way but it felt like L was shoehorned into only a few choices of how to look. Considering the main character interacts with her so much, she could have done with a larger variety of expressive art. I know that's a lot to do for full-body shots, so you might consider the "replaceable face" sort of art in a future game.

That's seriously the only thing I felt was off though, the rest was excellent. Thanks for your great game!

This is a good game. I picked it up on sale for a few bucks.

It's an ADV-style visual novel with light graphic-adventure elements (inventory puzzles and backtracking) early on, then switches to a more linear kinetic style later. I only got stuck at one point early on but walkthroughs are easy to find on the internet. In almost every scene you can mouse over areas which visually change to tell you they are clickable, a good interface design. There is a single late-game choice to two different endings afaics. Play time is about 3 hours.

The player interacts with a few characters, but mostly learns about the world and a number of other people through diary/log entries left lying around. It's like the journal entries in System Shock but there's a lot more of them. The game has a sci-fi plot which I don't want to give any spoilers about. It covers some good existential questions. As you progress through the game, you'll realise that parts which you read or saw earlier had a deeper story which unfolds, which is very good writing.

The most noticeable aspect of the game is the striking art style. It definitely doesn't disappoint, there is so much art and even a few alternate/old versions in the game files. You can also buy a PDF artbook where the author explains a little about the making of the story and art. The only game I've seen similar to this is the wordless adventure game Hiversaires.

I gave this an 8/10 on its VNDB page. Recommended, especially if you can get it on sale.

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[mild spoilers, finish OTL before reading this comment]

I'm writing to say say thanks for this nice little game.

At first I didn't get much out of it. I didn't find the characters particularly endearing and I didn't find their actions realistic. Teenagers generally aren't that self-aware of their feelings nor talkative about them (at least not any I knew) and some average guy isn't going to suddenly have three attractive girls literally throwing themselves at him. The story felt like a lot of background filler building up to something which never quite happens.

Then you did something no author ever does: You explained the story.

The clear factual delivery of The Hidden Truth was fantastic. It precisely describes the background, characters' motivations, and message really well. I then understood the story and what you were trying to communicate a lot more. It was great!

It was also nice reading your English blog entries and Itch/Steam threads. Turns out I'd "got" most of it like the twist with Claire, Ziva's friendship breakup and her whole Holden-Caulfield can't-save-everyone story arc, the wolf story representing this story within itself, but I'd missed some of the subtle points like the characters' name origins and the sun/moon comparisons, so it was good of you to fill in the gaps.

I then read the story again a second time with that knowledge, which I can only liken to rewatching Fight Club right away after your first viewing because you now know the Narrator and Tyler Durden are the same person. I found the story a lot more light-hearted and enjoyable the second time around.

I didn't think I was that enamoured with any of the characters, but looking at them again these weeks later as I write this comment, I do miss hanging out with them. You managed to bring up that conflicting feeling I had towards the end of high school, both hating constant attendance but not wanting something so familiar to end and for "real life" to start. I imagine every school student in the world has felt that to some degree.

I don't think I got any great epiphany or emotional takeaway from the OTL story which I hadn't already considered myself before reading it, but I'm fine with that. It was good entertainment and to have spent these hours exploring something so thoroughly feels like a good expenditure of time. I'm glad to have read it.

I like your earlier comment that authors often don't make their stories clear and that's very pretentious of them, that there should be a clear "correct" literary answer to a story, and I appreciate the effort you've made to explain the parts of the novel that you want explained. I'm not any sort of analytical genius and I've always wished for authors to do exactly what you've done. I guess my favorite character in the OTL "mythology" is Keinart :P

Again thanks. I'm really looking forward to Lotus Reverie.

PS: Bulbasaur is the best starter Pokemon.

Your games are certainly something else. They're enjoyable because they're so unique.

The most similar thing I can think of is Ramble Planet, though the gameplay style is different -

Thanks for sharing what you make!