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That is quite the troll. Had a good laugh.

Who knew trolling could be so cute?

This is maybe the most polished puzzle game made in ZZT. Brilliant, devilish puzzles, a unique and consistent aesthetic, great sfx--this is WiL at the top of his game. 

Fun game with lots of character. Not so trolly but a real treat. I look forward to playing more of Bluey's games in the future. 

Clever puzzles and real innovative thinking here. I echo Dos's comment about guidance but the surprises were so great that it was still satisfying. 

The beauty of the cutscenes and the painfulness of the challenges are both exceptional. 

Trolling was offset by a pleasant environment. Nice feature.

I guess the real treasure was the trolling we had along the way. 

Teaches you how to be cool. Worked for me. 

Not sure I've ever been so fed up with having to do chores.

You got two characters wrong. It's 'OO' instead of '00.'

More like hot and stinky!