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Wow this is a pretty polished game! Congratulations on your achievement. I was really impressed by visuals and all the extra attention to details like the intro sequence (though like others I thought it was a lot of text to read). 

I'm not opposed to difficult games (in fact I quite like them), but there were a couple things that made the difficulty less enjoyable for me. First, I wasn't comfortable with the controls. As others mentioned, controller support would help, or even just another keyboard option (I personally find wasd+space+shift very awkward to  handle. It's a lot for one hand; I prefer zx+arrows). I agree that the wall jump could be refined, but really this wasn't a big issue for me. Second, there's the constant risk of falling to your death. That's not bad in and of itself, but combine that with a lot of knockback on small platforms, a very quick respawn that makes it easy to immediately fall off a platform, and ambiguity about where the death spots are and where there is a platform below, and it makes for a somewhat punishing platforming experience. I think that with a bit more attention to the controls (and options for a variety of player preferences), this could be a really great. 

Nice prototype! I enjoyed the toaster sprite and the toast health. I echo previous comments on the colliders and the physics. That will improve the feel of the game a lot. 

Really interesting game! The visuals are really nice! I definitely struggled to figure things out without any guidance, but I kind of managed. My biggest hangup was I didn't realize that the gun was using ammo collecting from drilling. I kept running out and couldn't figure out why. Putting yourself together is an interesting mechanic, but I'm not sure it's "there" yet. Personally, having to manage my body parts while fighting was more frustrating than enjoyable for me. 

A couple minor details: 

- It takes forever to drill the rocks. Considering cutting this time down by a lot. 

- The enemies that fire weapons are *really* good shots. It's maybe a little too hard to dodge. 

Good start! Cute weird sprite. Overall I thought the visuals were nice. I agree with PolyB that it feels a little slippery. 

This is a nice work in progress! I liked the visuals, though at time I struggled to understand the tiles. I played for a while but the difficulty of the game, combined with the lack of checkpoints and having to start over completely upon death made me give up early. Adding checkpoints will go a long way. Also, I would suggest tweaking the movement a bit or at least revisiting some of the level design. I constantly found myself jumping and getting stuck grabbing walls and stairs. The very first room is actually kind of hard to get out of because of this. Overall, good entry though.

Nice work! I liked the ability upgrades and thought the level upgrades were well done. Enemies could be more interesting and the graphics could be improved but overall I thought this was a good entry. 

Nice short platformer experience! Good work. There's some thoughtful platform placement that I appreciate. I agree with the others about feedback after getting the upgrades.

Nice entry! I liked the visuals, though at times they were a little unclear. I also had difficulty reading some pits, like others. I ran into a bug where after dying fighting the black box I couldn't move anymore (wasd stopping registering). I also agree with Pixxl's suggestion about introducing concepts more gradually. 

Thanks! Crackling in the audio? 

It's a solid entry that does a lot of things well, and I agree with the criticisms and suggestions made below. I would have been more motivated to continue searching for fragments if 1) getting to and from the gem gate were easier and 2) the fragments were visible on the map (at least at some point). Good work!

Also, I might be in the minority but I thought the music was a little *too* serene. Didn't feel like it quite matched the gameplay of dodging blades and destroying bugs. 

Some nice, simple art here that grabbed my attention. I *think* I played to the end. It was a little ambiguous. 

This was so quirky and fun to play. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to "go right." I got stuck and I couldn't figure out how to get back up to the top. I'm pretty curious to know how it ended! Is there a double-jump upgrade or something somewhere?

The walking speed feels way too slow. Speeding it up considerably would improve the gameplay a lot. 

Cool game. I wouldn't call this a metroidvania at all, but it's a neat design nonetheless.

No jump makes it extremely difficult!

Interesting game with some neat ideas. The progressively debilitated movement was neat. The robot enemies were ridiculously aggressive but it was at least fair with the quick and forgiving respawn. 

Some thoughts for improvement:
- I think I fell through the bottom of the level and returned to the top??? Not sure what happened. In general, I could've used a bit more guidance. Didn't really "get" the game or the world. 

- Took me a while to figure out that I could destroy the crates to get items. I thought I was soft-locked.

- I don't think the music fits the game very well. 

Some neat ideas here. I like the hammer abilities but I found using them to be a real challenge. Took me a long time to figure out the downward hammer smash. Also, I found it very difficult to hit down+a then quickly right or left. When this was combined with level design that made you do it repeatedly and forced you to start over if you messed up, it became frustrating. 

There's some really nice art here! Looks like the game was unfinished, but it's a good start!

I agree with others that this is a solid entry. It nails the fundamentals and has some nice extra things (e.g. the effects when you get power-ups). Controls felt a little weird on the keyboard but it was very nice on a gamepad (The jump is a little springy for my tastes but it works). Well done! My only real criticism is that I think the level design, aesthetics, music, and ending could be more interesting. The caves didn't have much variation and were a little dull to navigate after a while (though I appreciated the variation that was there). And of course, there's the useless bones (which bounced around nicely, however). 

Charming visuals, sound design, and story. I think this would have been a top entry for me if the controls were improved and if I didn't have to start over with 1 health every time I died. 

I can't get past the first screen. Any help? Do I need to know Russian to play this game?

Thanks for the feedback. We'll have to think more about we introduce the bombable walls.

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Thanks for clarifying. 

Thanks for playing and for your comments! I have a couple questions: first, were you aware of/did you make use of the map? I know maps aren't everything but it would help to know whether you felt lost even with the map. Second, could you say more about how the enemy recharge was confusing? Was there confusion about what the bars meant? 

Woohoo! We haven't fixed that bug yet. We have to wait until the jam voting period ends before we can upload updates. 

This is a really clever and fun puzzle game. I enjoyed that a lot. 

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Overall this is a vey polished game jam entry and pretty fun to play. It's obvious that a lot of care went into it.  The visuals are neat and cohesive and the controls are smooth (though I did have issues with double jump in one room in particular, see below). Sound effects are fitting. I thought the music with the warping lo-fi filter was a nice touch. I hung around in the level select to hear the full track. Nice. The level music maybe could use a bit more attention though. 

Unfortunately, I ran into what seems like a soft lock. The switch here only gave me one shot and didn't reset after the block got destroyed. After a while I decided to try exiting and re-entering the level, and that fixed it. Weirdly, when I returned the switch reset after failed attempts like intended.

I also want to point out this room, which feels quite a bit more difficult and kind of unfair compared to the other challenges. I almost gave up here, as I felt like my double jumps weren't registering quick enough to make this jump:

I did notice some of the other minor things that other players picked up on: blocks not quite setting into place, an odd collision at one point, etc. I also noticed there were a couple places where the camera was not following properly. But really, these were minor nitpicks in an otherwise well-executed game. Honestly, it's a triumph. Well done. 

FYI, the instructions don't mention "x to sprint." 


Left/Right arrow keys - move left and right

Up arrow - jump

Z - interact/continue

The more momentum you have, the higher you jump, so try getting a running start!

At any rate, I gave it another try and beat it! 

Thank you so much!! 

Yes. Get full health from a save point, then get injured. If your health doesn't go down after that first hit, you have all 11. If it goes down with the first hit, you are missing one.

Oh no! :(

Thank you!

I just confirmed that there are 8 health upgrades, though it's possible that the max display is set to 10. I know that was something that needed to be fixed but i thought it was fixed.

There's a lot of good stuff going on here. The level design is pretty good and the upgrades are fun.  The slime travel system was a cool idea. There are lots of health boosts to make the gameplay fair. My main criticism is that there's something weird going on with the controls. For reasons I could not figure out, every few jumps, the character would only jump a tiny bit, like they were hitting their head on a ceiling. The inconsistency here made me stop playing before I reached the end. 

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and played through to the end. 

This has a lot of charm! The opening text made me excited. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past the first room. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong but I couldn't get onto the first visible platform.

Fun idea! Nice animations! You may want to change that laser-sword so you don't have Disney on your butt... I didn't get very far, unfortunately. Couldn't figure out what to do after getting the wall jump. I'm wondering if I just wasn't using it properly. 

Nice start here. The movement felt pretty good and there are some good ideas, like the yo-yo attack. The mouse animations are nice and the map worked well. I did get stuck at one point because I couldn't seem to get out of the lower-right area of the map (every exit seemed to require abilities that I didn't have (I never found the needle or climbing ability). I would have liked to see 1) more aural/visual feedback to the player and 2) less traversing through big empty rooms. Overall, a good effort. I can tell a lot of work went into it. 

Nice start here. That walking animation is hilarious.

Interesting start here! I'm not sure if it started on the wrong screen or what; I began with a boss fight but the door wouldn't open after I beat it. Boss sprite was pretty cool though!

Nicely done! I really liked the visuals. Reminds me of a softer Celeste.  The platforming was a little slippery in places like people mentioned, but the concept was fun. I did almost give up in this early room because I found getting around the crook very awkward and difficult. I stuck with it and played to the end though, and I'm glad I did

Thanks for playing! I believe the item slot left of the bomb was supposed to have an icon for the stun weapon. This was a detail that we forgot to add before the deadline. Thanks for the feedback about the wall jump! Way to reach 100%!