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Lol "a bit lazy." As if you didn't just find out about the jam and make a track in like two hours. 

Dang, I really don't know how you can pull together six such richly detailed tracks with so much attention to sound design and mixing in so short of time. The cuica-like synth in Alarm Clock Type Beat might be my favorite. Very impressive entry and a joy to listen to. Thanks for making and sharing. 

Wow, this is a lovely future bass track. Well mixed with a good selection of instruments and interesting effects. Thanks for making and sharing. 

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Dang, I knew about Musescore's new libraries but haven't heard much from them yet. The strings in the first two tracks kind of shocked me! I really like the orchestration choices here that give the soundtrack a clear, cohesive character. The fairytale feel comes across strongly. Great entry with a lot of heart. Thanks for making and sharing!

Holy Synth Heaven!!! Out of all the tracks I've heard this week, the synths in this one might be my favorite. The instruments are so delicious. I need to learn some things from you. The production is so good! The panning is expertly done! There's a lot, but it's so natural and effective, rather than distracting. All the motion throughout the different scenes. I love this!!! Honestly might be my favorite single track of the jam. The only comment I had is I'm not sure whether the assailing creatures are mostly just mysterious or menacing too, but it didn't come across as menacing to me as perhaps intended. Thanks for making and sharing!

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Ha! I love the idea of an actual character named "Big Ben." It's interesting finally hearing your track because we had some overlap in story and musical ideas. 

I really admire the attention to detail throughout these tracks.  The sound design of the clock mechanics is top notch and integrated naturally within the tracks. The tracks also stand out because they have so much character! Synchron the Clockmaker and Tempo Town had me smiling wide. And of course, I love all the toy percussion! The whole thing was a joy to listen to, and frankly, stunning. 

Now I may be alone here, but I felt a little thrown about by the different moods across the different tracks. The opening begins fairly serious and epic, and then we go to three light-hearted tracks, before the extremely solemn Perpetual Pendulum. It left me a little confused as to the overall style of the game. It seemed light and comical, but some songs take themselves so seriously in a way that suggested otherwise. Not that a game can't have contrasting moods--games pull this off all the time--but I think there might be some room to improve here, because I missed a sense of a consistent thread. Others have commented on the cohesion, though, so obviously take this with a grain of salt. At any rate, I'm hugely impressed by your ability to realize your huge ambitions in this album. Well done. 

Thank you so much for listening and for your detailed comments! 

Hmu if you ever want to talk mvm strategy!

Thanks!! I was really proud of that mvm. We've been meaning to do an update with a map and some minor changes but have not got around to it yet. So it goes 😅

Thank you so much! I really do enjoy using the library. 

Thank you so much! 

Neat ambient track. Great blend of music and sound effects. I think the cuckoo track was the standout for me. I really enjoyed that delicate orchestration with all the ambient sounds. Thanks for making and sharing. 

Clockwork Factory immediately caught my interest. And yes, wow, what a nostalgic sound you've captured here! I enjoyed the orchestration, especially the use of toy percussion. Thanks for making and sharing.

Wow, here's an ambitious orchestrated OST. I appreciate all the effort that clearly went into it. I enjoyed listening to the different moods across the different tracks. I echo others' comments about the mixing and dissonant notes. However, this is a great effort. I especially loved the main string melody in Immortal Seas. Thanks for making and sharing! Next time I hope you can get streaming set up!

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Thanks, Mailman, for delivering this banger. Skatemail's going into my collection. 

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There's a lot to like here. The sounds are charming and the tracks are evocative. Jester was so much fun and well composed. The instrument choices in it are perfect and I can see it so clearly in a game. The other two tracks immediately intrigued me, though I think they would benefit from more variation, either in the instruments or the chords. Thanks for making and sharing. 

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Wait what. I don't know what's happening but I'm obsessed with this album. The lo-fi drum with wandering sax??? The repeating, unyielding, dissonant melodies?? What is this magic???!! 

Thanks! I never played Pajama Sam but i grew up on point and click adventure games and have a soft spot for them. I haven't thought too much about the name 😅 "Ticky Tockerson" popped into my head and it was playful and memorable so I stuck with it. 

Thank you! I used Gaelic Singers from Spitfire LABS for the vocals. It's free! 

Thanks so much! 

There are a lot of good ideas here and interesting melodies and progressions. I like the movement in clocktower battle. I wanted to hear more variety though, either by changing things up within the tracks, or shortening them. Overall though it's a nice cohesive sound. Thanks for making and sharing.

This is a really interesting track with some good instrumentation! As David mentioned there's a fair amount of dissonance and it's not clear if it's intentional or not. I think either cleaning that up or being more clearly intentional with it would go a long way, because there's a lot of good stuff going on.  Thanks for making and sharing. 

I dig how groovy the melody is. It stands out from most of the entries I've listened to. The instrument layering in Clocking the Catastrophe is well done and satisfying. The waltzing supervillains idea is great. I appreciate the reuse of the main theme across tracks too. 

Thank you so much, your highness! I used Spitfire's BBCSO Core for most of it. It's one of the more affordable libraries if you can get it during a sale. I like it as a solid entry-level library. 

Great entry and a lot of fun!

Hush My Child: Great opening lullaby.

World of Wonder: Awwwyiisss. I love the recorder/xylophone/handclap/uke(?) combo developing the theme. 

Teenage Battlecry: As someone who listened to a lot of ska as a teenager, this made me lol. 

A Slower Life: Emotive piano with nice string accompaniment. A bit sappy for my tastes but it's pleasant and effective.

Dreams and Memories: More nice emotive piano.

Hush My Child (end credit version): This is a lovely lullaby and I feel lucky that Iget to hear the live recording with the locals. Thanks for making and sharing. 

This is a very interesting soundtrack! There's a lot of unexpected variety too. I loved the reversed audio in Timeless. Those swells are quite effective. That and Ocean Time are very pleasant listens. Jungle Time has some bold composition choices that I appreciate. City in the Clouds evokes the scene nicely, though some errant notes a little later in the track are a bit distracting.  Thanks for making and sharing!

I like the mood of this one. The guitar works well with the wolf theme. Chant du Loup was the standout track for me. That descending guitar riff with the piano hits the spot. I think some more attention to mixing would improve the tracks. For example, one or more of the instruments in Silent Hell are too loud and causing clipping. I enjoyed the listen. Thanks for making and sharing!

I like the experimental approach and the way the structure of the songs incorporates the themes of the game. There are excellent ideas here. I agree that at times I wished it was either a little shorter or there was more going on. At the same time, the extended sparsity might work very well in a game! Thanks for making and sharing. 

I like the twists in the soundtrack that are also shown in the changing visuals. The first static distortion at the end of the intro caught me off guard and got my attention. Good stuff. Thanks for making and sharing!

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That's a really fun retro sound! I appreciate the creativity in using different time signatures to match the different hours.  The pitch bends in 3AM add a lot of character. That's a great world you created! Thanks for making and sharing.

Thank you so much! 

Thank you so much for listening and giving feedback! I really admire your work, so I appreciate your perspective and advice. You're right about the waltz. I admit, I haven't orchestrated many waltzes and leaned too heavily on a single source as a model. Ironically, my favorite part ended up being the more original section you correctly identified!

I appreciate the caution against repeating basslines. It is a trap that sometimes ensnares my composition, so this is good to think about. I think it was helpful for the mechanical clock feel this time around, but I'm going to think about that going forward. Thanks again!

Thank you! To be perfectly honest, the BBCSO Core samples are recorded in such a way that simplifies mixing. I didn't do much other than adjust the volume levels and a bit of reverb. There are no mic placement options in Core; every instrument is just recorded at the location they are in a full orchestra. This can be frustratingly limited at times (e.g. all the percussion is way in the back) but it's also handy for people with less experience mixing orchestras, like me. Even the panning is built in. It can be a little inflexible, but it's useful for quick work. 


Thanks so much! It's an honor to be compared to those games. 

A little short but that's a great experience. Great buildup and drop and use of sfx! Thanks for making and sharing. 

Heh borrow away. Glob knows I have. 

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These chill, light-hearted tracks were fun to listen to.  I love the delicate instrumentation in Bored in the Menu. It's very pleasant, perfect for waiting. I think the theme interpretation is pretty creative too. Thanks for making and sharing. I hope you had a good vacation!

Thanks! I think of waltzes when i think of strolls through town, probably because of Howl's Moving Castle. And yes, you are correct.

Great vgm rock. Solid guitar riffs. Everything hangs together well. Synthetic Ascent has such "rush fight to the end" vibes. I love it! Thanks for making and sharing.