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Wade Whip and the Cave RescueView game page

A short metroidvania for the Metroidvania Month Game Jam
Submitted by securas (@Securas2010) — 18 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline
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Wade Whip and the Cave Rescue's page


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Securas, Totsnuk

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i have to say, this is actually a really good game, i liked the visuals, presentation was mostly clean, the map also gives this project extra points, overall nice game!!


Great game! I really like the presentation. Everything looks & sounds cool. I especially like the animations & effects. I feel there is some poorly designed platforming at certain sections. There is no variable jump height & I couldn't prevent hitting the top spikes at one section.


Thanks for checking out the game. There is variable jumping but there are also some too challenging platforming parts indeed. Hopefully, it can be improved post-jam.

Hey checked it out, only got to play for a few minutes because I had to go to work! Will come back and give it a proper test run 3/5 on first impression!Lots more to explore

Check out Chick-Magnet and give it a rate/comment if you have the time!

(The WebGL is more up-to-date but wasn't included as a Jam submission) Thanks, GameDev&Design


Thanks for checking out my game for those few minutes. I also checked out your game.

Submitted (3 edits)

I'm going to nitpick a lot because a lot of little things added up and affected the scores I gave, especially enjoyment, so before you read that I want you to know I legitimately enjoyed it and it's a favorite to place well for me so far. It's notable that all those little things didn't bother me much because the experience was otherwise so solid.

Enjoyment & Execution 4 - As they so often are they're tied together and suffer a little for it.

There's one room (alluded to by Zephyr below) that requires fairly noticeable coyote time use and I had to look up how to use the paralyze ability. Aside from that one room everything felt pretty fair, movement felt good, game was generally enjoyable. Kudos on 2 bosses and a chase scene.

Discretionary things that affected enjoyment: Spike pits are almost always a guaranteed kill, with notable backtracking. Spike ceilings aren't. I would recommend doing a respawn-at-last-solid-platform-or-so for pits and ceilings and making the jump that's giving people trouble in that one room a bit more vertically generous. I would also try to time the platforms a bit more casually since they feel a bit like a speedrun-or-suffer situation, or even a "train always leaves the station when you arrive" kind of deal in some rooms.

Sensory 5 - All-around visuals are solid, nothing to complain about there. I did have random sounds happening that sounded almost like the MegaZeux bomb noise and I had no clue what the intended trigger was there.

Metroidvania 4 - Pretty standard stuff in this regard. Solid Mini-vania. Should be getting more attention/ratings.


Thanks for the amazing feedback. I hope I have some time to improve it on a post jam version.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

This game looks really polished! One of the most polished I've seen so far this jam. I liked the color palette, the sound, and the music. The character movement felt too slow but in general felt good to control. My only major complaint is the unforgiving platforming. This is the room that did me in:

I have no idea how it's even possible to get by without getting hurt. I thought maybe I missed something but I backtracked and didn't find anything.  I think this game could be super great with a bit of tweaking. 


Apologies for that. Urgent need to improve it on a post-jam version.


A friend told me you have to exploit coyote time to get past it. Good to know. I'm glad the game has coyote time, but players aren't accustomed to it being a requirement for progress. You've probably picked up on this by now but I thought I'd just say it to be clear. Also FWIW I really would like to play a post-jam version of this.


Really great art and sound design! I wish there was faster movement and some more iframes, but you can't have retro games without the hard gameplay.


A pretty nice game, you guys did a good job.


Big +1 for the gamepad support! The visuals are really great and the background music and sfx fit very well. 

I think the movement speed could be a little higher. And at times I found this game to be very unforgiving, especially considering you do not have much health to begin with.

But overall this is a great game and I really enjoyed playing it. Can't wait to see more from you. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the feedback.


A good ol' Game Boy Color-style game that I really miss these days. The overall experience is nice and simplistic, fitting the theme perfectly.