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Those eyeballs.....they are looking kinda.....THICC

Those eyeballs are so..hmmmm they are looking kinda.....

whats up with big eyeballs....they are so ......THICC...

The Enemy Eyeballs are looking kinda....THICCC

its probably your overprotective Girlfri.... i mean Antivirus

Review: Hell Yeaah Loved the Rock Music it was awesome , Great Game and story would love to see a sequel or prequel to this game also the cutscene was a great addition to it.


wont say loved it but i would definitely say i enjoyed it. nice artwork, music , mechanism and sound effects.

Quite decent Game. Love the graphics. i didnt knew there was a rebirth i would definitely made video on this one but i played it. i love the little tweaks. nice game and mechanism.

The Graphics Are Mind Blown. the game is amazing reminded me of RE village and Amnesia. Gameplay is also good.
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Revive : Yooo i from where should i start...First of all Its a really beautiful game. Loved the pixel art with the Volumatrics.

Loved the story. I always have this issues with other games that they are not long enough. i thought the same for this game in first place cuz i thought it looks really Good but wont be long enough BUT the Game is perfectly Long enough.

I'm Pretty sure u got the idea of the game from movie In Time starring Justin Timberlake

Thanks for this amazing game

Goldie was a sacrifice.....SATANEEEST...jk lol

Review: This game is so cute and beautiful. The characters, the music and the looks are all amazing. I wish the game to be more longer. anyways loved the game.



Review: Really loved the concept. Stranger things does deserve a game like would have been much better if the environment and map were more interactable.



We all thought this game was hard until

Those eyeballs are looking kinda THICCC..



Vroom vrook skrrt skrrt

i had to rage quit

"Its Spring Time" is a 2nd entry in my Uh Minute Series. Its about a one minute adventure of Tobey who visits SnakeStar Island every Spring to Get his Special items for his garden but this time he came a little late. Guide Tobey in make his way through the island.

Controls: Arrow Keys to Move, Mouse to Select, X to change Cutscene and Space to change Stages .

WASD for browser play


Game By: Zendasian

Music By: Outgoing Hikikomori  and  Orca Vibes.

The game was created during GSGJam


how can i see results

web games seems a better option if ur game is short or is 2d. 

really great game i loved the mechanics , style and music. i think the leaderboard isn't working cuz it didnt fetch the ranking i waited for 3-4mins . my score was like around 300 something. Enjoyed the Game, Great concept.

i would really love to  have your review about my game:

Thanks for the feedback💖💖💖

I saw your game on #1 in indiepocalypse game jam and played it . its really aesthetic and beautiful.

i would love to have your review  on the havoc i created:

loved the game, its really beautiful and music used is also amazing.

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REALLY CUTE GAME!!💖💖 loved the simplicity music and style. Felt really nostalgic. used to play these type of games online as a kid.

here's my game if u r interested to look into:

everything is great about this game except the camera. mouse look would have been better.

thank you very much for playing the game it means a lot. cuz this was my first game (technically) I cant warn player bout danger cuz its what that increases the difficulty but i can improve movements to some level.

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happy to help and contribute. And 7:40am? I wake up at 10am lol

great graphics, really enjoyed the vibe..

yeah only one flower near the thing and first panel of how to there were no buttons or info

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thanks for playing the game and btw in 30seconds you have to complete first 2 islands. it took me more than 20 tries to beat the game

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about your game: 

Plus Points: the music is good as well as the style and gameplay.

Minus Point: It took me a while to understand the game because of controls. and add a return/back button on how to play i had to restart the game.

waiting for your review and thoughts on my game.

others: You cant make perfect game for GSGJam....

Flavedogame: haha Flourish game go brrrr....

apart from joke my Review:

The game is perfect for the Jam. I love the animation on dragging the objects into the garden usually there are no animations in this genre of games. The Music is soothing and peaceful , It goes perfect with the game. Mechanism is also good. i found no bugs in the game. only thing i wanted in the game are shadows, it would give a really good look to the game.

Thank you!!!very much. I'll work on difficulty levels cuz still learning the software Gdevelop5

Uh Minute Series is completely inspired by Bennett Foddy's Getting over it. I want the player to get frustrated. So yeah thanks for the lovely feedback .

Wow thanks for the great feedback man, i was testing browser play when you might have played the game. I replaced arrow keys with WASD so the page won't move. I'm still learning and improving object collisions so in next patch it might get better. Player's slippery movements are intended so the user take more time to move rather than usual. Thanks again..

"Every second matters"

thanks for the sweet feedback. I'm still learning to improve the bugs and some of the object collisions. I'll be playing your game today and will share the feedback in its comments.

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Taking inspiration from Bennett Foddy's Getting over it, I made a similarly tough top down game. This is the 2nd game i have ever created. Work really hard on this for 7days straight.

Hope you like it: