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true horror honestly

nice game just wish it was a bit longer

don't mind me if i just.....

My review:
nice game, wish there was more to it like more to the story.

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My Honest Review:
Voice acting? 7/10 but in a pixel art game That is a rare thing to see and I love that. The charm of the game was in its comedic element. point and click gameplay was well done. I wish the game was a bit longer especially the playing guitar for band section. Beautiful art style & pixel art. ROCK ON!!!!

would have loved if there were more horror bits in the game, other than that pretty solid game, visuals were dreamy and atmospheric.

My review:
the game was simplistically amazing, slow build up to a horror sequence was well done. Really loved the addition of voice over to the radio as most pixel art games don't have that, it's just all text. 

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My review:
great art style, sound and gameplay. The puzzles were great, and I really had to explore hard as I don't like reading the content. which were like hints, i guess.

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my review:
the good-
great game I really like the slow build up to the horror part of the game, and the foreshadowing that is being told in our lines. making drinks was fun and taking away the handholding (no spoilers) when you need it the most was a great choice.
the bad-
the horror part was good but why? what's the reason? what's the cause of it? these questions create a void in the story.

really great old school game. reminds me of games I played in my old android phone. that all the way up with lots of missiles....F that. lost all my progress and had to do it twice. using grappling was fun but I wish it was more directional like you could have added more of those circles in tunnel like places, so player don't have to constantly grapple on walls. which didn't have any jump boost. good job.

Gida was my favourite npc lol, Game is a nice platformer. It's always good to see a build up to a game with a story which your game has, lots of indie game lacks that part of the game. about the gameplay, those bats were a pain in you know where, shooting felt good, I like how those miner moles had revolvers. those spikes you placed seem to become hard to locate as they blend with the map. those Frankenstein spider heads? what's the lore behind them? wish there were more npcs inside the map. also, I got stuck here it seems like a bug.

brutality of combat is good, pixel art is great, screen shake is buggy making the camera move sideways violently at times making game unplayable. other than that good job.

Good job, would have liked to see more enemies.  music seems to get stuck while changing scenes tho.

Graphics are simple yet beautiful. Music creates this mystery to be unraveled vibe. use of portals is really great. when I saw the map I was like DAMN that's a big map. good job.

Kudos on the cool game using an ancient assembly language! The creepy vibe is unique, but navigating the map is a bit tricky—hard to distinguish platforms.

Good music, love the paper mario style look, great controls. the sideways views made it hard to navigate. otherwise good job.

Controls and attack effects are great. reminds me of "dead cells". Also update how the game will look on browser. set it to 1280x720 or set it to auto update

Well done! liked the metroidvania look you are going for.

Had a blast playing this beauty. would love to know if you plan to add more to its world and story. I would definitely return to play it.

controls are WOW. graphics...i mean they work. i got stuck at those purple diamond place.

Thnks for playing , i suggests hiding and shoot at right moment in this state of the game as I have noticed issues and have tried to fix it but can't update due to jam being locked.

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Hey there,

I put in a solid 5 hours to make some significant updates to my game to fix bugs, only to realize that I can't actually update it due to the jam locking it. Feeling a bit stuck here—any advice on how to handle this situation?


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HOLY DAMN, now that's what I call a hell of a feedback.  Thanks a ton for your review! Glad you liked the graphics.  Just today I have worked on an update to the game fixing (I Hope lol) some of the things you pointed out yada yada yada , sadly this game jam won't let me update the game . Difficulty was intentional but it ruined the experience of mere humans, so to fix that I added a feature; when an enemy die there is a 1/6th chance that they might drop health buff. Another thing from you comment I liked is your point on Covers, so I added more hiding areas! BUT IM A PEOPLE HATER!! so yes, I added more enemies. So, let's talk about checkpoints, when I'll add more areas to the game checkpoints will make sense.  Hope you'll return when I'll update the game. 

Thanks a ton for your feedback! Glad you liked the graphics and sound. I've heard you on the difficulty issue and I've got an update in the works to fix that. Stay tuned and thanks for playing!

NICE! yes, the idea of a Metroid Vania under water is something I really want. There are some issues in the game like too much acceleration in player's movement and wall jumping is hard to do. 👌

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hey! from the amazing world of gumball lol. It fits the theme perfectly but yes you can improve controls and add more animations and effects.

A good ol' Game Boy Color-style game that I really miss these days. The overall experience is nice and simplistic, fitting the theme perfectly.

Thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed the game. Yes, map can be memorized easily as everything is placed manually, I'll keep that in mind will try to fix this in next update...


Thank you for playing, I'll keep that in mind.

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the adrenaline rush this game gives! Legen- wait for it -dary

Free Bird does really go with every thing

Don't mind the title

Interesting , Cinematic & Creepy walking sim. and great storytelling.
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A good game with well written storyline so far, love the pixel art style and music. Looking forward to play further from "The Fire"

All Jump Scares!!

Will touch controls ever be added?