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never will

replying back professionally as if u don't know me you huh ? lil shit.


First of all loved the vibrant aesthetics, pretty neat job for the first game. But..3 levels? thats short ,wish there were more than one enemie, would have added more strategic feel. Otherwise Clean game. And u did not just put dark souls death sound.

Thanks mate!

for real, gave me goosebumps

I liked the simplicity and transition to horror of the game, but you could have added more in the beginning part of the game, also a few more details. Gameplay is great and is definitely scary.

Loved the P.T. x EscapeRoom style of the game, very well executed. 

ooh looking forward into it.

Great game, Loved the aesthetics and vibe of the game. music played a huge part in this game. I like this kind of short games, looking forward to your new projects.

oh yeah sorry i got confused with developers.

i'll be making a video on your game for my youtube channel so, will let ya know. wont stream it

streamed it

streamed it

yes that ai card one too

i played the game off stream and forgot, but yeah streamed it half way again, highlights will be available. i hate it and love it. screw you and bless you lol. pretty big brain game

streamed it

ooh i love these, i also make rage type games. I'll play it on next stream.

Loved the game it so cute and amazing, here i streamed it

its the 2nd game i played on this vid

streamed it, but there are some issues with movements but did got concept of game. check my first text here you can find the list and link

streamed it, nice looking game but final boss didnt attack me? . check my first text here you can find the list and link

streamed it, Loved it and i might play it again i saved my game, loved the story and rpg elements . check my first text here you can find the list and link

hey i tried your game, theres seem to be some bug with movement, i tested it offscreen before stream. it was lagging. if it gets fixed please remind me

streamed it, Loved it. check my first text here you can find the list and link

streamed it, Loved it. check my first text here you can find the list and link

book shelf falls* Granny: well fk

cant run it. tried opening the python file, it wont open

(1 edit)

Srry guys i couldn't stream today (dec 4th) got a little busy with work.

I'll notify here if could stream tomorrow. Will also be uploading highlights on YouTube.

Channel- Zendasian

To support please subscribe :)

Hmm its fine not a big problem, i got used to it in few minutes, you can fix it later.

Thanks for playing

ohh srry, i stream for short period so had to go through games quickly, I'll try the game again on upcoming streams. Will let you know.

Very Aesthetically pleasing and great short game, I enjoyed it. would love to see more like these.

Slide in Middle of nowhere exists*

neighbour's kid : Ight imma slide over that!

Simple yet i got jumpscared, bet you watch TheOffice

Cool , i find it really sick how you made whole game scary by just using surrounding and map of the game:

thicc-ish experience 

will do in next stream, 


really cool game, completed 60sec before. streamed on twitch


nice great game wish there were more enemy types, it would have been great if player could use other enemies like the blasting ones to damage other enemies, 

streamed on twitch