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the adrenaline rush this game gives! Legen- wait for it -dary

Free Bird does really go with every thing

Don't mind the title

Interesting , Cinematic & Creepy walking sim. and great storytelling.
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A good game with well written storyline so far, love the pixel art style and music. Looking forward to play further from "The Fire"

All Jump Scares!!

Will touch controls ever be added?

and here i was wanting to be a pigeon....good job mate

ah yes breeding snails 11pm....

A Thousand Paths....and you chose the wholesome one, Beautiful game, loved the artwork & story.

good job!!

another wrapped city aye, gotta love these

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beautiful game ! 

(if u got multiple notifications of me saying same browser glitched)


Good Job!

quite hard navigating around, but fun. reminded of that really old tom and jerry game on gameboy

Fun game and smooth gameplay. heres a lil bug i ran into you might wanna look into that. Game stopped here.

reminded of good ol flappy bird days. loved gameplay & design.

damn good job, perfectly fits the theme, reminds me of those ol' browser games i used to play on school pc in classroom lol.

sweet game, really engaging 

unlocks old school retro game we spent hr on memories! 

Awesome game, pretty solid.

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unlocked some core memories of those old school GameBoy titles. good job

old schooool! solid game. (shift key activated sticky key btw)

thank you.

lovely game btw

loved the aesthetics , story & gameplay.

its creepy its funny it has good gameplay and story what else you wanna know?

cutest game concept of the jam

aye we both had same idea (soul the best companion & body) , also good game and sweet aesthetics. gameplay a bit repetitive but smooth. also I died at that almost there sign. 

hope y'all enjoy it.

Sooo Cute! Loved it Dude