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Thanks for the feedback, especially the technical issues. I'm hoping Godot 4 solves the web issue.

Ah, yes, the dreaded muscle memory wreaking havoc when playing a game with different controls. I feel your pain. Anyway, I just checked my code, and jump is prioritized. If you're already in the look state though of course jump is going to fail. This is by design.

Window size and fullscreen setting, along with other things like volume control, will be possible to change when the options menu is added.

I loved the look of this and the responsive controls, though it felt a bit cramped. I tried playing with my controller, but the attack button wouldn't work. Not surprising though since this was in a browser.

Thanks for this great feedback! To address your points:

1. Thanks. I think I know what happened. Strange it didn't occur in my testing, but I have a pretty good idea how to fix it.

2. Yay for player-facing error messages! Thanks for reporting. Another one that slipped through testing. Was this the download or browser version?

3. There's nothing beyond that room yet anyway. But in that room, if you managed to get across the gaps, is the third attack unlock.

4. Yeah, the combat is a common complaint. I'm not a great gamer, so when something is hard for me I figure it will be easier for others. Well based on feedback I'll be speeding up combat and making these guys a little more sleepy.

Again, thanks for the feedback. 

I couldn't get attack to work, so I just kept dying.

The only thing I didn't like was that I couldn't jump high enough to hit that second switch so I couldn't progress further. That seems like more of a me problem though. This game looks amazing and is surprisingly bug free.

It's funny - every game I've made so far, someone asks about the controls. So this time around, I made a tutorial.

That's the unfinished room. Sorry if you were expecting more, a month proved to be too tight a deadline for me to make a game in this genre.

I didn't see a single enemy, except for the boss. At least I'm assuming it's a boss, since you're trapped in the room. It didn't appear to be taking damage so I'm not sure.

The game looks good and I loved the idea, especially the part where you have slices of bread for your lifebar. I didn't like the way the jumping was floaty and wasn't sure if this was intentional or not.

Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't sure how fast the animation frames should be and I can definitely make it faster.

Yeah, that's the unfinished level. There's nothing beyond that anyway. It's meant to be a hub where you can go down to levels below or up to the overworld.

The spear is an interesting game mechanic and the minimap was very helpful. I had some trouble figuring out how to use the spear at first and had to watch the video. I didn't get very far in though as I kept losing the spear and it wouldn't recall. I think if it hits a spike it despawns and can't return? I didn't get far enough in to see what the dash and human/seed thing were about. On the other hand, the enemies were barely a threat, so I guess it balances out. In any case, this is really polished for a solo dev, and I hope you do more with it, maybe make it a little more accessible.

Yeah, it probably doesn't help that the current enemy can pull off its attack quicker. Depending on feedback I might either reduce their detection range or give them extra frames to delay their attack more.

No win condition yet.

My idea was to just use line of sight to chase the player, and I could control the difficulty by adjusting the speed of movement and range of sight. The player could make a turn but if they were still in range and line of sight once the monster reaches the intersection, the chase would continue. If I can't figure out how to make that work right, I'll switch to breadcrumb trails, which is a bit more similar to the original AI. An additional aspect of the ghost AI was that when they weren't actively chasing, they'd each seek out a different corner of the maze. I have no intention of including that, nor do I plan to include the timer where the ghosts would switch between patrolling and wandering.

I found this a bit too difficult to enjoy, with the crosshair being so large, covering up the enemy bullets so I couldn't see them in time, as well as being offset, and the bullet range being so short but at the same time going through walls. That said, there's a good concept at the heart of this, and I'm willing to give it another try later on.

You mean this could have been even better?!?

It uses grid-based movement with tweening, but because it's continuous you normally wouldn't notice unless you try to change direction mid-movement.

A strategy game with functional AI in 2 days. I'm amazed. I couldn't figure out the meaning of the extra numbers and really struggled after the first few levels. I get that the enemies grow stronger if you take too long to kill them though, and that's definitely in theme. And so many levels! Wow.

Thanks! The AI is barely even that. At each intersection, it just randomly chooses a direction based on what's available. There's additional code that has the AI chase the player if they have line of sight within a certain distance, and it simply doesn't work. Unfortunately, I needed to get some sleep at some point that weekend, so it never got fixed.

From a technical standpoint, this was really well done for a 2 day game. I encountered no bugs at all. While it lacked sound and had simple gameplay, this seemed well polished and I wonder if the game engine lent itself particularly well to this sort of game.

The combinations seemed to get really random and about halfway through I was just combining random stuff and hoping for the best. By the end, I was unsure what parts would make a cow. I guessed wrong and chaos ensued. And I loved it. It was hilarious. The seemingly random nature of the combinations were more than made up for by the humor, and the game made for an amusing if short diversion.

Wow. Okay, I didn't encounter that in my own testing. I'll keep an eye out when I return to this project. Thanks!

I had a hard time doing anything as the mouse detection is either too pixel precise or offset and there's no visual feedback. It took me half a minute to get into the game because the play button wasn't responding to the mouse until I found the right pixel. It was a struggle to get through the buy menu as well. Anyway, once I finally got fish and food in the tank, they didn't reproduce. Somehow I don't think I got the expected experience.

I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it.

In the future, you should upload the webgl version then upload the downloads as additions to the project.

State machines do make it easier in the long run but can slow down development and for a 2 day jam, time is critical. Good solution for a quick fix.

Well congratulations on submitting to your first game jam! Not everyone who makes the attempt succeeds.

Thanks. I'm hoping so. As it is, it's going on the pile of games that need polishing when I have time to go back and do so. I gotta stop joining every jam I see.

I wanted to have the equivalent of power pellets, actually. But plants that eat the enemies? Now there's an idea!

Not really a fan of the genre, but this has an interesting twist to it, so points for that.

Oh, I see. That's not a comfortable control scheme. I guess you're left handed? Still, why not make the spacebar shoot?

Anyway, I have a gaming mouse with programmable buttons, one of which is already mapped to turbo left click. Literal stream of bullets. :D

I see. Is that a European keyboard? You might want to consider supporting arrow keys and/or WASD. I really struggled with that control scheme and the desks being a tight fit didn't help.

Interesting game and a cool concept.

It sounds like a bug. You're supposed to lose one life, the monsters and player reset, the flowers stay the same, and you continue from there. But sometimes multiple collisions occur in a short period and you lose all your lives. One of the many things I plan to fix. I have another jam I'm doing, so it might be awhile before I can come back to this.

Other than movement, I couldn't figure out the controls. Is there no way to shoot back?

Local multiplayer only? I have no friends. :(

OMG that death animation! Love it.

A win screen, huh? How about a transition to a new level?

I agree with nearly all your points, and most of them I wanted to implement but just didn't have time. Thanks for your feedback.

This was fun. Great gameplay and I love the 1 bit look.

I knew somebody was going to do Katamari! I'm glad you didn't do the frustrating control scheme too.

I couldn't figure out the controls, or if there even are any.