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Thank you very much @cloudyheavengames! 
yes I had fun with the Jam, and it came right at the perfect timing around. 

thank you very much !

I think I just made something wrong there xD no worry - you did great!

you can change the sensitivity when you press ESC in the game. Thank you for playing !

Well hello there! 

You made an  very hard wavespawner... with no waves...

Issues I think the game has:

- No Time to Collect drops
- Bullets do not despawn when they hit you
- To many Enemies to early in the Game
- No Visible indication when the Player get hit.
-When the player dies you can t reset and have to look how the monsters eat your Crystal q.q heartbreaking!


-Fluid Gameplay, Movement was nice
-Shooting felt a little slow but worked 
-Collection worked proper
-Level up works just fine

You made a Great submission! 

Played the game and found the Cake!  - for a First GameJam ever I think you did great!  

The underwater movement felt realistic, the atmosphere was great and  the mechanics worked as intended!


-The Room could have been smaller
-Particle effects spawn by plant,
-some coliders of seeweed are  intense xD 

Well done!

Cute little Collection game, I was confused what to do at first - who reads the text is cleary in the lead at this point x.x

very nice - felt like a reverse pacman on some point.

Well done!

The Movement feel super smooth, the Dialogs where funny   next: Grafiks :D there where some "lines" visible on some points which broke the style alittle - but overall the Game is a great foundation for any PLatformer! Well done!

Nice Game, 

I would recommend "CoyoteTime" used as a security feature and not as a nessasery way to make jumps. Thats kinda hard on people :D

You made a very interesting game and although you choose your own limits that fit well with allways beeing in the same Square "Room" of the View. 

(1 edit)

Nice Game I made it through 4 Rooms, I think it repeats after that.

the Mechaniks are well implemented and feel well! 

a little inertia on the jumps would be interessting and make the "jumps" be more Comitted than before

Overall you made a nice Game!

Very cool idea! I like the concept and the mechanik is very well uteliced!
- A cooldown indicator on the Switch between World and Room would be  nice.
- A marker or  "where to" would also help alot - I guess its was : "Up" all the way but I fell down alot and ended before it went the ragegame route xD

You did Great! 

error has been fixed - wrong file was uploaded 

have fun everyone!

Thank you very much!

with a missing Topic is hard to start  xD

I see ! yeah makes alot of sence !

can we get a Link to the release ? or beta Test ?  Would love to see what you did with this asset !

Amazing Probs! May I ask, why no Isometric ground tiles? Was just wondering ^^

thank you very much ! 

I didn t see that comming! THAT LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING!

WOW - long time no see, amazing art as always!

Yes, add me on discord ( Thetra )  and I ll send it over

This extention is not for offer sorry about that. I will make a game out of these my self. 

I made this out of the assets from the Pack- so if you have the Pack I guess you could use this also xD

Fade the material in and out ? maybe that would work :)

So I saw the Game in a Discordstream and want to give feedback on the things I saw.

First: The Idea is realy interessting!

The Car and the FirstPerson controlls worked well togther.

The layout of the Map should be improved alot. Maybe put the "Factory" in the center of the map, or playable area, and cut the City with Mountains rivers and fences so you can t see the  distance (or emptyness)

Maybe add an animation like a jumping and waving person if you get close to him (the delivery target)so you get a reaction out of them.

The Delivery should give you some kind of Floaty number to express that you earned something at that moment - like a popup, or a floaty text, or a particle fx with dollerbills flying around? 

The Camera for the Cardrive could you some smoothing, so if you turn the cam isn t stiff behind it, and bumps of the car could be adjusted by that too.

Since there was no Menu visible I think that was a bug xD

Overall I think you got a good Base to work further on - Great Submission!

Nice Game, very interessting mechanik I would suggest putting this kind of "Game" into some bigger frame _> like use it in a Zelda like Dungeon -> very nice, very easy to understand - I think you did amazing!

Changes or Ideas by me: 

Maybe a smoother transition between  TileTypeA->TileTypeB. 

Maybe a Hint System where you get some clues if you fail severall times.

Maybe there are "people" in the trench you have to save ? (GodGame style)

Maybe you could make the Light System Poppin the visuals ?

If you build it up like a "card game" you collect new Tiles to place from one map to the next? 

Got me thinkin good! Nice work!

different cooldowns depending on who you cast it ? That is a great solution for balancing that kind of stuff.

I thought about making Skills for a bigger version of the Game -> like you extend you powers.

No worry I  hope you have fun! 

oh thanks I was so  flusterd by my voiceacting xD makes me cringe today  when I hear it xD

WOW 90 000 !? amazing I only got it to 36000 at most 

This Game has so maszing Visuals, also the Sound for moving is satisfying and well chosen ! You made a interessting 3D Puzzlegame, with a nice premise! Very well made Game Thanks for you awesome Submission! 

Simple looks but big brain game! 

You made a cute looking Game with OldSchool mechaniks  feel new with the Color  part. I could think of alot of extentions with this, like cleaning  colored trailes with boxes and open paths befor you can color connect crystals. etc. Maybe some other units which take away your space of movement. 

Over all its a very nice game, and the theme of spreading your slime over the whole map is also funny! 

NIce submission!

Cute little game made in PAINT? Realy? that is amazing! I just had minor issues with readability - what is a Wall what is an exit. The mechaniks are simple to understand and well made! I liked the funny twist on the game.

Just Please don't sht on your coworkers desks xD

Amazing Submission!

Funny little story about a Wizard, you made a great Story and the Artworks are super funny! I like the idea which is described in the GDD and I think for the short amount of time you concepted and made a great game out of your time limitation!  Thanks for this submission! 

Very stylistic - very "off branch" as you notice in your GDD - the game has an amazing feel to it, The white space is filling the mind very fast. I couldn t finish it because it got to me a little to much, but thats one of those Games  I am not able to play - very sorry for that- BUT  what you made here has an amazing feel and vibe going on! You did a good submission and I love the audio and simplistic style of your game!

This Game is simply amazing! 

It has wonderful sound and music, The Visuals are stylized and fitting to the game, I got absorbed into it right away. The Story is interesting, and very well written! 

You made an amazing game in this Time with alot of content! Great Work!

Very cute Game, I would love some background music - something cozy to  get into the vibe of this Game! - The Visuals are interesting and cute! Very nice Blocky stile! 

I just got little bugs like: I  could not clear one gras, I couldn t spray one bug infested area, and the Flowers I planted went into negativ. and when I was placing fields and waterted them I suddenly lost the game? I don t know why. 

Overall - the game has a nice style, and ist cute looking and I liked playing it! 

Thank you for you great submission!

Very interesting concept. 

The best part of it is the Audio. I think it makes the feeling of the game alot better! 

The Puzzle elements are interesting ! and you have a lot of room to extend this Game further!

Maybe with some Assets or some more Time for making 3D models you can give this game a very nice look and a fitting "theme" 

Great work!

Fantastic looking game, very demanding on the savespace side on your drive but the overall Game is good! 

There is some issue with the visibility of the Gas, but everything else works just fine! I would have loved a little more balanancing on the Healthpickups -> and maybe a bigger level -> because you run realy fast -> you get through the area quickly. 

Great Submission, nice VoiceActing, couldn t find any bugs :D