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Cute and short :D

Very cool mechanics, I love it :D

Really chill songs used, I vibe :D

Great platforming and level design, very cool game :)

I really liked the tetris like node box thingy, that was cool mechanic.

Great game, I've quite enjoyed it.

Oh hey, thanks for trying my game out :D

Also there are no music/sfx and background art, I was to invested in the map, movement and level design that I didn't have enough time to polish. (Even the tiles were made less than 12 hours before the deadline)

I always believe metroidvania maps should be pretty big hehe, but yeah probably should tone it down a bit in a game jam.

Thanks for the advise and also for trying the game out :)

The water moving spikes somewhat reminds me of Ori.

I really like the 1 bit art into a colored background, it just looks cool to me.
As for the sfx and music. I might have muted my laptop on accident.
The level design is perfect.

This game is pretty polished :D

Oh wait, I almost forgot, I found a bug, where when you finished the game, when you play it again, you will acquire the early power-ups (move both and jump) and you will be able to go left of the conveyor belt, plummeting you down into infinity and beyond :P

Here is a bug I found:

I really love the way she cling on her trusty parrot :D

Great artstyle and animations are amazing.
The sfx and ambience are pretty accurate for the scenes.
The level design is nice.

The thing that I didn't like was that it was lagging a bit when she is moving, there seems to be a check everytime she walks, also like everyone else I also was having a hard time doing the air into dash on water while it's lagging a bit. (I am also not sure if the lagging was caused just by my laptop acting up)

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I have read the comments and am wondering, have i really missed the bees fight and spider boss fight? Or is it that you can skip fights by giving them thingies they like hmmmmmmm.

Also I have watched your progress video in yt and was amazed on how in just 4 days you have created a lot, that was dedication right there.

The art assets are really well placed.
The music is really playful like the squirrel I think.
The level design is perfect.
The ant boss is cheesable :D

Overall a very nice, polished and almost finished metroidvania game I think hehe

Yeah I totally agree, I'll do my best on the next metroidvania jam :D

Also thanks for the advise and trying my game :)

I find it funny when he jumps :D

Also I bugged out of the game (while drinking the rum, my soul somewhat went to the next room and it didn't return back to the body so it stucks in this screen)

I might have found a way to cheese the game so hard hehe

I might play this fairly in some other time :)

The upbeat music got me going I guess :D

The movement is pretty floaty and it somewhat reminds me of La Mulana
Any game with bosses are pretty cool in my opinion (I didn't know how to implement it hehe)

I am quite jealous because my game doesn't have any music nor sfx (and also a boss) :(

Hehe I cheese all the eyeball monsters :3

It may be lacking but for a second game I think your doing just great :)

I couldn't find a way to defeat the black mushroom thingy in the mushroom biome :(

Also was trying to find the Ori relic or something, probably just missed it somewhere.

Game's movement is just perfect and feels good to do
The sfx and music are somewhat great in my ears
The bosses are well executed

Great game overall :3

Really glad you enjoyed this and thanks for playing it :)

Aw thanks, really happy you liked it, 

Also you can reset your position once you go glitching out by pressing "F5" or "Select", but thanks for trying out my game :)

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Here is a hint though, Go to the lowest right of your map and you shall find what you are looking for, probably hehe

Also would like to try your game tomorrow :)

Yeah, I was also having the same issue and thought that it just might be my laptop, thanks for pointing that out and also thanks for trying my game :)

Umm its actually one of the upgrades, so for the first descent you might need to ultra dodge them hehe

Ah, you might try going to the left of the portal :)

Also, I have actually played your game and it was one of the best submission I have played so far I think.

I'm pretty confused and how the heck am i gonna cannon to death that fireball spitting big fish?

The movement is pretty clunky and there is a hole in the lower left of the map where you will fall off into infinity and beyond.

It's a good artstyle though

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The gameplay is great, the art, the music are alright.

However what I don't like is that whenever you die you go back to the main menu and it defaults to "New Game" where you will accidentally press it and start over. You should probably just teleport the player back to the last savepoint for a better game experience.

Would play it again if fixed.

I tried playing it again fortunately if you close the tab with the cutscene of a "New Game" it does not change the savepoint of "Continue" and thus alleviating some of the pain of replaying the whole sequence again. But my suggestion still stands, you probably should just teleport the player back to the last savepoint after the game over screen ended.

I also finished the game but damn those air dashes almost broke me.

Pretty cool metroidvania with its spear platform mechanic.

The artstyle is beautiful
The gameplay is perfect
The music is calming

I do had some encounter with noclipping through walls but overall a very great game.

I somewhat enjoy this even though it's really not a metroidvania from what I know of.

The artstyle is simple yet beautiful
The movement is so fluid
The music/sfx is great (I accidently overlay some other game's music with yours sadly)
The level is not too small nor too large
There are only 2 types of enemy just like in my entry

Yeah this is best submission so far that I have played yet.

WTH I overlay some other game's music with this masterpiece.

A somewhat mix of Ori (for its really fluid movements) and Hollow Knight (dunno why but it just feels like it)

I love it :)

10/10 had enjoyed playing it


Is it ok to change the game cover image and add screenshots after the game jam submission ended?

Yep it seems just goomba jumping them was enough haha.

I got to the wizard of doom fight unfortunately he bacame invisible and untargetable then I zipzap with my lightball dash and also become invisible and probably glitch out of the map (pressing the reset button fix me, it didn't fix that wizard :(

Pretty buggy game but it was great once you get the gist of it.

Actually I went there however whenever I got hit by the water it sends me back into a far checkpoint and I have tried countless of times to double jumping and (pogo jumping - there was no such thing I believe). Although I haven't tried jumping above there heads hmmm let me try again. btw would you like to try my game :)

I have fallen down a pit yet I didn't die nor reset and was stuck there forever and ever

(1 edit)

I think Left CTRL is the Attack Key

I tried it again and fortunately got out of that hole via double jump (speed tapping it)

However I have scour the whole map but still couldn't find the "Morphball Ability or something"

I really thought that the wisp thingy will betray me in the end.

Also hi godot user like myself and great game you have here

I got stuck in a hole with a 1x1 exit, I couldn't get out, RIP

Even successful people start from being bad to being the best.

Try to improve and good luck to your game dev journey

Nice art and game, very fun to play

Cool player movement but sadly an unfinished one

I was so confused on where to hit the boss. But I found it and yeah it's all good.

I like the somersault jump, also nice game