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The Electric Hotel (Indie Game Making Contest 2018 Version)View game page

Submitted by AnaGF (@FdezGuillen) — 5 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline

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The Electric Hotel (Indie Game Making Contest 2018 Version)'s page


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People's Choice Vote#1622.1382.286

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Ana Guillén Fernández (@FdezGuillen) and Manuel Guillén Fernández (@SirManuGuillen)


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This is hilarious. I'm not sure I'd want to play a much longer version, though, as the constant clicking on the same things could get repetitive after a while.

In case no one has mentioned it yet, it sounds better in english to say "inspired by" rather than "inspired in".


Thank you!

It seems we skipped some typos, we will spend some time correcting them.

About the game getting a bit "repetitive", it's true, we are testing the game and looking for ideas that could help us to make the game funnier, improve that mechanic (or even finding a new one)


I will be reviewing as many games as I can in more or less the same way the judges do it: Using 4 categories.


Gameplay is simple but fun. The fun factor of it is enhanced by the aesthetics. Not much to say here since I feel the whole point of this game was to submerge the player into the environment of the source material. 

I initially could not get past level 2 because the game simply stopped giving orders or supplying food. Once I restarted the game I could complete it properly.

The only criticism I have for the gameplay as it is right now is that there is a lack of feedback when actions like cleaning the shoes or shaving the beard of the first guest happen. This is much more apparent in the second level when you drag the food to the clients. It feels weird to just see the food disappear with no confirmation that you did the right thing


Amazing. It really feels like you are playing through an interactive old timey movie. Loved the music, loved the dialogue, loved the art, and how it all meshed together. Animations are relatively simple, but I feel they are effective at conveying the style you were going for. A side comment. I am not sure what was up with the leftmost client in the second level. He looked a little weird, but I think it was intentional. I say weird in a good way though. He was funny looking. This whole thing actually made me curious to check out the source material!

The one thing that only slightly hurts the presentation is the part where the suit gets stored in the closet in level 1. It looks strange because the door closes but the suit is still outside. A very minor gripe, however


The art style draws you in the moment you start playing the game. When I first saw how the objects in the first room moved around, I started wondering exactly how that would look in the original movie, then after realizing there was another level, I just wanted to keep going to see more of this curious story. Too bad it is so short though


I think that if you find a much more specific gameplay hook, or add more minigame variety, you could have a really great experience in your hands. It is clear that you have the presentation side of things nailed almost perfectly, making for a very unique looking game.


Thank you for the feedback! It will be very useful.

It is true that it is a bit short. We will try to add more feedback to the actions, we had something planned that couldn't be included, but there are other chances for feedback we didn't thought about. I will also look into the bugs, we didn't notice the ones you found, the one that is more troublesome is the orders bug un the second level.


We are planning on developing this game further so any feedback will be welcome! Specially feedback regarding on how to enhance the gameplay experience. Thank you in advance!