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Good job on your entry!I really enjoyed the game and found the writing pretty quirky–there were a few lines that made me laugh throughout the game. I like the concept, and especially all the heart that was put into it; I can tell that you guys worked super hard on this all month. It's a huge game with a lot of potential and a month really just scratches the surface of what (I feel) you guys were aiming for!

Like everyone mentioned, the large cast was a bit difficult to keep track of–there were so many personalities and not really enough air-time (haha) for me to really get to know them each as characters; I think the stat raiser portion of the game kind of limits me as a player who wants to both do well at the performance and also make friends with the others. I was so focused on not performing terribly that the window for slacking off and getting to know them is really narrow, haha. I think as a result it was kinda hard to form emotional attachment for the events later down the road, but since this is a prototype I'm sure there's still loads of time where you can focus on balancing the performance mechanic with the social one! 

Overall a really fun game with a lot of heart and I'm looking forward for more to come!