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Watched your stream I feel similarly about the battle system.  The thing about trying to get so much content into the game  is playtesting is very high level.  I am working on slowing down combat a bit and making it less hectic.

The back row not being visible is a resolution oversight. Sorry. I have it fixed in the new version. 

I have a better working version that is exactly the same except for the fix for resolution issues that I implemented after the close of the competition. 

If you want to try it just for the sake of giving feedback, I can make that available.   But of course you should rate the game based on what I submitted before the deadline. 

Yeah.  No patches until after the judging.  I’m putting together a lot of fixes to my game that will launch once I can.  

I have some resolution issues that caused some players to struggle with my game. But those are pretty minor issues in the long run. 

I would love to be able to modify my game and keep tweaking it. But then everyone else does the same thing. That means that if the judges take 3 weeks to get through all the games that the first game judged is at a severe disadvantage.  

Sounds like my goof of not taking into account all the resolutions when starting a game jam game is biting me on your playthorough as well. 

The screen is off center because the camera width doesn’t adjust based on window size. Simple oversight and was easily fixed.

 I have an updated version with better multi-resolution support.  I will upload it as soon as I can. 

Ah. Good note about the trashcan. I was planning or reworking those.  I only put so many in the game because you don’t have usable items yet and I don’t want players to get to low health and die repeatedly. 

What resolution are you running?  The tab button kicks in and out of full screen.

Ok I have the game working with a LOT more resolutions.  I'd be happy to send you a zip with it if you were interested in trying it and giving me feedback.

Blessing and a curse for the judges I guess.  Means much more time playing the games. :D Hopefully they are all really good.

How does Youtuber's Choice work?

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Hmmm. I ran into an issue where I got into the game and I couldn't place parts for some reason.  When I escaped out to the main menu to check the controls the menu let me change selections but didn't let me select anything.  I'll try again later.  I did like the humor of the starting cut scene, and I really like the art style.

I really wanted the bag of drugs to be cocaine and then mix it with the cat food to make the cats eat the old lady...  That way there was no suspicion on me.  Does that make me a bad person?

The rats in the hall were a bit much.  Killed me several times just trying to continue down the hall.

Just a heads up.  The official Suikoden website was updated in October.  That was the first update in years... not sure what that means exactly but there is some life there.

I will put in a fix for that and update the game files once the competition is over.  My bad, that's the things you overlook when trying to cram as much stuff into a game as you can I guess.

If you hit tab it should kick out of  full screen mode I think... though it might only do that on my debug mode...

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Yeah... sorry. I'm dumb.  I know how to handle that but I didn't do it.  I can make you a version and pass it to you under the table if you would like.  But you don't have to rate it I would just be in it for the feedback.

Rule 8 and Rule 12 heavily imply that the game must be an exe that runs on windows. 

A png can be viewed on windows but only by using the windows photo viewer by default.   That could be taken to mean that your images don't run because they are not able to be viewed without a program that views pngs.  But that is just splitting hairs. 

Well played Oat. Well played.

When starting the game, before getting into the core mechanics of the game the player will assume that the information you give them is very important.  So spoonfeeding the content a bit more, with a shift or two in play style would be a great way to fix it I think.

True enough. :D

Wow there is a LOT of characters in this game.  I was going through the introduction portion and was just hoping there wasn't going to be a test later because I didn't remember half of their names. :D  

If I were going to tackle it I might introduce the player in the audition process and give a few key characters in a tutorial, then pair up other characters into "teams" constructed of archetypes of personality that can be drilled into for more nuance.  As it is the introductions are just to much to take in for me.

The artwork is great, I like the way that the game animates the portraits with the emotions.  It's a really great system for visual novels.  Overall really nice work!

I noticed that several jam games are on the front-page.  It would appear to me that that would be a decision by that will swing some serious bias toward those games for the people's choice vote.   Any comments on that?

Cute game.  Needs more rock theme to it I think though.  Like riffs when you do a great move.  Maybe some pyrotechnics, a mic stand powerup to steady the tower... there is a lot of things that can be done with this. 

I don't want to come across as cranky.  I did like the NES feel of everything.  The graphics were fun, and this is a fantastic piece of work!  I didn't come across any bugs to speak of.

I think that the battle system would have been more obvious that you were aiming if it had moved side to side rather than scaling up and down.   My first thought was it didn't matter, then I lost to the first enemy.  Then my second thought was bigger was better after the guy said to aim.    After I got that there wasn't much challenge to it, just an extra step in the battle system if I wanted to crit.

Taking that battle system where the sight moves around and then having key spots on enemies that take more damage would be much more interesting to me.  And I'm sure that is the direction you were heading with this.

I liked the game.  The battle system got repetitive really fast for me.   I'm not sure I liked having the super jump but not being able to control the height of my jumps.  There was also a bit of precision platforming in there that was frustrating to me because the controls were so ridged.  

I do think that using he meat grinder was a bit of a pixel hunt.  Because in real life it wouldn't actually do what you have it doing here.  It didn't make logical sense to me.

There isn't a .EXE file in the download. It's basically a series of folders with images of mazes.  While that is unique it doesn't fit the rules of the contest at all so I can't rate it very high.  But it is a very unique take on a game.  Also the password idea is cute.

It's not a brilliant strategy or anything, and I am not trying to throw salt in your wound.   Just trying to give you ideas for the next time.

I am working on slowing down the battles a bit to make them less hectic.  I think I'll freeze or slow down the battle when you select a special attack card.   Then you move a cursor to aim the attack.  I think that will make the battles a bit more player friendly.   

From a design perspective, why exactly do you need to press Q?  You don't press anything to go through bars or grates on floors.   If lava touched plant matter it would burst into flame right away.  I  would remove the button press personally, just one more thing to remember.

Looks like it is fairly common with Unity games and Avast.  So I just ignored Avast and trusted your game.

I made a game without a download file early in the process and then uploaded the files before the deadline.  I made sure I had a game in there once I saw you could do that after the first day or so.  Maybe take that approach next time?

I figured out what was going on with that cut scene.  Basically battles reset the triggered variable... oops.

Money has no use in this build.  It was eluded to in the intro.  I was aiming at having health items and booster packs in the game for this build.  I ran out of time though. :/ 

I felt as though I tried everything. I tried pushing the rocks. Must need a bit better of a signpost. 

I like this.  It is really hard to control around some of these spikes.  I would have started off teaching players how to use the hooks in a safer location.  I kept having to redo the early part of the level over and over again until I realized I could get across the gap by hooking both hooks and inching across without swinging.

Ok I grabbed it from the virus vault and it was a lot of fun. nice work!

Um... I downloaded this but my antivirus software quarantined the exe file when I tried to run it.

I'm not sure what is going on in this one.  I like the action point system and the cards but what is happening?  And once you use up your action points it is like watching grass grow waiting to get them back.  Maybe if I knew what the game was about a bit more I would get it.

I liked the visuals and the music.  Though the camera angle and the game background looked like they could have  had more thought put into them.   I see a lot of things that could be built on in this.  So keep at it!

I liked what I saw! I got to the room with the save game sign and couldn't activate anything or leave the room though...  There is a screenshot that has content I didn't find because of that glitch I guess.

I kinda bumbled into the art style half way through the process of making the game.  So obviously I will need to go through and make everything more uniform.  The Burger Bomb building doesn't match up well.  I really look forward to adding more and more animals to the game.  I laughed till I cried when that awful turtle animation crawled across the screen the first time.  but it obviously needs to look a lot better.  I was just trying to cram as much in there as I could and make it good enough in some spots to get across the point that things would look that good everywhere.

Thank you for pointing out the humor.  After working on the game and seeing the same jokes over and over again I start to second guess if they were funny or not.

Nice work on making a complete game! I wasn't able to get half this much polish in mine.  Really like the fart sounds in the music.