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One of the Best IGMC Groups I've Seen

A topic by Nick_Degica created Dec 03, 2018 Views: 489 Replies: 9
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I've been a judge for every IGMC except last years, and I just have to say that the field is a lot better than I feel it has ever been.

While I won't claim the top games are as good as previous years yet (haven't done in depth reviews yet, just finished screening), based on screening, I'd say that the floor, the quality of the worst games in the contest, is way higher than it has been in years past.

In the first two IGMCs for instance, roughly 50% of all entries ended up not making it past screening, either from not starting, missing download, or being ridiculously bad to the point of being unable to play for 5 full minutes without pain.

This year, 80+% of the games I screened passed screening, and the ones that didn't were due to  being unable to start. Not a single game got screened out in my set for being just bad.

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to how much the competition has improved!


That's amazing!

I know I always do my best to avoid bugs in my own games, it's great that people are paying extra attention! (~OvO)~


This makes me feel very pleased that something we made is not as bad as we thought it was.


Nice! Congrats everybody! A shame that some got screened out for not being able to start, but still, it is impressive!


Blessing and a curse for the judges I guess.  Means much more time playing the games. :D Hopefully they are all really good.


I had a lot of fun and I finally started making the game I envisioned even if it is very incomplete. I don't envy the judges. Some of the games have surprised me by their seeming simplicity but turned out to be surprisingly fun.


I was using a new engine, i had to test it on a virtual machine to know how it works. It is always the first things i do on every engine i haven't tried yet.

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Glad to hear our game isn't just bad hahahaha! I had a blast with this contest and I look forward to trying some of the other entries.

Yes, I noticed that the field was very good. Tons of competition! Makes me glad I don't have to judge this thing. :)

Yeah, I have watched people stream many entries.  I watched yourBr0ther stream for 12 hours of games and all the entries were very impressive.