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I enjoy the music and sound effects.  I like that there is a high score.  I feel the fact that the placement of the places to hook is sort of random takes away some strategy.  Still is fun to play.

The issue with a two arrows ghost in the windows build, both arrows at the same time exits the program. I did think of a rotating ghost and flipping ghost.

Thanks, yeah it was fun to do.

Ahh, so that would be one incentive not to spam shooting.

The only issue I had was the game didn't seem to display lives and sometimes it seemed the score was not really working.  The controls were interesting.  Some of the powerups were quite strong and sometimes I wasn't aware what the powerup was.

Yeah, the hit box triggers are as good as I could get them, definitely not perfect. For me that rarely happened and also thought it might be keyboard.

Thanks HAUO, yeah trying to figure out how to make the game more difficult/interesting was tough, there is always a fine line between too easy and too hard.  I did enjoy the zombie and might be fun to turn this into a platformer, there are multiple ways to go and having an interesting main character is a good place to start.

Loved the art and music, but the game was just not very fun for me.  I learned you could achieve three stars just by serving the people who would show up at the bar.  There was a lot of character to the game, not really sure how to make a matching game more fun, I also wanted to be able to use the broom.  Maybe you could breakup a bar fight.

Yeah, the game is supposed to be a chill experience and I would have felt bad if you were timed out or something, I could make you lose a life if you press when nothing is in the rectangle.

The game is very tough to play when not in fullscreen, cause when you move down the scrollbar of the website also goes down.  Did not really get a grandfather vibe but it definitely was psychedelic.  I enjoyed the fact there were so many levels.

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High score 416.  Was fun, takes a little bit to determine what you are supposed to be doing and it is counterintuitive to try to get questions wrong.  Overall there seems to be a point where it probably should be speeding up.

I am happy you liked the zombie, I also thought he was super cute and had floppy arms which was my goal.  Yeah, the camera was weird.

Thanks, yeah there are pros and cons to the moving camera, can explore the environment of the level without moving, but also can get out of view.  

It is always fun looking back at your first game

I did not like having to watch the intro story on every new playthrough.  I loved the artwork and the 2.5 effect.  I agree the piranha plants were brutal.

mouse, space, and movement all basically having to be done at once

The main character felt very slow and the attack transitions can get stuck, causing just a constant transition state.  I really like the background.  Also, as you know the game currently has no end state, I also am not sure if I can even lose, didn't really try to.  Still, good job for your first jam., this was my first game jam game.

The controls were very awkward and made the game somewhat frustrating to play, also the radiation builds up quite fast, you have to play almost perfectly to beat the levels.  Interesting idea, just some work on the execution.

Yeah, the speed is a little slow.  I felt if it was higher you would accidentally run into things and get frustrated but that probably could be mitigated in level design.  Thanks for playing.

I beat hard, in the end it just became frantically drawing lines and making sure it was behind the enemy but it was fun watching the ships blow up.  Nice sounds and feel.  A clearer indication of what was going on and being able to choose a new difficulty without having to quit the game would have been nice.

Thanks for playing.  Yeah, it was a little easy.  I was scrambling to get an entry in and was after the deadline.  

Yes, it was better than nothing, did you make the music?

Finally made it to the super end and got 139.  Loved the sound effects and particles.  I think the music could have been a little better, got a little redundant.  Was impressive that there were multiple different types of enemies.

The game is pretty addictive.  I was happy with my high score of 3900.  A little animation in the background would go a long way.

The intro was a little long but well done.  I wish there was a way to just hover when flying.  Overall I think the gold should have been destroyed in less shots and the game probably would have played better if the jetpack only went up, the behavior of the jetpack was just a little annoying.  I felt the shooting worked quite nicely, though.

Yeah, made sure to include some, thanks for playing.

I actually completely forgot you could shoot it.  You are supposed to jump on the spaceship and avoid the light.

Besides being quite difficult, I really enjoyed the concept.  I also agree that some sound effects would have been nice.

Thanks for the review, I was going to have a cooldown but I liked the sound effect so much I thought people wouldn't hold it down in order to hear the sound effect.  If I had a time limit it might add an extra interesting mechanic.  Overall I enjoyed making the game and it was an interesting challenge to only use mouse input.

Happy you enjoyed it. Was a happy accident with how it behaved with the constant force physics in Unity

I think I got first and it broke the game.  The winning strategy I found was getting the farthest lane skittle and driving on the guard rail, since the controls are quite difficult.

I like the concept, the ceiling seemed a little low on the second level, it is never fun to lose a level cause you bump your head.  

I enjoyed the slow down jam music.  Cool mechanic, think it is worth expanding.  Maybe different songs cause different things.

I think this would work great as a mobile game.  Was hard to see the letters to play with a keyboard and moving the mouse can be finniky.  Still good overall concept.

The game was a little unforgiving, which got frustrating sometimes, but overall the difficulty was pretty good.  Some minor tweaks and this would be great.

Yeah, also you should have made the jump for the closer one clearly impossible, it seemed like you might be able to make it, just a little higher and people wouldn't bother with it.  Really cool game and I did complete it.

The bullets didn't really seem to do anything but I enjoyed the constant growing number of enemies and attacking them.  Was trying to figure out if the timer starts if I don't go to the first door.

Yeah, the physics/jump didn't work as expected and definitely should of had sound, was going to add it yesterday, but am not sure if I want to expand on this game.  Thanks for playing.

Yeah, probably will add music tonight.

yeah, time got the best of me. Thanks for playing.