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I enjoyed the pixel art.  Was not sure exactly what was causing me to lose health, but from reading comments it appears to be the sun.

Maybe minesweeper type gameplay where there might be mines or trick maps so you need to determine the correct maps.

Very simple and fun game.

I liked the ability to transform into a plane but the controls for the plane weren't great.  Also, if the rabbit had some creases to appear more like paper would allow it to be more believable that it could transform into a plane.  A cool idea overall.

I could not get the wall jumping to work, which made the overall game unplayable.  I enjoyed the music and the artwork.

Fun story and I enjoyed the art.  There wasn't enough to do in my opinion.  

Yeah, I was very impressed for a free asset.

I clicked on things but it didn't seem like really anything happened, I must have been missing something.  A tutorial would have helped.


Those purple enemies are brutal.

I liked the sounds and the game played pretty well.  Would have liked a few more difficult levels.

Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for playing.  I spent too much time trying to make AI for a second player and ended up having to remove that, would have been nice to either have waves or levels.

I enjoyed clicking everything away and green square was actually a little tough.

I love the art and enjoyed shooting things, but the soy sauce bottles just die way too fast to make the game that enjoyable.

The game is very tough but I like the aesthetic.

You could kind of cheat in the game by just rapid clicking but it was a fun thing to find out.  Not sure if it was intended or not.  I had fun.

Thanks for playing. Yeah I was a little rushed to add a score or end screen.

I really liked the music, it was weird having my score go up when I let the ads in.  Also, it didn't seem like I could lose.

Thanks for the review.  Yeah, time got the best of me.  Was going to add a level where you had to time shots or place objects.  Also, thanks for the follow.

Love the bell sound and the artwork.  Nothing seemed to happen after I bowed and did prayers.

It was interesting having to balance how far to fly forward and be able to see the obstacles ahead.

I really liked the art.  Was a little tough to determine what exactly killed the spirits, but I had fun.

Thanks for playing. Yeah did not have much time.

Looks like I can walk out of the world.  I liked the random generation but it needed a little bit of cleverness added to it, got into many situations where enemies would spawn on me or bunch and make it very hard to do anything.  I am not a fan of the spiral attack, made the game much harder, I wanted to be able to swap my spells, maybe with right mouse?  Still, great artwork and I had fun.

I liked the art but the game was way too tough and unforgiving.  The player needed to be a little faster, since it was very tough to try to focus on the miner and gun enemies when the other enemies swarm with a speed that cannot be avoided.  I agree with the other comments that there was just a little too much going on.  Even having the player be able to walkthrough the obstacles would have made a big difference.

Made it through to the end and then to wave 8 once everything is wiped after the last wave.  Had a lot of fun.

Yeah looking into that. Thanks for playing.

Hard to do all in one scene.  Thanks for playing.