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Would have been pretty tough to beat that level without doing that.  Did not make that level very well.  I liked having a shield for the hamburger.

I would have liked a different way to bring up the menu, maybe up and down at the same time.  Having to leave the cooking screen to see the recipe was a little tedious.  I still had fun and delivered 10 recipes.

All you need to do is click on them.  One of them is dark, so might have missed it.

Thanks for letting me know seems it wasn't set to autodetect size, Changed it

The gameplay could use some work.  Seems impossible to play.  The range of the attack or amount of air the eggplant needs to be increased.  The artwork and music is very good.

I like the sounds the molecules make.  It ramps up a lot once you get to 20.  

Would be nice if it was easier to predict which apple would fall.  Also, the movement is a little fast and overall a little weird.  I enjoyed the sounds and artwork.  Really liked the apple eating sound.

The boat actually maneuvered better than I expected.  I enjoyed the overall story.  I wanted there to be some conflict, though.

Thanks for playing. Yeah maybe just providing the password was too easy

Yeah working on adding more levels. Thanks for playing

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Yeah both characters are supposed to move together.  It was rushed, was having trouble getting an idea I liked.  If you die it should bring you to a game over screen, meaning hitting one of the obstacles, like the axe.  If you mean getting to the edge of the level, that is the end.

Yeah hoping to add more for the Community Jam.

Planning on completing it for Community Jam.  There will be a level where you shoot bugs and I have a few more puzzles.  I was going to have another computer program that would give you clues and an external text file but did not get around to it.

Seems like the events are random, which detracts from some of the decision making.  Really liked the music and the overall story.

It seemed no rocks were spawning at the top, so if I just brought the ship to the top of the screen all that I needed to worry about were the valkyries and the game became trivial.  The music loop could have been a little longer.   If some rocks spawned at the top it would have made the gameplay much harder.

Really liked the art.  Mashing buttons gets a little tedious.  Not sure if it would play better with just the hammer attacks and just have a swimming animation.  The game really needed audio and a high score screen would have been nice.  Very cute viking.

Love the concept.  Might play better if just being close to things grows your island instead of having to click on things.  A little more texture to know that you are moving would be great.  Also, a time limit or some goal also seemed to be missing.  Overall, though lots of cool stuff.

Cute animation and pretty good gameplay.

yeah, I think it was an oversight on my part

Yeah that was an oversight on my part, I thought you could jump back up to the top.

I could have easily added a frictionless collider, I just ended up not doing it.

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What specific issues did you have?  Would love to address them later. Thanks for playing.

I had fun playing, my high score was 920.  Was hard to figure out exactly if there was a pattern to the enemy movement.

I really liked the screen flash for the enemy killing.

Happy you enjoyed it, yeah reused some of my ambient horror music I made

I have two or three I would like to expand into a full title.  Really like the atmosphere for my Game By the Cover jam game but am not sure if it being inspired by a game cartridge allows me to sell it. I am working to make Painting Reality into something complete. I really like the world I made in Faction Wars and would love to make it something. Thanks for playing. I was happy to make something in a couple hours. I feel if the 2 button limitation wasn't there, this could have been much more interesting.

I liked the simplicity and had fun playing.

Thanks for playing, yeah didn't have much time to test everything.  Yeah I was disappointed by the two button limitation also.

Yeah, would be cool if it wasn't so frequent, swapping abilities is fun

Yeah, just didn't want complete silence and didn't want to create a credits page.

I enjoyed the animations and the overall game.  At first I thought I could only throw someone if they were close, was a little weird that I would jump to the person to throw them.  Some sound effects would have been nice. Overall good job.

Yeah, it was my first time working in 3D, so that took some time and getting used to.

Thanks so much, hoping to expand it into a larger project I can sell.

This is the beginning of a larger project. I programmed an attack, just didn't have any enemies.

Hoping to write some story and introduce the Doodle Monster today and maybe make a level with villains tomorrow.

Thanks for playing, that was fast.

Yeah, it is a little long, I found it more humorous but thanks for the input.  Yeah, I enjoyed the level design.  You have a paintbrush attack but currently had no enemies in the level, had an idea about collecting paint but didn't have time to implement it in this version.

So, as the dolphin I am only supposed to stop the other people?  Didn't seem like I could interact with anything.  Loved the artwork and the sounds.

I liked the boing noise and character.  Would have been nice to have other options for the control, many people like to jump with space or move with arrow keys.  Also, the levels were quite tough but that might have been the goal.