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I liked the lasers the best because I felt I had more control.  The fact there were just sharp objects on some objects was a little unforgiving.  Also, if you miss a jump you just fall forever, the game doesn't restart.  I enjoyed the music.  The controls were a little weird but I did feel like an egg.

Yes the first level was a mistake and I was trying to figure out a direction for the game. Thanks for playing

At first I thought the skeletons were bleeding, which made no sense.  Being able to hit each other was not fun and I didn't really see an indication of health.  The story did make me chuckle.  

I enjoyed the puzzles and the music was nice.  Definitely felt like I was in danger.  A good adventure game.

Need to push the yellow square through the blue light to turn it green.

I got stuck in the secret area. I guess at that point I just didn't want to explore much more. Seemed easier to find the secret area. Still enjoyed the game

Loved the look of the sock.  For me it was not clear that I could "web swing" in other levels, finally figured it out, otherwise I think the dust bunny and water level would have been impossible.  I didn't see fireworks, but I think the rest of the themes were included.

Is there a way to win this game?

Loved the art and enjoyed that the gameplay expanded.  I really thought you were going to use all 7 themes, was a little disappointed when the game ended.

I made it through the door in the first level but was basically stuck at that point.  Given the screenshots, there appears to be more game but not really sure how to get there.  Loved the music and sound effects.  Was the art done by you, cause that was also cute.

Nope, originally there was friction that prevented that but people didn't like sticking to walls and I noticed this issue a little late. I added sloped parts on the walls in most of the later levels to prevent this. Don't think I can update this now. Thanks for playing. Mostly this game was to try out a new way to jump.

Some explosion sound effects would have been the cherry on the top but I had fun and it was great making missiles run into each other.

Yeah, I originally had friction enabled on the hero so you could drag blocks away from the wall, when I disabled that, it caused issues. Yeah, the water ability is very different, I was excited when I found more uses for it. Thanks for playing

It seemed like you had very little control over the game.  Even if my energy went lower I didn't start descending, so no matter my actions I would usually go over the moon.  I really liked the artwork.

Yeah, someone suggested turning off friction and noticed that ended up breaking the game.  Going to update the game when I get home and add more slopes to prevent getting stuck.

Amazing atmosphere, somewhat interesting story.  Maybe there could have been more gameplay.  The music set the mood perfectly.

I think you want to resize the screen.  I was unable to progress or do anything.

Having to restart the second level over and over again every time you entered a room was annoying.  The concept was creative, but reversing when hitting a wall and then just having to wait till you hit another wall was not fun.  It was simple and creative, but the play ended up being a little frustrating.  There are definitely cool things that can be done with the concept and I feel with a little better level design it would have been great.

yeah, disappointed in myself

Thanks for the responses.  Yeah, I could remove the speed boost for diagonal but it was a nice thing for players to find out.  The dirt slowing the enemies might be cool, that is a suggestion that was not suggested before.  I was happy with the game and enjoyed how difficult the last level was, included a screenshot of the final screen, indicating I have defeated the level.  TigerJ also beat the level on his stream.  Thanks for hosting the jam.

I might be adding more and harder levels, if I submit this to weekly jam, I'll need some TV's in the game or maybe add a storyline of falling asleep watching a tv-show about digging underground.

Some of the grapple latches are tough to see.  I do like if you miss it doesn't use a grapple but it turns the puzzle into a little bit of rapid clicking and getting the extra grapples as your earliest move I think was correct in every puzzle.  I liked the mechanics, the gates opened way too slowly.  Good sounds.

I thought the difficulty curve was pretty good, I was leaning more to the difficult side.  Thanks for playing.

Nice artwork.  The jump felt a little unresponsive.  Didn't seem to be a reason I would want to use the knight, but maybe there would in later levels.  Nice start to a game.

Thanks Onieth.  I enjoyed making this and also had fun testing it. Need to add a few extra/interesting enemies.

Ahh, thank you.

Thanks D3nji, I always have problems laying the grid.  Probably should just do it in code.  Yeah, there is the music and a simple crunch sound every once and a while, but should have had a squish for the slime and probably a death sound.  I hope when you say sounds, you mean sounds, cause there is music in the game.  Yeah, thinking of adding some speckles to the dirt.  Definitely want to add some particle effects.  I am never sure if people rather more levels or more polish.  Still, I had fun making and playing my game and my bro also enjoyed it.  

The slime can kill the creature, the creature dies to the slime, the creature eats the sand, and the slime goes over the sand.  They are basic interactions, also interact can be as simple as touch.  It was more inspired by the topic.  Yeah, if there was more time I would have added animation and probably death particles.  Thanks for playing.  I had a lot of fun playing the game.  Would love to add more enemies with different abilities.  It was fun to do.

Thanks, I loved this one also, yeah another timing thing, maybe I should have cut a level. I was thinking of giving the creature a mouth and have an eating animation. I did think about dirt behind but I thought the later levels already we're quite tough. Thanks for all the feedback.

The fact it is 25 damage per missed shot is steep.  Also, the heal only being 5 is not much.  Still I had fun and was nice when OwO turned red.

The fact I got stuck quite often was a little annoying.  The checkpoints also seemed random, but I was happy when they occurred.  Was something supposed to happen after I entered the second door?  I found the difficulty tough but at a good level.  Thanks for the game.

Did I have to hit all the notes in order to exit?  Didn't seem like I could exit through the exit door.

Like 4.

It was very subtle.

I made it to the red level and just could not make it past it.  I enjoyed the music and the multiple levels.

I ended up spending my weekend watching movies.  I was lucky to get a game done in the first place.  Losing 8 hours to movies and not working on the game on Friday hurt.  I can go home and voice record the story.  Yeah, I wanted to do more with the notes also but was not really sure where to go with it.  Sadly this entry became a little uninspired.  Thanks for playing.

Is there a way to win or lose?

Is everything generated randomly?  The controls were a little weird, but I had fun playing and high scores always make you want to keep playing.

I liked that I got to go to space, that was cool.  Playing through multiple times became tedious.  Would have been nice if there was just a skip, cause clicking over and over got annoying.  I liked that if you shot you ended up ceasing to exist, so the wrong choice.  Clearly space is the best ending.

Not really sure what dance did, but nice combination of rhythm and clicker