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Yeah, I have made a game every weekend for about 4 months now I believe.  Some are better than others but it is fun coming up with an idea and seeing how close your finished product meets that vision.  You must know your limits but also aim to try something different, cause otherwise you are not learning anything.  Passion in a project definitely shows.

So I see my game listed in entries and have the downloads on the game page, but I do not see them on the entry page, will this cause my game to be disqualified?  Will the judges go to the gamepage to download the executable?  At this point I don't know if there is a way to rectify this situation.  My game is Shadowknight Traverses the Terrorverse.

Game can be downloaded from the game page.

Sadly the game crashed when I made it to the forest, same as Indigoarts.  Some music would have helped and I feel the screen should be zoomed out.

The game crashed for me when I made it to the forest and therefore did not see the hybrid.  The screen is zoomed in way too much.  Some audio also would have been nice.  

Yeah, I have watched people stream many entries.  I watched yourBr0ther stream for 12 hours of games and all the entries were very impressive.

I was having trouble tracking score and when I would lose.  I know they booed when tower pieces fell but then rebuilding fixed that.  I enjoy the artwork and all the rock legends.

It was nice watching the poem play out, some things didn't seem to synch up.

Bitsy doesn't allow much besides what is done here from what I know but I also didn't make the game.

I didn't see the ball morphing so the hybrid theme did not come across.  Do the poles just appear randomly?  If they appear randomly it means each playthrough would be different which is good but not great if you want there to be a difficulty curve.  I also am seeing the leaderboard take forever to load, but that was stated in your earlier comments.  This was fun and definitely enjoy playing a few times, but seemed hitting the poles usually just ended the game instead of making the ball un-hybrid.

Thanks Meant. I have been mainly playing Ludum Dare games since they are shorter, but I'll try to make time for your game.

The reset on death did not seem to work.  I had very little idea what to do.  The concept was interesting but needs a lot more information.  A cutscene with a cow wearing a hat being like, ooh now I can get hay and blank.

yeah, audio is tough

Yeah, wish I could call that a game breaking bug and add it.  

Yeah, I overestimated how many people have played tabletop RPG's.  Yeah, skip button would be the first thing added and I was so going to have it, but then I had to add a frog.

Thank you.

Yeah as long as you make sure to increase your defense, otherwise the enemy will hit and you'll go down.  Still I have seen very few people beat the game.

Yeah, I definitely needed some hit animations or something.  Also, should have worked on timing delays, so you wouldn't get as many voice overlaps.  Also, seems what the abilities represent isn't clear.  Also, seems not everyone figured out that you could increase multiple abilities and decrease others to offset it, in the end your total just needs to be 5 less.

If you choose sacrifice, there is fun animation for your soul squirming back and forth.

Yeah initially what was in the comments was the optimal strategy but in the end the best offense is a good defense.  I am happy you just made it to the music.  Yeah really need to get someone to compose some music for my songs.  It is too tough for me to throw some hums in time to not make it seem convoluted.   Yeah, I was going to have particle effects on the hits and should have had his arm move for the shot.  I had all the pieces broken up for the cowboy so I could animate him but I still have not tried my hand enough at animation, something I would love to learn.  I was happy to just have some dancing flames in the background.  Interesting, I guess the delay on the shot is some blank space in the audio file cause it does play on awake.  Yeah, for the most part this was what I was trying to make.  Could things look nicer, of course.  Could enemies do cooler things, yes.  Could there be explanations for abilities, in hind sight that was a big mistake on my part, was going to have a screen for that but I kind of painted myself into a corner using a lot of don't destroy on load things.    

I saved you from the big bad burger.  The controls could have been a little better but the art and concept made me smile.  Also, a finish like indicating an end of level would be nice.  The first level in particular just had a big drop, which confused me.

Yeah that is sort of the point, need to put the boss in. Might tweak some of the enemies stats

Also thanks for the follow, currently working on my Ludum Dare entry, Cowboy Hell, a D&Desque game where instead of improving you get weaker. Sacrifices all you have to save your best friend.

Thanks, yeah I think it was not clear enough that you were supposed to just go for the arms.  Also, I wanted it to be chop off each arm and then the head but the coding was weird.

Yes, did not get a chance to compile a new web based version and assumed everyone would play the Windows version, since the judges are.  The windows version has an easier public speaking level and more zoomed screen and can't go off the screen in lion level.  Also, the audio is different on the public speaking and the final boss spouts phrases when attacked.

Yeah I tested it myself and had no problems.

Thanks, hopefully it doesn't crash your machine, for some reason the streamer YourBr0ther had it crash.

Yeah I will have to play both to see how different they are let me check with the judges if I can upload a new browser version. Not sure if I raised the doubt count to 5 on the browser version

Yeah I was thinking of making it more like Pacman.

Is space to attack not intuitive or was it the weapon switching? I personally hate mouse controls.  I did want the game to be difficult, but I am amazed how much trouble people are having. Did you play the Windows build?

Akumu Games, did you play the Windows build? At this point I feel I should take down the web build, cause the Windows build did have the levels more zoomed out.  Also, it is tough to judge only part of a game.  Thanks for the feedback and playing, though.

Please play the Windows build, since that is what the judges will be rating also.

I have had a few streamers and other users play it without problem.  I feel you do play a lot of games, though, so the difficulty might be too hard.  Did you play the Windows version? Also, the judges are judging the Windows build so I feel that is the one people should play. 

Thanks.  That song actually made me smile and brought a little tear to my eye when playing that level.  My favorite level I made.  Kind of wish I did some more interesting things with words.

Enjoy your nap. I crazily will try to put out a second game this evening

Sketching out puzzle ideas, 9 and counting.


The scientist

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Well in the midnight hour I came up with an idea for a second game.  A puzzle platformer where you can replicate yourself in order to jump higher and fulfill the puzzles.