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Thanks! Yes, i'm an old-school gamer for sure, Ultima, etc.

Your observations are accurate -- if not for the fact the story was intended to be the focus of the game. It was not intended to be overly "gamey" in its design to start with. If I had more time and could use more resources I would maybe add a little puzzle aspects to the game, but I felt it would detract from the story's focus in this case. Thanks for your thoughts!

Thanks, Kat! Yes, I usually do the maps, and then hire my usual person to take them and smooth out any really rough edges. I tried to do it all myself this time, which was probably a mistake. lol

Cliffs always were an issue for me in particular, for some reason.

Glad you enjoyed the mystery. If there's enough of a good response, I may go back and finish the game up (polishing up some maps of course) and adding some custom music and assets and make it a full game.

Thanks FN! Later in the game, there will be a chance to return to the town for restocking. But yes, the game is designed so you have to plan and hope you get good drops on items too.

Windows 7 or higher.

Great, feel free to comment about your experience or ask questions if you wish.

Did you try redownloading the game? Are your graphics drivers updated? Are you running it from a flash drive or anything like that? I just downloaded the file from here on and tried it and it loads and works fine.

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Feel free to use my Catacombs 1: Demon War and Honor Cry games for this bundle.


Honor Cry:

I once entered a writing challenge in my area where you had to write a short story, and it allowed 6 pages max. It definitely helped to keep the writing concise, for sure. I like the time limit.

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1 more thing: can you use plugins that are just code (no custom graphics) however you wish

I vote Yes on the opening topic.

Soooo...has it been decided? Can you use your own logo, even on the title screens that come with the RTP?

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Check out our new RPG with high-res maps, voice acting and randomized loot:

10% off through the 14th of June!

Yes; my thought is the 'popular' vote thing probably won't be accurate or fair really and (IMHO) probably shouldn't be a thing for future IGMC contests. For $5,000, people will be tempted to cheat and fudge and votebot and all manner of stuff. It comes down more to marketing rather than what the best game really is, which shouldn't be the point of a IGMC.

Yes, I noticed that the field was very good. Tons of competition! Makes me glad I don't have to judge this thing. :)

You really have to love it, and I do. Making games for awards and notoriety won't usually work out very well in the long run. The process of putting together a fun, balanced and interesting game gives me a great feeling. My game hasn't gotten a ton of votes so far either, but any type of 'popularity' based thing can be rather fickle, i've found.

This is a whirlwind project created mainly in just the last few weeks, and i'm pretty proud of how this project turned out (so far). I was nervous to submit it to this competition, so hopefully it does well. It's been through a few bug squashing and balancing iterations already with a dozen testers.

It's one of the few RPGM projects with full professional voice acting for all characters that I know of, so that alone was a challenge, along with learning a new tileset for maps than i've used before. I hope the judges and players enjoy it!

Any updates will be posted here.

Nice work! Looking good.

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It is kind of hard to just drop and use these into a MV project. How do I set them up in the editor? I added a sheet and told it to do 15 frames (the fire one)for example, and no animation shows up when I click Play in the Animation area. Do I have to do something different to get it to work? There was no .json file either.

A war that has lasted over 100 years is coming to an end. The blood, sacrifice and pain of any conflict between men bear many scars, and in the world of Honor Cry, loyalty and glory go hand in hand.

In this game, you play Commander Jerus, a decorated veteran soldier who has been stranded in a hostile part of the realm. You are joined by your long-time friend and soldier Captain Verrel, whose bursts of rage can inflict much harm on his enemies. Your goal: To find and defeat the evil Cryum, end the long war and return to your family.

But of course, things are not always so simple...


Detailed maps and graphics, along with weather and fog effects in full 720p. Randomized encounters and loot every game!

Over a dozen different skills to choose from, along with 6 different stats for each character.

Easy to use mouse or keyboard interface, fully customizable to your taste.

Over 200 different items, each with hundreds of variations due to the prefix/suffix system.

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Catacombs 1: Demon War is the first of a 3-chapter odyssey that puts you into the shoes of a brave young hero, building your strength to face long-buried secrets, deception and betrayal.

High-res 720p (1280x720) graphics, maps, monsters and backgrounds, and customizable options menu includes lots of font and window graphic choices along with easy mouse or keyboard controls, so you can play the way you like.
Stirring high-quality original orchestral music score and sound effects throughout the game.
Over 300 different weapons, armor and items to find, with over 160 prefixes and suffixes for each, making for hundreds of thousands of possible combinations.
Loot, gameflow and encounters are randomized each and every game for strong replayability. Customize your character with a point-based system. Build the character you want!
Novel-quality writing and professional voice acting to draw you into the story.
Easy to learn, slick combat interface gives you lots of options yet isn't overwhelming.
Over 35 quests to complete, companions to find and join your quest, and over 60 different monsters to fight keep things varied.