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Starlight Celestial Beginnings: Development

A topic by KendallFire created Nov 12, 2018 Views: 203 Replies: 7
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Hey game jammers! Even though I've already submitted my entry, I still want to jump on this bandwagon and have a Project Thread. Starlight CB is currently in the entries page of the IGMC but I do plan on updating it. So here goes! 

Meet Eliot 

Meet Luna

Meet Nash

And Aria

Here are some screenshots as well as some animated gifs.


Here is the game page:


Possible things to come: I'm in contact with an artist who may help me design original artwork for the characters so it is very possible the RTP in this game will go. I do not know if the artist will be able to finish before the deadline and if he does, if I will have time to update the graphics but please stay tuned!


Wow, the characters look fantastic! Hope your artist finishes in time. It’s always good to see some new tiles for RM. :)


New Updates: My artist should be finished just in time for me to update all of my character sprites and Face Graphics. Here is the new look of the sprites for Starlight CB! 

These sprites do need to be scaled down to the tileset's size but this is what I'm going for. Hope you like it!

P.S. The portraits above are gonna be changed as well. 

Nice work! Looking good.

Thank you!

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All the graphics for the characters should be finished this upcoming thursday the 22nd of November. I should have a new executable up and running sometime in the upcoming weekend. Thanks so much for everyone's support!

Above is a preview of the sprites.  ^^

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New update: The new sprites have been added in and the story has changed a bit. Feel free to check out the changes here.

Also here is the new trailer!