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To start, I really like the aesthetics in this game. It works quite well with the dystopian theme. So a short review of this game:


  • This game has an interesting story with good suspense. It is cryptic and the player will have to piece out what really happened. I want to find out more about this August and his people.
  • Battles are quite balanced. This is for players who like strategy and resource management. It is impossible to get far in this game if the player does not manage his medicines and using the torso redistribute hp.
  • Fantastic artwork! Custom enemies and cutscenes really build great atmosphere.


  • Too many random battles. Although the good part is you can run from most of them, which is what appears to be necessary. However, the player still needs to grind somewhat so the hero is strong enough to face the bosses. This takes up a lot of time, and I think you should decrease the number of this so the player gets to see more of the story.
  • As there appears to be no “full heal inn” available, and the self-healing mechanism is quite slow, your hero has limited resources at his disposal. I suppose a player could find a weak enemy and use the regeneration skills to fully heal, but it takes quite a while and is risky. A very good time for this would be on the train. When the hero sleeps you should fully heal the player I think. I remember waking up from that sleep in the same after boss weak condition and feeling despaired that my hero is still very hurt and totally not ready for his new challenges.

Good job!

Thanks so much for liking the game! Glad you enjoyed it.

The cemetery area is actually an optional training area that does not need to be completed. The idea for that area is for players who want to grind to have an opportunity to do more battling. But you're right, more battle balancing is needed.

Thank you for your support!

Thanks so much! It makes us very happy that you enjoyed the game. We also want to thank you for your brilliant ideas on how to make this better. I don't know about Rasputin but they sound like interesting heroes we can incorporate in the future! A big fun part of this game for us was that we get to use heroes from all cultures and mythologies to create a new "international" mythology that's in tune with today's global world.

Yeah, this so could be made into an education game. Lol. When we first designed the summoning we thought of using original characters (like say in Valkyrie Profile), but then we thought that it would actually be more interesting to use historical/mythological characters as they have so much backstory already. And we can put in heroes from other cultures so people can learn more about them. Yeah, in our future update we will integrate more of the bio and personalities of the historical celebrities used.

The battle balance is the biggest issue of this game because well, what can we say? Ran outta time. But this will definitely be improved in the update. Also you're right, the tutorial sections could be done better.

What Penelope said is actually a feature that got pulled. In earlier builds, the player could actually swap characters during battle, but we found that this destroyed battle balance even more as battles became too easy if the player has many heroes. So the feature got cut but since we may put this back in a future release, Penny's line stayed.

The weird targeting problem is probably because we didn't setup Yanfly's targeting system correctly. We'll look deeper into its settings.

Thanks again!

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Thanks so much! Yeah, you know traditionally the heroine is usually someone like Penny and the bully always gets her just punishment later yada yada. But we thought this is too black and white, and in a sense, is there no redemption for someone who's done bad things? That society should forever condemn the "bad guy" and not try to save him or her? It's a short game but we tried to explore that concept a little here.

The Hopeless fight? Hahaha! Thanks for the comment. We should try to find a more elegant solution to this.

And yeah, Sinbad is way underpowered. I've always loved Sinbad the character. It was just the development process was rushed and didn't get to do enough balancing in time. We need to beef him up in a future build.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for the review! 

First, to ease your worries, all resources, including the songs with lyrics, are LEGAL and LICENSED. We paid for for all of it so it’s all nice and legit. Songs with lyrics are actually a big experimental part of this game. It’s something not often done in RPG Maker games. For better or worse, it’s interesting to see how people react to it.

I quite enjoyed your dry humor! And you’re right, the battle balance in this game is it’s Achilles heel. We’re working on an update that makes battles much faster and Pulling much easier. And we’ve made paralysis lock downs much weaker.

I’m glad you beat the game as it gave us a complete view of how a player could go through the game. Again, thanks so much!

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Let me begin by saying this game does seem like a first-time project by someone new to RPG Maker. Therefore, the game uses a lot of out-of-the-box settings and graphics. Having said that, this game has many novel ideas! And it’s an education game about fire safety! Very unique. I especially liked how you can get punished by asking the boy to help you on the job. XD

Here’s a simple breakdown:


  • It’s an education game that teaches fire safety! I do think it’s probably the first RPG Maker game of this kind.
  • Some very unique ideas. Such as you can choose different ways of leveling up every night by choosing what kind of food to eat for dinner.
  • It’s a relatively easy game that you can go through in about an hour with a little grinding.


  • A beginner project which uses mostly default graphics and settings.
  • A little rough with some minor bugs and errors, but nothing game breaking.
  • Battle is very basic and straightforward, which is actually a PRO if the gamer is younger.


  • The beginning tutorial part should probably be more guided with Autorun events as there’s a good chance players might miss some critical event.
  • Minerva’s dialogue in fire station that wasn’t translated, even with dictionary.
  • Duplicate items (letters, etc.) if you keep talking to quest giver. You can use a Has Item or switch conditional to prevent this.
  • The dirty dishes graphic doesn’t have a transparent background
  • After getting easy mode Juha (which is a nice feature btw), Juha shouldn’t appear in the fire station anymore.


You mentioned that originally you planned to make this game for your 4-year-old godson. I think there’s a few things you can do in RPG Maker to make games more toddler friendly. One, make more use of Play SE. You can play silly sound effects when the character interacts with certain things. Also, instead of displaying text dialogue you can play voice recorded dialogues by you and other family members. While we adults roll our eyes at amateur voice acting, I must say toddlers get a kick out of hearing familiar voices. I’m sure he’ll love hearing your voice act out the lines. The other thing is instead of using the battle system, perhaps you could design the battles like mini games where the player can put out fires on the screen using point and click. Maybe have them match colors or letters to make it more challenging. RPG Maker even works with a touch screen if you have one of those installed. And make more use of the Play Animation on screen to make some funny animations/hidden easter eggs for kids to discover. It can be more interactive storybook like perhaps.

Anyways, just some of my suggestions. Right now the game is quite appropriate for kids a little older. Congratulations on making a kid friendly game!

Thanks Miss Nile! I am of course totally biased regarding our game, but I really think Miss Nile did an awesome job on the maps and environment so peoples come and check it out!

Hi richter. This game is really creepy! Through nice use of sound effects and environment, this is a scary sci-fi maze to run through. The difficulty level is good, as players will probably die a few times, but you will eventually be able to pass the areas. I also liked how you can get ‘email’ help and can peek and strafe. It reminds me of the Metal Gear series actually. I am not familiar with the SCP series but I don't think this affects gameplay here.

The one thing that could be improved is it would be best if sometimes you guys can brighten the scene a little or use zoom to make the sprites bigger. This way we can see the scary Samples (fantastic artwork!) much clearer. 

Good job guys and good luck!

Disclaimer: This is an objective comment as although richter is on our team as well this is his own separate project, and we have not had a chance to play this beforehand.

I enjoyed playing your game. Your game is very relaxing, of all things. Lol. I like to play this in chunks rather than in one sitting, and I think this game is perfect for this type of casual play. Players can battle, explore, hop in the arena, etc and then go do something else and come back later quite easily.

I liked the Riviera style traveling as well. Wow, that was a long time ago, brings back memories. It’s nice how you put in the little animations for the mini cut scenes. Nice attention to details. Plus, the battles are well balanced and engaging.

One thing that I think could be improved is how the screen blacks out whenever you enter a new screen and you have to put in the girl. It got a little distracting. I suggest you fade out before entering a new room, place the girl event, then fade in.

All in all, a very fun game! Good luck!

Ok! I beat the game! BUT I only did it by cheating. 

First of all, this game's got SUPERB writing. Like absolutely superb. And the concept is really awesome:  A death escape room and you've got 5 characters each with different special abilities that the player can utilize (although not all got used). If this were just a normal game and players had all the time in the world to struggle with these puzzles, I think it would work great.

BUT, I must say, mate, that as a contest entry this is quite risky. In that I think players (AKA judges) need a really high IQ or be escape room junkies to even advance past the second room. And they only got 1 hour. Maybe I'm just retarded, but even after I got the answers I did not understand the meaning behind them. Why was it this number? Also, why was it that particular path that I had to take? I completely, absolutely did not get any of it. I recommend you put up a FAQ for us lay people to look at so we can see the light. And I'm just really curious what devious logic was behind all of it.

Anyways, good job guys! Despite all that I really liked this game so I'm voting for it.

I can’t figure out the second room! Can I have a hint? Does it have to do with the potion drinking order?

I must say, absolutely superb writing so far! I love sarcastic Shirls.

Thanks for playing and the comments! Glad you enjoyed it. 

I can't speak for others but I personally loved the music on the 2F, I guess it's really a personal preference thing. If anything it is a different change.

Just head back to bed and rest to remove the silence.

Yeah, there were things I wish we could've done better, like more testing and battle balance. I should've worked more on the states part, like setting immunity and resistances. Totally my fault. It would've improved the game more. Still, I must say 1 month is a terribly short time. Although the contest build is set, we could work in these improvements in future releases.

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks for the reminder! Yes, the file seems to become corrupt if you use the Dropbox option, but it should be working now. Please try again.

This is a beautiful game! But how do I save? I can't seem to select Save in the menu. Do I need to go to a save point?