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It's incredible what can be done with minimal graphics and little technical whizbang. The story is top notch and very compelling. The dialogue is phenomenal. I loved this game. Great job!

One little thing is I thought that the emotion balloons actually detracted from the whole experience as they actually yanked me out of the somber mood created by the dialogue at times due to their anime cuteness. But it may just be a personal preference.

I hope you develop this game further. I am definitely interested in seeing more of this game. 

Thanks for the great comments! They're very useful. We'll improve these details after the contest. Hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

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You need “something” to use in the computer. :) Without spoiling it for you too much, check the rooms around you more. Remember to keep flashlight turned on. Some objects don’t show if it’s off. Good luck!

We should provide a full walkthrough soon.

For the signs please click on the area just below the sign, it’s the Save Point. It was a bug we didnt manage to eradicate in time. :p

Oh wait... i just realized... thats a later part. You have the beaker now? Check the room with pits more thoroughly again for a locker. You will get a clue there. Then remember the beaker description reminds you that it can hold liquids. :)

Thanks for playing! Well, we were aiming for a new creative direction, so I'm glad you said you couldn't tag it as a say, "Oh! It's a Silent Hill clone! Or It's like Witch's house! Oh it's just like Outlast!" The overall background does makes sense (and actually has been done before), but we can't tell you without spoiling the game.  

I see you noticed that the first and second halves have distinctively different gameplays, and it is our hope to show the judges (come on, we only got one hour. :p) what could be done if we get a chance to fully expand this. The first is more the puzzlely horror part, and it seems you enjoyed the action survival second part better.

Anyway, thanks so much for playing! Please give me the link to your stream!

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Hey thanks so much  for the feedback! I’m really glad you liked the characters so far. The current version uploaded is our insurance against “OMG YOU FORGOT TO SUBMIT?!!” But we are still tweaking it. Thanks for the suggestions!

Also, being a survival horror and not a power fantasy, to survive in this game your first option should always be “get out of the room” or “run”. Fighting is usually a last resort.

<<<<< DAY 21 >>>>>

OKAY. The countdown has entered single digits. We are entering the final stretch. It's crunch time!

We will be hard at work on the game so probably won't be updating for a bit.

Here we go! See you later!

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<<<<< DAY 20 >>>>>

So we've been hard at work on the game over the weekend. Putting everything together. Here's a quick progress update:

  • Miss Nile is done all the maps! Yay! Now I got to event all of them. Nooooooooooooo!!!
  • CuckooOrange ran into a problem with the transparency. Now things don't disappear. Oh no! We gotta solve this soon!
  • Linhtendo finished more sketches, will begin coloring. Can't wait to see 'em!

The game's about 50% done, but still lots of work to do. Anyways, here's a screenshot of the game:

There is something on the right side I think...

Ok. I'm just kidding. :p Well, it IS an actual screenshot of the game, but probably not the most glamorous one. Being a horror game, there will be times when our protagonist has to traverse through dark places. Darkness is an enemy. Still, just looking at darkness probably isn't very interesting, so here's one with lights on:

The Pop Horror set works quite well. And the lighting script we're using is Terrax Lighting, which is pretty awesome! 

Weedman looks oddly appropriate. I would totally play a game with Weedman. XD

Fantastic looking art! Looking forward to seeing Edgy chan in action. She’s got the whole Ayanami vibe down. 

Good luck!

<<<<< DAY 18 >>>>>

I've always made RPG Maker games controlled by the keyboard. However, Chosen has a more adventure game mechanic that seems to work better with a mouse driven interface.

So while you can still play the game with a keyboard, we're going to design the game as if the player has no keyboard.

Not much more to report today. Everyone hard at work. ^^

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<<<<< DAY 17 >>>>>

I remember the first year I did IGMC I actually spent money on buying advertising. At the time I thought paying for banner space would help us attract more players. It did I suppose, but the effect wasn't as spectacular as I thought it would be. I think marketing and advertising isn't that effective unless one goes past a certain spending tipping point, which is probably beyond the means of most indie developers.

Since our budget is limited, instead of spending it on advertising, this year we're gonna put it into content instead. One of those things is cover art. I've always loved those games with great cover art, so I wanted one for our entry this year too. Since I can't draw worth a damn, and Linhtendo already has much on her plate, we hired the very talented Michael Galefire to draw us this wonderful cover art for Chosen:

Isn't that absolutely stunning? He painted it based on some basic concepts we provided. You can see our hero Gabriel in that cube. Our team really likes it, and I think it's fits the mood of our game very well. Thanks Michael! Phenomenal artist! I highly recommend him.

Well actually...if your game is good enough, time is not a factor.

The proof of this is Dezue’s Quidget, which won first place People’s Choice last year. I remember being able to finish that game in like 20 minutes. But it was a hilarious 20 minutes. Guess a lot of other people thought the same way. :)

Maybe a Reviews subforum should be added soon? I'm sure as the submissions start to come in we'll have reviewers as well as review requests. It might be good to have a separate place for it.

<<<<< DAY 16 >>>>>

One dilemma going into this game is what rating to shoot for. On the one hand, the more general the rating, the wider the audience. On the other hand, the nature of horror games makes it almost impossible to attain anything less than a Teen rating. So here's the general direction the game's gonna take:

  1. It will have at least a Teen,  maybe even close to Mature (Rated R), rating. I believe this is still within the contest rules.
  2. The game will have some gore, but not "piles of bloody mashed body parts everywhere" overkill. Mainly because I'm not a big gore fan. XD
  3. Strong language such as F*** and S*** will be used at times in the game. We won't sprinkle every sentence with them, but it really would break immersion if our characters go "Oopsie daisy!" during intense moments.

Of course, we're aiming to make this as good as a pixel horror game can be. Which means it has to be somewhat scary at the very least. Still, there's only so much you can do with pixel graphics, but just to be on the safe side, I'm still including a fair warning before the game begins:

Players should know before they start that this is designed to be a horror game and may not be suitable for everyone.

However, if uh, we should, and it becomes necessary to make the game suitable for a wider audience, we are definitely open to toning down the game to PG-13 levels (cough...talking to you judges...cough....XD).

<<<<< DAY 15 >>>>>

The contest has reached its midpoint. Hoping everyone is doing great! So our team's progress so far:

  • I'm assembling the maps done by Miss Nile and beginning some eventing.
  • Began work on the opening scene, which is mainly just people driving.
  • CuckooOrange still hard at work on the ABS. We should be able to see a working prototype soon.
  • Linhtendo coming in with our first scene sketches! Yay! These will be used in some of the cutscenes throughout the game. This is mainly in consideration of the limitation of pixel. We're hoping with the aid of cutscene art , we can increase the emotional impact of some of the scenes and give players a better overall experience.

Here's one of em awesome sketches:

What's this you say? Who is this woman? How did she end up there?!! 

Well, you'll have to play the game to find out. :p

<<<<< DAY 14 >>>>>

Today let's showcase some of Miss Nile's maps! Below is the first iteration of the Bloody Basement!

Miss Nile is doing a great job with the Pop horror set! The area will be even scarier once we turn off all the lights and force our hero to trudge through it in the darkness.

So recently I looked at some videos of the top down horror game Darkwood.

I really like how you can swivel your light around in this game and only see what your "line of sight" can see. This way enemies can sneak up behind you. Probably too difficult to implement this in MV though. >_< Oh well. It's something to think about.

Wow, the characters look fantastic! Hope your artist finishes in time. It’s always good to see some new tiles for RM. :)

<<<<< DAY 13 >>>>>

All advice says Sound will make or break a horror game. I guess it's time to go digging for some sound and music in my big dump of DLCs gotten during Steam sale binges. Well, here's something that is definitely going in:

And I think this might be fitting too:

Lastly, I think a sprinkle of this might be useful, even though it's not strictly horror:

I will put these on my phone and listen to them relatively frequently. It's been my experience that it takes a while to find the right music. Of course, the best way would be to hire someone to compose custom music, but the budget for this game is already reaching dangerous levels. We'll have to make do with public material.

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<<<<< DAY 12 >>>>>

Well, we finally settled on a title. The game will be called...drumroll please............


Yup. It will be called Chosen. Now why this is so is because well I can't tell you because it will spoil the game for you. :p

Just know that it is definitely linked to the premise of the game.

On another note, we began work on the GUI for the game. CuckooOrange wanted me to draw it on a napkin, so napkin he will get:

Or paper towel. Same difference.

As is evident from my fabulous art skills, that is why I am not handling the art. The final GUI might be different depending on coding difficulty and eventual practicality of the setup. We'll see.

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<<<<< DAY 11 >>>>>

Whew! Now that I finished all my day job duties (for the time being), time to get back to IGMC! 

So while I was otherwise occupied, the team's been making good progress. Miss Nile's finished more than a third of the maps, and that ABS is chugging along slowly but surely. We should have some wonderful artwork from Linhtendo soon too!

A great development these few days are the completion of several poses by our commission artist and longtime RM veteran Matseb! He works super fast and delivers what you need. Highly recommended! Here's a pose of our hero Gabriel swinging a crowbar:


Isn't that cool?

Originally I actually wanted our hero to swing a nail studded bat like Stevie:

Great hair&badass bat: All you need to fight evil.

But then it seems kinda unreasonable to find something like this in a hospital, where Gabe starts out. So I found this crowbar icon in the Pop dlc's and it looks real good: equally practical and wicked. So crowbar it is! Great for smashing stuff and monsters yeah?

This game looks really interesting! Impressive battle system. Will definitely check it out sometime.