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Thanks for playing! Well, we were aiming for a new creative direction, so I'm glad you said you couldn't tag it as a say, "Oh! It's a Silent Hill clone! Or It's like Witch's house! Oh it's just like Outlast!" The overall background does makes sense (and actually has been done before), but we can't tell you without spoiling the game.  

I see you noticed that the first and second halves have distinctively different gameplays, and it is our hope to show the judges (come on, we only got one hour. :p) what could be done if we get a chance to fully expand this. The first is more the puzzlely horror part, and it seems you enjoyed the action survival second part better.

Anyway, thanks so much for playing! Please give me the link to your stream!

I'll be uploading the video I played of it to my YouTube soon!