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A friend streamed Mojotron: Robot Wars if you want to see it being played.

Mojotron: Robot Wars is an open source twin-stick shooter. The humans had been eliminated. Mojo has been experimented on by the machines and he plans to make them pay.


Odds of someone copying your game and trying to make money off of it is low. Someone interested in doing that probably won't even care if it is legal so it doesn't matter if you make the source available. For example the rpg maker community has had people upload games onto itch and other sites when the games are available for free elsewhere.

Some commercial games have been open source. Marvellous Inc released their source code. I don't know if it was done on day one or not.

In most cases I suspect it won't matter as people won't bother to build it themselves. I do distribute open source games on this site but also provide them for free on my website.

I've done some rpg work. My latest was for the Dungeon Crawlers 2022 game jam. It used my Bt Builder engine which is an open source implementation of the Bard's Tale Construction Set. It works but it not exactly nice to use. The combat system comes from the original. For Color Monsters and OpenGameArt Movie Video Game, I designed the combat systems but they are both bad. In OpenGameArt Movie Video Game, I even disabled it before putting the prototype here. I totally underestimated the time needed to make that game.

I'm afraid I go in the opposite direction as you. The combats should be fun but I'm most interested in the story. I recently played Danger Crew. Most of the time the combats were not a challenge which made me really enjoy the game.

That would work better. I was thinking of pregenerating the characters but then referencing them in the matrix when a player might be using one of the characters might be hard.

Sorry if you felt you needed to change your cover image when I used the same one. I debated changing it when I noticed you used it first but decided to go with it anyway.

I watched the instadeath videos on Push game system. My mind keeps saying I should make a Winnie The Pooh version but I don't think it would work well with that system.

Does the "Be respectful to the spirit of Winnie the Pooh and its beloved children’s story characters" mean we can't mashup a weird game? For example no post apocalyptic Winnie the Pooh? Or can you do that ask long as Winnie the Pooh character is still recognizable and not a homicidal killer? I don't think I will be doing a weird mashup but was curious.

Looks like tigger was introduced in a different book so he is available which is too bad.

I've been working on a solo journaling game like Alone Among the Stars. It drifted a bit from that format as I didn't feel it works well for a Winnie the Pooh story.

I did not expect this to work. It's a fun game. The two modes fell disconnected but I have no idea on how to blend them together.

The look of the game is great. I haven't done very well in the game but I've enjoyed playing. I really liked the rock/stalagmite pushing to remove the lava. I almost cleared a path before running for it due to the dragonling. Too bad there was another one on the other side.

Thanks for making the code available. I wasn't sure how to procedurally generate a level in godot so I wrote my own engine. Is rlgd something you wrote?

BTW PS4 controller can control movement but buttons don't do anything.

Those villagers are really mean. I haven't been able to get to any of the boss encounters yet. Enjoyable game.

Your link to the full article is broken. I deleted the end characters and was able to view the article.

Playstation gave Slay the Spire as one of the monthly games. Having played it, it does feel more like a roguelike than the Typist's Quest to me. Because you keep getting cards and other stuff, every run feels really different. I didn't get that feeling from Typist's Quest. Maybe I didn't play it enough to see that in your game.

Searching for "infinite runner scratch" finds a few tutorials. Have you tried one?

Sorry about that. F12 switches to fullscreen. I should have made that the default. The game assumes a bit of knowledge about Bard's Tale interface. The first letter of every option in the goblin camp chooses that option. So you need to use 'c' to create one or more characters. 'a' to add them to the party. 'e' to enter the woods.  Definitely some work needs to be done on the UI.

Great game. I have a hard time managing movement but that a personal problem.

LOL. A lot of the content in the zip actually isn't used in the game. I just packaged everything that in standard in bt builder. I will have to create a way to make a minimal distribution. The game really expects you to understand the old Bard's Tale interface. I will work on fixing that.

The game style is inconsistent. You do these fill in the blanks and then at timing attack. There is nothing tying the whole thing together. Baldi's Basics has math problems in the game and it makes sense with the game. A spelling game generally only does spelling. The two types you have here don't mesh well in my opinion.

The game is also brutally hard. I do like the colorful look.

Definitely needs keyboard commands. I liked the aging mechanic and the portrait changing. I found it sometimes too dark to see the walls.

I fought the Slime Eater. I could not figure out how to hurt him. I see now from your comments I selected attack when he spitting but it wouldn't land until he switched back to cautious. Clever system but I didn't really enjoy it. Others seemed to like it so maybe this one just isn't my style. Good job on the game.

The characters seem fantasy but the walls and floor seem futuristic. Sounds effects are attack would make them more satisfying. Haven't seen much made in DragonRuby. Might need to check it out.

Playing the minigames once is fine. Twice is ok. I skipped the second stop the rocks because I didn't like the game. Having to play them a third time with no changes was even more annoying. I missed the name until the end as well. Like others I did feel this is more of a collection of arcade games over a dungeon crawler.

Linux version worked without problem. I can't figure out how to attack or use the torch. It is too dark. Not sure if the torch counteracts that or not.

The encounter rate is too high. I enjoyed the second enemy unit for the variety but the number of combat quickly exhausted the new experience. I like the digging mechanic.

Unreal game in this jam don't seem to be working under wine. You really should have screenshots and a description on your game page. That way I wish I could play it like some of the other games.

Typing was a little slow on my computer. I assume that is because it is old and has weak graphics capability, It would be nice to set a low screen resolution. Gameplaywise I think everyone has already mentioned the issues. Good work on what you have.

Cool entry. Something about the game play doesn't feel satisfying to me. I think it is the speed but I'm not 100% sure. When you move it seems to be too long a time until you can move again. You have a lot of systems here and I probably need more time playing them to know the best way to use them.

I wasn't sure about the combat system initially but I really liked how it worked in the end. Nicely done.

Interesting combat system. Well done.

I missed the key in the first room. So I walked around for a while. The dungeon part seems very empty. The map seems less helpful in that area as well because the map shows too little. I understand how annoying it can be to submit something knowing all the stuff you couldn't get in. It's great that you were able to finish something.

Prior to a month ago I hadn't played any card based games. Thankful the few I've played have now prepared me. It's a good game.  I tried for a while to get Mr Mittens but haven't found the right combination.

I really like the look of this game. Alas it fails to run under wine.

Sorry about the size. I didn't remove all the default image/animations from Bt Builder. First time I've packaged something up for distribution. I should add an export that figures out what is needed and packages only those files but that would be hard to do.

Thanks for playing.

Yeah. Watching the grumpy game dev play really shows that everyone knows the interface. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing. I noticed your stream of this. I really should have given the goblins some starting equipment. Should make it default to fullscreen as well (F12 switching to fullscreen).