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You don't need blockchains to do revenue sharing. Sounds like you envision a world where every little creation is owned and revenue is automatically distributed. So I could create a game using Bill's rabbit and Jane's castle model and they get a cut. I don't really want a world where we emphasize ownership of every creation. We already have extreme length of copyright and I'm afraid this would push it to forever.

But that is not what the creator of the topic is asking about. He is talking about a image one pixel taller being noticed. If you are noticing that squishing it down by one pixel or the others up by one pixel may not look good. He can obviously just try it but I would rather do than manipulation by hand.

Nothing wrong with that. However some people like getting a badge for their effort. Some prefer to buy a game on Steam over because of the achievement system. By creating an achievement system not tied to a single store, we remove the power that store has.

I would resize them manually. While you can resize them with opengl I'd be concerned that the results wouldn't look as good. Depending on what you are doing it may not matter.

It should be long enough to tell your story. I enjoyed Skyborn but hated the area in the game. Seems like a cheap way to pad out the gameplay.

Take a relatively simple game you like and make a clone. As you go through that hopefully you will think of some things you wish to add or change in the game.

Gamerzilla is my open source game achievement system. Originally it was tied to Hubzilla but I recently created a standalone server in  .Net. could integrate something like that into their site or simply have other sites run achievement servers. We just need game developers and game launchers to support the system. (Technically you don't need game launchers. I just find it easier to have login information in one place instead of adding it to every game.)

My current achievements are available on my test site.

I don't get along very well. I have more unfinished projects than I would like and many ideas that have never been explored.

Recently I've even taken a detour into game tool development. Instead of building my own games, I've been modifying other games to support my open source game achievement system and advocating it to other developers.

I generally recommend smaller projects. Something you can finish and get satisfaction from relatively quickly. Pinball Disc Room for the Disc Room Game Jam was a good example of that which I enjoyed. Granted most projects will be bigger than that one.

From readme in github repo:

Code: GPLv3
Art (2D and music): CC BY-NC-SA

NC means non-commercial. You are not allowed to sell this game unless you have permission from the creators of the 2d art and music.

I have not succeeded as much as others. But I have put my achievements online:

Hijinx: A Christmas Caper Achievements

I added support for Gamerzilla, an open source achievement system, to the game. You can get the source here. It doesn't have the windows dll or linux so. The windows dlls can be found at Gamerzilla website.

Have you considered adding achievements to this or any of your other games? I've been working on an open-source game achievement system called Gamerzilla.

In order to get any help, you need to give more information.  Do you know how to program? What type of game do you want to make? Are you interested in learning how to program or do you want to avoid that as much as possible?

Pocket Arcade and Tiny Arcade have a 96x64 screen. You could look at what people have done with it for inspiration. Here is a link to one of my projects Mutant Road. Unfortunately I never got around to making the game more complete.

Source code link no longer works. Is the code still available? What is the license?

Actually I didn't say you wouldn't be as productive using open source. I said you initially wouldn't be as productive but that as you learned the tools you could be. If Windows works better for you that is fine. I needed to build something with multiple layers so I could easily make variations of the artwork. Gimp works great for that. I haven't used recently but I doubt it would have worked well.

Congrats to the winners. Amazed by how many of the winners I have not played. I skipped anything that was Windows only. Guess I'll have to go back and try some with wine.

Wrote a development article on Pinball Disc Room.

The question is not can you make a game using only open source. That is a definite yes. What you really want is to be as productive as you are now. You probably won't be. It will take some time to master the new tools. I think the new tools can be as effective but that will take time. If you have problems with a tool like LibreOffice, file a bug. Open source developers may not know about the problem you have. I use LibreOffice for work all the time. My colleagues do not but they can read my files without any problem.

Having fun making it is important.

In addition to browser game creation tools and linux apps, it is possible to create games using just html/javascript. Most people use a framework like phaser but simple games can be written directly with a canvas object. For example Everything Attacks is just html/javascript without any framework.

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Nice take on the theme. Very well polished game.

Like you said, it needs to be focused into a cohesive game. I didn't notice the space and mouse functionality. I'd suggest calling that out in the game. It wasn't clear to me that the top area is the exit.

I did not know you could do that.

After going through some of the games, I wrote up an article about some interesting games. If your game isn't in there it may be that I hadn't looked at it at the time. If your game is Windows only, I didn't look at it. (I had planned to use wine to try them as well and may do so but 166 games is a lot to go through.)

Generally if you update your game, it will be automatically removed from the jam. This prevents people from submitting an incomplete project and then fixing it after the contest is over but before judging is done.

Generally if you update your game, it will be automatically removed from the jam. This prevents people from submitting an incomplete project and then fixing it after the contest is over but before judging is done.

I tried this one before the contest ended. Seems like you toned down the difficultly. I was finally able to get somewhere. Nice platformer.

Ah. I thought you clicked on them to get them to run away. That makes more sense.

I don't feel like you really have much control. You click on a cloud but if the blade is coming there is nothing you can do. Or am I missing something?

The game is only the one level. I just wanted to try using godot so I focused on one polished level. Even with that there are some things I wish I had tweaked some more.

21 secs is pretty good. The game is only this one level.

I agree that expect him to run out of power when the energy core is out. The game is well done.

This doesn't seem that different from the sample Devolver put up. I think you should try to differentiate your creation more.

The controls threw me for a loop. You got more done then others. My first jam entry was also incomplete.

Ok game but really didn't incorporate the theme. You could argue it is a room but that seems like a strech to me.

Graphics and sounds are great. Wish I had a second person to play with.

Alas my laptop's number pad doesn't work with this game.

Nicely done.