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Yes, I saw it when I beat the game-it's very much appreciated!
Good luck on any future projects~

Not sure I completely understand what you're asking for.

Just want to say I'm not open the requests or commissions right now, if that's what you were thinking.
I can definitely take inspiration from the pack you linked to, but I can't say exactly what sprites will come in the extension pack(to this pack) or the price at the moment. It may be a long while before this pack is ready.

Hey, just happened to come across this and found out you used my heart gauge.
Was a fun discovery I made, glad the gauge was of use to you.

On another note, loved this game- it was an original twist to how people could use RPG Maker in different ways than intended. It also seems(based off the screenshots) that this game can go in various directions, which is a whole lot of work and very interesting!

Awesome job on this!

Hello Arziv, currently I'm working on an update for the current pack which should contain edits to previous animations as well as at least two new animations, dying and swimming.

This update will probably not be as big as you'll need, however I am planning to create paid extensions off this pack. These packs may end up containing more animations and enemies, I will definitely take your ideas into consideration. Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot say when these packs will be available, but since you posted this comment, I'll be working hard to get them out faster!

Thanks for your comment, awesome to know you're enjoying this pack!

Wanted to let everyone know, this page is no longer updated and will not receive any new updates about the development of the game.

If you want to know accurate information about the game's current state  visit this page here or follow me on twitter for extra development posts! And of course, the official Rhuneworld page will contain information as well.

Thank you to anyone who is interested in the project, development may be slow, but I will never give up on the project.

Great job everyone, and congrats to the winners!

This game jam was a great experience and learning lesson, was amazing to participate.~


Congrats to everyone who got to the top 10 and good luck!

And an extra congratulations to everyone who submitted an entry! Whenever you finish a game enough to get to publishing, it's a big victory!

Amazing job to all!

Thanks for the response, it's good to have an idea when those other winners will be announced.

People's choice voting has ended!

We ranked 138th!

Not amazing, but not bad- I want to thank everyone who voted, gave their opinion, and provided feedback!

Rhuneworld still has a lot planned, the next update will mostly be a patch for bugs and typos with some new features, but the game will see some more major changes in the story and gameplay later on.


Was wondering, since the people's choice vote is now over, would it be okay to update my game now, or should I wait until Youtuber and Degica's choice have their results up? If so, does anyone have an idea when those results will be up?

Would be great to know! Thanks!~

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Working hard to fix bugs and typos in Ver 0.1!
The fixed version will be out sometime after voting ends with a couple of weeks.

In the future there may be large changes to the current game's story, dialogue and art(art will mostly just need updates as well as additions of new tiles for extra detail). The characters are not planned to be changed.

If you want to help shape the game, give your opinion and feedback on the 'rate Rhuneworld' voting page, the Rhuneworld Suggestions/Feedback topic, or even as a comment below this post!

I understand, unfortunately I cannot update the game during the voting period due to how itch handles it.

Great to hear your opinion! Many people have said there was lack of gameplay. I had planned a longer demo however I didn't manage to get that far in the end. I will definitely be expanding on the game, hopefully adding more depth to the story and unique gameplay elements as well as updating the current art and implementing the pixel style to everything!

Your positive feedback gives me inspiration to keep working at it, so thank you!

Thanks for checking it out!

Inspires me to hear you really liked it! I'll do my best on expanding the experience and having the story evolve~

Thanks for playing!

Nice to know you enjoyed it, I still have plenty of things planned for the future~

Hey, awesome that you did a playthrough video! I am aware of most of the bugs, however I cannot fix them until voting is over due to how itch manages editing entries during that time.

I do agree I'm going to need to show off a more unique battle style, but I unfortunately did not have the time to get up to the point I wanted to in the 1 month period. I'll most definitely take your thoughts into consideration and try making a gameplay experience that's more unique and engaging!

Thanks again!~

Nice idea! I'll take that into consideration!~

Thanks again for the feedback!

Haha, sorry it was so short- took lots of time fix issues and such since I didn't want to release (even though it's an early access demo) a buggy game. :P

I have heard now from three people that the door confirmations are terrible. XD An extra question for you though: should I remove the text explaining what the room you're about to enter is too? Or is it fine for you?

Glad to hear the story intrigued you, I have more planned for Grandma in the future. ;)

Thank you for your feedback and how you took time to play the game, I hope to add in more interesting gameplay as I expand~

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We got our first feedback on the game!~

I've decided to start making a list of features people have enjoy, and those that need fixing or removal:

Not exactly sure where I should put this list, but for now I'll leave it as a comment here and on Rhuneworld's RPG Maker Forums Page.

( = Upvote , Downvote = )

  • Art [IMG] - To be updated
    • White Outlines [IMG] - Too bright, lower opacity
  • Characters [IMG]
  • Dialogue [IMG]
  • Story [IMG]
  • Gameplay --
    • Confirm to enter door [IMG][IMG][IMG] - To be considered as optional
  • Sound --
    • Footsteps -- - To have volume lowered


For an updated version of this list and known bugs, please visit:


Report Bugs

That's amazing!

I know I always do my best to avoid bugs in my own games, it's great that people are paying extra attention! (~OvO)~

Hello! Thanks for your feedback!

I may remove the door opening confirmation in future versions.

Sound was always an issue, thank you for making it clear what needs fixing!

The game as it currently is, is very much unfinished and is an incomplete demo. I am planning to expand on it once I have more free time again. I will work mostly alone, though if I get far enough I may add a composer to the team to bring some original music to the game.

I am always looking for more feedback to help improve, so if there is anything else you would like to let me know, go ahead and say it! :)

Feedback is highly appreciated!

Let me know what you guys think~

☆ Voting time has started! Everyone have fun playing all the games! ☆

Unfortunately I didn't have time to work more on Rhuneworld, but hoping to get feedback anyhow~

The game doesn't need to be an hour long, it's just that the judges only have to play it up to an hour. :)

Thank you!~

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Story-driven game of an apocalyptic magical world.


A classic style RPG with a standard turn based battle system focused on story, choices and exploration. The journey is about a group of friends who try to survive in a world where a magical virus spreads, making anyone a possible enemy. Throughout the game there will be a focus on survival and morality.



  • Main Character
  • Observative, caring, serious, shy
  • Supporting Character
  • Quick thinker, playful
Deikun leads a peaceful life with his grandmother at the edge of town. After encountering a long lost friend, the world is turned into an magical apocalypse overnight! The pair are driven to question their morals as they acquire friends, new knowledge and new enemies along the way, a fight for survival lies ahead of them with a hope of restoring the world to it's previous peace.

Extra information to know
  • This game may have a commercial release, but this hasn't been decided yet.
  • Tilesets may be lacking in terms of extras for detail and quality because I wanted to get far enough into the demo so that it can amount to something. Once the demo is complete, I will start to remake and add new tiles to add a nicer look. (Feel free to give feedback on the current tileset anyhow~)
  • This game is still in progress and is not fully planned, therefore it is open to feedback to help with improvement and changes! (This includes ART , STORY , CHARACTERS , GAMEPLAY and so on~)
  • ** The names for the characters are placeholders and not final. (Feel free to give any ideas you come up with~)
    • The characters' names will become final after all.
  • Because the demo/begging of the game is important to show of the feel of the game and themes I would really appreciate any feedback you can give!
Website | SmashArtist Works
Twitter | SmashArtist


Rhuneworld community · Created a new topic Report Bugs
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Reply to this topic to report any bugs or mistakes you find in the game!

I'll do my best to fix issues for the next version.


All the below bugs have been fixed in a future version. This version is not yet available to the public.

  • Typos:
    • , -> ;
    • Eachother -> each other
    • Woulnd’t -> wouldn’t
    • Eachother -> each other
    • And like -> and like ,
    • Parents’ -> parents
    • Deikun -> Jerrick (indoor
  • Symbol of interaction above crystals in grandpa’s study
  • Need to find Grandma text to be replaced once you find out she is missing
  • Double Jerrick Glitch
(8 edits)

Post to this topic to talk about suggestions you might have about the art, gameplay or story!

I'd love to hear your ideas!

I've decided to start making a list of features people have enjoy, and those that need fixing or removal based on feedback I've received:

( = Upvote , Downvote = )

  • Art [IMG] - To be updated
    • White Outlines [IMG] - Too bright, lower opacity
    • Tiles -- To be polished
  • Characters [IMG]
  • Dialogue [IMG]
  • Story [IMG] - Too cliche
  • Gameplay --
    • Confirm to enter door [IMG][IMG][IMG] - To be considered as optional
  • Sound --
    • Sound Effects -- - To have volume lowered

Feedback is greatly appreciated!~

Thanks for checking out my game~ :3

Have suggestions or feedback on the Fantasy Platformer :: Basics Pack? Your feedback is valued!


(3 edits)

Have any questions about Fantasy Platformer :: Basics Pack? We'll do our best to answer!


    (3 edits)

    Comment on this thread if you've made a game or mockup with the Fantasy Platformer :: Basics Pack, we'd love to see what you've done with it!


    (4 edits)

    Welcome and thanks for your interest in the Fantasy Platformer :: Basics Pack!

    Here are the full terms of use for this art pack. This information is also included in a text file within the download folder.

    - If you use any of this pack's contents you must credit SmashArtist or SmashArtist Games in your project's credits.
    - This is a free pack which is available for commercial and non-commercial use.
    - It is up to you to reformat and implement these assets for use in your game project. Please do not ask how to import or implement your assets here.
    - You may edit the sprites for personal use ONLY.
    - You may NOT redistribute this asset pack individually anywhere, either commercially or non-commercially.
    - Do not create a game with these assets which includes copyrighted material.
    - Feel free to use this art pack with any game engine.

    Made a game with these assets? Have questions? Feedback?

    Feel free to drop a comment in the respective thread for your topic!




    I second this comment!

    I'm having the same issue, zooming out does not show the recipes either, my screen is pretty big so that might be the issue. In the meanwhile, would anyone be kind enough to list all of the recipes? Would be more than helpful. :)

    Just downloaded the game and had some fun with it. Unfortunately I tried going full screen and got this error:

    action number 1
    of Draw Event
    for object objGame:

    instance_exists argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
    at gml_Object_objGame_Draw_0

    (1 edit)

    Hmm, alright, I apologize for the issue. I'll try finding a solution to the problem as soon as possible. Can you give me more details on the issue? For example, what dialogue did the scarecrow have, and did the game get stuck or did an error pop up? 

    Thank you for reporting the issue!

    Edit: The issue has been fixed! Thank you again for telling me about this bug! :)

    Aw sorry to hear that! Seems like many people are killing the poor tree! XD

    Yeah, I don't know why I left that in. XD Thank you for the compliment though! :)

    Thanks! :3

    Hey, thanks a bunch! :D