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where do you want me to send it (there is no pm in this thread), i have discord if that is where you like to get it.

Sorry for the delay, the engine just won't open. this happens from time to time, i'll send you the key when the engine opens up for me to build it for windows (it only runs in windows).

 Only the first 20 people have access and all those who have not done so will need to buy or hack it.

The game is a mix of Galaga with game of 1942. The plans to take it to GOG.com are going well.  


I am planing to make this into a commercial game. Ask below and I will send you a PM with the key.

Is there any plans for this to be used in other engines or is it only in blender because the other 3d engines offer better things and blender is not really good for beginners.

The apple store cost $100 a year and i don't have that much money. the app is ready but to play it on apple devices, it would require jailbreaking the ipod and that can lead to many problems with apple's agreement and warranty.

Lo siento, encontré el problema y debería ser una solución para Windows, pero no sé si Mac o Linux funcionará.

Created a new topic game is out?!?!

why hasn't anyone told me

you forgot to make the cat move.

it got real boring after day 5 in which i realize it will loop to infinity.

the controls need work and jump needs to be more useful, also too many enemies from the start there is little chance of hope.

its so laggy and i only get like limited goo, not fun.

its a good game, however the lag killed me many times and the incrsse in differicatly was too early.

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my last drawing:


It was fun but now i need to return to finishing up on my book. I will still continue drawing but will take me a long time to get it where i wanted.

p.s: all hail the Hypnotoad


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something i drew and animated (i would add it here but it keeps deleting body): http://bigattck.deviantart.com/art/Animation-636582264

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I wanted more creativity on my art, so i tried looking up ways to use krita with my touchscreen laptop and found out that it doesn't work well on krita. Anyway that didnt stop me from drawing on my touchscreen, i found sketchbook and i'm drawing little faster than i would have with my "phone to computer to krita". I still use Krita for touch-ups but not for drawing.

skechbook for anyone who wants to draw on their tablet or touchscreen laptop: https://www.sketchbook.com/?locale=en

ya its weird, anyway i used HTML tag to show it, this is the code (without the space):

< img src="image" alt="Smiley face" height="42" width ="42" >

that only made it into a link

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i never drawn and always avoid it so i try drawing and its going along smoothly.

Smiley face

p.s: how did you guys add pictures, the universial img code didnt work :/

Geonjaha answered it, as for the profit just think how they do it. Honestly we do not know how they pick their coverage on which game they choose. Most of these reviewers are new people hired by the press, they could also be very very disrespectful to other sites because they believe their jobs might be endangered if they were showing anything else. Also people have pressure the press to only cover Steam because players demand it and they can get them to read or watch it, they make money by doing the easy way. Another one is that the press is paid to review the games, we can never find any information about this but the possibility of this kind of scandal is real.

So ya, i made this thread and poll to see if there is any real answer, right now only 1% did get rejected but no real answers to how and why. My game has been rejected since i never get any reply back from any news reporters. There needs to be answers to how stuff works or else people with power get to stomp people.

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Hi, i'm doing some research on the news media. I have a theory that they are rejecting non-Steam games for profit, I do not have anything to proof this but some of you do have experience on it. So I ask if you answer honestly, do not be afraid to speak out.


you have to code it, there hasn't been a good software for shooter games.

who's idea was it to make steam keys related stuff to only steam?

CEO of Valve

i dont understand the last sentence is it a user or something related to steam?

wow 100% viewed O.O itch.io has proven that many developers want itch.io but steam doesnt like it :p

anyone want me to give me any insight on what is going on?! also if its real how will that even work since steam requires many heavy requirements for users outside the usa.

Hi, i'm looking for someone to help my game make it into the market. I have done many free games that can be found here: http://firecat.itch.io/

Now i'm ready to move into make a profit game and on my own term in 3D design. So far the prototype game has bugs but playable to a certain point. I'm still learning c# so i cant really do complex stuff like adding the animation, hazard items, traps and more. http://firecat.itch.io/3d-maze-madness

What i'm looking for is someone who can program in .NET, C#, C/C++ or other language libraries. Who can work without the source code, it cost $2000 to buy the source code so ya i cant even get it. lastly stay in touch with me from time to time, it can anything from skype or a messaging program.

What you should know? I will be doing all the art and finding music, you only need to program the game and maybe test the game for fun. I will never, ever, release this game in steam just forget it, the game will be on sale on Amazon, itch.io and more. lastly don't expect a AAA game, just because i can make 3D models well doesn't mean it happens to all my models, i'm limited to what the programs i used.

We will be using NeoAxies free version: http://www.neoaxis.com/

I will not go into Unity, it's not my type of program and NeoAxies can do a test level faster than Unity never ending coding.

Any questions or anything i missed, post them on this thread. i don't speak english so please do not bring that up.

Created a new topic freedback

any feedback is welcome, i'm an expert in C# or C++ so hopefully one day i can get someone to help create the game rules but for now the artwork is being made as of now.

my map cover in ants

 photo Screenshot1_zpslmxfqr4y.jpg

yes, this will help many developers and games.