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Please release it everywhere, steam exclusive is bad business.

it's only  a team building 3d model project, a website is not 3d model. 

Maxamo only works in human models, that is not a human model.

well the first thing to proof is the art which i have not seen the A.I do. Sure you can point to examples of people using copyright characters but original art and characters are way different.

The awards are bad, why not actually give a maya software instead of 1 year subscription and why must it be a team. People teaching us for 1 hour is bad, interviews sounds bad and all we have to show for is a maya t-shirt that we won. i would report you for spam if you weren't the real  GDWC.

you should tell how much you willing to pay because hiding pay isn't going to get people.

I like to remind people that Xsolla is not trusted by any bank, all the money and everything they do with money will come with problems.  This youtube video explains it very well: 

you cant stop someone from watching sexual content, remember that one time British made a law to stop it. It didn't work. This is the same problem, you can't block VN with sexual themes, the creators either will lie to trick the system or the kids will find loopholes. In British problem, they can't block random website  because there is too many and many also kinda lie by having loophole of nudiest under educational laws. So no matter what you can't stop it, they must learn one way or another.

That's where you fall for the scam, they can sell your email, spam your email from scammers, track you by email with facebook or twitter,   attachment virus and using your email as another scam until your email is reported for scam.

Do not trust these scammers.

Mailchimp is a known risk for email newsletters, it has been on the news over the years for failure to protect customer  emails. Recently got hacked again by someone targeting crypto email listers. So it's very suspicious that you who is older than Atari did not know such thing and don't even know how to set up basic email list like other normal companies.

this seems sketchy, you don't say what you will do and you only seem to only say things that are possible in Steam store and not in other stores like Epic, consoles,  mobile, HTML and here at website.  You then claim you have experience older than Atari which is a very very unlikely possibility , you would have to be 80 years or older  by this time.  The sign-up form is claiming to only get games in newsletter, 30k in followers but less than 5 replies on twitter does not build trust.

It does not seem you have the followers or influence  to get games into popular youtubers or  do anything to the public to make people see a game.  Your "newsletter" is just a mailchimp 3rd party program, This is scam written all over, the only thing i know you'll ever do is just post a tweet for only a few real people to see and spam people on your email list.

18 Europe currency for an hour is not going to get you a professional when   the same job offerings are over  30 to hire a professional plus with benefits too. Then looking at your website you don't have VAT to conduct business since you will have to pay taxes for it. This also goes into question on how will you pay, you normally pay by paypal i assumed since many smaller business do but a professional would like to do it professionally and get it by bank ACH or IBAN/SWIFT/BIC. You be paying  648,  you need to do this to avoid cost.

Just saying that if you going to be asking for a professional, you may want to actually be ready for one.

If we are going by  ESRB rules then any game asset that is over 18+ years can count. This means people who are shown naked (nothing covering male and female), doing sex (any and all acts),  allow to talk about sex in the game,   allow near freedom for you to do such things in the game,  pay to get sexual "item", etc ( i cant list more or else i get in trouble).

That should be the M rating for adult games.

Yes this is the sad fate that will happen, Unity in the history of gaming has always been awful. It was so close to getting out of that dark history of itself but now it seems like they only care about Unity being profitable than anything. Also don't forget that they under the agreement can change the contract or rules. Unity can and might just change it to the point where the developers of genshin impact will redo the game into another engine, this is the fate Unity is going though.

if you want to lots of views you can try HTML and upload your games in Newgrounds, Armorgames and  Kartridge.

he wants to bring something from Unity like scripts, nodes, models,  etc to another game engine when in reality that none of those things work without Unity.  A programmer should not rely only in one program, if anything it sounds like he has something that allows him to build the game without coding which is only something many "programmers" do to make a game.

Plus no this is not Hysteric, remamber when Unity sucked being a browser and it took years for Unity to do something. That is the same fate your game engine spyware is going, into the list of block programs. Your time to build games in Unity will be wasted, your money will never return and many people will give up game development because of your crazy theory of Unity not becoming spyware when Unity itself knowledge the companies bad reputation.

you are only looking at the ads which is not how these companies work to make money, anyone can block ads they know this and we know this. The problem is the tracking and lying to get you the player to agree to give up access to your personal data. Unity will require you to sent personal information and other ways you make money. These things are legal for them to do by law, other companies do not offer such because they are not as evil and scammy as installcore.

You can see a almost exact copy of such things in Valve/Steam in the User Agreement, you have given up all your rights to Valve and this is just to play games.  Making games as a different effect and has different legal stats.

if you cant move anything outside of unity then it's never meant to work anyway. C# code and other stuff should have been  able to move because the assets are not locked but if they are locked like your stuff then it is only created to be for unity. As i said scuptis are a unity thing just like blueprints are a UE4 thing, you cant make these work on other engines.

it's true if you didn't exclusively use unity engine and every asset you got was from unity. No one controls how they worked,  the developers who rely too much on unity are now facing problem because of exclusivity not game problems.

Ironsource has still only done bad things since then, i already posted this many times but they still mislead ads, they still break laws like COPPA and they still are a virus under microsoft after 7 years. Nothing about this company is to be trusted.

1) No it's not true, the SDK is still around:

They were also sued for breaking the COPPA law:

2) Microsoft has details on it and it is not anything you just said.

3) Yes they only care about profits, the CEO of unity was once CEO EA guy who wanted to microtransaction everytime you reload a gun. They do not care about game or the engine.

Nope its judefity because unity CEO is formal EA guy that once try to add microtransactions for reloading the guns. You didnt do enough research,  they were sued for illegal use of a Patent in 2021:

Sold data  of kids that broke the COPPA law in    2018:

Ironsource did not pay developers in 2017:

Dan Greenberg of ironSource says misleading interactive mobile ads were huge in 2019 :

Understand the malware started in 2015, it's been 11 years and they are still doing bad things. Unity will fall into the same fate.

you cant move scripts and other unity exclusive files to other programs, unity script developers made it only for unity, it was never designed  to work elsewhere. This may also go with unity store assets as well, they were build only for unity.

you can't add a framework onto another framework, i'm mostly thought everyone would have to either find a way to copy and paste their code to other engines or almost redo their project to fit the new game engine. Each engine runs in different rules to set up games so i dont know the problem when the problem is starting over in a new engine.

Unity did predict this will happen, their blog says:

"While Unity’s and ironSource’s management believe the assumptions underlying the forward-looking statements are reasonable, such information is necessarily subject to uncertainties and may involve certain risks, many of which are difficult to predict and are beyond management’s control. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to the expected timing and likelihood of completion of the proposed transaction, including the timing, receipt and terms and conditions of any required governmental and regulatory approvals of the proposed transaction;  the occurrence of any event, change or other circumstances that could give rise to the termination of the merger agreement;"

This is why we know Unity and Ironsource will keep going on with the plans, Unity knows the problem and Unity did not care about the past behaviors until something bad happens. This is why everyone is saying to uninstall Unity because something bad will happen.

Big news today is Unity merging with a well known Virus company and scammers,  ironSource. They install what is called installcore which is a virus that Microsoft blocks:

You need to change engines, Unity will not going to be in control for long and there are better open sourced engines available to easy redo your project in a few days with C# Programming. The list are as follows:




People are already leaving Unity for other engines, this is now the time for major changes on how your game might be looked at by players.

OBS is buggy, only for streaming experts and lacks many tools you find in other programs. It is never ever wise to use it for recording when other free programs like VSDC free recorder exist.

Right leg looks broken, sword isn't held correctly and body doesn't match the running more like he got hurt. 

This is more of what you looking for i'm guessing 

The legs have to keep moving in a direction and in a style, you have  2 frames 2 times in less than 1 sec   that make it do a skip-jump which is not what you need. The arm placement is fine but needs work, lower it or bend it into something. This is the an example of what i said:

Hope this helps

i dont understand how this is better than google translate that offers doc for all files.

If you have money you can try  Shadow, cost $30 but you have access to a computer

i have to warn them to not pirate my game after they pirate my game

VR is a dead market even on steam there is less than 1% of Active users who play VR games and less than a 1000 are VR games in steam. Nothing in VR is worth it, too costly to test the game and too expensive for customers.

that is a lot, there is no free sites besides google drive, microsoft, amazon and other free storage s that allow you to upload 4.79 GB. Good news is that you can link them to one of them on but i dont think you can sell it nor you want to do that to sell games. However it's great for free games.

(1 edit)

I don't think this is a browser problem or game problem, seems to only support common files. Adding   non UTF-8 Encoded characters like 



  നമുക്ക് തകർക്കാം 

 you'll get error.  what you want to do is change anything that is  programming into the game. This means the programming has to be english or close to the english wording, i know i don't like using it too because i don't understand much either but it should fix the problem. Unless it's inside textbox then i have no idea how to fix it.

Please don't make it exclusive to only in steam, please upload it everywhere.

There is Direct To You which lets you setup your bank    but you are responsible for all payments, tax and refunds as well. This also means you have to deal with each country laws of money,  as an example VAT in  EU  requires you to have VAT or else you owe more money. Direct To You is very long process and isn't great in many cases.

So no money, not even $1, now the game will lag. A number of changes will happen, first it will be the expensive $160 website that will be demoted because no one cares. It will be a super basic, open source static website with just links to another website and email contact. 2 years since I brought wix plan to make it fancy, no one seems to care. Another 5 years with features like forums and interactive games on my website, still no one cares. I don't care anymore, it will be a website and a way for anyone to contact me.

The games will no longer be on the Wix server because it requires money. The games are in google drive, click on the link to download. I don't care if Google is bad, nobody cares about visiting my website anyway.

As for the game, it's 100% delayed until 2023. If I can't get enough money before the trademark deadline, I'll have no choice but to cut the game into parts 1 and 2 in order to qualify. Not only that, but no matter what, the game will be priced at $15 or more. The economic price of everything has gone up, I can't keep it at $10 anymore.

Also the demo page is deleted, whoever has copy of the demo is lucky to see the characters first before anyone else.

That should be it, not like people also read my official blog or anything. Until next month or next time; whenever I feel like posting.

They will not update the exporting options, this is how it was made when it first launch and people still want a new update to fix it. Also the APK may no longer work either, google new android requirements has APK in API 30 or higher (AKA must be able to run in android 11). Tyranobuilder has not fix this at all.

Final countdown for my indiegogo campaign

It is the final days of the campaign. At this very point i will just post everywhere even if people dont want me advertasing. If all this didn't work than the game is delay, website will be downgraded because i dont want to spent $160 when no one visits and everyone will pay $15 for the game. that's right, under unexpected war effecting not only ukraine and russia but also the world economically, price of game has to go up to meet living cost.

One major change to the campaign awards, for only $1, you can get the game (digital PC and console if available) and credit for helping fund the game. This was the orginal idea i had 27 days ago but change my mind due to you know, my game being a steal to get. Well whatever, anything to get funding now.

I'll post any updates to changes and milestones.

If anyone wants to upload somewhere with more storage there is: