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You are the owner if the game if the game's art, music, code, etc; is rightfully given or created by you or someone else. I do not know what you mean by  "This is a collective or partnership, but not a registered business", but there is two ways i know to say this legally.

- You are either in a temporary partnership or in a partnership with the person.

- You are the sole proprietorship and you hired someone.

Partnership and Sole proprietorship are two different things. Sole proprietorship is only you the person who the IRS will talk to you while Partnership is two or more people the IRS wants to talk.

That is called partnership:

1) rpg maker has many ways to fix the "test a longer game" like fighting boss with items and stats for that boss. You can teleport your player with the given stuff to make sure things run, etc. This isn't a problem with testing longer game it is a problem of not using rpg maker tools to test things.

2) Nothing gets broken unless you mix plugins with plugins that do the same things or bad programing within plugin. RPG maker is made to run in almost anywhere. The only known errors that might ruin your game from RPG Maker series are new updates that might break your game.

3) This is a common problem but not something people do a lot in rpg maker.

All this just seems to be your problem reather than everyone problem. New people could face these problems but even they try to keep a game neat. I never heard people complain about rpg makers having bad programing or errors it's just people complain about rpg maker being easy for people to make games.

All ranking system are in someway going to be broken for some reason. By going with the honor system just leads to people ranking it 100% in other accounts they own. A system voting like Valve gets the same fake reviews and fake 5 star games. Nothing good comes from voting, not even Roman who invented the thing lived the outcome.

Having comments is enough, read through them, spot the fakes from reals and find the games that people do recommend.

1.1 Steamspy is no longer and hasn't been a realiable sorce of infomation. The creator itself has told everyone Steamspy is not always correct but people think it is the correct infomation. As of now we do not know how many games are being approved and removed. We do know games are getting remove and added but how much of a number is not yet answered. You could count manually on their seach results but you have to keep up with ever changing results. Steamspy may not have adult results in their database because steam hide them or is not ok to show in public. In simple terms you can not relay on Steamspy.

1.2 Nope, people will buy the game if they like it (every COD, AC, TCG, Pokemon, FIFA, etc). Even some of developers here who sell more than $10 have found people buying their games or art:

1.4 allows developers to upload their apps in what would have cost people $100/yr in Apple or $25 google play fee to upload games. Also doesn't need to follow google play or apple app guidelines which can open up to developers who would otherwise couldent upload to google play/apple. There is no threat of losing to apple or google play. Console is console not PC, i haven't seen anyone upload a console version in but such a thing is impossable considering todays console of Xbox and PS4 require the game to be in their store, this doesn't change much for anyone.

1.5 is always getting better, it's main advantage over steam is better communtaion with, how much percentage you willing to give, lots of games are DRM-free,  Game pages are customzie, uploading more than just games, etc. No one offers better things or gets better stuff than

2.1.1 Let me tell you some things about steam, no it is not the largest, no numbers have reveal such things not even from Valve or Gelb Nuel. The myth started with developers, who in the past saw steam has a gaming platfourm for relasing good games. After greenlight it become a mess thus starting the myth of largest gaming platfourm for allowing games instead of real numbers backing it up. Trust is also not true either, many developers even before greenlight did not trust it. When it become populor the people liked the game not the company who publish it, therefore the customer trusted the developer not Valve. Records and news shows Valve is not trusted by customers, everyone always has a reason to never trust Valve. Also no it is no 30% cut, no one knows the real number because Valve makes developers sign A non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Everyone at one point did ask what developers are getting but no one answered, one person who no one can find said 30% then everyone belived him. That is the whole story of how Valve did nothing and somehow became one of the most deceptive of any company known to man.

3.2.1 Again people will spent money on games and projects they like, sometimes a little bit of marketing pushes people but not all the time. The myth of being developer focused platform is from the news of new features being added for developers instead of gamers getting new stuff for them like reginal pricing, cloud saving, mod support, etc.

3.2.2 Steam also has a problem, they allow any game to be in their store. I am sure you already heard of this from many news sites and post about it.

3.2.3 is known by developers who use for pre-launch to steam and gamers who could not find games in steam they liked or gamers who can not find free games. Tabletop is being very populor in right now and it could become THE place to buy tabletop games made by other people.

3.3 & 3.4 nope because again is doing something while other companys are not. Each of the listed company you talked about is in a real threat of the goverment while and developers might not. Gamejolt has a problem with fanmade games, Kartridge is only Windows and Mac, many linux users go to or steam for games. GOG has a problem with itself.

I think you need to do more reserch, this essay screams 'someone who did not reserch enough.' Your infomation is too related to developers who understand one side not the whole story or infomation that comes with it.

Wepay is not for customers and BrainTree is own by paypal

The IRS will still look into how much you earn. When you create a ITIN, that is used to make records of how much you earn through or any other site you earn. 

it could world but people would be confuse and assume there is no options. Maybe add a icon or something for people want to interact.

This really isn't about adressing the hitbox issue that some new people might have problems, your fix is about ways to do things for users who have high FPS and low FPS. What should really be adressing is the game's engine and the game optimize to play for older systems. FPS has nothing to do with hitbox.

Many rpg makers are different, each have something better than the others.

There is  Stripe but it is working with Wells Fargo, you will get screwed with Stripe or Wells Fargo under this agreement:

Then it is not possable, your site is the only way to get people to sign-up and make an account as well as other things.

why, you can upload it here instead of your site or both. the free website builders don't offer unlimited bandwith or storage it is not wise to upload it to your website. 

You need to make a Zip file and put in all the files but make sure you have HTML on the Zip not a folder. If you making a HTML file that is impossable to do in video games you need files and put the in Zip.

one big issue is how customers use crypto, people use paypal or credit on the internet to pay for stuff. The common customer might not have understanding how money turns into crypto or the price of crypto.

Too much problems with it:

(1 edit) is doing fine, if anything i'm more worry about GOG falling because they too are a "walled garden". People talk about GOG all the time sure and they are with a big company, a company that has slowly been making games around 1 series that the author never plan to make more than 1 game with cycberpunk being their big thing and if that fails GOG fails since emplyess also aren't treated well. All of GOG games are paid which is understandable but they do not offer free games (no limited times do not count) which is why GOG has not beaten Steam.

I could go on  but the ponit is that itch has zero problems, Gamejolt has a fandom problem also gamejolt never follows feedbacks, Humble Bundle reason it stay alive is by giving up and working with steam/IGN, and every other game store site that i know has a problem with promoting themselfs ( is part of it).

I know isn't going away for a long a time people trust it more than any other store on the net. All the myth talk about "not getting enough views/buyers" is because those developers are new and like all new developers they do mistakes in marketing.

edit 2/26/19:

Omg i hate when i'm right:

yep and don't forget to submit after you finish creating the page, when you do it on the game jam page it may not be submit, this kinda thing happen in RPG Maker 2018 jam.

what file is the game or are there many files? What computer or phone would you like your game to be played or is it on websites? 

You have one person join and then both of you make the game and the person who join uploads the game. You can give adam rights to the game's page in the game page.

3D, it hasn't been a thing yet because all danmaku games are top view.

its another so called firewall defender that claims to do things but doesn't do anything. the reason its doing all that is because the files are not scan it will block any file no matter what. the reason steam games have no problem is because bitdefender whitelist them, meaning anything even a virues on steam can pass you firewall.

the best advice i can give you is uninstall it, there are too many "firewall defenders" that just block files that are not trust worthly with the company.

i'll put it in simple terms:

- if your website is using 3rd party tools like Youtube video (yes that embed counts), comments, fourms, etc.

- You need data for legal reasons

- If data is needed for medical reasons.

- Using data as a tool for target ads.

If your website has anything on this then you need to have users agree to the cookie or use GDPR warning tools you sometimes find in sites. What you would be doing falls under the 5th rule because it will become atarget  ad instead of building a game you never plan. No one asked you to build the targeted ad, you decided besed on data.

when you say everything, do you mean more than just games and more horrable things that are consider banned in other sites?

the idea is all well ok in paper but there is no market in it. when people play html or flash games they want it free, it has been like that for years. one big reason why flash or html games is not paid would be the fact that the server cost money to keep it online, if the site is down you can't play it, online only and it could become outdated like flash then removed from the internet.

Nope Tyanobuilder is awful, i made a review about it a long time ago and the compay still has not fix anything:

What you are looking for is:

the $5 has to be from somewhere it can not be fake, any fake money made is illgeal. This is how Epic got in trouble for such thing, Valve only has that money because they are rich to do so, not much answers can be given.

cheap games like my are cheap because of the time and resorce i spent on it. other games that were build in years or even longer have to earn the money back. it is not simple thing to spent money and offer it for cheap. anytime that happens people will think the game is cheap, just how many iphones, cars, gaming computers and food are consider better because of money not because of cheap.

First idea only works if the company is rich to do such a thing, you do not see this happening anywhere else not even in GOG. Discount only hurt developers, steam ??% (remamber there is no 30% and developers can not say the numbers because they sign a contract) plus the X% cut means less money. This will never work, it wont work on itch since X% can be anywhere to 0-100 this just means less money on what they already are ok to give to site.

yes but at the same time there are good reasons to keep things NSFW, it is a balance. If everything was allow like steam did than you would see scammers, AO rated games, more realistic gory games than Mortal Kombat, questionable things in NSFW, etc.

what you asking is having people not be ignored but that is impossable since that leads to fights. you can not change people minds unless you somehow did. And sometimes people push the question someone ask for into uncomfortable or unneeded infomation. rules are fine it stops the fighting or gang-ups, block button to not see and reply back/get reply to user is also ok.

The report system goes to the people for review it is not a robot job like steam or youtube does.

Since you were filling the tax that kinda doesnt answer it, what you should have written is Freelancer or Sole Proprietorship. Both give answers to you doing small time things in to earn money. Writting individual doesnt answer much. Filling out the tax is something you should have known or done a little bit of research, it is always assume the person has understanding of how to fill the tax requirements.

Its been a thing for a long time and it is not a hybrid either:

i looked and i think you updated which then cause the system to auto kick your game. No one was allow to update within voting time.

you need to promote there are many gamers like him who also have not heard of

its not a legal yet, we have to wait until then:

If UK leaves it just becomes a big mess right now for everyone.

Those dont count as games, they are small coded images that anyone can do with time. Customers will want it but offen these things do not fit in games, TCG are more used to this but for every other type of game it just not something they would need.

How about not using anything with analytics, it is not a require thing in games and is offen the leading cause of lag in unity.

nope this system steam has is been used to abuse players and customers. It is never going to work, the only reason steam has it is because they are lazy to remove it.

Well let me say that it is impossable to get trojan virues on a open sorce project, everyone would have seen it the moment someone tryed to add it. I test out the app on a VM to see if anything happen to it but nothing bad happen:

The screenshots you see are what you will see when you going to download the program. What really happen is that your got scam from the company BitDefender and they did not scan the program but instead used this result:

This picture is what happens to the program, it shows zero trojan being installed.

You can ask for the developer help here: