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Here is some recommendations you can find on

Easiest game engine with Lua code:

Learn music:

Make pixel music:

Epic broke the rules and must accept what happen to them, Apple is fair because many other developers also get banned for X years, Epic is not an expectation and Epic cant pay it off. 

This appearly happens in many HTML games with save features, the log.txt is a file to  be used for PC versions and you wanted to open it on a browser that does not support text files. You may want to look into your save code and see if the renpy program hasnt changed anything to android or another program.

that would fall under google spyware and you can add google analytics in your game pages if you want. It is just that it is not something you really need. You'll get country, community,  gender, time, etc but wont help you sell your game it just tells you what is happening.

i think paypal is charging you to convert american dollars into your country currency. You may want to have paypal accept american dollars and convert them into another website. has UK VAT obligations, this video from DHL will explain

In the ebook case because it has no "legislative" meaning to UK it currently stands at 0% which means should not be  making people pay 20% VAT.

a more detail look can be found here:

i could be wrong and UK already updated to add Ebook for VAT at 20% but i only saw changes for july 2021

a really trolley thing to do is make players code the game to continue otherwise they are stuck in a endless loop. If you really want to annoy them, create fakes of files within the real ones.

if game is finish why would the game stop working after you download it, unless they have some kind of service or licensing check, the game should work without monthly payments.

well no, steam has let in developers who clearly stole games:

There is also the problem with steamworks, it allows anyone to kick anyone:

clear cut case of stolen RPG Makers:

Copy cats:

Lets developers lie:

Valve removes anyone game however they want:

you can ask the developer of this game,  his game got removed because Valve thinks its a porn game:

So no Valve doesnt do  a better job or "higher barrier", the money to pay the $100 is either stolen or easy for them to get because they are scammers. It is also note that Valve does not check the bank or documentations, any scammer removed can easy come back with the same or fake documents.

This also happens in Steam, it is known that Valve allows anything and everything but anime highschool games.

while doesnt block every new malware or such, it does at least a better job than a billion dollar company. Valve only claims it blocks and has malware scanning software. However over the years Valve fail to block at least 200 dangerous malware since 2012, 50% of games are copys of other games, 80% stolen content and over 10 lawsuits by the government of different countrys.

While has nearly less problems and does a better job.

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i am now working on my newest commercial project "unknowns saga chronicles" a visual novel game. I am serious about this project more than any of my other ones, this will be the one that starts to kick-off the trademark that i have currently pending: 90487511

Many dont know but in the USA, if i want to get a trademark i have to sell something. Pretty dumb since this never happens in other countrys but whatever. I have to make a commercial game, this is where you the artist will do.

I need someone to draw all 40 characters with 5 different expressions. The entire characters from volume 0 to 3, humans, mix breed, aliens, monsters and moving objects. You will mostly be working on human kids and if you can't do certain characters then dont worry, i'll have someone else do it. The job is mostly on drawing humans.

The style should be within common anime trope, please make all 40 original, any robot response will be ignore, Paypal is only being used due to the fact that most of the money is there. Email is fine and discord as well. My budget is within $800 to $1000, this is just to pay for visual novel half body, no full body, only half body. You will get a reference of the character but do not copy the clothing or 100% of the base, i want the characters to be original.

I found someone, thank you everyone that reply.

Are you using ultra high HD characters, music and background? there shouldent be a way to pass the 1GB mark in renpy without some kind of super high HD assets. In any case it should be possible to lower it by just lowering the  pictures pixel by a little, music into stranded and code neatly clean.

yes, all sales will withhold 30% because it is doing business with the one doing the US taxes. You are agreeing to this so you wont have to do US taxes but you still have to follow your countrys tax laws on how much money you made. Also in some countrys you can save money by claiming US withhold but you need to do research on  it.

Yes you get withhold if you are outside the US and selling as a business.  The one you confuse about might be Tax withholding on US employees:

You are an independent because you dont work on a job or hired to do something for US company related projects. This means you only have to follow your country laws and US withhold  laws for your country.

Ok after going through Spain tax laws, i still dont have an answer for you. You two do need to pick a choice between "sociedad general" or  "sociedad comanditaria". After that you can file the tax form, dont press the business button or select business unless you do want to be a business. It will than be easier to file.

hi, do you want to review my game, its in Spanish but should be easy to play since it is  like any other RPG Maker. it shouldent be too hard for the English speakers to understand what to do but i dont know since no one has told me anything.

i recommend a virus scanning website that you can interact with the program on a virtual machine. Most games shouldent connect to the internet since the files should be on the folder. If you see the tab DNS request or connections with numbers higher than normal than it is either tracking you or doing something else.

Here is an example of a test i did:

Here is a test without virus:

the game and the user are gone from so i couldn't run a test on if you have the file you can upload it and test it for me. It will give screenshots and information of where it will it is going in the internet. Other than that this doesn't seem to be a problem with but discord. Even if wasn't uploaded to the virus software should still work the same in another uploading site like Drive or Dropbox.

The person got hacked, you believed in the hacked person, you let Discord keep your paypal information, Discord fault for doing nothing or not fixing this fast and Paypal fault for not stopping the $1000 payment that happen within  minutes. The only way this scam works is if the criminal got hold of Discord users who download the Discord software and the user has the payment saved on Discord. They make Discord software do something on payment section of Discord code and Paypal believes it is you.

This is not fault it's Discord and Paypal, as well as you for  having a saved billing  option.

did you  check your adblocker, what browser are you running and is the game running something else besides flash or java

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building a new programming language like the ones you see in GameMaker software or scatch requires deep understanding of Window's binary code. This is not something you can finish in a few years, it takes maybe 10 to 20 years to completely make a new code language. If you only want to make it for games you still have a long way to do it since many of the important software like Geforce will not accept unknown language. This problem as been a thing since Linux and no one has still found a stable version for such.

I recommend not creating a new code language without help of at least 10,000 people, any  one else would just go learn C, C++ or HTML/CSS.

Yes  you need to buy another game or more that will be  $1 or donate to the developer. i dont know why  some developers lower it beyond less than 20  cents since that is just basically makes the game free in every nation but maybe i think they mistaken the 80% as $1.

The news explaining what it does and why it was made:

So this means everyone living in the state of FL will get tax more than normal. This is an example:


normal tax: $0.50

6% online sale tax for FL people: $1.60 

fees: $0.20

Total: $12.30


How will this work for developers? will have to tax  people living in fl, if you are a developer you wont get tax for getting payment because this  law is only for fl customers paying for software/game/items

Does earn less than $100,000 a year to be exempt?

I currently do not know the answer to that. I'm going to wait for a reply and post it here. 

What if I am from FL and someone in FL buys in store?

That is the huge evil of the law, even though FL residents sells through other FL residents, you will still get tax because the host/site is not currently in FL state. The only way to avoid the tax is if the company or hosting  of the site is in FL land. This means no not even using free online sites will help you avoid getting tax. No you can't expect to buy or build a website/domain to avoid tax.

You will need the server and the website to be in FL state to avoid taxes to FL residents.

This is for only FL?

No this is also for Missouri and  Kansas


Kansas - Note  Kansas is currently fighting on what to do with their tax permit laws so expect changes in the following days

yes you do need to request but also make sure it follows all laws on CA, EU and others. You cant make it into a popup nor can you take personal data from users.

1040NR and SCHEDULE 2 part 2 files are what you need to file tax  if you never been in the USA but are selling digital goods. The IRS made this simple table for anyone to understand what needs to be filled:

Technically you are selling to the whole world not just the USA. You also can trade in other stuff beside games which would mean everyone who sells in would be consider to be engaged in a trade. However this is not the correct answer because each country has different laws so what you consider 'engaged in a trade' wont legally translate to another country.

This is why is Merchant of Record because they will handle this for you. The only thing you need to do is file the correct tax files  your country requested. You maybe consider a sole proprietorship or business depending on what country you live.

I think the school block it, i did some test and it seems like works on china

TTRPG is real people meeting together and one person becomes what is called Dungeon Master. Each TTRPG is different just like RPG are different. The only difference is how you play it. In RPG you can play alone but this does not work well in TTRPG because you cant become Dungeon Master and the player, many board games have this same requirement like Monopoly, Game of Life, Twister, chess, etc. RPG can be done with the computer which lets people play the game whenever they want unlike board games that require setting it up and planning to meet.

That this the difference between TTRPG and RPG

The reason is American dollars is because it is following rules about being an American company and following EU/UK tax  laws that are set in law. This can change if has people working in a EU location just like Steam, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc. However does not have money for such things.

Another thing is that Steam has broken many laws both EU and US. The current new one is about Valve Corp threatening indie developers and lawyers believing Valve corp  breaking antitrust laws:

In EU, the same thing:

the legitimacy of steam following tax laws is up in the air because unlike Nintendo, Microsoft and Playstation who have offices in EU, Valve does not in theory.

also yes someone did try to get information on EU offices:

 Luxembourg is a well known tax  avoidance or evasion:

This is the answer as to why Steam offers lower price, they may or may not be doing something illegal.

you cant avoid tax, steam will also tax you with the same percentage for France. The only difference between steam and is the developer getting more money than steam.

Did you use firefox or chrome as a  way to test your game? it could have cause the problem with their files and making all unity games into a error like state.

you can normal upload it or put it in a zip file. The zip file is the better way so people wont have to click on so many  buttons and you wont have to constantly upload 1 music file at a time. If you have soundcloud,  spotify, apple music, etc you can show a embed song list like this person did:

you can also promote yourself and get follows, set the price and commission fee to your liking and set rules on how people use your music.

I dont know if you know english or if you can use google translate but here is a video showing how to do it:

the report button would most likely go to the developer and that wont resolve the problem because bots spam faster than any human can report or block them. I suggest a feature for communitys like link blocking and common word block to stop bots.

I just received a email from Xsolla looking like this:

This is copy and paste with the [name] being the only change in the text.

First thing to know is that Xsolla is not free, do not pay them for something that is easy to make.

2th, you still need to pay Steam, get approved in Epic and GOG, etc.

3th, DLC can be done in as well and other stores, you do not need Xsolla.

4th, having a launcher will not boost sales because players only see a launcher not a game and putting ads in your launcher will make people not buy your game.

It is also worth knowing is that Xsolla used my trap email, this is the email i used to catch law breaking companys. What they did is illegal under CAN-SPAM:

Also illegal under EU's GDPR:

If you receive this email or something from Xsolla, report it to the government and do not pay them. They are doing something bad and might be  doing other illegal activity.

Where do you find google  reCAPTCHA?  only this forum has it

it seems like another case of game developer only supporting steam and doesnt know how to remove steam API or related code. This is something the game developer should fix. Since the game was made in RPG Maker the same error has been around:

not much we can do

again you claim to make games but if your the artist and legal of the group than you should know that your game has no ESRB Rating. Under Nintendo store, you must have  ESRB rating and have it approve by the ESRB. Also the link is fake, Nintendo store is not

The fake url you show doesnt even load, i tested it through 10 browsers, a vpn, servers and its never going to load. It just proves its fake. If anything i should report you, nothing you say or shown has legitimacy. You could have stolen the games or artwork, you lack the very basics of making a game.

if you going to lie about making games at least update your wordpress. The two flash games you claim to make are actually made by two different people. No news of such games being release on xbox or Nintendo switch and looking for them on the store results in zero results. Plus you dont have facebook linked or promoted in your website, so why someone with such experience would not direct people to facebook (you dont have it promoted on either, you only just promoting it in this post).

Many many mistakes you did both facebook and twitter, you did not promote your version so stop claiming such nonsense and no its too late to edit or update post because i screenshot and save it on wayback machine. Your website is outdated,  using wordpress instead of a actual website professional,  the website has no https, your website is not encrypted, everything about your website  can be attacked by DDoS. You dont have a favor (the icon/logo on websites tab page), no social media links, i wouldent be surprise you forgot facebook tracking tools for website owners or the famous  google tracking tools which you do not have on your website.

As in terms of your coding, you suck as much as fake gamedev. Tudor Vaida made the game not you, adding insult there has been no release of any game since than. 2017 was 4 years ago which means you did not profit from the game at all, you lying to get people to buy your game. You never got Nintendo release or xbox , everything you linked in the website shows your real side as a common mislead gamedev who though making games can make you money.

Also if you has experience with flash games, you should have linked the website(s) instead of calming such fake statements.

there not statements there truth, you are the only one who is just saying stuff and not proving data.