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you will still have the same experience and problems with BRL currency, there is no changing it. Brazil made it very hard to get anything free on tax.

Paypal will charge you a fee if the currency is another currency. Also yes it does have a limit on Brazil:

The APK website, they will give you a key.

So Valve once again is found breaking the laws, it is being used as an example for any game stores who do not follow the laws. This will effect many stores even so be ready for anything. Reasons why I think it will happen are simple, Valve is under anti-trust lawsuit and AU who is also with EU found Valve guilty of not offering refunds. The "game is a software" ended with EU courts saying games are software in 2012. All this leads to the conclusion that Valve will not get an appeal.

What happens to free games?

If no game is under DRM it should be safe and no changes happening.

What about DRM games?

They will be required to let the user sell games by making it into a key or something.

What about software outside the EU?

Software will also need to be resold since that is how this all started. OR you can not sell it in EU but you lose a lot more customers.

Why has this not happen; Why has this not happen in other places?

Either no one knew or Valve made EU angry again to cause the lawsuit. So now action needs to be taken.

I really hope makes a new system where you can resell games.

Did you choose "direct to you" option? I cant help you due to many personal information. You may want to speak with tax expert, when paperwork is done it is recommended to change it to "collect by"

The easy way is done with a software called but you have to pay $15 to get it on google play, otherwise you can make many apks that are consider unstable in google play

The hard way is this:

The Apple IOS phones are way harder and require $100 per year.

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its linking to your page with html iframe, you still get the views and player count but if you feel to take it down go here:

Assuming you have no connection to USA in anyway and have zero experience in taxes, you first need to get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). After that fill out a tax treaty in your country, each country tax treaty code is different so do some research. Last thing to do is fill out tax requirement, then you be able to sell games under Sole Proprietorship in your country laws.

Things to note:

some countrys are not in a treaty with USA. you will get 30% tax.

A businesses tax form is different and requires experts to do the work.

Do not use "Direct to you", this makes you do all the paperwork, i can not help you due to many personal information needed to fill out.

twitter is known to be awful for many things, its own CEO got its account hacked, tweets being removed by twitter, gov leaders fighting each other, hashtags become meanness, posting something doesn't give views and people only viewing trending in their country not globe.

That 30% is irs tax withholding, you need to file paperwork to get out of the 30%:

i dont know what fees you mean, is it paypal?

where are you and what type of taxes?

I just recently remember sites like MMOGA who are key sellers, so instead of looking for a way to build a store to sell keys, you should ask and look for key selling stores. The list of key stores i found for developers are:




There might be more but these are the ones i found. These are the best i can find for advoiding Brazil fees while still selling it online.

Steam won't and can't do that. Valve made strict rules on how a game works or uploads, its not the same like, gamejolt or flash games where you upload and people play. 

Good news there is a way but bad news, i cant find a free way to do it. Unless you know how selfhosting works and how to set it up, there really isnt much of a service that is willing to do it for free.

Your feature isn't made, there are hundress of ways to make it. And you keep adding new things that were not talked about. Also, the video talks about people entering your email list, not forcing it on them with "hey you want to download this, you need to give email". The guy said it has to be by the user giving it away to you not doing many sneaky things, that is not ok.

devlogs are for reading, you dont give away anyone infomation and uploading melwere thing is impossable.

Publish projects are not that abused with scanning and players reporting it. mods remove it quicker than steam.

you can not control feeds, there is no rule on it like steam.

game jams are game james, people can report any jam that looks like a scammer might steal their info.

What you want with email can be abused for both gamedev and players, the infomation is not going to be accurate. ask anyone in steam when they ask for email, you'll see how easy it is to just add random fake emails into the list. steam even allows fake emails to be counted as accounts. nothing about the email marking is ever going to work.

You cant really stop scammers from stealing your work, even in html5 or disabling right-click. Those are just low tech ways to proteact it.

The opt-in and out isn't simple as you think, steam even had problems with it on their end. Many people would forget it existed or never tryed to opt-out. This is why it can never be a feature, it can be abused.

It doesn't mean scammers wont use it to take emails and as email can be faked, all anyone needs is a free domain that can be thrown away, its very common thing to do.

This is really bad, not only the creator could use it to mass market like steam but the emails can be faked. there are too many programs and websites that can create fake emails. So this won't work as a customer or a creator.

people might lose more money.

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Ok i know what happen, Brazil will not go to an agreement with USA to make a tax treaty. You have to take the 30%.

Is this on steam or Anything about steam taxes is to be held responsable by you, you got to correctly do it. If you want to only sell in brazil you need to use steam region lock features that will make customers unable to buy your game anywhere but brazil (yes the other regions like mexico, peru, chile, etc will not be able to buy your game).

If this is you need to fill out paperwork to not get tax withholdings. I am assuming you didn't do this and might need to contact support to redo it.

Also more hidden details are in the rules. It is being paid by GDC (Game Developers Confererence)  but mostly it is part of CDG events. Credit card only for people who do have money to pay the fee. GDC can use physical materials to promote and sell their products (meaning they can use your stuff without asking, not IPs).  If you do plan on going, they do not help you with computer stuff or give you any computer. All your games must be played in your computer (if you have a super computer you need to bring tha computer), there are ways like remote desktop but i do not think they will allow that.

This is what i hate the most, the rule says you are responsable for taxes and fees, which is what will happen because $1000 for certain banks in their agreement is too much or if you are in another country that is even too much money.

Judges may not be able to play your game, so what does this mean? It means if you build something like a new VR they might not be able to play your game or older systems like NES is something they might not be able to get.

Just being there at GDC means they can use your one time in the event to promote themselfs for money. 

Don't trust this event for anything it is all a plot to promote themselfs.

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Press the button that looks like a down arrow, it is on the upper right-top (this is how it looks like for more detail look V with a wider degree). Then click on "upload new project" upload the rpg game maker mv game, it should be in a ZIP if not make one and put the publish game in it not the whole engine. Then you should be able to do it.

yes $1,000 must be earn (taxes and steam percantage not included), so doing some math if you relase your game at:

$0.99 you'll need to sell 1,011 but steam takes (?) so using the myth percentage (30%) you really earn $303.30, so to get $1,000 you need to sell 3,334 times ($1,000.19) for your game to get $100 back. Valve gets $2,300.47 for doing nonthing. Which means You lost more money by a company that does nothing.

This keeps going too with:

$4.99 x 201 = $1,002.99 losing (30%? myth) = $300.89

You need 3,333.99 to be sold ($1000.19). Valve gets $4,990.98.

No matter what Valve always gets more money from this by not doing anything.

I think you are paying UK's "Basic rate" tax.

Having your game on steam doesn't always mean it will get more views. That is a commonth myth told by developers, it was once possable before the greenlight but now it is not. It is also important to understand that Steam really hates VN and putting a VN in steam is like playing russian roulette. Valve will never refund you either, the $100 belongs to Valve the moment you send them the money.

Marking is always the best way to get people to buy anything, it is always the way it has been for games.

email seems to be the only way, there is no software that checks on teachers or schools for verification. I highly recommend a professional email with SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) and DNSBL (Domain Name System-based Blackhole List). Otherwise spammers could make fake emails.

it can also lead to abuse just like steam is having right now. a ranking should just be a ranking, nothing needs to give the developer an advantage.

RPG Maker MV sounds the right engine, theres now a plugin that makes a point and click (without it the characters will walk into it)

Game maker is desgin as a platformer game and any kind of point and click or rpg elements useslly means learning to code their fake langrage.

Ok i have now confirm that yes you are getting ads when you log-off and when you download any game.

This problem is on Google Doubleclick or what is now commonly known as Google marketing platform. Someone needs to change display to not showing ads or remove it all together because google will try to make everyone have ads.

thats google anlytics it matchs with the main page. 

Ted-ed covered this years ago

why two both are played in a browser.

Las Incógnitas Saga Volumen 4: Alucinación Hipnagógica ( English name; The Unknowns Saga Volume 4: Hypnagogic Hallucination) is the 4 series of my game The Unknowns Saga. It got announced last year and i'm now just posting it here for anyone intersted in the game's progress.

Many changes have been made for volume 4, one of the biggest one is the removal of english due to many wanting clear english in the game. It will be in my native language spanish. Game will still be a stoy based game with few gameplay elements need it to play it, you could think of the game as a RPG hybrid visual novel.

Plot is around dream land, everyone is trap and a king belived to be an Unknown might have answers. You can play everyone but Dark's team, you can not control Dark's team only read his storyline and what he has done. Noui team is the most weakest of the whole lineup but you the player are part of the game for reasons they know why. Everyone else is their storyline and you can switch to play different Unknowns and finding others to find out the mystery.

As I said the game has been in progress for over a year now and this is some of the screenshots and videos:

A brand new side brannder showing each unknowns different elements. This is way better for visual effect to know who is in who.

New main menu unlike the remake this game has everything for a menu.

The website has updated to more modern look and feel. It is also in spanish and english. HTTPS means its safe to visit plus SEO boost from google. 

Last new thing to be added is voices on character. Not fully talked on story but in gameplay when their ultimate attacks are used.

Thank you for reading, progress is still on going with no set date. I'm just finishing up the first round of team that fights the boss, i still have to get everyone else team story.

If you like to follow my blog its:

English ver:

Website is:

English website:

Proton is Wine but modifly and it is offen not a good program because certain engines like Unity wont run well or programs.

On the TOS:

"YOU AND COMPANY AGREE NOT TO BRING OR PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS, COLLECTIVE, OR REPRESENTATIVE ACTION, PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ACTION OR COLLECTIVE ARBITRATION, EVEN IF ARBITRATION PROCEDURES OR RULES WOULD OTHERWISE ALLOW ONE. You and Company also agree not to seek to combine any action with any other action without the consent of all parties to this Agreement and all other actions.

If the agreement in this Section not to bring or participate in a class, collective or representative action, private attorney general action or collective arbitration should be found illegal or unenforceable, you and Company agree that it shall not be severable, that this entire Section shall be unenforceable and any claim or dispute would be resolved in court and not in a class or collective action."

There is nothing saying you can not sue them. Valve user Agreement has this cause:

"An arbitration is a proceeding before a neutral arbitrator, instead of before a judge or jury. Arbitration is less formal than a lawsuit in court, and provides more limited discovery. It follows different rules than court proceedings, and is subject to very limited review by courts. The arbitrator will issue a written decision and provide a statement of reasons if requested by either party. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU AND VALVE ARE GIVING UP THE RIGHT TO SUE IN COURT AND TO HAVE A TRIAL BEFORE A JUDGE OR JURY."

And Legal books have known this since 1981:

n. a mini-trial, which may be for a lawsuit ready to go to trial, held in an attempt to avoid a court trial and conducted by a person or a panel of people who are not judges. The arbitration may be agreed to by the parties, may be required by a provision in a contract for settling disputes, or may be provided for under statute. To avoid clogged court calendars the parties often agree to have the matter determined by a panel such as one provided by the American Arbitration Association (which has a specific set of rules), a retired judge, some other respected lawyer, or some organization that provides these services. Usually contract-required arbitration may be converted into a legal judgment on petition to the court, unless some party has protested that there has been a gross injustice, collusion or fraud. Many states provide for mandatory arbitration of cases on a non-binding basis in the hope that these "mini-trials" by experienced attorneys will give the parties a clearer picture of the probable result and lead to acceptance of the arbitrator's decision. (See: arbitrator)

Copyright © 1981-2005 by Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen T. Hill.

What does this mean? has a chance to have someone sue them if it breaks laws or unenforceable

While Valve says no you can not use us or bring us to court because you said yes to the User agreement and did agree you know such agreement.

its only remove because you broke the 2th rule and since is an ecommerce website in the textbook of many laws it can not count has a big company like Valve, GOG or Discord.

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There is one called SRPG but it is stil new and limited, people are having problems with it and it is not really the best for custom gameplay but it is something you can use to look like fire emblem: