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Ok after looking through online and talking to some in the freelance community, i have confirm information:

- Your full name, street address, and country you live in ( numbers 1-4)

- You then use your ITIN in 5, only fill 6 if you do not have ITIN that spot is like your "SSN" like thing in your country. (ask someone for advice for 6).

- Do not fill in 7, its is said this one is for the person who give you the W8BEN-I

- Birth of date on line 8.

- 9 Fill in your country name; in this case it would be Germany.

Note: Germany has tricky laws that i found when looking for its us tax treaty, you are not require to do them.

- 10 This one is crazy to find any kind of information but this is the TLDR version of it:

add the article number in which the tax treaty is, then add the % and lastly on that big line add "services"

I do not know germany article number i'm sorry  I looked and looked but its not easy to find (one claim its Article 12.1 for 0%).  Services because itch.io is the one providing it (i know its confusing don't think about it much).

- [No number section; last big fill in] you can say anything here, its better to explain what you plan to do.

- [sign here] sign and date, do not sign the bottom-most right found below the date information, that is for someone else.

Oh and give it back to the person who give you the W8BEN-I, DO NOT MAIL IT TO THE IRS

I wish there was a community for more than one game. A community for games that continue past 3 series of its lifetime or mmos that will keep going.

i tested in many VM and cloud computers and still can not get that error message. i believe this is only happens in custom computers where something common in computers should be ok to play the game but something is missing in custom computers. The engine i used to run it can make it run in any windows OS including 98. Let me set up a zip version where you can see the files (it wont be much its just 1 thing) and if that does not work then your computer might be the problem.

this is mostly the fault of the developer, it should be clear to the player what each file is for them. i have a installer for windows games to help double check the correct placement like OS and files location. you cant them players for not understanding what .exe or .apk s for them because that is our job to understand.

its a nice broadcasting software but it is missing lots of basic things. I really do not find it great to have microphone require at all times, not everyone uses it and it should not be a requirement. Another requirement i also and everyone else hates is the game, all of those you support are paid products. Any broadcast can support any game so why in the world did you need games to be approved, i cant even broadcast my desktop. Oh that is not where the worst, the worst comes from knowing there is no way to broadcast to youtube or twitch. This feature should be done before launching the pre-release, not to your website that no one knows.

I can not consider this to be a software, sorry if im being hard but everything about it is done wrong.

Español - http://unknowns-blog.mozello.com/params/post/1555874/basica-informacion-en-usa-i...

English - http://unknowns-blog.mozello.com/comments-and-reviews/params/post/1555877/basic-...

TLDR version: Follow the tax requirements and remember:

SSN is what IRS wants if you are an individual in the usa selling games because you are only 1 person.

ITIN is most likely for anyone selling games outside the USA but the company is a USA based company and you are 1 person.

EIN is for real business and is highly recommend you get someone who knows tax information on EIN because it is more complex than you think.

Oh one last thing, watch out for sites like Google Play, GOG, Steam, and Amazon, they all have their agreements telling you that they do not handle all your taxes, you handle the taxes not Google, GOG, Steam and Amazon.  If you do not understand how taxes work or have money to pay someone to handle taxes, it is highly recommend to not use them.

except it doesn't for things like nazi symbols which under usa is ok for anyone since the usa does not care or Japan who used them for religion reasons. However in germany it is banned 100%, you can't even make it for art. This is what i'm talking about, different laws and different ranking will crash into each other leaving game developers with problems they never knew.

Not many have talk about it but what if lootbox become forcibly into laws, right now ESRB will not accept lootbox as gambling thus leading government to force it into law. This is a problem with all content rankings not such ESRB, if these content rankings do not do their job it leads to complex rules and laws. This is why lootbox is a mess in gaming, while it is ok in the USA not so much in China or Japan that have rules and if your game falls into it you are in risk of not only losing customers but money too.

I do not think you should only use the ESRB, it is a flaw system from the very start since any kid can buy AO games online or M rated games on steam store.

If you really want to do this right you got to have the IARC which protects game developers. This system can give warnings like games having nazi symbols, violence, noise that may not be ok to someone who went to war, realistic like killing, etc. ESRB does not have those things because like i said it is a fail system.

This will be my (if counting all my games) 12 game i will made so if anyone thinks i'm just another bad game developer, i am not: https://firecat.itch.io

I need help with creating the art for the world, the asset images from RPG Maker MV (that is the engine i'm using) has taken me far but not where i wanted. Currently it is missing good design on characters and world. The prototype world i build is what i do imagine it just needs more work on the art.

The game is more story based it is a continuation of the unknown saga series. Oh and no it will not be English after like 5 games, people do not like my English even if it is the best for jobs in where i live. two endings because the huge cast of characters, i have already limited many things i cant keep do it anymore.

If you do not want to join the team and want something in return (no money... sorry) i'm ok with talent trade where we each do something for each other. I can:

- Do music in DAW software: https://soundcloud.com/bigattck-firecat
- Translate your game from English to Spanish or vice versa.
- Create 3d models (not animated) https://clara.io/user/firecat
- Help you with game developer problems (google play, why you need to pay taxes, certain things in law, test your game etc.)
- Challenge me to a children's card game! ( i ran out of ideas of how i can help).

Thanks for reading sorry for any bad English.

Hi, do you want to play my game, its also available in html and android (5 or greater because of webgl): https://firecat.itch.io/the-unknowns-saga-remake

everywhere you go, you will have to pay taxes. itch.io is one of the only sites i know that is way lower because of the "name your percentage". Other places like amazon, steam and gog is fix percentage.

yes you can and there are more options available if you want it to look professional:


About GOG not charging VAT, I looked through their website for any possible explanation and they do charge it. The full price you see on the game is also the tax. Its a nice mathematical trick they did there.


"6.4. All prices are visible in the product catalogue page. They’re inclusive of legally applicable sales taxes/VAT."

I can answer that:

1) The IRS loves SSN because it is the easiest way to track people, once you have it you need to use it all the time.

2) EIN is for business yes but what i think the IRS thought is that you do not have anyway to do business. I do not know it is tricky but not important or something to worry about because...

3) Once you have someone you do need a EIN this helps IRS not track you, its like an easier way to keep things in order.

4) I think you need to ask itch.io support if any changes is needed for taxes.

another website can explain this in full detail if you are still confuse: https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/ein-employer-id-number-for-business-3612...

This is a miscommon myth in the game developer community. DRM can still be stolen, many famous games on steam got stolen even before it was launched (FF15 got stolen before lunch). So no matter what you do, it will always gets stolen, if you want to not let pirates use your games you better off hiring a team that will track down the internet and issue DMCA on sites. My free games get stolen a lot it hasnt been a year but over 100 DMCA take down have been issued. these robbers install malware/spyware in your game as well as use your name for a cover up.

Just a small lesson to everyone to learn, you can't always protect your game.

your game is very basic, it works well for people who play flash games or mobile.

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my game will be on discount tomorrow for summer and it is for $0.99 this is a great time to buy it cheap, could you help out. i can send a code for you to test it out.

Edit: the game link https://firecat.itch.io/uauim-challenge

1) Yes that is correct, the usa tax law demands that any income (as in earning money in a possible way) is needed to be paid in tax.


2) I can only assume because the website I think is in North America, unclear where the creators live or if the server is in North America.

3) The buyers country info is due in part of EU VAT, which is way different than USA. It is highly recommended you stay in "collect by itch.io payment method" for anyone who does not know about taxes or VAT. All companies have easy ways to help sellers do the taxes because they want you to sell stuff not worry about taxes.

Extra Info It is reported that Steam does not have this feature for reasons we do not know why.


Q. What is my responsibility regarding VAT, sales tax, or other similar taxes?
A. We can only provide you with information on how we handle VAT and sales taxes. You will need to consult with your tax advisors on your own tax obligations. In the monthly Steam Sales Report which can be viewed on the secure partner site (https://partner.steampowered.com/) under the "Reports Tab", you will find a link at the bottom of the report called "Steam Sales by Country". This may assist you in calculating your own tax obligations, if any.

Do not use Steam if you do not understand taxes, you only get in trouble.

4) Yes Ravenmore it is confusing, i'm sure you did the tax right since they also never reply back to me.

it sounds to me that you got something wrong. Did you file it correctly by saying you are not a US citizen? I know poland has a tax treaty so you should ask them for the tax to be reduced correctly under Poland tax treaty.


You should be applying for one of those, let me explain what they do:

  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

This one is to report taxes only, nothing else.

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Is used by business, you may apply for it but you need to do lots of things.


You want the ITIN if you are not planning on going big, otherwise use EIN if you do plan on making a business.

I do not know what paper you need to apply for, it is different for people who did not visit or never file taxes for US. I highly recommend asking someone who knows more about it than me.

You will find that people like steam so much that they will shame game developers for not using it.

Many people misjudge itch.io because it never had anything that made people remember or reasons why vs gamejolt. I mostly blame the people who love steam so much that they will discredit websites like itch.io or gamejolt. If you want people to use itch.io or gamejolt more you need to remove the discredit people always give them.

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This guide is not absolutely true for everyone who may be a Dreamer. Please seek legal help if you do plan on selling games or such.

Hey if you're an immigrant Dreamer who uploads games to itch.io, let me help you. So the first thing to understand is that IRS does not need your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). You were assigned a social security number (SSN) and this is how they will get all tax related subjects from you.


If you have past records using ITIN and now owned SSN, it is very important to contact IRS telling them to use SSN and not the ITIN. I do not know what happens if you never worked or never gotten any tax payments send to you. I assume you use SSN as noted, that is where you start for records.

Do you count as US Residents and what happens if DACA gets killed?

For this tax paper, you are consider a US resident as noted in the "help" button. If DACA is removed you need to seek legal help as I do not know much about immigrant laws with taxes.

Thank you for reading, again this guide may not be true for all Dreamers. Always ask experts for advice, the information you got from me is based on experience and research not real legal information.

where do you want me to send it (there is no pm in this thread), i have discord if that is where you like to get it.

Sorry for the delay, the engine just won't open. this happens from time to time, i'll send you the key when the engine opens up for me to build it for windows (it only runs in windows).

 Only the first 20 people have access and all those who have not done so will need to buy or hack it.

The game is a mix of Galaga with game of 1942. The plans to take it to GOG.com are going well.  


I am planing to make this into a commercial game. Ask below and I will send you a PM with the key.

Is there any plans for this to be used in other engines or is it only in blender because the other 3d engines offer better things and blender is not really good for beginners.

The apple store cost $100 a year and i don't have that much money. the app is ready but to play it on apple devices, it would require jailbreaking the ipod and that can lead to many problems with apple's agreement and warranty.

Lo siento, encontré el problema y debería ser una solución para Windows, pero no sé si Mac o Linux funcionará.

CrossCode community · Created a new topic game is out?!?!

why hasn't anyone told me

you forgot to make the cat move.

it got real boring after day 5 in which i realize it will loop to infinity.

the controls need work and jump needs to be more useful, also too many enemies from the start there is little chance of hope.

its so laggy and i only get like limited goo, not fun.

its a good game, however the lag killed me many times and the incrsse in differicatly was too early.

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my last drawing:


It was fun but now i need to return to finishing up on my book. I will still continue drawing but will take me a long time to get it where i wanted.

p.s: all hail the Hypnotoad


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something i drew and animated (i would add it here but it keeps deleting body): http://bigattck.deviantart.com/art/Animation-636582264

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I wanted more creativity on my art, so i tried looking up ways to use krita with my touchscreen laptop and found out that it doesn't work well on krita. Anyway that didnt stop me from drawing on my touchscreen, i found sketchbook and i'm drawing little faster than i would have with my "phone to computer to krita". I still use Krita for touch-ups but not for drawing.

skechbook for anyone who wants to draw on their tablet or touchscreen laptop: https://www.sketchbook.com/?locale=en

ya its weird, anyway i used HTML tag to show it, this is the code (without the space):

< img src="image" alt="Smiley face" height="42" width ="42" >