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Since you were filling the tax that kinda doesnt answer it, what you should have written is Freelancer or Sole Proprietorship. Both give answers to you doing small time things in to earn money. Writting individual doesnt answer much. Filling out the tax is something you should have known or done a little bit of research, it is always assume the person has understanding of how to fill the tax requirements.

Its been a thing for a long time and it is not a hybrid either:

i looked and i think you updated which then cause the system to auto kick your game. No one was allow to update within voting time.

you need to promote there are many gamers like him who also have not heard of

its not a legal yet, we have to wait until then:

If UK leaves it just becomes a big mess right now for everyone.

Those dont count as games, they are small coded images that anyone can do with time. Customers will want it but offen these things do not fit in games, TCG are more used to this but for every other type of game it just not something they would need.

How about not using anything with analytics, it is not a require thing in games and is offen the leading cause of lag in unity.

nope this system steam has is been used to abuse players and customers. It is never going to work, the only reason steam has it is because they are lazy to remove it.

Well let me say that it is impossable to get trojan virues on a open sorce project, everyone would have seen it the moment someone tryed to add it. I test out the app on a VM to see if anything happen to it but nothing bad happen:

The screenshots you see are what you will see when you going to download the program. What really happen is that your got scam from the company BitDefender and they did not scan the program but instead used this result:

This picture is what happens to the program, it shows zero trojan being installed.

You can ask for the developer help here:

yes they are valid but the fans are not real, they were told to do something and left. This is common in Kickstarter, steam and social media post. The people who voted will not return to play the game, they were told to do something by a person and then they had nothing else to do for that game. Some might still be following but lots of the fans are just vote and leave kind of people.

we can see the number of votes on the submission page, its 228 votes.

One channel has 87 views on the video with a subscriber number of of 868, subscribers, not much about it.

I believe the most of the numbers belong to Game Chinchila fans who did not vote because they liked the game but their youtuber asked them to do it. Which is the very thing called having a following.

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the top game is one of the odd ones, the langues you see in the comments are not even once english and if its anything where i live, gaming cafe are not a few miles, you have to go far to find it. has it recorded as a member since the start of the game jam, that is why we cant find anymore information on the person, he could have follows or such before.

That and most people who don't have a following. Some of us make games for free, put in the hard work by never asking for money but lose to people who gota following through kickstarter or other means which is something most indie game dev don't do.

its better to not update until there is a clear winner for all entries i say. there was a post somewhere about winners being announced somewhere in early January. They could also still be looking and ranking the game, any new upload could change that.

When Epic announced people ask for one thing and it was if they allowed it to be pay in their currency. I seen many request on this before Epic store because Paypal has a fee and Stripe is in the same boat. I look around to see if there are payment processors that convert currency while also helping still be and found two best possible answers.

Monei is well known and its also used by Shopify. I think you want this payment processor since it offers many things that paypal might not do.

Don't know much about this but seems like a good choice.

People really want to see their currency, US Dollars is expensive in certain parts of the world and it shouldn't be the customer to convert such complex things or the developer either.

i try the downloads and nothing happen, no number to show me or were you talking about your game's download?

nope that is a myth, many developers do not get their games sold and sometimes they don't get people to see the game. This explains it:

Thanks the look was rush because i wanted the game to be playable, there was plans to make it 3D and a few animations. The camera controls is something that everyone wants it change, so i'll do that first when the Jam is over (as well as holidays) to continue it. I was worry about the free camera being used to push marbles to cheat the system, there doesn't seem to be anyone who has found a way so i'll use that one and if anyone wants to change it to another style i will have it on options. Gameplay does need work, everyone told me to explain better as well as fix some parts.

thanks again for the feedback.

make the demo first, everyone always wants to test the game before buying it.

its the same story i keep hearing, they make a early release here on and then they go to steam for final. You forgetting that most of customers hate steam and steam customers hate other platforms. You are clashing two things that makes everyone angry. You need to understand your customers as well as balance it because right now most of the customers won't go to steam while steam customers will not find you due to being so new.

neither, you should never ask for money without first making the demo. You also need to know what will happen with that money because many developers lose lots of it to pay the company and government. You should never ask for large amount if you do not have a business account or ways to pay people legitimacy.

kickstaterand indiegogo are not easy as it sounds.

No, a community submitted ranking or tag only ends up in a mess. It happen in Steam, Gamejolt and Metacredit. They all have reviews that do not reflect on the game but on what they believe.

Hi, can anyone give me feedback on my marble game. It is in 3d with different challenges. I plan to make it no matter what (it will be paid) and if there is a possible way maybe soon add multiplayer or Co-Op.

AAA just means the game has spent lots of money. There is no real meaning behind it because gaming company made up that term:

just like how "blockbuster" doesn't always mean a good movie.

some indie developers have not reach the $1000 and also Valve takes ??% (there is no real number of percentage). So you not getting the $100 back you just lost it.

a search result shows it was a bug when RPG Maker MV first started, so maybe some developers never updated.

you can make your game private until you are are ready and share it with a link, simple as that.

as far as i know you can only have one main page which can be used for people to download files or play it on browser. If you want people to play the game in browser you have to make another page.

no this is not a good plan and it is a common myth. First of all, Steam is the one collecting the tax free when they donate not you. The views you get on steam and are the same, only marketing will decide your game fate. Lastly, Steam does not care anything about you, they will lie and cheat to get money, many indie dev felt that way and you might make the same mistake.

Do you not have the files or know the program, you can also show the email that was agreed on and explain how the other person did not give you money.

I was using a new engine, i had to test it on a virtual machine to know how it works. It is always the first things i do on every engine i haven't tried yet.

This should help:

Selling the game, no. You can make it into a donation if you have the rights to sell the game.

Well many are new to, i feel it could have been explain in the FAQ since many might ask this question.

The month long game i been working on is done. I'm still asking the same questions from before:

I made this new thread because the old one was for feedback on game stuff that could be added later on. The game should run in almost any window computer that has DirectX but for Mac OS it will vary by computer.

well the judges will look into it, they were very strict about it.