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cryptocurrencies are too dangerous even Steam had to remove them, their mostly banned in other countrys and 99% of people dont understand how to get one. it wont be on until someone builds some kind of easy way for the currency.

that is not an augmented reality headset, the two images do not fit together and have problems with AR. Google headset is used only for VR, everything depends on covering the user eyes and putting a screen (phone) next to eyes. Hologram requires you to have 4 by 4 images/videos to move plus something to see through.

These two technology do not fit together, they are program differently and work differently.

this is odd, Neversong doesn't exist in and i even check the official website to see where it might be. The game is exclusive to Steam only, so maybe someone stole the game and uploaded to thus leading to other possible scammers doing the same thing. This could be why it as remove.

oh up, its this from stripe program to the because if you adding direct payments like Fortnight and release it to the world, you be breaking EU laws and other countys laws who clearly already fix those issues a long time ago.

you own the game rights and you can make agreements with your parents. Your parents would be responsible for other things like contracts or their own taxes. DO be aware the advantage of filling your own taxes vs not filling taxes. your parents are the ones who will sign the publisher agreement not you because of certain laws or publisher rule.

How is this done is mostly through the tax filling and agreeing that your parents did give you the right to make publisher account. Then you can upload your game and people will play it.

yes, many games like FGO, Azur Lane and Madoka Record have found ways to hide characters nipples and lower body. However do understand certain countrys like  Indonesia will banned those kinds of games. This is why FGO, Azur Lane and Madoka Record are only in JP, TW and US regions, they are not world wide. You have to basically restrict certain countrys because of laws or uncertainly.

Coppercube runs fine on windows xp if you dont use super high 3d models.

Reality Factory works on windows xp:

oldest video about it i can find about Reality Factory from 2006:

Those are the oldest engines i know to run in windows xp

if you want something like unity and dont want to learn anything new: Stride Game Engine

If you want to make rpg: RPG Game Maker (MV, MZ, VX, VX Ace)

Basic android games: Buildbox (you will need to pay or be ok with limited desktop option)

Basic android games (paid): GameSalad

3d platform: Google 3d game builder on steam store

3d games (shooter and more): CopperCube

Anything 2d: Love game engine

visual novels: visual novel maker or renpy

classic games maker: Arcade Game Studio

i tested and try all of these and:

Gamemaker - this program is only for platform design, other than that you need to code everything else. Very expensive to do anything, if you want something like IOS port you have to pay money. Famous games were made on it but everyone forgets they were made because it took lots of years to learn the fake code that Gamemaker makes everyone do. It was free but no longer free, highly not recommend.

Contruct 3 - it had everything but then become greedy. You need to buy it, older free version is gone for good. Games can't run on older web browsers because it uses WebAssembly like Unity (use or learn HTML5 its better and easyer). Forces you to learn JavaScript the most hated languages in coding. They lie about everything about their engine to get people to pay. The only good thing about it is the animation while other engines have problems with it.

Fusion - another paid engine, the free version doesnt do much it is just like any other engine. super old engine because it still allows users to export Windows Mobile a product Microsoft discontinue. Only has one famous games and it was from five nights at Freddy, i dont know any other games. Not worth it, very limited and old. I would not be shock if they just disconnected fusion the next day.

001 game creator - this program another paid product that was free. now you might be saying "but it has everything" Well yes but also no, it's a limited program and what you see is what you get. I havent tested the new one but the looks of the screenshots i bet you have to drag and click rules into each other, not fun, neither was the same thing on unity.

godot and gdevelop - both awful on the list, the developers dont make it better, godot is coding only, gdevelop cant do advance coding. export on each is limited meaning you have to do something to get the game ready unlike other paid programs that just give you the code/build. dont see many games build on it, even though godot is famous, no one has made a famous game on it.

i wont recommend any of them, they all ruin you in some way or another.

many games got popular in, Desktop Goose, Gacha club, little witch nobeta, The Baby In Yellow and yes Doki Doki Literature Club was on before it had a steam release.

So it is possible to have a popular game, you do need to work at it like anything in game dev.

hi, do you want to play my demo?

its a rpg maker game and still working on it

it's done after you get payout

1) will do the taxes, they became the Merchant of record :

2) ITIN is needed for people not having any kind of record with the USA government. They created ITIN to make everyone pay taxes and yes it's mandatory.

3) Yes you still need to pay taxes, will help with that if you make enough money like $400 or more.

This should be noted but what version of the 10 amendents are you talking about? The original wording and meaning like "bear to take arm" was aim at the military not the people, this change a long time ago with the help of The National Rifle Association.

"Freedom of speech" is also different than todays ideal, it was about voicing concern about the government. Today you either get banned from a website, locked into jail or you enter into contacts to not talk about government stuff.

(1 edit)

it should be easy, on the slashscreen move the mouse to the start text and press quit. If you in a project, move mouse to the left-upper most side of the screen, close project, move mouse to start text and lastly click on quit.

Move mouse or arrow keys to start text > click on quit

If in a project move mouse or arrow keys to left-upper most side of the screen > click on close project > move mouse or arrow keys to the start text > click on quit

it needs to be your information, this is for the IRS to know who made the money. You may need help from your parents because you need very personal information to be given that you may not have at the moment. These paper documents are SSN, parents taxes and any other paper documents.

why not use a VPN or prepaid card on that country.

it should be easy, the document is straight forward too:

I'm guessing you having problems with the files because steam does a bad job at it. i recommend to uninstall it from steam since it never does anything correct and download it from the original website.

my advice is to directly sent them to the charity and not let them spent money on your game, some people think you would use the money. There is no way to know for sure if they give money to the charity so you have to believe they did it or have them sent you screenshot of the email (with the IRS numbers removed). Then give them a key to have them download it and if they abuse it, you can remove their access.

Also no you cant tax deduct giving money to charity onto your business taxes, that only works if you did the paperwork to have your business money be sent to the charity, no other way around it.

actually unity has been having problems with older browsers but these browsers arent old they are forks of firefox/chrome and unity will not fix the problem:

you can uninstall it, many times it been shown that it doesnt not protect your computer and the "scans" are just listing the average number of user. It will only look for the same file (by name or code) as a virus, if it isnt a virus it will delete it.

its the same problem with anti-virus, the program (chrome) does not scan the file but looks it up on their database to see if there is a virus. If the file is not popular enough it gets the warring you see.

The entire number you wanted to be. The picture shows 1 way, which is left to right going all the way to 15. You can make go up to 7 if you do not want the last few frames to appear.

The file name: theexamplename_1w7.png = This means the engine is going left to right to animate it and will stop at 7. if you put it on loop it will repeat 1-7 for the whole game.

They have to be PNG images and almost have the same name, the last few words are numbers of how long the sprite animation is for the game. The images have max size, each sheet is different but i'll list it here:

1-WAY sprite sheet: 192*192 pixels

This is how the file name looks: theexamplename_1w7.png

2-WAY horizontal sprite sheet: 112*112 pixels

2-WAY vertical sprite sheet: 112*112 pixels

3-WAY horizontal sprite sheet: 72*72 pixels

3-WAY vertical sprite sheet: 72*72 pixels

4-WAY sprite sheet: 72*72 pixels.

8-WAY sprite sheet: 72*72 pixels

10-WAY sprite sheet: 56*56 pixels

16-WAY sprite sheet: 40*40 pixels

norton does make false statements on scans:

Google found out:

Then racket911 found a easy way to break anti-software:

So has you can see Norton is not safe and does not protect your computer, the scan was a lie.

its already told many times that anti-virus do not work and are a scam, the only real anti-virus is Microsoft defender. Anti-virus software only allows known files to go though, anytime a new software or game is created the anti-virus program thinks its a virus because the game or software is brand new.

I looked into Pico 8 doc and there is a limit on Code size image png or png file for the code, it is 15,360 bytes. The number of lines for the code is 8,921. SO to answer your question of how big your game can be, i say somewhere between NES using the same sprites and gameboy games that last long like pokemon.

it's possible, older older games before Super Mario bro was created, you had games almost what you are asking about. Examples are:

- Missile Command

- Pac-Man

- Defender

- Asteroids Breakout

- Gran Trak 10

So if someone can make a pixel race game with one color can make many tracks so can Pico-8 engine with 4 hours.

EXE file is the same, however you dont need to do anything to it because it is ready to be play. You just move the file that rpg maker made into a zip.

html5 files needs the index to be like that picture, this will help computers find index faster.

I recommend this program for new people:

The bad thing about it is that you need to pay $20 to upload it to google (otherwise google will reject your game everytime you use this program to make the app). However you can make unlimited free apps with is program and upload them to for anyone download.

steam requires many things so it's not recommended for new people. I think you uploaded in HTML5 which is for browsers, it should work on all browsers unless it is super old. So anyway, to get html5 games to play, you will need to have the html file inside the zip with all other files.

Do not make a file in a file, you just need to move the html and the files it needs to zip. It should look like this:

index.html is the main game that will auto make to the game in your page. Everything else like music, code, images go in a file.

To make your game public you press public on the very bottom of the "Visibility & access" and then" publish" or "save".

sorry for the late reply, it has to be all of them