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can we do it outside of discord, it just decided to randomly kick me out of the account after not using it for 3 months

I'm interested in how people add 3D models in Godot, I can animate any model and build them with Maya or other software. I sent a friend request as meo_99

dude, it looks like those cheap knockoff versions you see in the NES days. Yes they would think you would make it cheap, i don't know why you didnt think about this.

I know how to get RPG Maker to the google  store, you have to make the HTML they give you to convert it for current day requirements. After which you must forever keep updating it because just like Apple google will force you to update or the app gets removed.

it's just another developer using to sell their steam keys and only offer the game through steam. There was no real download to even get the game/soundtrack.

Hey, i'm looking to join a team for Epic Mega Jam

If you need someone for animation or 3D modeling, I am your man.

I can do a bit of music but I don't have the fancey software for it. haven't done it in a long time but i can do it if need it.

Reply here and i'll respond when i can.

There is no source code, the original author hasn't released any updates or the code for years.  I don't think it's possible to make it embedded because the program is exe windows.

Twitter is now a worthless place to advertised, one day you have an account and the next you are banned. It's also very impossible to get viewers because Elon Musk will ruin the way you think the website works. In the past people did get something from twitter but now, not anymore. Unless you want crazy people following you, i recommended leaving twitter.

Nothing works, i even use the CKPT model i had and it still says to download it from huggyface.

Twitter is own by Elon Musk who is making poor choices to keep the company up. The banned you got was from their robot machine that Elon still has not found a way to stop it. You are banned from twitter until Elon says so.

freelance work, that is what you should be doing. find a rate that balance expencs and profit

I haven't work on spanish version yet so it will be all in english for now. No need to learn Renpy, i can make renpy create a text file with character lines.    You can contact me in discord  bigattck#9150

i'm working on making a commercial visual novel, currently i'm in the process of having the story made. English version is like half way done and i'll be doing spanish my native language later. i am wondering if you like to join  in the project. i don't have a lot of money since i use it on officially making the characters instead of grabbing free  characters and trademark fees (so many fees). i do hope to get the game into console with .  The engine is renpy and i have already set everything ready for english and spanish version of the game, the story is what remains. If you want to do revenue share i'm open to that too.

it's not you, some crazy reason chrome has  install this new rue on their browser that does not allow local browser games to run on chrome. This is why many A.I Artist use WebUI  and Git together to bypass chrome restriction. You either give up on browser games or use firefox. 

Google for some dumb reason made people upgrade their phones, all apps in the play store now require to run android 5 or better. Every app before  5 will not work. The only way to play android 4.4.4 and below apps are if you own a phone before the upgrade.

i dont know he just stopped, no new announcements on the game or development since the removal of human skins.

The developer hasnt done anything since, gacha life events are the only thing he been doing.

it's impossible, paypal stopped service on March and now Payoneer joins the list. There is no longer a way to pay Russians developers in any game store.

how much are you offering for bug fixer, i have experience in renpy and python. i even have access to old programs like Editra that renpy used to have.

there is a problem with stage 2, every direction i press leads to restart. This means no one can pass stage 2.

Well first problem is Unity will eat lots of ram from devices, there is no way to fix this, all Unity games suffer from it thus the bad reputation of unity comes from it. Next is your models are way to high definition , you dont need the best models, you need the visuals. My recommendation is ditch Unity if you want to upload this on HTML with the 3D models and use

I would also made the models have less polygons so people wont have to wait 5 mins for it to load.

This is a very common problem for anyone using Tyranobuilder Visual Novel. It is in their website that says they used 3rd party  export to make HTML, Android and IOS. The software you brought can not build any HTML related or Apple product codes to make it work. Tyranobuilder is a scam, the software is  abandoned too,  the 3rd parties are gone, we used to make HTML to android very easy but Google made new rules and now only a select group of paid companies even care about HTML to (device target).

The answer you are looking for can never be found, Tyranobuilder is a scam.

the fastest way to fix this is by using online credit card, just move some money to that card and you should be able to do anything.

your not going to make it exclusively to steam right? only one platform means less people will buy it, you have to sell it everywhere.

Please release it everywhere, steam exclusive is bad business.

it's only  a team building 3d model project, a website is not 3d model. 

Maxamo only works in human models, that is not a human model.

well the first thing to proof is the art which i have not seen the A.I do. Sure you can point to examples of people using copyright characters but original art and characters are way different.

The awards are bad, why not actually give a maya software instead of 1 year subscription and why must it be a team. People teaching us for 1 hour is bad, interviews sounds bad and all we have to show for is a maya t-shirt that we won. i would report you for spam if you weren't the real  GDWC.

you should tell how much you willing to pay because hiding pay isn't going to get people.

I like to remind people that Xsolla is not trusted by any bank, all the money and everything they do with money will come with problems.  This youtube video explains it very well: 

you cant stop someone from watching sexual content, remember that one time British made a law to stop it. It didn't work. This is the same problem, you can't block VN with sexual themes, the creators either will lie to trick the system or the kids will find loopholes. In British problem, they can't block random website  because there is too many and many also kinda lie by having loophole of nudiest under educational laws. So no matter what you can't stop it, they must learn one way or another.

That's where you fall for the scam, they can sell your email, spam your email from scammers, track you by email with facebook or twitter,   attachment virus and using your email as another scam until your email is reported for scam.

Do not trust these scammers.

Mailchimp is a known risk for email newsletters, it has been on the news over the years for failure to protect customer  emails. Recently got hacked again by someone targeting crypto email listers. So it's very suspicious that you who is older than Atari did not know such thing and don't even know how to set up basic email list like other normal companies.

this seems sketchy, you don't say what you will do and you only seem to only say things that are possible in Steam store and not in other stores like Epic, consoles,  mobile, HTML and here at website.  You then claim you have experience older than Atari which is a very very unlikely possibility , you would have to be 80 years or older  by this time.  The sign-up form is claiming to only get games in newsletter, 30k in followers but less than 5 replies on twitter does not build trust.

It does not seem you have the followers or influence  to get games into popular youtubers or  do anything to the public to make people see a game.  Your "newsletter" is just a mailchimp 3rd party program, This is scam written all over, the only thing i know you'll ever do is just post a tweet for only a few real people to see and spam people on your email list.

18 Europe currency for an hour is not going to get you a professional when   the same job offerings are over  30 to hire a professional plus with benefits too. Then looking at your website you don't have VAT to conduct business since you will have to pay taxes for it. This also goes into question on how will you pay, you normally pay by paypal i assumed since many smaller business do but a professional would like to do it professionally and get it by bank ACH or IBAN/SWIFT/BIC. You be paying  648,  you need to do this to avoid cost.

Just saying that if you going to be asking for a professional, you may want to actually be ready for one.

If we are going by  ESRB rules then any game asset that is over 18+ years can count. This means people who are shown naked (nothing covering male and female), doing sex (any and all acts),  allow to talk about sex in the game,   allow near freedom for you to do such things in the game,  pay to get sexual "item", etc ( i cant list more or else i get in trouble).

That should be the M rating for adult games.

Yes this is the sad fate that will happen, Unity in the history of gaming has always been awful. It was so close to getting out of that dark history of itself but now it seems like they only care about Unity being profitable than anything. Also don't forget that they under the agreement can change the contract or rules. Unity can and might just change it to the point where the developers of genshin impact will redo the game into another engine, this is the fate Unity is going though.