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There is a problem with your website, 000Webhost is dangerous by google standards.

i won't go too much into detail since i like to keep working on game jams until 2 days before the end. The project gameplay and name will stay a mystery because i think i really made a good game. However i like to hear some feedback on some things, this game will be a prototype for this jam not really polish but i will work on it after the jam to make it better.

- Do you think i should add a pvp? the game jam version won't have it because it takes too long to set up (plus money). co-op will be added after, however online pvp is something that might not be great for the game because i can't always keep it online.

- android version? I can make the game into android but it might be single player.

- would you buy it even though it is basic? the gameplay is basic, not too unoriginal or boring but really basic rules that anyone can do, would you buy such a thing or should i just leave it free because it is so basic.

well that is all the feedback i like to receive, sorry if there is no picture but i can do is let you hear the music:

gameplay music

main menu:

i looked into your website and i think you are a srl company, the only one that i found that has local authorities is Barbados. i'm sorry but only can help, i look into what is needed and only has it.

the rules say to add photos, you could have added links to imgur. I think that is why it got remove.

what you asking is usually something a business does or did you pick the direct payment option because that choice is for people way more experience than me. what are they asking and are you a real company with employees.

it will be unethical, think of it like youtube where you always say subscribe over and over. its very annoying because the video they want to see is something else they do want to see promotion.

How about password protection on folder, make a website or css/html button code on your game page. they agree, the password is given and they access to the game/files. This might be the best answer with still having the file be zip.

you can do it by having a pop up before the game is being accessed, something you see in mobile games.

most people are looking at the review not another game.

instead of buying it from steam you can buy it from the official website.

what is the game and did you talk with the developer about this problem.

i see it but some are outdated or coded wrong, it still doesn't make godot a easy to use software. the plugins are only 27 pages long with no way to build the game without coding.

Godot 3 is like unity but with no way to add extensions, everything has to be coded.

There is little talk about this, so i made a whole article detailing about it:

i like the badge idea just like newgrounds but never a ranking system that locks people until something happens. Also no special gain power because of badge it just leads to trouble.

We can't and Steam might be illegally do it:


Your project should not be constantly on sale

A sale is a special event when your game can be purchased for a reduced cost for a limited time. If your game is always on sale, then it’s not actually on sale. Update the price of the game accordingly. We want people browsing game sales to see things that are on sale.

In many countries it is illegal to misrepresent the cost of your product.

Avoid creating sales too frequently

Creating sales too frequently reduces the value of an individual sale. See the points from above.

I think you referring to marketing, since steam alway gets free marketing and never gives it to smaller indies. if i win the mega million, i'll spread the news of then it will become more popular.

never supporting valve or the steam store, if enough people see other people do stuff it will bring people to itch since this site offers more than steam. another one is to remind everyone that itch has lower percentage and this can help them. One major thing itch has that no other company can do is having honest feedback from real players without any sort of "ranking" system dooming their sales.

i dont think its a good engine, it limits how you make characters (rpg maker and others dont), 3d battle system is ff7 style but no one can change it to make it new/ 2d battle system is the same but oddly place characters, exporting to unity can be a downside for people who do not have super computers/good specs, creating multi-language text looks hard and lastly it is only steam with DLC lock features; it is not just me but anyone who relies too much on steam can expect bad stuff to happen to their game just like many engines that update before it.

again dont think this engine has anything for people who want to customize it, the engine might not work for some with lower spec computers. i wouldn't want my characters or world to look like minecraft and to make them human like seen in some games/videos requires 3d modeling instead of grabbing it from the internet then doing small modification.

thats ok but for players who are not tech experts they might be confuse and wonder were the exe is for windows or DMG/APP for mac users.

Valve has everything you want and guess what happen to Steam, it became a place where scammers get money. There is also laws about loot box that first time indie developers don't even understand and Steam themselves had to change because of laws. can not go to the same route like Steam with it's many mistakes including parts where the government gets angry. It is just better to never add those features in the first place. You still can do the same thing with servers but not with help.

AAA companies are using everything to make people buy their game. Including the free games you would see in mobile, let me tell you what they are doing on free games:

- Lock powerful or cute characters and or weapons

- Pay-to-win method

- EXP is very low

- gambling

- subscription


and more this is just the common you see, there are much worse examples.

Many indie developers who do not know the methods or tricks will often do it wrong or worst then AAA companies. A few free games i played did microtransactions horribility:

- they make you see ads or the ads are just scams that do nothing.

- they never test anything or balance the game.

- awful connections

- running away or bad support

- the game gets abandoned.

I can not trust any developer with microtransaction, i and many of us are inexperienced to bring microtransaction. Not even plugins can help because something will go wrong every time. Dong microtransaction means maintaining the game it is what a mmo should be but isn't. So again if a company or game relies too much on microtransaction then it shouldn't do it. If no one understands how to do microtransactions fairplay for everyone then that game should not be using it.

i don't know plans but it has been staying alive this long so i'm guessing they have a good plan going for them.

DLC and microtransactions requires servers to be kept, as far as i know is using pay per bandwidth system. many who come to are doing it because they hate DLC and/or microtransactions, it will be a feature that most will not use. They money spent on hosting DLC/microtransaction can be used for buying the game normally as it should have been.

if a game needs microtransaction/DLC to be kept alive then that is not how you build games, AC;O is doing this and everyone is mad. the game will die out like every other series. is not ubisoft it does not have lots of  money to keep everyone's microtransaction for years and years. a good game and a good business doesn't rely on tricking customers.

You thinking too much of how google and steam uses it. They have a system that controls how it works. As many indie developers we do not have the resource to build it like that. If you want to build a microtransaction in your game, you should try adding it on a server like mmo did back in the day.

Nope you can be a sole proprietorship or as what AU calls it Sole trader:

Steam does do this but it is your responsibility to file tax return under steam:

"Q. What is my responsibility regarding VAT, sales tax, or other similar taxes?

A. We can only provide you with information on how we handle VAT and sales taxes. You will need to consult with your tax advisors on your own tax obligations. In the monthly Steam Sales Report which can be viewed on the secure partner site ( under the "Reports Tab", you will find a link at the bottom of the report called "Steam Sales by Country". This may assist you in calculating your own tax obligations, if any." is under Merchant of record:

It may not be app, Unity webgl has always caused problems for people with low end computers. It could also be the developer web game that might not be working or something that causing with app system.

Where does this happen, i didn't change any of rpg makers files or javascript. the only time that happen was when someone picked puzzle and lava. Oh and yes i found the file is missing and i will put it back on.

DRM is a protection that keeps games out of buyers control. This is commonly used to stop pirates (known as illegal owners) from uploading a free version of it. DRM protects images, code and music from being free to the public.

I too would pick smash

This article gives a clear and easy understanding:

News media are worry that big companies will just remove everything to keep things safe but that is not how that law works. Also no it will not kill it is as of now still a start-up which is safe from the EU law. the only companies that will get damage in the game development is Steam/Valve, Facebook Gaming Room, Gamefly and Humble Bundle because they are the big ones, everyone else like Gamejolt, Green Man, GG and indiexpo are not going to be targeted until they become big.

Your mistaken youtube big money robots to "what the law actually says":

"Information society service providers that store and provide to the public access to large amounts of works or other subject-matter uploaded by their users shall, in cooperation with rightholders, take measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with rightholders for the use of their works or other subject-matter or to prevent the availability on their services of works or other subject-matter identified by rightholders through the cooperation with the service providers"

What this means is that copyright owners must have an easy way to contact the site owner. No more "click this but also this" kind of madness. This also means no more sites that do not respond to email of copyright owner like APK-Pure does. No more finding the site server like godaddy to remove the site.

I know what they are talking about because my own games have been stolen and I face the same problem. This law gives us power over the scammers. The only reason why every news media said memes or other stuff you or me do not own are a bad thing is because it also says to give as much information for the copyright owners. This is why I suggest the credit system like newgrounds to give much information before people  uploaded works that do not belong to them.

Also companies have bots that can find all disney, marvel, anime, etc looking around the net 24/7 . So it is impossible to hide anything from them.

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Well first to understand is that EU users will be effective by this not US. The US has other laws that clash with article 13 but still yes i can see how this is confusing. If EU law is pass then can do two things:

1) Make a US version and EU version

US version stay the same while EU version is more with the laws of that land.

2) Still remind worldwide with a requirement

So we developers have been under a honor system to credit people in our game. If the law pass can add like a credit system like in newgrounds to offset the law. There is no way for a robot to look into a game credit so it would be the responsibility of the developer to credit or else no game will get lunch.

The report button is still a good system because copyright holders can ask to remove it. That is the system EU wants. If a credit system like newgrounds is added it is easier for copyright owners to spot people who stole it. This can also be used to track games that use copyright owner's name, can have a system where the name of the person request to not be on any game he did not upload or something then a bot can take it down faster.

The only problems it would face is people uploading copyright images/video/music under fake names. Still that is something all sites face even youtube.

After so many years you still have not added any side views, back or kid versions. It is very limited on what someone can do with it.

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I don't think so, it has no puzzle and too many unnecessary items that confuse players. No hint system or ways to know what a item is selective.

edit nvm i posted too late but still having some way to help the player is a great way to not confuse them.

Well for someone who wrote a book about it, you sure do not know how marketing works. Your views are not the problem it is the book; This looks so cliche that many other "developers" wrote in the same fashion. The book has public domain images with the book cover program I seen in many other books. The file is PDF instead of an actual working file for known book devices like amazon or B&N.

Your design in book does not even look like a book but rather something you liked from a computer. No way to know how much words you have put. Very common title like you didn't put effort on the title. On the topic of effort the sections are so common in other "game development 101" books it might look like you stole it from an article. Lastly, your book vs free articles about game development startups is what makes people not want to buy it. A quick google can help people find the same article with the same title and the same section from the book.

Do you even know anything about books, you you even have rights to use unity logo on commercial book sales, etc. The marketer you spend $600 wasn't bad at his job it was your book that fail. Sorry if i'm being harsh but you really have not made any reason for people to buy your book.