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Hey thanks for the feedback! I know you are busy so I really appreciate it.

I'm glad you found several things to enjoy. I laughed a bit in regards to that linked video, totally not on purpose at all! Glad you got a little extra out of it though :) As for the negatives, I'll take that under advisement. Nobody had told me the bandits felt to hard yet, but the game seems to have some balance troubles here-and-there which could easily be fixed now that a lot more people have given this a shot. I just put all the pictures in the gallery, so people could really give them a look, I'm just weird like that XD Lastly, the final guy's name was something I was really agonizing over and the date was just coming up too fast, believe me that would not remain in a truly final version. All names have great importance so I wanted the right one.

Given how excellent your game is I take it as high praise that you found the game to be fairly enjoyable and that you see a great deal of potential in it. Thanks again for your time and feedback!


No problem. Also, thanks for letting me know you put the game up, I'll give it a look a little later this weekend :)

Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to play the game and provide feedback, I really appreciate this a lot! Making an account just for this is so awesome of you. When you get a demo up, please be sure to let me know :)

I'd like to address each of your comments in order now just so you know where I was coming from in terms of game design and the pressure of the game contest itself. For my second game ever, I think this came out pretty good but I know it is riddled with flaws.

First, you mention the difficulty. I didn't have hardly any playtesters so the balancing is off, just plain and simple. This was something I could have fixed but nobody was really willing to play my game much in the development stages. I hadn't even thought of the subreddit at the time, so it is what it is. However, I did rigorously test myself so I know that it is very beatable, but different minds and all that.

You mention counterattack on easy, that was a last-minute choice that I didn't realize spiked the difficulty artificially. I thought it would make the game easier for the player. That's 100% on me but it is really good to know for sure. Truth be told, I've never played Fire Emblem in my life so that probably plays into part of the current shortcomings here.

The stats do increase some on normal, but there might be something going on if you are finding them to be so much higher. I'm not sure what's going on here. I made some of the opening combat challenging on purpose, I enjoy tough games, but it sounds like maybe this is a bit too hard. I don't see the ranged characters as too much of an issue, there just needs to be some slight rebalance from what I'm hearing from you. The idea was that the player would have to make carefully weighed declensions each turn, sometimes that would mean doing something that didn't necessarily seem optimal. Like I said, I played this thing a lot and can consistently beat it so I know it is winnable in the current state. However, the way other people's minds work is a factor and the lack of testers didn't help.

RNG can totally screw ya. I made the saves convenient so you could roll back if you wanted. It is super rare though, but it sounds like you got a fringe case where it was happening an abnormal amount. I haven't heard this specific issue from others, so that is just my best guess. Still, it is noted, and ties back into what I was saying about a rebalance. As for enemy priorities, you can do some neat tricks to interrupt that with your positioning and only a few of them really go for her. From my perspective, there are clearly right and wrong ways to approach the maps, so if you make the, "bad" choice it is harder. Maybe that's just bad game design though? It goes back to the kind of older games that I am pulling from here that have some trial and error, but I toned it down a lot so this wouldn't be overly frustrating, or at least that was the intent.

I have no clue how money was an issue for you. May I suggest a restart because you should have around 200 gold by the end of everything. I'm trying to think of how you could have dipped so low because the least you should really ever have to start with is 100. Clearly I made a mistake somewhere though. I know if you had the money for any armor or potions, then the game is MUCH easier.

As for other issues, like spelling and such, I did my best but things slip past. Surprised to hear you saw some because I did a big sweep before release but I get mixed up on words pretty easy. While English is my first language, I learned a few more during the years and my words/grammar gets confused fairly often. It leaves me with an odd pattern of speech and phrasing.

I am very happy to hear that you liked the writing and could feel the old school adventure book vibe I was going for! I love those very much but wish you could be more involved with those types of games. I was going for that so hearing you realize that is great! Sadly, you were not able to beat the skeletons so you didn't get to really see the story kick into gear, which kind of sucks, because my favorite part comes right after. I think you would go, "Wow!" from how things ratchet up. Anyway, you totally got the right vibes here, so glad at least something was good!

The music wasn't made by me at all actually. Some of it came from a composer I work with, some from some dev packages I own, and others from some other composers who put their work out for anybody to use (with credit of course). The tiles are much the same, I didn't make any myself but I also have tricks to make the normal ones seem fresh and interesting. I am bad at art and code, so I compensate XD

No worries on not being able to finish. I would love to put up a play online but I am not really good at video making. Not sure how to really do that and am very poor lol. It is a good idea though. My brother makes videos and does streaming, so maybe he will do that and I can comment to you later with a video if he does that. I'll have to ask him, he is so very busy with schooling right now though so he may not.

Again, I am very appreciative of your sharing my game on Discord and providing all of this valuable feedback. Even though you couldn't finish, I hope you had some fun. If so, then I say that the contest was a big success for me! I wanted to challenge myself, and since I have no job right now, this seemed like a very good idea.

I will certainly look into Discord. I am not a big fan of it, but maybe I will come just so I can meet all the wonderful people in the SRPG Studio sphere. Everyone I have talked to making games with the engine and such have been very nice and helpful. You are included in that as well!

Thanks once again,


I can relate with that, often we find things we make to be sub par, even if they aren't. Anyway, thanks for writing me back and I hope you enjoy my game! I don't think it is the best either, but as long as you have some fun with it, then that's what counts!

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Sure thing Syukino!

A lot of this stuff is trail and error because there just aren't a ton of resources out there for SRPG Studio in English right now. I wouldn't mind telling you all the little tips and tricks I learned from making this project. I'm sure there are plenty of things you could help me with in return because I know my project isn't perfect. I'll shoot you an email a little later today after I get back from some errands I have to run :)


No problem!

That makes sense to me, I am sure that the Steam version has only gotten better since you have had time to get feedback and such. I wanted to play this version for the contest and be sure to rate because you made a fun game :) I'll check out the Steam version too though!


I played through the first few bits of the game, and it is good! :)

Feels like a Fire Emblem game, which seeing as that's the goal, is fantastic. There are some ideas here that I think I should try doing next time I make a game in SRPG Studio, or as I expand the current one. Anyway, fun tactical game. Hope the project does well!


Wanted to let ya know that I promoted your game, along with my own, on the SRPG Studio Reddit page. I hope your game continues to do well, all the feedback you've been getting seems to be so positive! I will be playing your game soon myself :)

Sure thing! Glad to hear you'll be supporting this after the jam. I may just wait until then so it is a bit easier for me to play with the enemies.

On the note about crafting, that totally makes sense, I used similar tricks in my game as well. Glad I could give you an idea, hopefully it works but if not, you gave it a go and challenged yourself. I think that's what is important!

Anyway, best of luck on the Jam, I sincerely hope you do well!


My first thought was, "Whoa that was cool that you packaged the .zip in a blue cube!" Took me some time to download (I have the slowest internet) but I finally got a chance to play your game! Here's what I thought, but keep in mind I didn't finish it yet.

The first thing I want to say is that you put a lot of obvious work into this game and the polish that comes with that shows! So far, this is probably my favorite entry. However, I would like to echo a point of criticism from Xorclev in regards to enemies blending into the backgrounds. They are almost invisible to me, which makes fighting kind of confusing. The art is wonderful and the music is fitting as well, just wish I could see the bad guys a bit better.

The crafting in specific spots didn't bug me, but I could see an argument for allowing that to occur anywhere (maybe a small thing you need to craft first or something). That's a more of a longevity feature and would probably please people, but like I said, it personally didn't bother me.

World building and story is on point. Gonna give you that full five stars, you definitely earned it despite a few (very minor) flaws. Keep up the great work and will certainly play more of this! Can't wait to see what you do next for this, or on another project.


No biggie, things like that happen, especially for jams. It just made some fights extra hard XD

Anyway, best of luck to ya and hope your game does well!

Played again today and have to say that having the fullscreen did make a difference. However, there were a few more things less tired me picked up on with this version. The first being that the enemy's back row is never visible to the player. If this is intentional to spike the difficulty, I personally don't like that. Some of the attacks happen a little too quickly to avoid too, namely the foxes, or whatever they are. Last thing, and what I felt yesterday but didn't really have words for, is that the experience feels really grind heavy. The repetition just doesn't sit well with me, which really isn't your fault but the reasoning there is more complicated than warrants explaining.

I do like the art though and the world feels pretty big despite how restricted it actually is (I explored everywhere I could, even where I wasn't supposed to; found a place to slip through but can't recall exactly where). Slightly better impression this go around but if people are reading this to decide whether to play or not, I say at least give it a try :) 

I'll stick to the comp version so I don't give ya a biased rating. I think the resolution solution you gave me for the current version will make a big difference for me.

Ah, well at least you know what's up and can fix it easily. Just a shame you can't update the contest version because that would help the game. Anyway, at least now I know how to change to fullscreen so I will try this again and probably upgrade my rating for you since it should be easier to play now.

Makes sense on the trashcans. I figured that's why they were there, just wanted to give ya a heads up in case you decide to keep some of 'em around.

Of course, no problem at all! :D

Ah, I did not know this! I just had it running in default, which had the window off-center. I'll give this another go tomorrow (it is a bit late now) and see if that makes the experience a bit better for me.

I hadn't thought of this when I did the original write up, but the trashcan by the stairs is in a bad spot since the loot inside you can't actually pick up if you knock it over from the side. I thought you might want to know that.

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I'll echo the sentiment that the slow talking was a touch annoying, only because the timer exists. It makes you feel like you NEED to get going but, as you've stated, you have more than ample time to do everything. Very good game, like the art, and everything was solvable. Some aspects of the mystery were a little weak, simply because some minor world building details just aren't there. The only reason I was able to fully solve everything was because of my knowledge of convention, and not really because the game told me, if that makes sense?

Edit:  I forgot to mention that I LOVED the music in the trail, that made me actually laugh out loud XD

Still, you did a great job TuomoL. I had a fun time playing the game. Best of luck to you :)

I just found myself frustrated with the game. I wanted to like it though and I know that a lot of work went into this game. Has some tongue-in-cheek writing that  many folks will likely enjoy. I'd love to try this again once it has a bit more polish to it because it has some great ideas! One thing I'd like to see in the next build is the option to have a fullscreen mode because the current version looks a bit wonky as is.

Anyway, based on the comments I am glad people have been enjoying this one. The dev earned it! :)

Followed this from the start and here's what I think!


  • Visually fantastic.
  • Though simplistic, the battle system is great.
  • Feels like there is a bigger world, despite being so short.
  • Straightforward gameplay.


  • For me, the writing wasn't the best/not my kind of thing. I could see why people would like it but I just couldn't get into it. There were a lot of typos too, not that I can't relate (they happen). I did like some of it though, so it isn't like I hated this, just a minor complaint at worst.
  •  No way to skip text, especially if you've seen it before. You can talk to someone again, because you need to in some cases,  but not everybody has new information for you.
  • One puzzle was semi-obtuse but I managed to figure it out (shower puzzle).
  • Minor bug with the zip file. If you extract normally it gets all messed up but if you just pull all the files right out into a folder without doing this, it runs. Not sure what was up there.
  • No fullscreen mode or options menu :(

Overall, this is a solid entry to the competition and rated it 4/5 stars despite some of my personal preferences. It is quality for sure. I would have given it the full 5 had it been a little longer, had some of the content sat better with me, and the few minor bugs and typos not been there at all.

Nice! Congrats everybody! A shame that some got screened out for not being able to start, but still, it is impressive!

Hey, thanks for playing the game Tanox! Your kind words mean a lot to me so I am very glad you enjoyed your experience so far, even with this possible bug in the game. The only thing I can think of that may be happening is that the game is sending the dagger to your Convoy instead of the normal inventory. I thought I had given everybody a pretty ridiculous inventory size, but perhaps you were just able to find a lot of my secrets! If you wouldn't mind checking that for me, I would really appreciate it because if this is in fact a bug, I would like to fix this for future updates once the contest has ended.

Your comment about the UI and UX development has been duly noted. I'll see what I can do moving forward but since I am a solo dev with very little coding experience, I may not be able to do much more to improve these things more than I have. Of course, this is something I can get better at with time too, and a challenge is always great! If you had a specific suggestion here I'd very much enjoy hearing it.

Again, I'm really glad you took the time to play this game and have enjoyed it. Thanks for your feedback and if you get back to me on any of my above questions I'd be very grateful!


Pretty good. I'd enjoy seeing this expanded because as is, there is not a ton to do. Also, the game gets a bit confusing after the first two keys. Still, this is a simple, and largely, straightforward game with a lot of potential that people should try out :)

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Thanks for the feedback HilmB! Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of playtesters so I was only able to balance things so far. However, I can offer some general advice if you feel like revisiting. You should invest early into armor if you can afford it but didn't get any favorable events in the introductory chapters. The game has several different (somewhat randomly) generated starts, some of which are stronger than others, but I took care to provide the player with just enough gold if they don't see some of the more favorable ones to at least get a helmet. That may help.

Otherwise, if you would like to experience the rest of the game (don't feel like you have to though) feel free to play on easy. You should stomp the enemies rather easily other then outside of maybe the last boss. You stopped right before my personal favorite part too haha. Well, thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you seemed to have a bit of fun at least :)


I'll be sure to let you know if I encounter any issues. Hopefully it is all good though!

That's totally fair. I did round 2 on the browser last night (my internet is really slow right now for downloading things) so I'll do ya a round three with the Windows version later.

The game feels a bit better now but the positive vibes zone is still impossible for me. The lions are too hard too :/

The shield feels useful now though!

I'm looking forward to playing your game. I'll be working on playing some of these starting tomorrow :)

Thanks man. I really look forward to seeing the improved version of your game though :)

I'll check it out once the competition due date passes. I'm giving myself a day or two of rest. I pulled two 13+ hour days in a row to get mine out in time.

Exactly :)

I have no clue. The judges do for sure but the people might just do the plain five star thing.

I'll happily take another look once you have it updated :) Of course, I'll give a formal rating once the voting period actually opens up

Oh, I catch your meaning now. I don't have something like that right now. Making a new menu is tough so I'll see if I can manage that. Maybe I should just add a warning to not randomly click or press keyboard buttons then? Good feedback though.

Not much I can do about it if people don't read the instructions. I get what you are saying though. I've taken all the steps I could think of to mitigate the issue at least. If people choose to not play because of that, oh well.

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Ah, the game does explain the controls but it sounds like you hit x, which skips the explanation that early in. If you are stuck, just open up the game's Read Me file and it has all the controls listed there for your convenience. I tried to make it as clear as possible for how to play because I know most people are used to how RPG Maker games control. Believe me, this has been a common issue lol.

Edit:  You can also play the whole game with Keyboard and Mouse by the way, very much recommend this.

I'm glad you enjoy the music and thank you so much for saying the game has a polished feeling to it. Means a lot :) Strange that you think the IGMC 2018 logo sits around a little too long, it is timed to be the same as the rest. However, that is hiding some loading for stuff, so maybe that caused a hiccup. I'll mess with that some tomorrow if I have time.

Thanks again for the feedback and I hope you'll consider giving the game another shot once you have had a chance to rest some :)

Well you get a complete soundtrack and the game has a LOT of content for how short it is. You could replay it 2 or 3 times and see something new almost every time if you wanted.

No problem :) I'm always happy to offer a thought or two if I have the time. I think that increasing the shield improvement you suggest here would be a good move. As for the vibes area, I couldn't even find the red box XD Maybe I'm just blind? I hear ya on the drawing, the important thing is that you enjoyed making it. More power to ya, don't let my personal taste bring ya down any :) Clown area sounds like you have a good solution for because it was a bit unclear. Also, killing the clowns is a bit tough, they move a tad too quick. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the pros and cons list. I feel like you should always say something you liked for every few things you didn't. I don't want to make folks feel bad or anything, ya know?

For what it is, it is good. Not very original, but hey, there is nothing wrong with that sometimes. My only suggestion is that it would be nice if a notification for clearing the level popped up once you beat it with the option to go to the next one.

For what it is, it is good. Not very original, but hey, there is nothing wrong with that sometimes. My only suggestion is that it would be nice if a notification for clearing the level popped up once you beat it with the option to go to the next one.

I worked rather hard on this, and I know it is not the most amazing game out there, but I still hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to offer up feedback here as well. I prefer hearing at least one thing you liked for every two negatives, because negatives don't mean much by themselves, they just make folks feel bad.