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Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Werewolf (IGMC2018)View game page

❤️Today's special: Batto Udon!
Submitted by TeamTailnut (@dezue_peninja) — 3 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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People's Choice Vote#373.7453.745

Ranked from 51 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Team Tailnut: Dezue & OniGiri


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Reviews for Secret Santa - Event
First I look at your game is very beautiful

When I started playing, I have the following comment.
You'll like
- Nice graphics, this is of course
- Some puzzles need more hints
- Sound stable

You probably will not like it
- In-game ad campaigns. Have a link to your page in some maps/ It even automatically opens a web page in the dialogue of the character.
- The battle is not challenging. I didn't do anything it will also win

The game does not seem to fit with me, as it has some pictures: bone hands, skulls, pigs bathing in the pot,...

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Was toats delish 💚

I follow you since the last IGMC!
Pigglet is as cool as Quidget is! Art, music and the vibes of the game are awesome, too!
I was suprised by the battle system - Pigglet is a fine food fighter xD
I've rated you 5 stars <3

The combat ends rather abruptly, and it several times counted a single press as two. It's also a little off-putting to have so much advertisement. You even let the advertisement got in the way of learning the controls. It'd also be nice to not have the front podium trigger by area after the player has already gotten that dialogue. I had to quickly skip through it again because I tried to check the forest again.


Followed this from the start and here's what I think!


  • Visually fantastic.
  • Though simplistic, the battle system is great.
  • Feels like there is a bigger world, despite being so short.
  • Straightforward gameplay.


  • For me, the writing wasn't the best/not my kind of thing. I could see why people would like it but I just couldn't get into it. There were a lot of typos too, not that I can't relate (they happen). I did like some of it though, so it isn't like I hated this, just a minor complaint at worst.
  •  No way to skip text, especially if you've seen it before. You can talk to someone again, because you need to in some cases,  but not everybody has new information for you.
  • One puzzle was semi-obtuse but I managed to figure it out (shower puzzle).
  • Minor bug with the zip file. If you extract normally it gets all messed up but if you just pull all the files right out into a folder without doing this, it runs. Not sure what was up there.
  • No fullscreen mode or options menu :(

Overall, this is a solid entry to the competition and rated it 4/5 stars despite some of my personal preferences. It is quality for sure. I would have given it the full 5 had it been a little longer, had some of the content sat better with me, and the few minor bugs and typos not been there at all.

i love the art syle, the music, and the characters. The sexual puns are honestly my kind of humor and I really enjoy furries so win win?? BUT ... I am stuck. And I need some halp. Can you pls PM me for assistance with a part of the quest? >>;;

Good casual game if you are into that. It has a well defined unique style of its own :)


Wonderful, as expected. While short, the piece was very polished and well constructed. Though essentially a fetch quest, it was enjoyable, and each piece was interwoven in a way that didn't ever feel like a chore. Really enjoyed the "guitar-hero-esque" battle system. Very entertaining, and the subtle innuendos were tastefully executed. All in all, a very enjoyable experience. Great job! I completed a Let's Play of this game, as well. :)


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Wow das Spiel hat super viel Spaß gemacht! Ich bin immer wieder geflasht von der genialen Grafik eurer Projekte! ^^ Es gab mal wieder eine Menge Humor und die gesamte Präsentation macht Lust auf mehr! Das Kampfsystem war auch mal erfrischend anders! Toll :D Bin gespannt auf die nächste Version!

Btw. wenn man zum Ausgang des Restaurants geht wird man immer wieder von Sully und Mully angesprochen und das Anfangsgespräch wiederholt sich. Ich würde mir eine Skip Funktion wünschen, falls man einen Text schonmal gelesen hat.

5 Sterne von mir!!


Nice work on making a complete game! I wasn't able to get half this much polish in mine.  Really like the fart sounds in the music.


I do think that using he meat grinder was a bit of a pixel hunt.  Because in real life it wouldn't actually do what you have it doing here.  It didn't make logical sense to me.


Peculiar artwork and fantastic colors. Yep, all in to give it a try. Congrats on finishing!


Thank you very much, and have fun playing!