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Thanks, Erin! I am definitely looking forward to make this a complete, polished game. I suppose what felt awkward to you were the jokes about modern-day stuff? (taxes, for example). If so, I definitely can understand why you would feel it's forced, maybe the type of humour is not everyone's liking (and that's completely fine!). I am happy to have made you laugh with the other silly elements, though.

I appreciate your input dearly :).

Sure. Thank you for playing.

This looks charming! Sadly, my graphics card passed away and at the moment I can't run RMMV games, but once I buy another one this definitely will be on my playlist. Reading the comments below it seems that the translation is kind of an issue, but I'm optimistic it won't suppose much of an obstacle. 

I agree making a game while working a full-time job is hellish, to say the least. So don't be discouraged.

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Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure what do you mean by "Not sure what I think of the MC though"? It would be great if you could elaborate further. 

As I have addressed before, the battle system and lack of tutorials/telegraphy is definitely a major issue. 

I'm unsure how the letter 'K' was assigned to be the attack key on your keyboard. Attack is binded to 'D', while the Moon Dash is binded to 'Q'. Other bindings are RM default.

I, however, NEED to point out that it's not a bug what you mentioned about the lady. That's just the end of the demo. Remember this is just a demo version. It was done that way so the player, in case they missed conversations with the NPCs, could go back and interact with them. 

You are right, however, saying that things started to get rushed by the end of the game. The worst bugs of the game are present once you get to the Happiest Kingdom. Quite unfortunate, to say the least. I didn't have much time to playtest and get rid of bugs. 

Again, thank you for playing and commenting on my page.

Oh wow! Thank you so much for playing my game. This has to be the first time someone plays it on stream (at least to my knowledge) and it's fulfilling to see that someone laughed so much at the silly jokes/puns or writing overall. 

I cannot say anything in regards to battles, except that I'm sorry. There are major issues in that aspect. Gameplay is definitely a weakness. And, on another note, it is zero percent your fault regarding tutorials. There are actually no tutorials, except for the 'controls' section of this page.

The good news are I'm going to make this a complete game, and battles will be heavily reworked. Also, yes, I WILL include keyboard configuration, which in fact is not something I overlooked, but discarded instead. When I built the battle system, I hardcoded the attack and dash keys. When I wanted to implement the keyboard configuration, it was already too late and time was running out. Definitely, it is going to be a feature in the future.

Again, thank you so much for taking your time to play Faded Blue, and I'm super glad you liked the rest of the stuff besides the battles.

Finally played the thing. I thought I'd better write a short review of this marvelous game. 

I was impressed from the get-go by the graphic quality of, well, everything. But especially the talking portraits, the smoothness of the words in the textbox, and the overall look of the game. You did it smoothly and cleanly. The graphic aspect of the game is, to me, what stands out above everything. Well done.

The game itself is rather short, and for that I have to congratulate you. You did great given the circumstances of the contest your entry is for. You can actually get both endings within the 1 hour mark, which is perfect.

Gameplay-wise, Life Eternal is quite simple: look for the required items, and move forward with the story. No distractions. Unless, of course, you want to interact with all of your surroundings. Me as a player, I resulted more compelled by just being able to explore such beautiful areas accompanied by calming background music, rather than the fact of fulfilling quests. And that has a solid reason: this is a narrative game, created to tell a short story, rather than overcome challenges, obstacles or to progress in no other way than plot-wise. To me, it works amazingly.

I would change nothing from this game, except the length. I'd love to see more from this world, learn about who were the heroes, what is that town, who exactly is the Necromancer you're trying to revive, what are his sins, what are his feats. Something tells me it's unlikely, but I do hope you explore more of this world you created and seek to expand it in the future.

And if I were to provide some ideas to optimize the game, I'd only say maybe add some hover icons to tell the player what they can interact with. Not a big deal at all. It just would be handy.

I see your game as a potential winner. You have crafted a jewel right here.

P.S: I chose the second option when faced the decision. Perhaps I'll re-visit the game to obtain the first ending, for I ignore which one is the "true" ending.

Hey man, thank you so much for playing! I'm super happy you liked it. 

Thank you for the great feedback. It's completely true the battle system ended up being the weakness of the whole game. Sadly, the battle system to be used originally was an ATB, which had to be discarded (couldn't make all the graphics in time). The battle with the tree is definitely what makes people get frustrated the most. This has been a major mistake on my end, and the zero amount of tutorials / guidance / telegraphy as well. This is definitely something I'll get changed for the complete version of the game. Thanks for taking your time to play the game.

P.S: I downloaded yours and as soon as I get some spare time I'll jump on it.

Thank you a lot! Hope you can give it a try

This looks fantastic. Once I have some spare time (this week has been hectic for me), I'll definitely try this one out.

Demo version is NOW OUT. Have fun!

Oh, hey! Thanks, that's really special coming from you. I hope to not disappoint :D

Demo to be uploaded soonTM!

If, in the future, you need Spanish localization, feel free to reach out. I'm a native speaker. And I have a soft spot for dungeon crawlers :)

Stunning visuals, but more than that, I'm actually super curious about the aging mechanic! I have not seen anything like that, ever. Best of lucks to you. Looking forward to play your game.

I think this would be my last question.

If, say, the game revolves around restoring the protagonist's house which got destroyed by fire, that counts as "Rejuvenation", am I right here? 

Why would you make a porn game for an IGMC jam anyways?

I'd be more than happy having someone play/playtest/stream my game. Please, count me in. All feedback, including negative, is welcome. Of course, once I have something playable :D


I wanted to use music from this marvelous pack (RMN Music Pack II), however, it reads it's available for non-commercial use only. Technically, my game is not commercial. Would using music from this pack in my game break the rules of this jam?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you for this! I appreciate it quite a lot. I took my time to leave a comment in every video of the series.

Hey! Whoa, really surprised by such a positive feedback. I'm shocked haha. Thank you so much for making it to the end.

Regarding the misspelling issues, my only defense on this one is that english isn't my native language. I know that's a lazy excuse, but I had no one to playtest nor proofread the game :( so it was kind of an issue, and sometimes I relied upon a translator, when was in much trouble. Now, that's for the mistakes and stuff, the misspelling are probably due to me hurrying the hell off because of the short time that was left xD

And yes, the game still has some glitches around. The shenanigans of not having a betatester and little time to do it myself. I'm pretty much aware of much of the problematics of the game, but I am glad that you could get over them and continue the game! Really, many thanks. I know it can get obnoxious.

And, for your joy, there *will* be more coming for Heartland. Many more! Though I can't say a date, because I do not know myself. 

Thanks for playing, really happy that you enjoyed it!

Hey, thanks for taking your time to play it :) If you're still interested, I uploaded a basic guideline/tutorial to finish the game the most easy. Grab it from here:!jQ80ESaQ!UMvwKhMHOgUTVfuX13SiL5CsKO0sDsLUdS_KyikSN_4

Hoped you liked it!

Hey! Thanks for the good vibes and for playing the game. Yeah I've been getting issues about the forest being easy to get lost in, might as well check it out for future games :) I've uploaded a basic guideline/tutorial to play the game, it's rather easy I swear, pretty straightforward. If still interested, see the first comment or directly grab it from here:!jQ80ESaQ!UMvwKhMHOgUTVfuX13SiL5CsKO0sDsLUdS_KyikSN_4

ATTENTION: For ANYONE that is getting LOST/Got LOST, do not have much time to spare, prefer to play the game directly, do not like exploration, etc.: 

I've uploaded a Step-by-Step GUIDELINE/TUTORIAL in form of a short, resumed .TXT for you all. It's pretty raw, but the game isn't long at all. So you will see it's pretty much easy to get to the end, specially in casual mode.!jQ80ESaQ!UMvwKhMHOgUTVfuX13SiL5CsKO0sDsLUdS_KyikSN_4

Grab it right here. I will soon upload it to Pastebin too.

Those who didn't play the thing anymore because of getting lost, I encourage you to give it a second try :) For new players, this tutorial may come handy.

(in case you saw the first comment, sorry, I by mistake merged the annotations with the redacted review x_x)

Ok, first off, gotta say the artstyle is pretty nice. It fits the thematic, the palette is so well done, and the overall style is just on point. It blends just good with the world you created, and that's the most important thing. 

The environments are cool, though sometimes a bit too bland, like, simple, you know? But of course I know there wasn't much time to think bout scenario designing and stuff, so yeah. Maybe the art style being simplistic doesn't helps much this fact. But yeah, it fits the purpose, and it's good. I liked this part.

The things I like the most could be the background music (really fitting, evocative) and the dialogues which I think were rather believable and on point, and the way it flows throughout the game and the different scenarios. Character design is also a strong point on this one. They all have their own quirks and rarities and that makes them feel alive. Maybe this is the part where the game gains a lot of personality, and that's a huge plus for you guys. In fact, I think the game differentiates itself p'good from RM games. If I didn't know this was made on it, I'd say it was done in whatever other engine.

So yeah, I really enjoyed Fading Remnants a lot, a sweet game, and since I saw it I knew I was going to have some fun time. Well done, guys.

Hey man, this looks real cool. Will add to collection and, best of lucks to you, sir.

You are pretty much welcome to do so, dude!  (i 100% real saved the img to my pc)

Breath-taking artwork and scenery, spectacular camera POV, I just hope the gameplay is as good as it looks, and I'll see that as soon as I give it a try! For now, I'll add into collections. Best of lucks and big congrats, mate.

Peculiar artwork and fantastic colors. Yep, all in to give it a try. Congrats on finishing!

Will make sure to download whenever I've a chance. By now I'll just add to collection. Hope this is as good as Little Briar Rose, or even much better :) 

Very well sir, an entertaining game. Have my rating :)

Looking original. Hope to see your game soon ;)

Patch 1.01a Released.

Alright, so I knew the game had a couple of collision issues. At first I thought they were minor, and because I'm running internet with phone data instead of ethernet, I'm saving up those MBs the best I can. Then some people played the game and basically broke it at the first stages. I was baffled. So this time I *had* to make a bugfix patch, because, well, otherwise I could potentially get disqualified and that's a big no-no, after all the work I put into this. 

So, taking advantage of this I also decided to clear off some details as well. Firstly, I decided to fix an issue that bothered me a lot when I was making the game, and that is the fight against Agus Thorne. He's an arcane whose battle strategy relies on actively changing elemental fields, in order to change his own parameters as well as the player's. This leads to a varied gameplay experience, and a more interesting battle mechanic for the player. However, said elemental fields, when activated, change the screen tone in order to reflect the status. That is, giving visual feedback to the player. Now, what happened was that the stupid screen tone would often get messed up, sometimes not changing to the proper tone of the element, and misleading the player to believe one field is active whilst other one was the active in fact. And it never would change back to the original tone when no field was on. I fixed the crap out of this, thanks god. Now the logic for the screen tones to be changed is more ordered, structured and relies only on one battle page. Woo-hoo.

Apart from that issue, I had forgotten to add a plot point that, while it's ausence didn't change a thing, it's presence now clears some others. It also backups the main plot a lot, as a validation to certain events. This game relies heavily on narrative and the backstory, so by adding this, it makes the whole thing a bit more credible.

Ah, also fixed a minor translation issue. Before, when first entering the Inn, it would say "It smells like lilas and grosellas", and that's friggin' spanglish right there 'cuz I tots forgot that lila and grosellas are *spanish words*, not english. So I changed them to their respective translations; namely, lilac and gooseberries.

With this, I think the game is completely ready. Hopefully. Don't wanna hear about further bugs 'cuz I'd drive mad if so lol. Thanks for reading... if anyone is reading this (doubt so lol)

As of 29/11/2018, the patch 1.01 has been added! It fixes the MAJORITY of bugs, if not ALL. Collision issues are no more. For more information, check the devlog.



Oh god, the piano and the Inn counters... absolutely forgot those, even if I had them noted to change. Huge mistake by my part. 

In-battle information text I am aware it's mostly faster than one can read, specially the one on top. However, I wasn't able to change the speed properly, as my coding/scripting knowledge is rather limited, and the only way I had of making the popups last longer, implied notorious halts between actions, and that would've meant slow battles.

And now, sir, I've gotta say you made me happy with such a comment. You do not know how much. After struggling so much with the language, that someone says to me the writing it's *probably* the best thing they've ever seen in any game... I am speechless. 

Thanks @Ciclope for playing the game. Bugfixes will be coming in the future, but after IGMC I'm afraid.

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"(...) As you enter its realm, the whispering wind tells you of unspoken, ghostly tales of the past. Though you don't notice. Welcome.


"You walked unspeakable distances, until you found this peculiar forest. A glade immersed you in peace. As you kept walking, you found a place full of life—Heartland. Everything here gives you the peace you have been craving for. Yet you keep trying opening your eyes. You do not remember anything about yourself. If you do open them, you will get to see the truth. And sometimes, the pitch-black darkness is a better place to stay in."

The Game

Heartland is a narrative-based, story-rich, psychological-esque, linear RPG with a different take on battles. The gameplay is rather straight-forward, being based solely on the completion of the story. Though to make it to the end, you'll first have to face off familiar faces from your past through one-in-one, strategical, meaningful and decisive battles.

All the events of the game and your actions are narrated in a second person point of view by a narrator. Through him, you will get to know the mistery amongst Heartland—and you yourself.

The game heavily focuses on atmosphere to engage the player into the narrative, relying upon a plethora of nature sounds, beautiful scenarios and excellent background music which will take you in a singular journey to the discovering of the very truth.

Battles have a peculiar twist, in which classic commands such as "attack", "guard" and even "items" are completely removed. Instead, you will get to choose between physical (Swordplay) and magic (Sorceries) techniques, as well as the  Remnants bequeathed from your enemies, as you defeat them. Each opponent is a boss-like fight, and you will have to find the best skill composition to a strategy in order to defeat your foes.

Heartland features no gameover, but the game won't advance until you win.

Author Notes

What a ride. After eight (8) years using this program, I finally get to finish something. That is, my very first game. I will not make this a long wall of text with gratitudes and ramblings, but I've ought to say I'm quite pleased and happy. In day seventeen (17), due to a power shortage I lost almost all (only the maps survived) of my progress of this game (data corrupted), which by those times, was radically different.   As I lost everything and felt despair, this game idea occurred to me, thanks to certain words of a friend. I surpassed many, many obstacles; starting with the language barrier, which is mostly difficult because the game relies heavily on text; and going through other shenanigans, such as, well, having only thirteen days to finish this. Right now, as I write this, energy has just came back from a three-hours blackout, when I was finally uploading the game and had everything set up. Once again, I lost it, and had to rewrite all of this, and re-upload. It seems like destiny doesn't wants me to finish something lol.

Anyways, thanks for reading. As my final words, I've to say that I have to thank to every single person that takes their time to make resources for the community, for people such as me who can't draw for crap, or cannot compose a do-re-mi. Both who sell it and give it away for free.  Really, thanks guys.

And, even if narcissistic, I've got to say I'm proud of myself because, jesus, f*ck!ng, christ, really? yet another power shortage just in the last second?

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