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Dream of SwordView game page

A hand-drawn story based JRPG
Submitted by Creative Ed — 31 minutes, 50 seconds before the deadline

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People's Choice Vote#34.6354.635

Ranked from 63 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Edgar Ferreira, Pedro André, Diogo Pereira

RPG Maker MV

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Not really sure how I missed this game, but it's amazing! Graphics are gorgeous. Really cool intro, even if it's a little slow for my liking but still really solid overall. Music is really pretty and well composed as well! I mean overall it's a solid entry! My only gripes with it are the controls and passability. The controls feel really clunky, maybe that's a side effect with the grid movement? I would have probably chosen a free movement style, personally, as well  as a collision map script...But... that may mess with the click to move. It's hard to make these games types in RPG Maker MV, I know because I've been there!  Also, there are spots were things would be over my head or I walked over something that made it feel odd which again is hard to fine tune in RPG Maker. It kind of makes me think it would possibly be better suited in an engine like Unity or Unreal just because controls and passibility are important to someone like me. BUT, at the same time, those are really small gripes in the grand scheme of the project, and I'm really impressed with what was managed to be done here. If you don't win any of the prizes, I'd still love to see you guys continue to polish this game beyond the graphics and setting! Good luck and I'm definitely rating this as one of my favorites! :)


Hello DrassRay - Jacob Mann!

Thank you so much for your feedback!
Yes its true, working with the rpgmaker grid can be very challenging at times XD. I understand what you mean about the movement "clunkiness", and that's something that me and Creative ED are already discussing. (I have an idea that can improve the "feeling of movement" so to speak)
Don't worry, even if we don't win, this project WILL see the light of day! We will continue working on this project as it is something that we want to do for such a long time!
Again, Thank you so much for you support!

It really does mean a lot to us! :)

(sorry for my bad english) XD


It's a really nice intro and the art is just gorgeous! I'd love to make maps like these in the future^^
Though unfortunately I wasn't able to come far. After getting stranded, the player just kept spinning the entire time. I couldn't move at all. And it seemed like the guy who had joined your party in the flashback was still following you, despite being somewhere else. 

Anyway, the art is great and I would love to see more of it^^

Thank you BlackRoseMii!

Unfortunately there are some bugs that, at some point, stop the player from moving foward in the story, but we are still hopefull that the game can still bue evaluated.
Thank you so much for your support and for playing our game!


Excelente Jogo! Parabéns a toda a equipa!

Obrigado Diogo!


Véi, quem são vcs e por que eu não tô seguindo vcs ainda? Que cenários fodas - me trouxeram aquela vibe de FFIX, que foi minha primeira grande experiência no mundo dos RPGs, então imagina a nostalgia hehe! Minha conexão por vezes me deixa na mão em downloads mais pesados, mas vou tentar novamente assim que possível. No mais, parabéns pelo trabalho - visualmente falando, está impecável.

(1 edit) (+1)

Obrigado Ciclope!
É normal sentires essa nostalgia, pois nós crescemos a jogar Final Fantasy. XD
Trabalhámos muito para conseguirmos este estilo visual, por isso mais uma vez obrigado isso deixa-nos muito felizes!
No fim de jogares, não te esqueças de dar Rate! XD
Um abraço


Muito obrigado @Ciclope! :)

Como o P_kun disse crescemos com Final Fantasy e esses jogos são sem dúvida uma grande inspiração para nós e definitivamente estamos a trabalhar para proporcionar esse tipo de experiência aos nossos jogadores :)
Faz o download assim que puderes e diz-nos o que achas! Vamos continuar a trabalhar neste jogo e qualquer feedback é bem vindo :)

Mais uma vez muito obrigado pelo comentário!


Excellent art! Congrats!

We are glad you like it! Thank you very much!


Thank you! :)


Rapaz a arte ta sensacional queria aprender a fazer assim :)


Obrigado! :)

Obrigado!! :)


LOVE the artwork. Very reminiscent of old school JRPGS (for example FF7 and 9, with their prerendered BGs and 3D characters). You build up a lovely atmosphere. Also the cutscenes were good, with a lot of effects put in there... BUT you can easily tell that you did ran out of time.

It's hard to get a good idea of the character before the game freezes (airship crash). The textboxes look a little too plain, a portrait for the hero would've been nice.

I think it has a lot of potential, especially if you deepen the writing and bring out the characters more, and If we get to see what kind of gameplay this would have offered, as we didn't see anything aside from walking and talking and lovely, lovely artwork. I just hope you stick to it and make it shine! :3

Developer (2 edits) (+2)

Thank you Plueschkatze :) 

Yes those games were definitly a great inspiration for us, since those are the games we love the most and it's what we love doing :) 

Yes, unfortunately we did not have the time to implement everything we wanted. We worked our hardest to do the best we could in under a month, while we would've liked to perfect many aspects of the game, we had to choose some things over others. Those you pointed out were some of the parts we had to cut out of the game in order to flesh out some others. But thank you for pointing them out, we'll make sure to take care of that as development continues! 

We will! And thank you so much for the kind words :) , while working on this game we found out how much joy it gave us to develop something like this, that it's something that will definitely see the light of day! 

As for gameplay, expect the traditional battling and character progression, as well as some tweaks in the battle system that will set it apart from most other rpgs. 

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, we really appreciate it :) make sure to rate our game if you haven't, it helps a lot! 



Glad to hear, that you'll keep working on it.
I already left a rating. Good luck to y'all :3


Thank you so much Plueschkatze! Unfortunately, like Creative Ed said, we did not have the time to implement everything we wanted.
Thank you for your support!


Breath-taking artwork and scenery, spectacular camera POV, I just hope the gameplay is as good as it looks, and I'll see that as soon as I give it a try! For now, I'll add into collections. Best of lucks and big congrats, mate.


Thank you for leaving a comment! 

We hope you enjoy playing the game, if you like it don't forget to rate it, and they'll us what you thought :) it will help us a lot! 

Thank you Faye Valentine! :)


THE ART WAS GORGEOUS. I WISH I had you as my artist. I tried to warn you about the game bug that costed(possibly) you your chance of winning. I should've spammed you more man. Ugh, I wish I could've told you sooner. I literally downloaded your game 6 min after you published it.  Played it, and discovered the bug :((((( YOU SHOULD'VE WON THIS!!!! Your game had far better quality than mine. The music was wonderful, I felt like I was in town.  The story was getting there and you built it up without being so cliche. (And I've seen horrible cliches)

And dam, that 3+ frame character you used. Galv plugin right? You know what had me stumped? The npc that used more than 3+ frame. I have been trying to figure that out and you somehow managed to do that. We gatta have this developer talk one day ahahah.

OH man, Your usage of mapping is incredible. The placements of your parrallax is genius. You literally nitpick ever square so that the art doesn't look weird as if the character was stepping on a weird "tile" or a wall.

Your usage of color was great and that's coming from a crappy pixel artist lol --- I felt alive.

The intro of your game was well done. You set the mood perfectly, leaving a mystery in someone's head, what's this? But you know what else impressed me when you use the rpg maker engine? How you were able to get a smooth tint when dimming the screen. The animation was fluid and I have been trying to figure that one out. We should definitely talk, developer to developer lol You should see what I tried to do when coming up with an alternative solution lol

But God dam, I'm feeling your pain cause as a developer, you put the hard work in and that one bug costed you a lot. I'm soooooo sorry man. I wish I could've warned you sooner :(((((((((

Well, if it helps. 5 Star. But seriously though, we should talk lol

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Hello Yobob, thank for your support and for taking the time to write this marvelous comment, we really apretiate it :) 

Haha thank you for warning us :) , unfortunately there wasn't enough time to solve the other bug (which would've allowed the player to get to the end of the game) we hope that the game can still be evaluated based on all the work it took to achieve the look and feeling that this game has. The game breaking bug hits about the 12 minute mark (depending on the player) so we're still hopeful :) 

Yes we used Galv's plug-in to achieve those smoother animations. That got me scratching my head for a while too until I figured out that you just need to put in a note tag in the event you desire. The note tag is in the plug-ins help box. Making events run and such was a little harder though. 

Thank you! Arranging the parallaxes was mostly P_kun's part, it's as you said, he nit picks everything and is always making sure everything is on the right spot xD We wanted to make these maps feel organic as most as we could, which is always a bit of a challenge when a game is grid-based. 

Thank you :) The way we tell the story is really important to pull the player into the world, and we really bet in that. 

To get good tints on the screen is very much about experimentation, keep a low difference in the color values so not to create too hard coloring. 

It's true, it is really hard, after all that hard work, it will be a bug that is going cost us :/ Haha it's ok it really was due to lack of time for proper testing. 

It does, even if we don't win, we will continue working on this game and rating it will always help us gain some more visibility, thank you :) 

Yes we can get in touch if you wish, I think doesn't have a pm system, but we can figure out another way if you wish :) 

Thank you for your kind words, we're really happy that you enjoyed the game, it is why we do it. 



Hey, pm me on my twitter account.

We can talk more!

Creative Ed already said i all, but I just want to add that after working so much on the art, your comment brought me so much happiness! It seriously made my cry of happiness!
From the bottom of my heart, Thank you so much!


Awwww your welcome :)