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"You in the Tower" Final Countdown Hourly Development Log

A topic by OpalPal created Nov 29, 2018 Views: 102 Replies: 5
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Hello!  I will be posting previews for my game jam entry "You in the Tower". They will be one per hour.

It's a solo project so, I still have lot of work to do.

Here's the first preview.

Hour #2!

I made some Icons for the game. It was pretty fun to do!

Hour #3!

Here is the outside appearance of the tower. It took me while to make some this big and rounded.

I tried to not make it look flat.

(1 edit)

Hour #4! It's around 3:30 am where am at so, the fifth one will be the last one for the night.

Here is one of the character sprites. When I started on the sprites. that's where I felt that I was spending too much time on detailing my art. I might of burnt myself out visually on the game.


Hour #5! The last one for the night! Am going to sleep for for four hours and diving back to work.

What did you think of what all I showed off as of now?

Looking original. Hope to see your game soon ;)