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Hero FallView game page

A Small Platform using the HERO STAFF assets!
Submitted by PixelentGames (@PixelentGames) — 17 days, 6 hours before the deadline

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AP (Just me!)

RPG Maker MV

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Fun game. Here's my review.


Rating the games using the judges' categories, just for fun


Fun puzzle game. The falling mechanic is pretty unique and there are quite a number of levels to play, albeit it can start feeling repetitive after a while

The hit detection is a little wonky. I kept hitting enemies when I felt I should have not

Some of the level design is ruthless. I gave up after too many deaths at level 18



Nice retro style art. Music is cool and catchy, but the level theme can get grating after a while. Sound effects do their job well. I liked how you gave an unique name to each level. The white particles in the levels were nice, but felt kind of distracting

[16/20] -> Doubled to 32


Levels are short and concise, giving players the incentive to "try just one more". Collision issues and level design however, can turn people away, specially near the end. Also, as unique as it is, the gameplay can become repetitive after 10 or so levels



I see this game having lots of potential as a mobile or short game after the collision issues are solved and more polish is added. I still feel it needs a little bit more  mechanics however.


Total: 73/100 (4 stars)


Wow thanks for the extensive review! I'm aware that collision is an issue here, although it can be used to your advantage when time landing. Due to the limited time to make a game, I had to work quick in order to make everything work, so a full version would definitely get more enemies, music, mechanics, levels, and a plot story, and an overworld like Super Mario World!

If level 18 made you quit, you don't want to play the last levels, I can barely beat them after a long of trial and error!

I took the game assets from my main and first project, HERO STAFF, you can check it right here, I'll release it soon!


Pixelent Games


I actually checked your game before. It looks nice!

If you have the time, could you check my submission? I wish to gather feedback from as many people as possible, so this would really help me out!


That was a unique and fun psuedo platforming romp - I like seeing the different ways people use RMMV like this! I admit though, I am more interested in this "Hero Staff" game you talk about, but for what this game is, I had a fun time playing it!


Thanks! Yeah, Hero Staff  has been my main focus since a year ago, you can check the updates in case you haven't.

Submitted (1 edit)

The hitboxes don't seem to work well enough for how tight the timing is. On level 14, there's a drop that appears to require landing next to an enemy while they're turning around, but even if the enemy is facing the other way, the player character gets hit. Also, I don't see any way to quit the game from within a level.


Hi, yeah it's not pixel perfect but I'm ok with that at the moment. To tell the truth, level 14 is so easy to beat, and that type of landing is just an introduction of the upcoming levels where you'll have to do that more than twice and with more timing and precision (cough cough level 26 and 27, super hard).

You get to the main menu by pressing "P" either in the game level or the world hud, thanks!


Pixelent Games


Very well sir, an entertaining game. Have my rating :)


Hey thanks, I really appreciate it :D


Pixelent Games


Just wanted to let you know this game is awesome!


Hey thanks!! I really appreciate it :D

Wow. Pretty good game. Luckily there is a kill command (R) in the game, otherwise I would have gotten stuck. Needs some on screen menus, there was no way for me to close outta this. Otherwise, awesome game.


Hi, thanks for the feedback! I uploaded a new file where you can actually exit the game by pressing Q in the Main Title. 

In order to go to the Main Title you just press P (Pause) either in the Hub map or at any level and that should be it, give it a try a let me know if you like!