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Hi, you mean Hero Staff?

That helped! Thanks!


Hi, yesterday I uploaded my game to Itchio, it shows when I enter my dashboard or when I paste my game's link, but when I look into it from the page, nothing, how long before it shows?

Hero Staff

Hi, I just put my game HERO STAFF on sale, check the demo, picture, everything, it's also on STEAM.

If you like ARPGs influenced by Zelda, Dragon Quest or FAIRUNE, this is your game.

A short game that will make you happy :D


Pixelent Games 

Hi, I want to release a small demo of a game I made on RPG Maker MV, it has an option to deploy for Web browsers but after that I don't know what to do.

I want to put the whole game into a HTML file (can't do ZIP since I have a lot of files).

What software do I need?

Wow thanks for the extensive review! I'm aware that collision is an issue here, although it can be used to your advantage when time landing. Due to the limited time to make a game, I had to work quick in order to make everything work, so a full version would definitely get more enemies, music, mechanics, levels, and a plot story, and an overworld like Super Mario World!

If level 18 made you quit, you don't want to play the last levels, I can barely beat them after a long of trial and error!

I took the game assets from my main and first project, HERO STAFF, you can check it right here, I'll release it soon!


Pixelent Games

Thanks! Yeah, Hero Staff  has been my main focus since a year ago, you can check the updates in case you haven't.

Hey thanks, I really appreciate it :D


Pixelent Games

Hi, yeah it's not pixel perfect but I'm ok with that at the moment. To tell the truth, level 14 is so easy to beat, and that type of landing is just an introduction of the upcoming levels where you'll have to do that more than twice and with more timing and precision (cough cough level 26 and 27, super hard).

You get to the main menu by pressing "P" either in the game level or the world hud, thanks!


Pixelent Games

Hey thanks!! I really appreciate it :D

Hi, thanks for the feedback! I uploaded a new file where you can actually exit the game by pressing Q in the Main Title. 

In order to go to the Main Title you just press P (Pause) either in the Hub map or at any level and that should be it, give it a try a let me know if you like! 


HERO FALL, a game I quickly made in RPGMMV for the IGMC 2018 jam, using assets from my current project HERO STAFF.

It's a 2d platformer where you jump off a cliff and appear in the upper part of the map, collect the coins, get the keys and beat the levels!

Game link: