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I always miss the important stuff!

It was a lot of fun. The only reason I quit when I did was I ran out of things to say. Can't wait to see where you go from here with it.

Congrats on making it to the Top 10! I did a little playthrough.

Congratulations. Here's my playthrough and thoughts.

Glad to be of service.

Interesting concept. Here's my playthrough.

Here's my, unfortunately short, playthrough.

Thanks for playing, and recording it so I could see it in action. I suck at dungeon design, so I used the dungeon generator and made alterations from there. You didn't take damage from the spikes because that character doesn't. If you had gotten one of the others they would hurt. Looks like I have a couple of bugs to work out with the encounters. 

Fun game. Here's my review.

Interesting game. Here's my playthrough.

Good game. Here are my thoughts.

Sorry for the late reply, but for some reason I didn't get an alert that you replied.

So I just went back and replayed it without the recording software running and I didn't have a problem, so it looks like it was just my computer trying to do too much at once. I do have a somewhat older computer. That being said,  RPG Maker games don't load any of the resources until they're called for by the game, so large files can cause hiccups like what we saw in my playthrough. My submission last year was very reliant on large music and image files, so I had to use a pre-loader plugin to load all the files when the game starts and make the game run smoothly, but that was using MV. You may want to see if there's a similar script available for VX Ace. That could help with players using less-than-optimal computers, like this old fart.

As for the length, as much as I wanted the demo to be longer (which, even despite the issues I was having, I did want to play more), if the choice was between a small nugget of gold and large pile of garbage, then you made the right choice to go for the small nugget of gold (I had to do the same thing for mine, so don't feel bad). This is a a really cute game and I'm excited to see what else you have planned for it, so let me know when you have any updates.

Hey, nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other works (Lord knows I do it all the time, including this year's submission) as long as you then make it your own. It did bring back some fond memories. I'm gonna keep playing the demo, but let me know when  final game is up somewhere. I definitely want to see how this one turns out.

Let me know when and where you upload it. I'd like to play it.

Fun game. Here's my full review of it.

Okay. Cool. Just wanted to make sure.  I tried to test everything, but with a game the relies so heavily on randomness,  it's not easy. Thanks again for the feedback.

Glad you liked it. I hope you played through with a couple different characters.  Never ran into the escape bug you found, but I'll look into it if I continue the game.  Current goal is to  create a larger pool of mazes  and maybe even some more characters with different skills so each playthrough can be as unique as possible. I never considered an online leader board or anything like that. Not sure how appropriate that would be since the final score relies heavily on RNG (The game isn't joking about ten audience members being randomly selected for the final score).

When you say you were able to jump around everywhere with Sarena, do you mean you just jumped around alot, or were you able to jump over walls with her? 

Here's my review of Endless Night.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there's a game breaking bug. The image CHARA1_2.png  appears to be missing.  This is too bad, because after reading the description I was looking forward to playing it and making a video review of it. 

Here's my review of the game. Be wary of spoilers.

I ran into this problem last year. I was 2000 miles away from my computer when the contest was announced/started and would be for another two weeks. I just did as much planning and resource hunting as possible on my phone during my downtime while I was gone then busted my ass when I got home to build it. It can be done! I have faith in you!

Yes, I was viewing the Notes after I got the Haiku ending.

I finally got it to work, but it took a few more tries. You have a few days left, so if you aren't already you may want to dig into the problem. It's a cute game and I'd hate to see you disqualified for a technical problem.

Speaking of technical problems, when I went to view the Notes in the main menu, it sent me to a black screen, and when I tried to back out of it I was sent to the music screen, and it kept sending me on a loop between the black screen and the music screen, forcing me to restart. Also, I noticed several times that I had to click two or three times for the next line of dialogue to appear. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but I found it annoying.

But enough about that. On to the story! Since it appears that I'm the only other person crazy enough to submit a VN to this contest, I can appreciate the importance of having a good story, and this was a good story. I only had time to do a couple of playthroughs, so I know I didn't get all of the endings, but the ones I got were great and really emotional.  If you could just get that loading problem fixed, this could be a contender.

This seems to get stuck on the loading screen. I've tried playing it a few times, but it never gets beyond that.

By the way, I did really enjoy the music selection.

This has a great magic system that's involved but took me a bit to figure out, so a clearer tutorial would've been nice for that. 

Unfortunately, that is all but negated by the atrocious grammar. It makes the story a struggle to follow as it's very distracting. I would recommend finding an editor to help clear it up. Also, you have this huge town to explore (if you ignore the plot trying to rush you on) with nothing in it. I was highly disappointed in that and was hoping for more.