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A jam entry

Izel's ObservatoryView game page »

An underwater action-adventure game.
Submitted by finalbossblues (@finalbossblues) with 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline
Rated by 42 people so far
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This one seems to have a bigger chance of winning than several other entries. Every aspect works perfectly. Excellent work and good luck.


Massively underrated entry, if this doesn't place then I'm calling foul on the judges!

This might have the best overall gameplay here, the controls were super tight and responsive, everything about the navigation and use of attacks and abilities and such felt just perfect. Only major complaints are that horrendously difficult end chase scene that could've benefited from at least one checkpoint in the middle and the fact that it only kinda teased at a story for a second, though it's strong enough on its own with just the gameplay so it's not a big deal.


Those things are of course because I had to cut for the time limit. I'm planning on revisiting the game in the future to expand on it.


I had framerate issues in the part with the big spikes, as well as in the room with treasure chest shown in the screenshot, but the latter part wasn't consistent about it. The part where it faded to black after she was captured also took a really long time. I wasn't sure if the game had frozen.

I don't think it's a good idea to preserve the player's health after a cutscene. Even if the checkpoints will bring the health back, it still doesn't feel good. I think the part with the electric eels could've also used some form of mid-room checkpoints as well. That section ramps up absurdly quickly, especially for how short this demo is.  It also doesn't help that most of the dangers up to that point can be literally ignored.

This game is God's work. Wonderful.

Aaaaa...remind me mermaid from snes <3

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I love mermaids. Very interesting and fun game.

Rate: 4/5