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There's a "hands up" pose that could potentially be used for channeling or casting a spell. The idea was to have some versatility to the poses, so hopefully that works for you!

I'll have to run it by the programmer, thanks for the suggestion!
In the meantime, it might be possible to create some sort of script or  photoshop action or something like that to reformat the sheets, since they're in a consistent format.

Here's a very quick way do to it (in Photoshop), that should make old TF stuff generally match the newer deeper colors: first, you'd replace all of the "blacks" with actual black. Then increase the contrast (slider to 44), and then after that, the levels (first number to 12). I hope that makes sense-- I might write something more detailed in the future, thanks!

No, not with full animations. Traditionally monsters wouldn't be animated, see games like Final Fantasy on the SNES. Thanks!

Yes, absolutely! This set is released without any restrictions at all. Do anything you want with them!

The same as all of my other stuff. No significant restrictions, no credit necessary, just don't redistribute directly. thanks!

The same as all of my other stuff. No significant restrictions, no credit necessary, just don't redistribute directly. thanks!

You know what... these ones are so old now that I'm cool with putting this particular set into public domain.

The tiles are designed to work as an add-on my Time Fantasy tile series, so full sets already exist. Thanks!

That's fine. I don't know the format that Bakin uses, but you are welcome to use them in any engine. Thanks :)

Thanks! Good to know with the new tile size features!


Update: This issue has been fixed with an updated version of the plugin. thanks for bringing this to my attention! :)

Yes, there will be new Elements tilesets

Hmm... the plugin always worked for me. Send me an email with more details and I can take a look, thanks!

There is a plugin included that fixes the alignment problem. Check out the PDF guide for details on how to use it.

thanks :)

Yes these are designed for a side-view RPG battle system. If you want full four-direction combat, check out my new Elements set. Thanks

They are designed to line up with the original RPG Maker 2000 RTP sheets, which were designed that way.

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You can use it in Unity yes.

I don't have experience with Unity, so it's not pre-configured, but it is the raw files and you are welcome to use them in any engine.

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Technically yes. But they weren't designed specifically for that purpose, so not all of the animations will line up perfectly. From the guide document:

Additionally, the generator can export files in the Side-View (SV) battle layout used by RPG Maker MV and MZ. Please note that the original animations are designed for four-directional action-RPG gameplay, so not every SV animation is represented perfectly. I’ve arranged the SV layout to best map the existing animations to the actions expected by the RPG Maker system. If you plan to use these SV sheets in your game, additional customized changes will likely be required depending on your needs.

They weren't originally designed to be used as SV battlers, that format is a bonus for RPG Maker users. right now there's no plans for extra animations.

Yes that's fine. good luck on your project!

Right now the plan is for paid expansions but there will probably be some free updates too!

Thats OK, good luck with your project! Thank you :)

Thanks for the suggestions! I will release more parts in future expansions :)

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Yes it should work just fine in MV and MZ, both of them use the same asset standards for character sheets. 


There should be a folder that holds a bunch of single frame images- they look like the side view of the regular sprites but are formatted as a single file for convenience— let me know if that folder is missing and I can send it to you.

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  • Yes, it's standalone, as far as I know.
  • Linux: idk tbh. you'll have to try it out. i don't have linux. send me an email if you want me to send you a copy of the empty generator to test.
  • Yes, it's easy to just add new assets to the folders.

The generator's a bonus program included alongside the assets. The core of the pack is the PNG files, the generator works to make use of them.

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Yes, the focus of this pack is on the PNG files themselves. It was originally designed for users to build their own characters in something like Photoshop, or to assemble them in their game engine. 

The generator was added later on into development, and it reads the PNG files directly from a folder, so it's easy to make your own.

I'll upload a sample character with just the basic walking animation, that should be useful for size comparisons. Thanks!

This is a different style than the Omega Modern characters.

For this pack only that's OK, yes you can.
Just please link back to my itch page, thanks!

I can't put it on steam as DLC because it's a patron pack, but if you sign up for patreon to download it, it's OK if you don't want to stick around for future months so you can treat it like a one-time purchase. Thanks!

No, sorry. There are other artists better at that kind of thing, so it's best for me to focus on sprites and tiles. Thanks!

Really depends on how you do animation in your engine, I guess. IIRC the gifs were actually recorded from RPGMaker, where I made the animations using custom "move routes" with specific wait time commands.
Thank you!

Yes, commercial use is OK. No significant limitations for use in your projects, just don't redistribute directly. thanks

You're welcome to use them in Unity, but you might need to edit them to work. I'm not familiar with Unity, so it's up to you. good luck!

that's fine

Not for this set, these are icons.

I don't control Steam I'm sorry, that is handled through a publisher.

The small packs like this one with no steam release can usually be obtained via Patreon though, if that works for you. thanks

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Thank you!

Open Game Art is cool, and these were released to the public domain so anybody can use them, so it's all good for users of OpenGameArt regardless of where they download them from. Right now I'm only hosting them here because it connects to my main store page, and at the end of the day we've all got bills to pay. I wish it didn't be like that, but it do...