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hmm I'm not sure. It uses JSON files for most things so maybe you can find something if you dig in the settings files-- I'll ask the programmer, thanks!

Yes, the sizes are very similar. The biggest difference is the more vibrant color palette and the more detailed texture style.


I might revisit them if there's interest from patrons and if I do, then I'll update the pack to include the new sheets. thanks!

the import/export settings buttons in the generator are a little strange-- I've found that it works better to copy and paste the settings.json file directly, and that works just fine!

Hmm that sounds like a gray area for the redistribution thing. You know for these I think that might be OK because they're kinda separate from my usual RPG assets, so I'll give permission for that kind of thing for the tarot cards specifically. Good luck!

I updated the Warden, thanks! As for the rest of this pack, you can get it from the patron download in the pinned FAQ post on patreon. Thanks!

Yes that's fine. There's no longer any restrictions on which engine you can use. Thanks!

Any engine is fine! Thanks!

no license necessary for these ones, these are for the public domain! thanks!

If I remember right, the RPG Maker sheets are full (unfortunately they have a limited size!) so the extra objects on the full sheet are more like bonuses. You're welcome to edit them into RM sheets if that will be useful to you, thanks!

Yes! I plan to release multiple expansions. Now that the new tileset packs are out, I'll be working towards a character piece expansion for my next release. Will have new clothing pieces and some new weapons and tools too!

The new generator is for a new style, "Elements", so they have a slightly different size than the classic Time Fantasy stuff. Thanks!

You can make your own characters using either the included generator, or in any image editing software like photoshop. Check out the included PDF guide for details: it explains how to use the generator and also explains the format of the files if you want to do it on your own. Thanks

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As for the settings, yeah the import and export are kinda unclear-- I think that it might not overwrite the settings file correctly or something. I've manually copypasted the settings file in the folder, and edit that sheet directly, instead of usin the import/export options, and that works for me.

Yeah, RPG Maker isn't designed for the full set of animations. But it can be used to make regular walking sprites and adapt the animations into an SV format. Other than that, if you want to use the full action set, it comes down to trying to work about RPG maker's own limitations. :shrug:

>Would it be possible to expand the char positioning configuration in relation to the flame?

Sorry I'm not sure what you mean by this. what flame?

Thank you! I'm happy that it helps :)

There's new stuff every week on my patreon. For bigger releases and expansions there is no regular schedule. Thanks!

It cannot be redistributed anywhere else but there are no limitations on how you use them, thanks!

If you're using RPG Maker-- the lights were designed so that you can align them by putting the event on the tile underneath. That way you can have another event for the light source, because they can't normally have two tiles on the same space.

Like this:

Hope that helps, thanks!

Yes, 16x16! thanks!

The generator was included as a bonus to support the assets. The original intent was for the images to be compiled in an art software or in your game engine, so the generator is pure upside. We might release an update for it in the future, so the feedback's welcome, I'll pass it on to the programmer. In the meantime, you're welcome to use a different generator, I've seen some people have made their own!

Thanks! :)

Yes, I made a quick little tutorial on recolor Time Fantasy stuff to match the updated colors of Elements. It's on my patreon page but the post should be open to public to view.

Some of my releases aren't available on steam if they're also available as Patron rewards. This is because I can't access steam keys to give patrons access to them, and can connect to Patron accounts. Thanks :)

Thank you!

The Steam version is handled through the RPGMaker people as a publisher so I don't have any control over any updates there. So for things like fixes or changes, I can't say. But for future releases to expand on this set, they'll be released as expansion packs that should work fine whether you got it on here or on steam. I hope that answers your question. Thaks :)

Very cute! thank you

There will be monsters in a future expansion pack, yes! First up will be some tile sets, and then more character pieces, including some potential for other races (elf ear heads, etc, and orcs are possible with a green skin tone).

As for your second question, if you want to create more character pieces that work in this style and sell them that's perfectly fine with me! As long as it's your own original work and not edits or re-working what I've made myself. Thanks!

Yes that is fine! Once you buy them you're welcome to use them in your own projects without restrictions.

Maybe, I'm not familiar with that engine. But you're welcome to arrange the sheets to work with it!

There's no dodge roll, sorry. 

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For the speed it's up to you to decide what looks good and what is best for your gameplay. I can't imagine what those different numbers look like in my head LOL sorry; I normally do it by frames and not by seconds.
As for the loops, some animations are designed to loop, some ping-pong, and some are meant as a single sequence. I believe that it's explained in the PDF Guide (if it's not, then I overlooked it and lmk so I can add it to an update!).


There will be more expansions with new character pieces, yes! but I do not plan for more directions, the animations here are designed to be versatile for many uses like the ones you describe. thanks!

That's weird, if you haven't figured it out yet send me an email and I can give you a key, thanks!

You're not the first person to mention this-- I'll pass it on to the programmer. Thanks!

It's a patron pack so there's no regular download, but if you sign up for patreon you get a special link with a download key.

meant to be like a sea of skeletons, they can be used however you want.

Sword, shield, spear, bow and pickaxe, with some color variations. Future expansions will bring new weapons!

Yes, of course.

Thanks for playing!

Could be anything you want, versatile generic leafy plant. I think someone used it once as marijuana plant LOLOL