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No, the description does not say that. It seems like English might not be your first language, so sorry that you got confused.

This set doesn't include attack animations, but walking animations for four directions. The style is more based on the classic JRPG style of monsters for combat. thanks

Yes, that's what they are for. Go ahead and use them without worries. The only thing that you can't do is directly redistribute, but if you'e using them for a game project that's fine,. Good luck with your project :)


Sounds like something you'd need to figure out within RPGMaker. Maybe there's a way to change the tileset if you cross a boundary, or maybe there's some script that allows for z-depth. good luck

Not without putting it into Effekseeker first. MZ broke their animation system so it doesn't use regular images anymore, you need to put them through the additional software first.

The sprites are based on a 16x16 tile grid size. Thanks

Yes that's fine :)

tileA4 is specifically in an rpgmaker format, so you might need to do some work to get it working nicely in another engine. on the other hand, tileA5 is a regular tile sheet with single tiles and should work without any special formatting. thanks!


16x16 is the base size. It also includes the upscaled versions (32x32 and 48x48) for use in RPGMaker.

They should be in RPG Maker character format. Not sure what the problem is. If you send me an email then I can take a look at any attached images.


It is available for patrons, patrons get a special download link.

There's a wolf in the Monsters expansion, but note that it's not a regular wolf, he's a stylized wolf monster.

If you got it in a Humble Bundle, then you have the general license and there are no restrictions. :)

If you're not using RPG Maker, then you need to buy the assets here on where they have an open license. The ones sold via Steam have a special discount because the license is limited to RPGMaker only. Thanks!

You're not REALLY supposed to, but if you just link back then its not a big deal. Thanks

If it's just for a demo or something that should be fine, but if you are planning to distribute them with an engine then that isn't allowed. If you're able to encrypt the graphics that would be preferable, so people can't rip them from your project for their own use.  If you have some more specific needs send me an email and we'll see. Thanks

Yes, it includes the lava tiles, which are three tiles that animate.




Commercial use is fine. No restrictions on use (just don't redistribute them directly), and no credit is necessary. Thanks

I haven't used Godot so I don't know if it requires any specific formats, but my tiles packs will usually also include a regular master tileset for general use in any engine, in addition to the RPGMaker formats. Thanks

Can't say for sure, but the last big holiday sale was 50% off

Sure, but you might just need to edit the tiles to have a different arrangement.

yeah most likley

Yes, everything should include files formatted for RMMV.


Some have full 4-dir walk cycles, those are the the characters designed for this pack. Others only special animations are included here, because it's an expansion- they have full walk animations in the original characters set.

That's the RPG Maker version. The pack also includes full autotiles on a different sheet that you should use for Unity.

Yes that's fine!

Hmm, the screenshots were made in an editor so they should all be possible. Send me an email with a screenshot of what you're doing and I can probably figure out the problem.

The set includes animated sprite sheets, so it's for the characters that are animated

Maybe! Depends on the interest. thanks

If you want to do that you would have to edit them manually. They weren't designed to work that way on their own. Thanks

1. Yes, commercial use is OK and no credit is required.
2. Yes, you can make any edits you want for use in your own project.
3. No, no restrictions

Thanks! :)

Just the side dirctions, designed for use in SNES-style turn-based RPG combat. Thanks!

Not for this set, since they weren't originally planned to work that way. I do have plans to make something new that will work in all 4-directions though, it will be my project later this summer. Thanks