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Thanks! I think the first artifact was in the Hive area, in a hidden wall-jump section, if it's the right one I'm thinking of. Either way, thanks for playing! The final area is a real platforming challenge. I do want to revisit it someday and make more levels in the style of the final area, when you have all the abilities unlocked! It can get really acrobatic.

The cells for most of the sheets are 26x36 yes. Some special sprites may be a little bigger. The sprites themselves are made to look good on a 16x16 tileset grid. 

Done! They'll be released soon!

Not my area of expertise. Good luck!


You can find the bundle here. https://itch.io/s/10009/time-fantasy-rpg-asset-bundle


Should work. Try this link: https://finalbossblues.itch.io/tf-mythical-monsters/patreon-access



Sure! Send me an email http://finalbossblues.com/contact/

If it's only for practice and they're not releasing anything, that's fine by me! Have fun and good luck!


Yes, that is fine! You can sell anything made with my graphics.

It'll be released everywhere I can :)

I'm currently working on a remaster with expanded tilesets! The colors will be improved and there will be a lot more buildings and objects. Stay tuned! :)

This back should be accessible to anybody who is a Patron at $5 or more. 

These have walking animations in all directions but not attacks.


Sure. Send me an email on the page on my website here: http://finalbossblues.com/contact/


Not for these ones. Just regular walking sprites.

Yeah RPG Maker's limitations can be really annoying. Maybe a script could increase the icon size or something, then a simple upscale could do the trick.

Tables can be expanded in both directions (horizontal/vertical) and the chairs are all four: north/south/east/west.

Go for it! Sounds cool!


In essense: you can use it for pretty much anything (including editing it and commercial works) just don't re-sell it on its own.


Yes! If you buy the pack here on itch you can use them in unity.

Only if you buy them on the official RPGMaker site are they restricted to RPGMaker with a different license.
Thanks! Good luck!

This works in RMMV. It should include versions for VX and MV. If it's missing send me an email. Thankx

Maybe! That's the kind of thing that I like to put together for patreon. :)

idk what that is


In the works!


Maybe. You can't resell the graphics so it's borderline -- Send me an email with some more details and I'll take a look.


Not right now. Sometimes they go on a bundle sale.

In the future I'm going to put together an ultimate bundle, but I have a couple more releases planned first! Then I'll put them all in a mega pack!

Thanks! I'll take a look.

Should eventually come to the Steam and RPGmaker releases-- the RPGmaker publishers schedule that one but they have the update! Thanks!

Sounds cool! Go for it!

Some of the RPGMAKER formatted versions use 32x32 versions of the tiles. Other than that, it's pretty fast to upscale them by 200%. Just keep "nearest neighbor" checked so the pixels don't blur.
As for expansions, you can expect more soon. :~)

Might as well dump mine:


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@Minitrope This thread is pretty clearly about political views in the entertainment industry, particularly in the game development scene (and Hollywood has been mentioned too). There is a very obvious left-wing bias in those areas, regardless of which political party holds office. If you think that the "default" state of politics (particularly within these corporate-controlled entertainment industries) is not currently-left wing, then I don't know what to say. If you lived in America and thought such things, you'd be considered "out of touch". Things must be really different over in Europe!

>I don't think most of gamedev, leftists or not, start making a game to push an hypothetical agenda

Most gamedevs don't! You're right. Most of us just want to make games that we find fun to play.

Like I said in my post, it's not the gamedevs themselves, but the corporations behind them. The ones who do have an agenda are incredibly vocal-- vocal and in positions of perceived power, with corporate backing, and that's the problem we're talking about here. Imagine being a right-leaning person who works at a company like the one mentioned in the OP-- you'd have to keep quiet about your views for fear of being fired. I remember reading an article about a company where the boss sent out an email saying that anybody who voted for Trump would be fired. It's very 1984-esque.

This stuff wasn't really politicized at all up until a couple years ago when the big corporations began to feel threatened by the medium and started getting involved. Since then it's spiraled out of control.

My solution? Stay indie. ;)

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I feel you brother.

These days, it seems that everybody who isn't a full-on Marxist is considered an "evil right-wing conservative". Disagree with any part of the accepted narrative, and you're branded and outcast, regardless of what your views are on other issues.

Note that a lot of this is because of pressure from large corporations-- you'll notice that these big companies are vocally political, shoving their opinions down everybody's throats whether we want it or not. It's most likely that their invisible bosses tell them to push a particular agenda, so they do so. Otherwise, nobody would even be talking about this stuff. A way to think about it: for generations, Hollywood has had a monopoly on mass media, and a lot of the wealthy powerful people have wormed their way into that system in order to use it to promote their worldviews. Control what people watch and see, and you control how they think.

Now that videogames are a potentially bigger form of entertainment than TV and movies, these same people are trying to take over. Videogames, if left to being "just fun"-- is too much of a threat to their established propaganda system. Their political agenda could really be any political agenda-- they've latched onto extreme leftism. It's really about control.

It's really sad. I just wanted to make pixel art and fun video games, and most people probably feel the same way. Did you see that presentation at GDC that talked about how all video games should be political? Games are supposed to be about FUN. I feel like I'm constantly bombarded with political stuff, to the point where it's simply pushing me further and further to the right.

The more they try to shame what they imagine to be wrongthink, the more it makes me feel like I have no choice but to speak up. This thread itself is a good example: we feel like we're alone out there because of the incredible pressure of "the left". In response, we want to announce our own politics just so that other people of a like mind feel less trapped-- the result: things just get even more politicized. It's a horrible cycle.

Best approach imo is just stick to your guns. Stay indie, work hard, and don't let Big Brother keep you down.

It's for commercial use for individual projects but not for reselling-- if you're selling an engine that's a special case, it might be reselling. Send me an email via timefantasy.net and maybe we can work something out.

These are the originals. Any other packs came after, as expansions to this one.