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Hmm I might not have updated them yet into the pack.  I'll have to take a look. For now Send me an email and I can get them to you:

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Not exactly. These are made to be better than the original Old School modern, as an expanded remaster. The color palette is different and the characters are in a new style. Most of the material from the original Old School modern set is here, recreated in the new Omega style.

But they do use the same base tile size, so they can work together without any problems. It just might require a little bit of editing in order for the visuals to match, mostly by color scheme.

I hope that makes sense. Thanks!

Each character has the following animations:

  • Idle (Empty-handed)
  • Idle with Weapon
  • Attack 1 (Regular)
  • Attack 2 (Strong)
  • Walk
  • Victory Cheer
  • Magic Chant
  • Shoot Arrow Bow
  • Crouch
  • Hit (Take Damage)
  • Crouch (Eyes Closed)
  • Dodge
  • Use Item
  • Dead

1. They'd work best in a side view setup; for battle backgrounds I normally make them by making maps out of the tiles and usIng that as an image.

2. I imagined them as teenagers; you can use them however you want!



The license is very open. Edits are welcome, no engine restrictions, and OK for commercial use. In short: you can do pretty much anything other than redistribute the assets directly.

You can find the full legal text here:

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Frames are 64x64 (also included are larger versions formatted for rpgmaker), and they come in spritesheets as well as individual frame .pngs.

Good idea. I'll probably share the base at some point in the future. Thanks!

That's RPG Maker MV.

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This is an entirely new style, so it's not designed to work with Time Fantasy. The only parts that would really work would be maybe the icons, or stuff like that.

But don't worry, Time Fantasy is getting its own modern-themed expansion soon too!



I'm not sure what the problem is. The current version should be the updated one and it's replaced the old version, and it is included in the bundle. The update isn't a separate purchase.

If you bought it by mistake in duplicate, send an email to support at and they can handle the refund since they deal with the purchasing end of things.

I hope that helps. Thanks


The hero battlers are for a Side View system. They have standard animations that would be expected for that type of rpg system- attack (with weapon), cast magic, take damage, crouch for bad status/low hp; victory dance; dead... there's also a variety of weapons that can be overlaid on the attack sprite animations.


It's priced that way because of the amount of content. There's enough graphics here for an entire game!

Yes, absolutely. Good luck!

Thanks! In your desire to get those juicy heart refills you swam right by the shop LOL

It's cool to see you try both the different control schemes and your thoughts on those; other people didn't seem to really comment on that but I wanted to make sure that it could play naturally for both "old school" gamers and people used to more modern PC controls. I'm glad that you picked up on exactly that!

And I'm kinda glad you didn't go all the way to the final boss, because I rushed it in the last day of the contest and its horribly unbalanced LOL. You got to see the best parts though!

Thanks for playing!

There's nothing stopping you from using them for a zelda style game, I have seen people use them like that. But they don't include 4 directional attack animations and are are designed more for final fantasy RPG style. 


yes, same terms for everything. Go ahead!

Yes! Absolutely. The terms are very open.

Good luck!

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I'm not familiar with Unreal Engine, so it's not formatted in any specific way for it, but there's nothing in the terms that will prevent you from doing so. Go ahead. :)

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The end boss is definitely too hard, not enough time for testing-- also, there wasn't enough of a proper difficulty ramp to prepare for him, because I had to cut so much content for the deadline. Checkpoints along the way would have probably made up for that based on the feedback I've gotten, but hey -- a deadline's a deadline LOL.

Thanks for playing, looking forward to watching your video this afternoon.

Yes! You might want to hold off.

The new version is already finished and I'm just waiting on the publisher before I release it. Should be sometime very soon! :)

The RPG Maker DLC is limited to use in RPG Maker only. That's why it's a lower price on their website, because the terms have more restrictions.


Yes commercial use is fine. Thanks

I don't have a date for the release for the Omega version, though the publisher has told me that it will be sometime this month. In the meantime you can use this one-- I am planning on creating a discount for the new one for people who have bought this version, if I can get it to work.
As for commissions, sure. Send me an email:

Those things are of course because I had to cut for the time limit. I'm planning on revisiting the game in the future to expand on it.

The heroes have 4-directional walking animations. For attack animations, they have side-view RPG style animations for turn-based combat in this expansion pack:

The RPGMaker MV formatted ones should have it in the name - TileA1 for water, A2 for ground, etc. If you follow that you should be able to match them with the right database slots.

Vector art and pixel art really aren't compatible. It's entirely different approaches.

Your best solution would be to come up with some sort of system that zooms or multiplies the image sizes but keeps it scaled properly so it doesn't stretch and the pixels remain intact proportionally.
Good luck

Might be some sort of transparency error. If you send me an email with images I can take a look. Thanks

It should have versions for both. (But you might want to wait because there'll be a bigger and improved version coming out in a few weeks ;))

The primary difference is the license. The RPG Maker version is only for use in RPG Maker but this one has no restrictions.


Yes. :)

You need to create the animations in the editor using the frames from the animation sheet. There is an example in the discord channel in response to your question earlier today.

It's different for each sheet, so it's kind of hard to say. Also, some animations are designed for flexibility-- for example, multiple animations in a row could be used together for a longer effect, or used individually.

I might write up some sort of guide eventually. Good idea!

Hmm.. I don't think I ever said that this pack includes monsters. Maybe you meant that comment for a different pack.

Anyways, if you're interested in commission stuff, you can aways send me an email:

No credit necessary. Looks great!

I'm planning on eventually releasing window skin graphics in a future bundle or compilation. They are already made -- for now, they are available on my patreon for patrons.


The original is based on a 16x16 grid, but this also includes the 32x32 version.