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Love the game... but does it not save? I closed after reading the 4th area and when I opened it up again I can't travel back to where I was?

It's the same as my patreon releases, and fairly open. I'll paste this from my patreon page:

What are the terms of use for graphics downloaded from patreon?

Here are the important points regarding terms of use for the assets I release here:

  • Can I use these graphics in commercial projects?
Yes, royalty-free.
  • Can I edit these graphics?
Yes, for use in your own projects.
  • Can I share or redistribute these graphics?
  • Are there any limitations or restrictions on what engine I can use?
No restrictions.
  • Do I need to credit you in my game?
No. You don't need to credit me, but please don't attribute my art to someone else.
  • I'm working on a team project...
Only one person on the team needs to have bought the assets legitimately (via patreon, asset packs, etc). Other members on the team can use them freely on the buyer's license-- but only within the scope of a project that the original buyer is actively working on.

Yes that's perfectly fine! You're welcome to edit anything as long as its for use in your own project. And if you want to make your own new stuff to match, I have some extra resources on my website to help. Thanks!

Yeah, there's some weird stuff especially with the water autotiles because RPGMaker's tiling system is just really awkward and doesn't quite allow for all the right combinations. Some tiles are are also repeated to fill out the sheet that RPGMaker expects.

You should be able to access it by clicking on your name in the top right and going to "my library"

Not in this set, but you can find the SV battlers for the hero characters in this expansion:


It's possible but unlikely, because it's a lower priority for me. My specialty is on the character sprites and tilesets so while I am focusing on that stuff, the faces are pretty far down on the list. Thanks!

The 200% and 300% versions have autotiles for the RPGMaker format. The autotiles on that terrain sheet are in the Game Maker Studio 2 format. If you want to use those ones, then the easiest way would be to upscale that image instead of re-working the RPGMaker ones. My friend fmoo made some simple upscaling tools that can do that really quickly:

Everything is designed to work together. This pack should have the same sizes as the other packs.

If for some reason it only includes the 16x16 versions, send me an email and let me know. Maybe I need to update it with the others? But they exist, so if they're missing I can get them to you.

The one on the Degica store has a discounted license that limits it to use in RPGMaker only. Otherwise the content is the same as the Tileset + Character packs you find here. thanks!

1. Yes! That's fine

2. No credit is necessary. As long as it's not attributed to someone else, you don't need to include me at all. (as Don Draper famously said on Mad Men: that's what the money is for 😅) 

I have made some extra animations for the base style. Some are here ( and others have been release on my Patreon. It's just the base though, not for every character, so you'd need to modify it to match the character(s) that you are using.

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My terms disallow redistribution, so you're not going to be able to package these with any sort of template. HOWEVER, people have asked similar things in the past, and generally I've allowed this:

If you need them for some sort of example project, and you need some minimum assets to include (like one character sprite to show a movement engine), then that's OK with me. In that case though I'd ask for you to link back to my itch page here so if your users want to get the rest of the set from me directly. 

If you have more specific ideas please send me an email.


Check out the pinned FAQ post on patreon, it has links to download everyting

Some characters have swords and axes as alternate weapons. I don't think it's something that needs to be "fixed", because it's not a mistake.

You're welcome to edit the graphics and copy in weapons from other sets if you want a specific character to have a specific weapon.

They should be, because they're based on a 16x16 grid. The tilesets for sure, I've converted some before.
But while they are compatible in general size, you'll need to reconfigure everything to the formats that 2K3 expects, because by default they aren't arranged that way.

Good idea! An Omega Modern "adventure expansion".... Maybe in the future

good idea for a future expansion! 🤩

Everything should be arranged in a regular 16x16 grid.
If you're talking about the special RPGMaker-formatted autotiles, they're arranged as 8x8 half-tiles. My friend fmoo made a tool that will 'unpack' them into a more standard format:

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Cute little game!

I saw a negative steam review that said the game was under 2 hours... for me-- that's a good thing! I wasn't sure about getting the game (even though I'd seen it before on twitter during its development) -- but when I saw that the only negative reviews were because of its length; I went ahead and got the game. For someone busy like me, the short length is a GOOD THING, so the negative review had the opposite effect than the writer intended! Hah!

I 100%ed the game this evening-- and it was great. Cute little adventure, and worthwhile evening! Game made me laugh more than once.

Overall the game is really easy-- in the good way, since that's the vibe it's going for. Puzzles are all straightforward: I liked the mechanics and think that there was room to push the puzzle mechanics a little bit more; could have explored them a bit more in the second half of the game (plenty of room to make more use of portals!)... but that's not a big complaint, since the clear focus of the game is on the overall aesthetic charm and humor, which is nails cleanly!

Though I'll note that one boss (Liz) had a difficulty spike that may not have been intended by the developers-- I died more than once because I was trying to be "too cute" in the fight... I was overthinking it; really the game isn't that complicated lol...

For the very final sequence I have some problems with it thematically, but REALLY it's hard to say that seriously, given the humorous tone of the entire thing. Gameplay-wise, the climax worked well enough,

Really, this is just a cute fun little game and absolutely worth it for a fun little diversion. Perfect for when you have a single afternoon or evening to commit some light tax evasion...

No regrets! Thanks for the adventure!

If you're using RPG Maker -- You'll probably need to animate the background using a parallel event, where you can manually change the map's background to the next frame in the sequence, waiting a few frames between each change, and have that loop.


Yes, there's no reason these won't work in GMS2. 

Yes that's fine, you can use them on both. Thanks!

If you're upscaling with a program like photoshop make sure to check Nearest Neighbor to preserve the pixels. Alternatively you can check out this software set by my friend fmoo, the "scale3x" is useful for MV upsizing:

Hmmm idk about that. You'll have to contact itch or maybe paypal, or whoever handles the transactions. Good luck I hope you get it sorted.

It's a different style than the beach set, but it uses the same base tilesize, so they could work together if you make changes so the color styles match.

No, only the original set and the Monsters expansion.

This set doesn't include weapons. They're more designed for use in JRPGs, but could be modified.

Here's a very old free release I made that has what you are looking for, good for prototypes:


Should be 1-2-3 for most of them! Some that loop might look better with 1-2-3-2, but even those ones should still work just fine with a regular 1-2-3 loop

The SV Battlers pack has attack animations for a side-view classic RPG systems. 

If you are talking about 4 directions, these sprites weren't designed with full action combat in mind. But I have plans for the next set to have those attacks, stay tuned :)

This pack is a special download for Patrons. You'll get a download key if you subscribe to my Patreon page.

Not if it's all for the same project. If the license is yours though then he can't use use them on any other project but only you can.

Technically not if they're being redistributed -- but if you're only using some of them, then I could personally look the other way ;). Maybe just include a note that reminds people not to rip them.

If there's enough interest I would be happy to revisit this style with an expansion! I have other projects first, so it depends on how much interest there is. Thank you!

ahh -- IIRC the tilesets in RMXP don't have a size limit vertically, justkeep them the right width (idr exactly, but check the RTP and matc that) and you can extend them downwards infinitely...?)

They're not in the XP format by default, no. If I remember right, the only difference with XP is that there's an extra column for the idle frames-- I THINK that if you just copy the middle frames into a fourth column, they would work for XP.

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Yes! Same terms as everything else that I release here: commercial use is fine, no credit necessary. Thanks

16x16 is the base tile size.