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Hm... I made that already; maybe I forgot to update the zip. Thanks!


There's a big bundle planned for the future, but it will also include upcoming packs that haven't been released yet. :)

I am not allowed to use the packs in more than one project/product. If I would like to do that, I need to buy the packs again, is that right?

If you use my graphics for multiple small projects nobody's gonna bother you. From my perspective that mostly applies if you have multiple high-profile products and in that case the price is inconsequential. So unless you're a big studio that's planning to get multiple frontpage games with these, don't worry about it. :P

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What license does this pack have?


Can I modify the contents and use them commercially after buying them?

Yes, as long as it's part of a project and you're not re-selling the assets themselves.

Does this pack only work with RPGMaker or does it also work with other frameworks and engines such as Libgdx and Unity?

You can use it for anything. It's just the graphic files. Depending on your engine you might need to re-organize some of them, but you can use them in anything.

Yeah, the observatory tiles are awkwardly arranged in the set (there's a ceiling part underneath the dome tiles, but it looks kinda like a wall and I can see how it would cause confusion) -- use the walls/doors from the other B-layer houses. Here's a quick example I just put together for you: Observatory

Haven't made specific church tiles-- maybe I can add it to the set, idk-- I'll take a look thanks. :)


1. Yes
2. https://www.gamedevmarket.net/terms-conditions/#pr..
3. Yes

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The poses are animated. They are simple 3-frame "idle / weapon ready" type animations, as explained in the description.

The animations are to provide additional personality to characters or cutscenes. They can be used in rpg-style battles if wanted but that was never their purpose.

Additional "battle animations" are on the to-do list for a possible future expansion. This is a LOT of characters though so that is not an easy task.

idk how hard or easy this would be but best explained with some edited screenshots:

(looking through the tracker there are some requests about similar things but maybe not exactly what i'm looking for)

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Guess someone is using them in that game, but if that's about steam's policies then idk. If they are blocking you it seems like a reasonable anti-theft rule that just unfortunately doesn't account for indie games with freely-released graphics. Maybe someone will be able to sort it out. Don't know much else about it though so good luck.


Ya sure. If you do send me a copy so i can check it out. thanks :)


thanks for the suggestion. Good idea for a small pack thanks. :)


That's actually been fixed since this release (and the collision issues been fixed too). Probably need to update the demo soon. :)

I think the stardew valley guy made his own sprites. Would be cool to see my stuff in a popular game like that though! :)

Seems to be fixed. Thanks. :)

Same problem here.

Been trying to release a new pack today so i can put together a bundle.

Good luck hope it's fixed soon :)

Love it! This is super useful for me. Thanks for taking the time this is great stuff. :)


Controller sensitivity is a thing. It's different for different people. Some people have the problem you do, some don't.

So I've decided that the best solution is to add a controller sensitivity option. Added onto the to-do list! Thanks for the feedback, it's helping. :)

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Nope, sharing the graphic assets.

The gif's from a prototype that never went anywhere; shows how the graphics could be used.

This might help you gauge the size:

Human, regular-sized monster and an oversized "boss" monster. 100% size on a 16x16 grid.

The Steam version is an RPGMaker exclusive license. The packs here on itch.io you can use in any engine. :)

great twist and it came at the perfect time when i was feeling like i got the point. cute concept and very strong execution in its simplicity. fun little thing :)

rpg battle stuff maybe

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I saw in the forums suggestions thread that emoticons have been suggested. i'm not sure what the admins have planned, but I've made emoticon sets in the past for forums and I was going to offer to make some, but then I had a better idea.

hey! this is a gamedev site and there are plenty of artists. lets work together to create an emoticon set for the itch community! :)

here are some that I put together today. it's just my first idea. it would be cool to see other ideas. colors of course can be changed easily

edit: some more


I've got some free graphics for you! There are four trees, with three color varieties. These guys fit in with my asset packs but you they are free for use for anything.


I was originally going to make a decorated Christmas tree, but I decided that it would be better to release something more versatile, and more tree varieties are something that have been requested a bunch of times. More freebies on my timefantasy.net site too, if you haven't seen them before.

Have fun with them, and Merry Christmas.

Absolutely gorgeous. Love the fluid-yet-sudden sense of movement to the animations, really shows character and looks fun

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Woohoo a pixel thread.

Protagonist from one of my current projects: