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No difference! :D

Focus the heads!

And thanks <3!

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You are a human fighting demons from Hell, of course it's not going to be easy :P!

Here is a tip: Go back and forth to the previous cars and you will be able to pick up some crystals from the floor that spawn randomly. Not before long you should be able to afford other skills and an Accessory (like Angel Statue) which will make your life easier. Also remember, the Hell's Guardian is weak to ice! Knowing when to use the ghost is key to that fight.

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Strange. I downloaded the current build and it worked fine for me (saving included). I really don't know what to tell you :/

Does it give you a crash error message or something? Check your anti-virus software isn't causing troubles with it. Try running it on a different PC, maybe?

I'm sorry :(

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That one was made in MV too :v

I'm now curious to know how and why you'd do that? Still, as a dev I don't think I'd want to officially support different engine versions of the same game  :c I hope you understand.

RPG Maker MV :)

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It's one of Mokusei Penguin's awesome plugins. You can find it on his site (japanese) by MPP_MiniMap.js ;)

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This happens when you play a game with a newer version of NW.js and then play another with an older one (1.6 -> 1.5?). It shouldn't affect the game as far as I'm concerned.

I'm a warlock :D!
Fun game :)

Rate: 4/5

Good casual game if you are into that. It has a well defined unique style of its own :)

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I love mermaids. Very interesting and fun game.

Rate: 4/5

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Gave it a play. Here is what I think:

Atmosphere was on point. The graphics and music really immersed me in the world little by little. Awesome work there! It was really a chill experience which is nice from time to time.

However, I didn't get much into the dialogs and character interactions but that may be just me. I think this would have worked better with a silent protagonist. Also the humanoid creatures felt out of place but then again, that's just me. Everyone was so friendly! That's not how I'd imagine a post-apocalyptic world :P

The quests worked. I liked scaring the rats at the beginning. The water quest was well thought of too (maybe could have used some more visual cue to indicate better when a valve is closed/open). The other of finding the pipes felt a bit forced but since it wasn't too long it was ok. I'm not a fan of fetching quests, I'd have rather explore more of the beautiful world you created for us :c

The game is a DEMO of something bigger. While it left me curious for more it also left me a bit unsatisfied at the end as I did feel like I lacked a lot of background information. I guess it's to be expected, since it's supposed to be a proof a concept and I understand the time constraints.

Suggestions (not many):

- Add message backlog.

- Add mouse support.

Rate: 3/5 (it'd be 3.5 if the platform allowed that)

Nice work!

Oh, my bad. I played the browser version >.< Maybe I can give it another try later :)

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I beat the first level and closed the game not knowing that the game kept going >.> I don't feel like doing it again so I'll leave my impressions up until that point:

+ At first, the game graphics scared me off in a bad way but you actually managed to mix all simplistic resources (sprites, words, music...) into a very unique style that works somehow. The lyrics was a nice little touch and fun :P

- The controls and direction are not very intuitive. This could be improved but I had no trouble beating the first level after I got the hang of it. It certainly entertained me for the short while I played.

+/- The level design works as it is. But there are certain things that bothered me like having low visibility.  I didn't know where I was going at some moments! It'd be nice to zoom out everything and make the map loop.

Rate: I give it 2/5 because while it has personality to it, it needs more polishing (mainly on the controls).

Good luck!

It's legit!

That clears things up :) I wish they'd have been more clear about point 4 last year though >.>

Is this a troll game?

I'm sorry to hear that :( The fairy glitch is annoying but if you avoid it you should be able to save normally from the menu (unless there is another bug I don't know about lol).

If your save data got corrupted by the fairy I can fix it if you send it to me. But in any case, an updated version of the game will come out very soon and it improves on many aspects including bug fixes like that one. People should probably wait for that one :P

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

That's strange. I just downloaded the public version and it runs fine on my end :/ I... I don't know what to tell you! Can you try on another PC, maybe?

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Thank you, luizcubas-kun :D!

I'd say yours has commercial potential as well ;)

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How come this doesn't have any comments?

This was a great game! Before I knew it, I was clearing the last "peace" ending! Very solid entry! It's on my top for sure :)

Good luck!

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Warning: A recent player has detected a game breaking bug that happens when you engage the fairy mini-game after the first time, locking you out in the car (mean fairy!). So, don't talk to her ever again!

If your save got corrupted by this bug, please let me know. You can send it over and I'll fix it asap :)

The next version (post IGMC) of the game will address this issue and more! But for now...

I just want to see the world burn xD


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I really liked the style/idea behind this one. Sad to hear you couldn't play-test the combat system enough for the contest version :/

Even so, good job guys! I'll make sure to check out the next updated build so please!

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*High fives*

I'm glad you liked it! And yes, I wanted the player to pick carefully their preferred "first build" (all in the same tier) while at the same time, offering them the possibility to try others if they desire (with a little farm). Though I admit some gear/skill combinations might prove more useful than others in the late battles :p I'm curious what did you end up going for :3

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Find the "real" bat! It has a movement pattern a bit different than the rest :)

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Go ahead ;)!

I'm glad you had your fun with it! I apologize about the hard time you had in the few action scenes, I worked to make them flow as smoothly as possible so as to not break immersion but it seems they could've been better (they work best when you play using both mouse and keyboard). I'll try to improve on them for future releases! Thanks for playing and commenting on the game page!

Thank you for playing! Feedback appreciated :) Dialogs particularly will be improved in the next update.

By the way, you don't sound like a Granny at all haha!

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I was watching your LP just now :p You have a nice calming voice, by the way!

About the game, it's not too long. It consists of two main routes (Free/Locked) that compliment each other to uncover the whole (or most of) the plot of the game. I'm eager to hear about what conclusion you reach, Famed! Happy to hear someone is enjoying it xD!

If you find yourself stuck, just remember this: 0303


Thanks for playing!

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Then I have to ask you: What's the point of reading a book? I don't know how far you made it into the game, but there are chase scenes, shooting scenes and puzzles to solve in it. That said, the main focus of the game was the development of a plot (a back-story and present-story, if that makes sense?). You're a helpless hospital patient with little to no information of what's going on. You wouldn't think of going outside on a killing spree, would you?  I'm sorry but this is not that kind of game (or if you don't want to call it "a game", call it whatever you like :p I won't get mad I promise).

Again, I'm sorry to hear it wasn't to your liking :<

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Looking forward to seeing the rest :D!

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I'm sorry to hear it wasn't to your liking. But you're spot on that the player stands by as an observer a good portion of the game. Just keep in mind this is a horror/mystery narrative, not a shooter :)

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ikenie has been Greenlit just recently! Expect it soon on the Steam store :)

Thank you <3!

Whether you liked the game or you're just passing by, please make sure to vote for ikenie on Steam Greenlight!

We'd really appreciate it <3!

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Let's answer some questions:

  1. Q: What is this odd game? Where is the main menu?!
  2. A: Nowhere. Don't let those trifling things distract you from your goal!

  3. Q: Where can I save?
  4. A: Your progress will be saved automatically when you reach a safe level (sanctuary) or when you die.

  5. Q: The controls are weird. I can't get used to them!
  6. A: Yes, you can. Just remember to point and click ;)
    You can always use a gamepad if the keyboard/mouse is not your preference (keep in mind you will probably have to configure it in the F1 window menu), however, I don't recommend it.

  7. Q: I'm done. This game is too hard!
  8. A: Too bad.

  9. Q: Any chance for a walkthrough? Just tell me how do I...
  10. A: Nope.

  11. Q: This is so frustrating! What am I even doing? Does this game have a story at least?
  12. A: You can do it! And as a matter of fact, yes, it does have one. Hopefully, everything will make sense in the end.

  13. Q: I did it! I finally beat the game! Now what?
  14. A: Congratulations! Now do what you must :)
    While the game is only intended for a single playthrough, you can manually delete your save file in "AppData\Roaming\ikenie". This should bring you back to the beginning and reset all stats.

  15. Q: Why does a level of the game feature a swastika?
  16. A: Called svastika in Sanskrit, it is an ancient symbol of auspiciousness in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Inspired by this.

  17. Q: I think I found a bug. What do I do?
  18. A: Good eye! Report it here, on the board, please. We'll try to patch it as soon as possible (especially if it breaks the game).

  19. Q: What is your policy on videos, streams, and fan-works?
  20. A: As long as proper credit is provided: videos, streams, and fan-works are welcomed and encouraged :)

  21. Q: I really enjoyed the soundtrack of the game. Anywhere I can get it?
  22. A: From my friend Chris, here :)

  23. Q: I loved it! I want to see more of your work! Do you have any other title I can check out? How can I support you?
  24. A: I'm glad to hear that! Lots of love were put into it and nothing makes me happier than to hear your impressions (whether good or bad).
    I intend to keep on developing games for quite a while. Lots of ideas and so much work to do! For the near future, I want to set up a Patreon page where you can donate towards the cause. Meanwhile, you can spread the word out or check my developer blog. More stuff coming soon!

  25. Q: What does the title of the game mean?
  26. A: "ikenie" is a Japanese word (生け贄) which translates as "sacrifice".

  27. Q: What was your motivation behind the creation of this work of art?
  28. A: Simplicity.

  29. Q: Does the main character of the story have a name?
  30. A: Not really but I, personally, just call him "Nie".

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