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Akumu Games

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ikenie has been Greenlit just recently! Expect it soon on the Steam store :)

Thank you <3!

Created a new topic Now on Steam Greenlight!

Whether you liked the game or you're just passing by, please make sure to vote for ikenie on Steam Greenlight!

We'd really appreciate it <3!

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Let's answer some questions:

  1. Q: What is this odd game? Where is the main menu?!
  2. A: Nowhere. Don't let those trifling things distract you from your goal!

  3. Q: Where can I save?
  4. A: Your progress will be saved automatically when you reach a safe level (sanctuary) or when you die.

  5. Q: The controls are weird. I can't get used to them!
  6. A: Yes, you can. Just remember to point and click ;)
    You can always use a gamepad if the keyboard/mouse is not your preference (keep in mind you will probably have to configure it in the F1 window menu), however, I don't recommend it.

  7. Q: I'm done. This game is too hard!
  8. A: Too bad.

  9. Q: Any chance for a walkthrough? Just tell me how do I...
  10. A: Nope.

  11. Q: This is so frustrating! What am I even doing? Does this game have a story at least?
  12. A: You can do it! And as a matter of fact, yes, it does have one. Hopefully, everything will make sense in the end.

  13. Q: I did it! I finally beat the game! Now what?
  14. A: Congratulations! Now do what you must :)
    While the game is only intended for a single playthrough, you can manually delete your save file in "AppData\Roaming\ikenie". This should bring you back to the beginning and reset all stats.

  15. Q: Why does a level of the game feature a swastika?
  16. A: Called svastika in Sanskrit, it is an ancient symbol of auspiciousness in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Inspired by this.

  17. Q: I think I found a bug. What do I do?
  18. A: Good eye! Report it here, on the board, please. We'll try to patch it as soon as possible (especially if it breaks the game).

  19. Q: What is your policy on videos, streams, and fan-works?
  20. A: As long as proper credit is provided: videos, streams, and fan-works are welcomed and encouraged :)

  21. Q: I really enjoyed the soundtrack of the game. Anywhere I can get it?
  22. A: From my friend Chris, here :)

  23. Q: I loved it! I want to see more of your work! Do you have any other title I can check out? How can I support you?
  24. A: I'm glad to hear that! Lots of love were put into it and nothing makes me happier than to hear your impressions (whether good or bad).
    I intend to keep on developing games for quite a while. Lots of ideas and so much work to do! For the near future, I want to set up a Patreon page where you can donate towards the cause. Meanwhile, you can spread the word out or check my developer blog. More stuff coming soon!

  25. Q: What does the title of the game mean?
  26. A: "ikenie" is a Japanese word (生け贄) which translates as "sacrifice".

  27. Q: What was your motivation behind the creation of this work of art?
  28. A: Simplicity.

  29. Q: Does the main character of the story have a name?
  30. A: Not really but I, personally, just call him "Nie".

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