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Follow Lia and her friends in a heartfelt search for answers...and peace.
Submitted by LazyBumStudio, Plueschkatze (@PlueschkatzeArt), Gabrelik (@Gabrelikgaming), futrchamp, hiddenone — 8 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline
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Degica's Choice#6n/an/a
People's Choice Vote#383.7313.731

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I can't find out how to fix the pipes, I'm dumb.


Nah! Don't be so harsh with yourself.

You can find 3 other pipe pieces around the map, which you can take to the distill and rotate them, one of those will match :)
You first have to choose wish pipe you want to try, and afterwards you can rotate it.


Omg thank you so much! The game so far has been amazing,keep up the good work!

(2 edits) (+2)

The visuals for the game were really pretty and helped a lot in making the setting seem realistic. The character art in particular really helped convey the different personalities of the main crew and I liked the hints that there was more to the girls than first met the eye. The choice of how to show 'the secret', so to speak, was very well done and I could easily see a full game that followed the girls and made you second-guess a lot of things about what is actually going on. I do find it funny that a lot of people didn't seem to pick up on the hints of what was really going on with the girls, but that just goes to show that it has potential to be a really good future twist. ;p

The minigames as they were were pretty nice. I appreciated the pipe one a lot, honestly, and the other two weren't bad either. The sound was pretty great too. It's definitely one of the stronger adventure games in the IGMC.

But seriously tho - Bravo for hiding the twist in plain sight and using general gameplay mechanics to do so. That was seriously clever and I hope people recognise what you did and clap you on the back for it, especially the judges. >.<)b


Thank you very much, silversatyr! We are super glad you enjoyed the game and got the hints! ;3 


Great looking game! I love the character designs a lot, especially of the main girls and the moonshine grandma. The environments are also quite beautiful and there's a lot done to make them feel alive, despite that post apocalyptic vibe the game's got going on. Speaking of that, I love the subtle world building - really makes me want to see more.

The gameplay is very light at the moment. The puzzles that are there vary a lot in quality. I didn't much enjoy chasing the rats (I wasn't sure how to predict their movements.  I figured they'd stop at walls, but sometimes they stopped part way!) so it made it almost too easy. Maybe I'm just feeling burned because I tried to overthink it. I liked the water pipe puzzle. Watching where the water was coming out and adjusting accordingly felt a lot more rewarding.

Some music choices didn't jive with me. I love the song that plays on the trainstation map, but the song that plays on the map to the south of there quickly got annoying to me (I forget if it played north of there as well.)

Really interested in seeing what else you have in store for this. Congrats on making it in the judge's top 10!


Thank you so much, Makio! We are glad you enjoyed the game overall. 
And also~ Congrats for the top 10 placement and good luck! :3 


Rating games using the judge categories for fun


Gameplay wise, the game seems to be a combination of puzzles and a fetch quest. It was really short. The rat puzzle was fine. The water pipe puzzle pretty confusing. I wasn't exactly sure about what each valve was doing. I pretty much ended solving that by randomly turning pipes around. The moonshine pipe puzzle was better, but the controls for switching pipes and rotations were too sensible to they key press, so it kept switching/rotating at a fast speed

Overall it was still enjoyable, but it was quite short and a little unfocused



The game's artstyle immediately draws in. It is very clean and beautiful. The character portraits were super cute and detailed.

The music set up the atmosphere nicely.

There were hints of the story here and there, but this seems pretty much like a prologue to a much bigger story. It didn't give too much to go on. The dialogue/humor was honestly a little hit and miss for me

14/20 -> Doubled to 28


The tiny bits of lore you get as time goes by keep you going, although the constant feeling of being in a fetch quest could certainly alienate people



As a really story heavy game, this game could be something great, but I definitely still think it needs a more defining gameplay element to it. The extremely short length makes its potential more difficult to see


Total: 63/100 (4 Stars)


Super cute game. Not much I can say about it , there's some very minor problems and tweaks that are honestly very nitpicky things about presentation such as when a character meets another they say "Look a people!" and stuff like that. The music, the art, it's all top notch.  

Sadly game play had some issues, it took me very long time to clear the Sludge Rats part because the rats kept moving into wrong direction. There's also passability errors like the tree underneath the station doesn't let you walk underneath it like other trees. Trees have many passability problems in general, you can walk on top of the tree trunks, while some don't let you walk underneath the leaf parts even.  At the intro, you see all characters walk out of sight into the right but when you get to play, you are back to where they began to walk as if the whole walking part never happened.  Sometimes characters who are supposed to be highlighted during dialogue don't get highlighted and everyone remains dark.

The main character has no personality. The friends are always talking but the main character is totally silent. I don't even remember her name or if it was ever mentioned since the other girls talk all the time and handle all talking. If the main character is literally mute, it wasn't mentioned anywhere but otherwise, they should say something.

Overall, it has potential and with polish in these small issues it could become really great.


5/5 from me. I really loved this game :)


The art of this game was a bit too bland, but I can understand that as everyone had 1 month to work on this. The character designs were good, but the genre of the game wasn't my cup of tea. The goal of this game was to find her sister, but finding her was the least of my worries. I was just bounce around doing random tasks of each of the human-people and I just felt like the transitions weren't that great. Idk, it's because I'm an action and RPG guy haha. I need combat!

I was so confused on the pipe puzzle as I collected every single one and the correct one that I thought wasn't correct fitted. Idk...But that puzzle was a little confusing and maybe it's because how it's presented. (Maybe the pipes shading?)

The dialogues for this fit the roles of each girl perfectly but the story lacked drive. I felt no sense of purpose except just walking around and doing tasks. To be honest, I could probably speed run this game, pay attention to the beginning dialogue and read the last dialogue of the game and that's the purpose of this game. Finding her sister. I felt no danger, and the game had no "obstacles" that made sense to me to prevent her from finding her sister.

Ok, I'm too harsh on this review, so now we go to the good review.

The one thing I did like was the sprinkler puzzle. That puzzle design reminded me of portal 2. very well done. Then the rat puzzle was well done too. Nice eventing, but the map itself could use work. I didn't like the gray tone. (Maybe the map wasn't finished)

The music was good, and I felt that music fitted the title perfectly. As for the music with the crow guy, it was sorta...catchy? I got weird taste lol

The sprites were well done and the game itself isn't pixelated! Most games are pixel so cutos to do art outside of the box.

I  know plue as we worked on the beast named eliza together so....

5/5 :D 



Review for The Secret Santa!

I really enjoyed your game! I'm not a non combat game type of guy but this one grabbed me from the very first moment. The best thing about it is the atmosphere coupled with the music, a delightful combo that makes your mind wander off through those desolate lands. The puzzles were simple but creative and nice, more than expected for this kind of game, after all, it's not supposed to be a hardcore puzzling game ;) The dialog was good too, it jumped a bit too far away sometimes(with some assumptions that made me think "how did they know that?") but it occurred extremely rarely.

Now, for the bad part :(

I encountered two game breaking bugs and a visual one. The visual one I don't care and it's extremely unimportant; in case you want to fix it for later(maybe you know of this already) is the first tree you encounter when going south to the station.The issue is you can walk through it.

Now, the game breaking ones. One occurred while chasing the rats away, but I coulnd't replicate it. Maybe it was because of me having the monitor fps sync on, I have no idea. The game just froze when I chased one of them away. The other one happens every time you touch the tile to the most left of the stairs to the left outside the train station. I believe you have a move carácter X tiles to the right placed there, but if you try to Access it from below it can't , as the tile next to it is impassable and the game freezes. 

All in all, I had a great experience and time playing your game and I'd love to play it once it's complete :) The Dynamic between the characters is extremely solid, although I must point out that as other reviewers I thought the main carácter didn't speak for a while, maybe you want to make it a bit more obvious that shedoes speak.

Total playtime: It took me about 14 minutes to finish the game and it was very well paced, not a single minute was I bored.

Final verdict: A very solid visual presentation and great puzles make it on eof the most polished games I've played here. You have a nice cocktail for a longer game, one I'd love to see. Careful with the game breaking bugs tho. 

4/5 stars ^^


I was actually really really excited to see this team's entry, and though I didn't finish (I got stuck on the pipe puzzle bc I'm a stup) I actually really enjoyed it? (also reading the comments, someone pointed out something interesting about Angela and Devon so I'm !!! SCREAMING) I have to say, I wonder if the mixture of people and animal-people is just the norm for this world? I know that there was deadline and everything so we couldn't really see a lot of how this world is, but a lil more backstory would have been nice? Since I didn't finish it, I'll have to edit this comment later, but I love the music sm and the sprites are <3 and the backgrounds!!! it's all so aesthetically pleasing, because I always wondered if a 2-D game that wasn't pixels would work and THIS WORKS. Good luck!!!


Thanks, and we're really glad you liked the game. Yes, we definitely wanted to include so much more, but simply ran out of time. We would love to finish it out. If you are stuck on the pipe puzzle, make sure you've found all of the pieces, as you may be missing the right one. There are three possible pieces, aside from the one she gives you. Unless you were referring to the irrigation puzzle?

Regarding that 'interesting' thing someone mentioned about Angela and Devon, we're glad that you enjoyed that. ;) We were trying to keep it subtle and let people figure that out on their own.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play our game and leave a review. We always appreciate feedback!

Of course! And it is the irrigation puzzle haha. But, like I said, I'm dumb so I might just be overthinking it!


Cute game!!!

The presentation was awesome. I really dug the art and characters.
The subtle stuff like the leaves and birds chirping really boosted the atmosphere,
which was accompanied by appropriately mysterious music.
Details like that make the mapping even better. 

I enjoyed how the puzzles were handled,
they were fun and the shift in music was a nice touch.

If I were to give one improvement, it'd be "reminder dialogue".
Sometimes my short-term memory blows a fuse; I forgot where to go 
after a character literally just told me. This game covers a finite area,
so it doesn't exactly destroy the game, but I've gotta give some usable feedback. :p

TOTAL PLAYTIME: 30 MINUTES (Including the time I got lost...just a little bit.)

FINAL VERDICT: Since the player didn't speak, I thought she was the sister and
the twist was that she was a spooky ghost. I'm glad it didn't come to that,
I like her face.


Thanks for the review! Reminder dialogue is a good idea. Or, maybe just a little quest box or something you can use to keep track of what you're supposed to do. We appreciate the commentary on the atmosphere. Futrchamp is a wizard with music, and really set the ambiance in such a masterful way. Always impressed with his work. 

We did intend to have a bust for Lia, but we went back and forth about it. She has a few speaking lines, but they may be easily lost in the dialogue. Thank you so much for the feedback!


I wasn't really sure what to think about it first, but I'm glad I played it^^
The music is great and the art is really cute^^ The gameplay is pretty solid, too.
It's a little too short for my tastes and a little more backstory would be nice, but you guys probably focused on presentation more.
Anyway, I would love to see more of this game and I'm pretty sure you'll come far with it^^ I can definitely see how that could become the next indie hit^^


Thanks so much for taking the time to play the game. We agree that it is far too short! xD We'd love to add quite a bit more to let the player know what is going on, as well. We created this great, albeit somewhat tragic story, and the robust nature of that world is a bit lost in what we could get done in the timeframe. I'm hoping we can bring that out in the near future. 

Thanks again!


Reviewed for Secret Santa 2018

The game follows three young girls, Angela, Devon and Lia, as they track Lia's lost sister in the Cypress Hills. As expected from the team that brought us Dear Edwin last year, the audiovisual aspect is really great.

However, the game is quite railroaded. You aren't given much of a freedom to explore as your companions constantly remind you if you're about to enter places you're not supposed to. I can understand that somehow because each map is hand-drawn, but it derails from the experience somewhat.

As mentioned, the graphics are beautiful. There are a few exceptions, though, that I hope you will consider paying more attention to when the contest is over. The pipes you find in the city look plain and dull, perhaps because of the lack of any shading on the sprites. The storagehouse in the Cypress station looks dull with grey colours, and I quite honestly disliked the puzzle minigame there.

Speaking of puzzles, the Moonshine puzzle had a bug in my playthrough: I did not notice the buttons (I think there were buttons) for changing the pipes, it was by pure coincidence that I noticed that pressing Esc (cancel) allowed me to try another pipe. And the "turn pipe around" gimmick would work better with curved arrow pictures, in my opinion. Anyhow, after spending about five to ten minutes on that puzzle, I managed to get the thing working and could progress. I'm not sure if I could have gotten the moonshine right away, but the backtracking from Gerdy to that machine and back was unnecessary.

I can see the potential for a full game in this entry, but it still requires some extra polish before it would sell, if you're going that route. I can understand developing the story, hopefully you will consider the other points of this review as well.


Hey LazyBumStudio,

Having played and enjoyed Dear Edwin last year, I was very excited to read in the progress threads that the same team would be working on a new project, and this time with a focus on gameplay. Unfortunately, I might have hyped myself up a little too much and set the expectations too high.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually liked the pixel style of Dear Edwin a lot more than the style used in fading remnants, and felt there was much more polish in Dear Edwin than here. I'm not sure if it was intentional or if the team ran out of time, but the presence and absence of shading/highlights on certain elements versus others (like the trees on the map versus the racks in the storage room) made the game's aesthetics look very unbalanced and unfinished. The sprites and character busts are great, though as many have mentioned, Lia not having a portrait when speaking when everyone else did took some time to register and get used to.

I know this is only a vertical slice, and I know there's a deadline, but similar to the visuals, seeing what was presented here further impressed upon me that the team might have bitten off more than they could chew. Especially considering the bar that was set by Dear Edwin.

The game's description paints a picture of a bleak, post-apocalyptic world, with phrases like ("Humanity is a lonely shell of what it once was..." and " for answers in a world that has forgotten mankind..."), and yet, for a good part of the demo we have three teenage(?) girls talking about eating peaches and friendly bickering with each other in a way that would seem more appropriate in a high-school slice-of-life setting. At first I even thought that through some bizarre reason peaches are now the only way to sustain life and is worth more than gold, but the game doesn't do anything to confirm or deny this idea.

The main quest dialog suggests that our protagonists seem to be in a hurry to find someone, wanting to avoid detours or being too involved with other people's troubles, but then the same trio also has time to fool around in garbage bins playing jokes on each other. As such, I have no idea how we (the audience) should be identifying with these characters and their predicaments, making it very hard to feel invested in them. 

Also, the fact that they are the only human-like people in the game (so far), but also don't seem surprised to see animal-people in town, have numerous interesting implications, but what these implications are were not even slightly hinted at in the game, leaving me to wonder whether it was even necessary to present these side characters as non-humans in the demo. (ie. Chekhov's gun)  

For me, gameplay is about giving players agency and having interesting choices. Choices can be story choices, progression choices, battle choices, etc. but regardless of form, it's about giving players some form of self-expression and having more than one outcome. Having said that, even though there was the mouse chasing, the water pipe, and the distilling machine puzzle, I felt that those were more like interactive elements than real gameplay. 

Yes, they are something to DO beyond reading dialogue and moving on the map, but not something you can PLAY with, not only because they were required to progress the story, but also because there is only one "right answer". I understand that the definition of gameplay and games differ from person to person, and so I might have simply had expectations that were not aligned with what the team had in mind.

Make no mistake, despite my disappointments with the game, I'm fully aware of the effort and work that went into building fading remnants, and I applaud the team for that. If this review sounds especially harsh, it's only because I believe (and still do) in what this team is capable of, and felt there could have been so much more. I sincerely hope that the team finds encouragement rather than discouragement from what I've written here, and am still very much looking forward to your future projects.

Cheers for another IGMC finished!


This was the comments I gave when playtesting the game, I figured I'd post here as well.

I love the graphics, they were Excellent. Though I loved your first ideas in the game progress thread I think that the style you settled on was very good.

Busts were lovely, especially Devon, loved Devon’s colours!

The music was Wonderful. Very good and thematic.

Gameplay was easy and fairly intuitive (though the pipe one did stump me for a moment. Lol)

I didn’t like having to go back to a map multiple times, but that might just be me, I like knowing all the information and not having to go back again and again to talk to someone (A little like Angela I think lol).

I like the characters, especially Devon, she was adorable! And not going to lie I immediately decided that she and Angela must become a couple! Because that’s what I do with characters when I’ve known them for more than 2 secs. (Don’t be insulted, this is a good thing, when I start pairing characters it means they’ve really resonated with me).

I understand that Lia is the main character, but I actually thought she was a mute for a while before I suddenly realised she was speaking! I think maybe I’m just used to having a face during a conversation to look at when someone is talking, having nothing other than the people on screen darken took me too long to realise it was another character (I might not be making sense!)

I thought the hints you dropped about the overall story were interesting and worth more exploration (which is obviously what you were looking for). I would have loved to see more of the story, and I hope you’ll continue the game after the contest. I also want to know why some of the characters are human and others were animallike.

The ending of the contest game got me thinking that maybe Angela and Devon are figments of Lia’s imagination (or she's schizophrenic or the adventure is going to parallel getting over something terrible, and coming to terms with the death of her sister or something) what with how they were talking about her and her sister (why would they all not continue to travel together) and also, I would love to know what happened in your world!

Overall the game was very good and I enjoyed it. It felt very short, but I know that was probably due to time constraints, and obviously I would love to know more of the world and what happened.


The Secret Santa Review of "fading remnants"!

With Hiddenone working on a game in a team with Babrelik, Futrchamp, and Plueschkatze, one would expect an exceptionally nice looking game. Between the four of them, there is years upon years of experience with RPGMaker. It shows, and does not disappoint. This short adventure game definitely has roots tied in with the adventure games produced in the late 1980’s through the mid 1990’s. While the story is all it’s own, someone who liked the SpaceQuest series or Beneath a Steel Sky will have a smile on their face while trying out this prototype. The story is delivered well, the art is fantastic, with very few hiccups in-between. This is a solid entry, and does the most important thing any game can do - it entertains.

 The story, gives the background of a traumatized Earth, where something occurred to create upheaval and a reversion to a slightly less technological state. Zombie apocalypse? Nuclear war? Celestial impact? We don’t know, but what we do know is that Lia’s sister is missing, and peaches are tasty. The story is compressed a bit to just allow the player to play the game, but not big enough to fully explain anything. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as this is a snippet of a game - and this style of game usually has a story and background that is fed to the player in increments. However, in it’s current incarnation, the player does feel that they’re missing something from the narrative.

 The artwork and mechanics are tied together at the hip, this is how things tend to work. This game is no exception to that. Each of the few maps are well drawn, colored, and balances that with clever puzzles and events. Not that there isn’t issues at all, the pipe puzzle could have used a little more work to fit the visual boundaries to the collision ones. All of the art, however, is spectacular, it all matches, and it’s easy to tell that great care was taken to fit all of the pieces together. The stylized choice of fonts, window borders, window backgrounds, etc - they all work together to build an experience that goes beyond what one would expect of an RPGMaker game.

 Before I wrap this review up, I wouldn’t be doing the makers any favors without pointing out some hiccups. None of the following is game-breaking, but I would be amiss to not provide at least some points that could use improvement. Some of the characters, particularly within the party, look too clean for the world in which they live. The colors should be toned down a bit, as I really doubt anyone has time to use fabric softener and color-safe bleach. It doesn’t look bad as is, but the really vibrant colors take away from the world-view. Next, when the protagonist, Lia, has dialogue certain cut-scenes appears “off.” The maker took great care to dim the busts of the non-speaking participants, but Lia does not have a bust. Again, not game breaking, but it takes an extra moment to process who is speaking. I’m not sure how to address this, especially considering that the language and script is very natural otherwise.  

 In conclusion, I consider myself lucky to have drawn this gem from the pool of entries. This was a fun, albeit short, game prototype that was a joy from the moment I ran the executable to the moment it was closed. The music is complimentary, especially in that is provides atmosphere without becoming a detraction. The only real problems could be best described as hiccups rather than full on bugs or design flaws. I really enjoyed this entry, and I, for one, am looking to see this title completed. Bravo!

 As a final note: I do not do numerical ratings when doing a review. If someone wants a one sentence encapsulation of my thoughts, it’s simply “download and play this game if you’ve ever enjoyed any adventure titles ever.” 


Hey Failsauce GameWorks, thanks for playing Fading Remnants!  We're so happy to hear that you enjoyed the game. :)

I do want to point out that the colors for the main girls were chosen for a reason.  We tried to leave a few hints in the game, but suffice to say that their clothes being that colorful  isn't because they stocked up on laundry supplies. ;)  Lia having a bust when speaking was considered but time forced us to stick with our original plan of her being more of an observer.

Again, thank you so much for your review!


I just hope anyone reading the review gets the main point, which is that your game really has that adventure game feel.  Titles of this nature are few and far between now days, stuff like the old Cinemaware game"It Came from the Desert," are just seldom seen anymore.  I truly hope you continue this project!

(6 edits) (+2)

Gave it a play. Here is what I think:

Atmosphere was on point. The graphics and music really immersed me in the world little by little. Awesome work there! It was really a chill experience which is nice from time to time.

However, I didn't get much into the dialogs and character interactions but that may be just me. I think this would have worked better with a silent protagonist. Also the humanoid creatures felt out of place but then again, that's just me. Everyone was so friendly! That's not how I'd imagine a post-apocalyptic world :P

The quests worked. I liked scaring the rats at the beginning. The water quest was well thought of too (maybe could have used some more visual cue to indicate better when a valve is closed/open). The other of finding the pipes felt a bit forced but since it wasn't too long it was ok. I'm not a fan of fetching quests, I'd have rather explore more of the beautiful world you created for us :c

The game is a DEMO of something bigger. While it left me curious for more it also left me a bit unsatisfied at the end as I did feel like I lacked a lot of background information. I guess it's to be expected, since it's supposed to be a proof a concept and I understand the time constraints.

Suggestions (not many):

- Add message backlog.

- Add mouse support.

Rate: 3/5 (it'd be 3.5 if the platform allowed that)

Nice work!


Hey Akumu Games, thanks for your comments!  It's great to hear that you enjoyed the graphics and music. :)

We had considered having a silent protagonist, but decided that letting her speak would be for the best for the story (I understand that we didn't share a ton of the story though, so I can see why you'd think that).  The humanoid creatures exist for a reason, and the friendliness is mostly because they were talking with young Lia.  You'd be nice to a young girl too, right? ;P

I put a lot of work to get the puzzles functioning right, so it's nice to hear that you liked them.  I agree that some more visual and audio cues would be good, but man that deadline snuck up on us.  Fetch quests aren't a favorite of mine either, so given more time I would have liked to find another more interesting way to retrieve the pipes.

Thank you for your suggestions, they're definitely something we'll keep in mind.  And thanks again for checking out Fading Remnants!

(+2) cute <3


Thank you, augustzero! <3
We're glad you're enjoying it.

(1 edit) (+3)

After watching all the love and hard work that your team put into this game it is so great to be able to play it.  I adore the art style and hope that this game gets continued.  The story line has me engaged and guessing. I'm not sure if it was intended, but the way that the cut scenes came off to me, and seeing how Lia had no bust graphic, made me start to wonder if Devon and Angela were really there at all or figments of her imagination.  This idea was further fed by Angela and Devon's very names-like angel and demon, or angel and divine.  Not entirely sure which your team was going for but they definitely do come off as Lia's shoulder consciousnesses.  Once again, all and all, I loved this.  Wonderful job!

Oh! And nearly forgot, I wasn't sure if it was a bug or intended, but when I reached Edna with the pipe pieces I could not fit the second piece no matter what direction I tried.  Was this the end of the demo or a bug in the program?


Hi Guardinthena! Thanks for your support and feedback, it means the world to us.

Nice catch, you seem pretty observant - we left a few subtle clues in the dialogue but didn't want to give everything away in the demo ;) 

You're definitely thinking along the right track, and in the full project we intend to reveal a lot more information on that front.

Regarding Edna and the pipe piece - there are four pipes (including the one she gives you) in total scattered around the parking lot, and the first ones you find may not necessarily fit the machine, but I can assure you that the puzzle is solvable if you've found all of the pipes. After you finish Edna's segment, there is additional content before the end of the demo. Hope this helps, and once again thank you so much for taking the time to play and review Fading Remnants!


Is this the beginning of the game or a slice in the middle?  I ask cause I was having trouble getting a feel for the characters and nature of the setting.  It's a great piece despite that though.


Hi Colin! Yes, this could be considered an excerpt from the middle of the game. We cut some of the initial exposition that would be in the final version, in the interest of getting to the puzzles/gameplay within the first few minutes of this demo. Thanks so much for playing and leaving your thoughts.