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The visuals for the game were really pretty and helped a lot in making the setting seem realistic. The character art in particular really helped convey the different personalities of the main crew and I liked the hints that there was more to the girls than first met the eye. The choice of how to show 'the secret', so to speak, was very well done and I could easily see a full game that followed the girls and made you second-guess a lot of things about what is actually going on. I do find it funny that a lot of people didn't seem to pick up on the hints of what was really going on with the girls, but that just goes to show that it has potential to be a really good future twist. ;p

The minigames as they were were pretty nice. I appreciated the pipe one a lot, honestly, and the other two weren't bad either. The sound was pretty great too. It's definitely one of the stronger adventure games in the IGMC.

But seriously tho - Bravo for hiding the twist in plain sight and using general gameplay mechanics to do so. That was seriously clever and I hope people recognise what you did and clap you on the back for it, especially the judges. >.<)b


Thank you very much, silversatyr! We are super glad you enjoyed the game and got the hints! ;3