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Thank you for letting me know that there was a problem. I bet other people also had an issue but didn't reach out. Have fun game making and good luck with your project! :)

Sorry that it took a bit. My contact at Komodo says it should be fixed now. Your steam either has already downloaded the update automatically or it should be fine after redownloading if it hasn't automatically. Please let me know if the issue is gone. Thanks :)

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When you say you don't have a game project file in your folder, do you mean the game.rmmzproject file is missing? 

Did you try redownloading? I checked with Komodo and it seemed alright for them at first glanze.

Oh! I'm sorry to hear. The Steam release is managed by Komodo, not me. Did you buy the MV or MZ version? So I can ask about that. 

(I double checked, I handed in example projects for both MV and MZ for people to copy the tileset.)

Danke für dein Kommentar. Schön zu hören, dass es dir gefallen hat! :)

Hi! Yes, you can use them as part of a video! And leaving a link for the asset pack would be great. I'm glad you enjoy the assets :)

Yes, that's ok! :) Thanks for asking.

Oh! Thank you very much!

I don't own the MZ version, so I can't test it, but I did a quick check on the wiki and the name formatting of the image files is the same as with the MV version, so it should be fine!

If I remember correctly (please double check with yanflys site) you'd need the extension for the animations to work, as the basic plugin does not support animations, only stills.

I added evergreen trees to this one, any other addition would go into a new pack. I hope this helps =)

Thank you. Glad you enjoy them =3

thank you for the feedback =)
Glad you enjoy them.

Edits are allowed for usage within your project. You aren't allowed to share or sell the edited assets.

I'm ok with you handing the files to a commissioned artist for them to work with those files. They aren't allowed to use the art assets (original or edited) on their own project (they'd need to buy their own license for that) and are not allowed to sell the edits they made as an asset pack, to other clients, or in whichever other way. ;3

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No. It was created for the use with RPGMaker, so you'd probably have to edit the sheets yourself to make them work with Tiled. (I'm not familiar with how the layout would need to be, but I guess the autotiles would not work as they are setup now.)

I plan on including evergreen trees into the next set, but that can take a bit, probably up to two months, depending on the time I can put into the set. 

I'll keep this post in mind for when I get to work on a follow up and will see what I can add into the set, but there are some nice ideas in here. Thank you =)

awww, thank you very much! :3 I'm glad people seem to enjoy them, it always bothered me that I could never have enough trees I like for parallax mapping so I decided to start a pack of my own and I think I might even do a second one, haha.

thank you very much, I'm glad you like them.

Thank you! I'm glad you like them.

Hello Moon-XP, we usually don't allow translations, as it is not possible for us to check the quality of those translations. I hope you can understand this. Thank you.

That's an interesting idea! I thought about doing a second pack but I'm not sure what else to put into it yet, but I'll note bubbles down.

Aww, thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Looks amazing, I especially love the floor tiles. You can never have enough trees! I might buy it at some point in the future. ;)

Thank you! It also should look pretty ok next to MVs RTP.

Hello there, so this jam is only for actual fan games, not games that are inspired by yume nikki, right?

If that's the case, I'm looking forward to what people come up with! <3
But doing a pure fan game might not be for me. I like creating own IPs. X3
I'll keep an eye on this, though.

Have fun everyone! <3

Thank you!

Thank you! =3

Nah! Don't be so harsh with yourself.

You can find 3 other pipe pieces around the map, which you can take to the distill and rotate them, one of those will match :)
You first have to choose wish pipe you want to try, and afterwards you can rotate it.

Well, congrats to the winners! :3
It's been a fun time! Thanks degica, thanks everyone who played and gave feedback, thanks other creators for the lovely games! :3

No. It's made in MV.

Thank you very much, silversatyr! We are super glad you enjoyed the game and got the hints! ;3 

Thank you so much, Makio! We are glad you enjoyed the game overall. 
And also~ Congrats for the top 10 placement and good luck! :3 

CONGRATS to all the top 10 people! Including my lovely team mates! <3 
Celebrate a little and then let's wait until end of january for the results.

And... thank you degica for the contest once more! <3

Feel free to send us your question via twitter (dm).

Thank you, augustzero! <3
We're glad you're enjoying it.

Glad to hear, that you'll keep working on it.
I already left a rating. Good luck to y'all :3

LOVE the artwork. Very reminiscent of old school JRPGS (for example FF7 and 9, with their prerendered BGs and 3D characters). You build up a lovely atmosphere. Also the cutscenes were good, with a lot of effects put in there... BUT you can easily tell that you did ran out of time.

It's hard to get a good idea of the character before the game freezes (airship crash). The textboxes look a little too plain, a portrait for the hero would've been nice.

I think it has a lot of potential, especially if you deepen the writing and bring out the characters more, and If we get to see what kind of gameplay this would have offered, as we didn't see anything aside from walking and talking and lovely, lovely artwork. I just hope you stick to it and make it shine! :3

A subforum for project threads and a discord channel would be nice. I think a lot of people would enjoy sharing their progress.