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Oh! I'm terrible sorry, forgot to check the windows box again after uploading the patched files! :)
It's done and should work now.

Aww! Thanks.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed your playthrough.

Love the looks of this! Great use of show image! <3

Thank you! :)

Ok, Secret Santa Review here~!

Short version (I'll leave you my general playthrough thoughts at the end aswell):

- Switching between views/characters.
- Not a standard battle system (tho I needed to get used to that!)
- Nice cutscenes and lovely mapping! Also well done use of music and soundeffects. 
- Feels like there's a greater story behind this (world building)

- It took me a bit to get into the battle system (might just be me tho!)
- I wished that the characters would be a bit more diverse in their speaking pattern etc. so that they'd have a bit more personality.
- Healing skill for the enemy which he really liked to use a lot! Which kinda extended the battle a lot more than necessary and ended in wild skill usage and button smashing for me.

Aside from a typo in a textbox (should have taken a screenshot, damn!) and a typo in a items description (mentioned below) I didn't run into any bugs.

Cumulus is a very well made game considering the given timeframe of a month! I quite enjoyed it.
I would have loved to learn a bit more about the world, since it felt like there could be more to discover! :) It told a short, kinda classic-heroic story, with the lovely twist of featuring both Skyler and Lorelei, a couple, as playable characters, instead of only the hero setting out to save his wife.

I'll leave you a vote :)


I'll just write along as I play, I hope that's fine :3

I really enjoyed the intro sequence, credits have been very nicely implemented.
The airship scene is very well done. Got to distracted opening up your itch.io site, so I missed which key to press to jump of the airship, haha. Quickly restarting! X3 (Thanks for making the slaphscreen skipable!) 

Oh! I tried to jump from the front part, had to take the back part. Haha! Got it after being lost for a moment.

Oh, some kind of action battle. Nice.

I can clearly tell that you did took a looooot of effort to make this game. It's very well evented and you made a lot out of the resources you had. The maps look really well made and the music is very fitting. I like the overall atmosphere.

Damn! Barbabos killed me. I'm really not good with action battles... D:
Amazing that you give a retry option instead of a game over. I was afraid I had to see the cutscene again, since I didn't save for a while. Well done! <3

I really enjoy the swiching back and forth between the characters.

Beta Potion has a typo. It says it recovers 500MP (not HP, I really got confused wondering why MP didn't fill up! XD)
Having the Enemy (Tyrannis) spamming heal is kinda annoying to be honest. (But I guess that's because I wasn't supposed to win?)

I think a healthbar during the fly event-battles would have been helpful. I got hit a lot, always afraid that I might lose. Not even sure if that was possible? (For example during the battle against the Dragon and stopping the Airships.)

I start to like the battle system since I'm slowly getting used to it. Haha. Haven't seen that plugin in action before. (It's Moghunters LMBS, right?)

Ok I did run into that healing issue again. That's really a bit annoying that he kept and kept healing and I had to hope that Lorelei would join in with some magic at the right time to I could finally take him out instead of having him heal up again. XD

Reached the end!
Loved your credit texts. <3
Nice little ending scene aswell.

Very well made entry all in all! Congrats!

Thank you very much!

Hello Mel!
Thank you for your kind words.

We decided not to permit translations for this game, since we would be unable to check the quality of these.  Sorry!

That's a fun little game you've created there! But I barely catched any dogs, haha. I really like the fail effect through! ;)

I'm sorry for the late reply. And for the translation it's a no. But thanks for the offer! And thanks for understanding.

Thank you for playing :)

(Edited 1 time)

I hope we are free to open up a thread? :)

How about sharing some WIPs from everyones projects within this thread?
Like art, screenshots and small update news?!

So we'd just have to scroll through one thread to get a good overview of some of the project people are currently working on? :)

(Or might lemmasoft forum be a better place for a thread like this?)

Thank you so much for your playtrough and let's play, both of us really enjoyed watching this :) You've a really nice voice. And I liked the voice acting a lot!
Also thank you for mentioning the errors and grammar mistakes! I've written them down, so we can fix them with an future update!

Seems like you also suffer from the itching-nose-while-recording-syndrom? Haha. I know many let's player having that! That made me laugh :)

And don't worry to much about not being able to say my name since it's German~ in english it would be plushcat. ;)

Thank you very much! :)

I've been waiting for this! Thank you Nami, this was a really lovely game. <3
I'm really happy that we got to know a little more about this world, too!
C-Can't wait for the next one! So happy there will be another one, haha! . <3
Thank you for all your hard work. <3

Thank you for playing! I'm terrible sorry that you had that problem with loading the game. I haven't heard of someone having that issue before! D: I just knew about a general save bug which disabled saving (which can be fixed by talking to the savepoint again).

But I'm happy that you had fun anyway! Enjoyed that Let's Play.

Sure! Feel free to do a let's play once we updated to the full version, I'm looking forward to check it out :)

Thank you for playing and your kind words! :) Nice letsplay!

Thank you for your playthrough! :) It was really entertaining.

I really love the music! That "meow" is so cute! :) fit's eveything very well!
I also adore the art on this small project.

Bug report:
In the cave, I jumped over the small gap and wen't under the plaform with the cheese, because I thought I could move on there and suddenly my sprite is gone. I can still move and the camera will follow, but I will not fall into the gap or leave the cave. X3

Hi there, just downloaded your game, but I get an error message when I try to run it, saying:

There should be 'MTNTrek_Data'
folder next to the executable

Thank you for the kind words, I really enjoyed your playthrough! :)
You've got a really nice way on presenting games. Keep up the good work!

And I apologize for the problem with saving, that's a bug that we thought we would have fixed by now but appearently it still pops up every now and then.

No need to be sorry! You're welcome! :)

Hi kindaw! Thank you for your kind words.
There's no menu. So you don't need to use the key that way.

The key is to be used on the window, which is locked. You just have to collect the key and the window will trigger an event that let's you leave the house.

We are done with the demo/first build and uploaded it!

Feel free to check it out:


We didn't manage to tell the full story, but about half of it.
So we will do an update in the near future and add the full game! :)

This has such a beautiful art style! But I think I've told you that before :) I hope you can finish it! I'm looking forward to play it.

Thanks for the crit J! I'll brighten her dress a little.

(Edited 1 time)

Worked on the bust for our main character. Feedback is welcome. I need to look at something else for a while before checking back on this, haha.


Instead of 4 we are only 2 members in the end, since both others found no time to participate, so we took over everything.
So it's just Yobob and me! :)

We've done a bunch of smaller adjustments, pushed art further aaand Yobob did A LOT of eventing.
Right now almost everything is done, we shortened the Story, so the end is more of a cliffhanger then supposed.
Since we wanted to go for the possibility of triggering 2 different endings at the point where the game ends now! Haha.
We might finish the game after the jam. We'll decide that once we've taken a little bit of rest! :P

I'm finishing the missing art pieces right now.
Once they are done I'll do the creditspage.
And I'll take a couple of screenshots and stuff for the games page!
That's when I'll have something to show you again.

But good thing is: Yobob and I really had fun doing this project, so we might collab again! :)

DAY 7!

Worked on the Titlescreen today!

And here's another map! ;)

Pfuuuh, that's a relieve! Haha. Some people are somewhat bad with criticsimn and get demotivated quickly, which I would not want! ;)
BTW it looks way clearer now =)

(Edited 1 time)

I did not want to be anoying, haha X'D Sorry if I have been!

I wish you look for your game. Looks promising!

Way better! But I would also increase the contrast on the buttons a little, good advise is to squint your eyes a little and see how much you can still recognize (you should at least be able to guess that there's something written on the button). I guess you always have to think of people with bad eye-sight who aren't able to see low contrast, I know that from my sister who often has problems with reading, because it's kinda hard for her to see small letters or low contrast stuff. ;)

I think I remember something about 20-25% in brightness difference... or something like that was a tip from my typo teacher back in school, haha.


50% brightness bg, 25% on the dark and 75% on the bright font. And it might be still a little hard to read for some people XD

But I often have a problem with contrast aswell ;)

Omg I love the idea! Very nice concept and sweet artstyle! Those cats are LOVE. I really adore them.

I think you need to increase contrast in the menu, it's a little hard to read, since the contrast is pretty low. (font to color of the boxes)

But I really like the artwork for this game so far ^^ great work.

That's such a great drawing, that lumberjack guy is great! X3

omg I really really REALLY love the art! It's supercute and such a sweet concept. Can't wait to get to play this! X3

Thank you J. I hope this will be a fun little game to play.

Thank you! :)

omg the art is soooo adorable! <3