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Yes, I can't upload the updated version since the voting has started.

You can download the fix here

You also can run from each battle, your escape ratio is 100% so all battles aside the boss are optional. But you should fight at least to level up once or the battle against boss will be tough.

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I found the culpript for it, but I can't sadly upload a fixed version since the voting period has started.

Here's the fixed game link for the time being until voting has ended.

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Okay, that definettly shouldn't happen. I'll see what caused it to do that.

I'm glad that you liked the game.

EDIT: I fixed it, but I can't upload the fixed version since the gamejam is going on.

Here's the fixed game link

Windows 10, Firefox.  This is still readable, some text became super darkbrown-red which was literally impossible to read. Yes, making a downloadable version is good idea, I am sorry to say that I looked forward to this game but I didn't really understand anything due to the text bug.

Did you use slot 1? Slot 1 is autosave.  

Thanks a bunch, I'm glad that you liked it.

Did you use slot 1? Because that's auto save slot and that is emptied.

It's really hard to read the font sometimes when it gets so crazy font colors. I couldn't read most of the text, especially hard was the super dark red text. Also Harold killing Therese felt extremely out of character.

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It's very laggy, extremely unplayable. It took me minutes to get to the first door. I couldn't play this much even though it looked nice, the lag was unbearable.

It's a nice idea but there's lots of bugs, probably the most annoying is that you lose HP for no real reason when you swim. I lost a lot of HP and couldn't beat the dragon. It also is kinda shame that you can't enter any of the buildings. Also I thought that if I just waited the timer, the dragon would attack then to engage in the battle but instead it was insta death and I should have gone to the gate to attack. It wasn't very clear on that.

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I disable the mouse usage since it usually just causes more problems than its worth. It's such a simple, short game that I didn't think that key rebind would even matter.

Glad that it lost the standard trope feeling then, since creativity was one of the categories. :P

Run NW.exe that's the game executable.

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What do you mean too much? Like they were too frequent? I can change that easily still if that's the case. 

I'm glad to hear that you liked the game.

EDIT: I've uploaded a new build of the game, this one has smaller encounter rate. Thanks from your feedback!!

The boss is somewhat challenging.

He looks like a bad boy, haha. ~

Love it

Super cute, always love seeing your new sprites.

Yes, you must bring evidence to Captain, the redhaired lady with black top hat in that large round building. You need to get 3 evidences to save your parents.

No, I just said that Steam wouldn't like that business model and it relies on you being able to get the keys from Steam. Steam may deny your keys.

Super cute game. Not much I can say about it , there's some very minor problems and tweaks that are honestly very nitpicky things about presentation such as when a character meets another they say "Look a people!" and stuff like that. The music, the art, it's all top notch.  

Sadly game play had some issues, it took me very long time to clear the Sludge Rats part because the rats kept moving into wrong direction. There's also passability errors like the tree underneath the station doesn't let you walk underneath it like other trees. Trees have many passability problems in general, you can walk on top of the tree trunks, while some don't let you walk underneath the leaf parts even.  At the intro, you see all characters walk out of sight into the right but when you get to play, you are back to where they began to walk as if the whole walking part never happened.  Sometimes characters who are supposed to be highlighted during dialogue don't get highlighted and everyone remains dark.

The main character has no personality. The friends are always talking but the main character is totally silent. I don't even remember her name or if it was ever mentioned since the other girls talk all the time and handle all talking. If the main character is literally mute, it wasn't mentioned anywhere but otherwise, they should say something.

Overall, it has potential and with polish in these small issues it could become really great.

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No, it's a horrible plan and if Steam learns of you purposely giving Steam users more poor deals and you're literally trying to screw their userbase, they'll decline your ability to give keys to Itch.Io

Besides you get the 100$ back when you sell 1000$ worth.

The castle within the town of Cloudfall has been taken over by an evil demon. Prince Helios has offered a huge bounty to anyone who's able to clear his family's castle and restore order into town. It is your task, as an adventurer to help defeat this evil, bring peace and gain whatever it is that's driving your own personal motivations.


  • 8 playable characters to choose a 4 person party from
  • Playable classes; Samurai (Refined Strangers of the Power 1 Warrior), Sorcerer (Refined Strangers of the Power 1 Mage), Priest (NEW!), Warrior (NEW!), Martial Artist (NEW!), Genie (NEW!), Hunter (NEW!), Pirate (Refined Strangers of the Power 1 Rogue)
  • Leveled enemies for tougher, yet more rewarding gameplay
  • Create new potions and upgrade existing ones with the brand new Alchemy system!


Thanks for trying out my game and I'm glad you had fun!

Thanks for reporting the bug, you're sadly the first person to catch this so it totally went by unnoticed. If you try out the game again, you can actually do everything that you did, as long as the timer is above 30 minutes you can get beat up by Rosalind like here to get past it but getting beat up reduces your timer by 5 minutes anyway. Getting beat up by Rosalind is not required for beating the game.

Thanks for trying out my game, I'm glad you had fun!

Thank  you from your kind words! 

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There's no additional clues to the code, you have to figure out yourself.  I actually did think of making them fail but then I thought that it may be too cruel and leave a foul taste in their mouths, especially if that's the only thing from stopping them from saving their parents. It could potentially sour the whole game experience, even if they had enjoyed it until that point.

I didn't think that it's too impossible to be honest, I've seen several videos where the people figure out the password without Miranda telling them about it. But if  I do expand this game out, I probably would have difficulty options where Miranda could help solve several puzzles if you are stuck with on easier difficulties limited number of times  and on harder difficulty, you'd have no safety net and would have to rely entirely on your own wits.



In the years of industrial revolution, a young girl wakes up to find that her parents are blamed for the disappearance of the guardian spirit of the city.

You have 50 minutes to find the evidence which proves that your parents are innocent.

Will you be able to find out the true guilty ones?


  • Guilty person is random each game; 3 possible people who can do it
  • Find clues, investigate and collect evidence for the trial!
  • Intelligent dialogue tree options; you cannot ask about people you don't know
  • Things change based on the time
  • Multiple endings
  • Immersive lightning system
  • And more!


Actually if Rosalind is the guilty one, the beating can be brought up during the judgement. Even if she's not, the bartender does remark that she'll get punished for that but you need to focus on the parents.

Miranda figures the code as a safety measure to prevent player from losing  the whole game if you can't figure it out yourself.

Thanks for trying out my game!

Go to the game's root folder, open package.json

and replace the chromium-args line with this

"chromium-args": "--enable-gpu-rasterization --enable-gpu-memory-buffer-video-frames --enable-native-gpu-memory-buffers --enable-zero-copy --enable-gpu-async-worker-context --ignore-gpu-blacklist",

If that still crashes replace it with this  

"chromium-args": "--ignore-gpu-blacklist",

If it crashes even with the ignore-gpu-blacklist  like that, try and install DirectX redistributables

If even after all of that it still crashes, sadly your GPU is sadly too weak and  you can't run the game.

Yes, because this sounds like an issue with WebGL to portray the effects with the fog that can be GPU intensive. Try and update the drivers and if that don't work, there is a one last thing that you can do as a last resort.

Are your GPU drivers up to date?

Hello, that sounds strange. Can you tell me what the bug says?

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Abstract: This game was originally made in one month for a contest and won a shared first place in the contest due to the aesthetics and the overall feel of Christmas. This is a vastly improved version with multiple improvements from the original version.

Story: Not many people know about it, but actually every story character you can think of, tooth fairy, Santa Claus and many others all live together in this big, beautiful world of magic and wonder.

It's the day before Christmas and young Mrs. Claus is about to receive some troubling news that may hinder even the Christmas of everyone on Earth...

Thanks for the review! Yeah, I chose to not give the player a choice to change message speed. Doing so and making message instant would make the game way too easy, you know?

You forgot that Bartender told you about a nun appearing on evenings near the statue. You should try it again, the guilty one is randomized each time you start a new game! It can even be Chastity who was nice to you here.

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Well, I've fixed it and the fixed version has been online. Sorry about the trouble, as I said you're the first one to have this issue.

You don't need to show that bug  in a video since it's already fixed. :)

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EDIT: I've found the audio bug and I'm uploading an update!

What are these numerous bugs? Can you please give a more detailed information, so I can fix them? I've not seen any of these bugs and no one has reported these to me and I've not seen anyone have these bugs either.

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EDIT: I found the bug, I'll fix it today!

Hello Maya, thanks for playing my game! That's really strange, I've played the clown game many times and haven't seen any problems on any of the test that we've had. What music was it referring to? I'll fix it asap.

Yes, this is where the time limits of the month come in. The puzzles and the evidence and interacting with enviroment and more locations and places you can meet the subjects in would be added. The town is expanded and you could meet the said doctor for example that is mentioned in mother's journal. A lot of this had to be left out for time contraints. But if I win you will see a game that has a lot more things and the concept of a time utilized in many ways as underlying theme as I mention in the credits.

Thanks for feedback!

Thanks, I actually really thought a lot about the way of presenting the timelimit and the message speed. The reason that I didn't give it instant text is that it'd be making the timelimit significantly easier and you could cheat it by left clicking through everything faster if it'd be instant drawn text. 50 minutes should be more than enough to find enough clues to prove your parents are innocent though, I was very generous with the time.

If you can't figure it out yourself Miranda gives you a clue before the timer runs out to prevent it from making you lose

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