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Venture into a puzzle ridden tower to shed light on an ancient celestial mystery.
Submitted by LunaTechsDev (@LunaTechsDev) — 17 minutes, 11 seconds before the deadline
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Fan Favorite#812.2862.286

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Awesome graphics, awesome graphics, awesome graphics! The game was less than 10 minutes long and so it was most likely disqualified unfortunately. The moment I click new game I had no control over anything and voicing when the characters are talking was just a little annoying but I did get used to it.

Submitted (2 edits)

This isn't a game, saw someone play it and it was like overly long cutscene and then the game ended. What a huge letdown, I thought this looked like one of the most promising entries but it turned out to be one of the worst!


Art and animation were nice. Story was fine, but this was basically a video.

The sound of the talk was a bit annoying. The description of the game is incorrect for the content available.

The options are a bit glitchy. I ended up controlling multiple bars at once and sometimes the bars just got stuck in adjust mode.

I can see some potential, but there isn't much to go on in terms of direction since there is really no gameplay involved at all. Not even clicking. That isn't to say a movie isn't nice, but not what I'd call a game.


Of course the artistic style was spectacular. I especially liked the walking motions at the very end. Storyline I found intriguing as well, and would love to see more. Not much else I can give feedback on except the voices I found cute at first, but grating after. Eventing could use a little improvement, though that I could definitely chalk up to the time crunch and power outage. 

Working in teams is hard! Hope you all can make something awesome happen post-jam.


The art was incredible! I'm agree with Pelnar, this game has a lot of potential, I hope to see a complete demo/game soon!


This has a crap ton of potential.  Deadline clearly hit hard.

But I liked the concept, art was gorgeous, and the music was PERFECT.

Thank you so much! I am glad at least some of the experience was enjoyable! Hopefully more will be coming soon!


I liked the music and the art, everything else was terrible.

Thank you very much, Amysaurus and I worked very hard on those! Hopefully the rest will be improved in the new version soon!


I'm sorry to hear about the situation! Clearly, there was a lot of work put into this :(
Here's some minor feedback based on the short length of the game:

  • The sound effects during dialogue are a little annoying rather than enjoyable compared to something like Animal Crossing. I think with some tweaking, it could sound better
  • The text speed is slow. It would be nice if the player had more control over that
  • You should increase the width of the message box. It feels very squished with the overall presentation of the game

Hope to see a really polished release post jam!

We'll do our best. Thank you for the great critique; we'll try to fix these things in the next release!


Unfortunately, we were unable to complete the game in time, one of the members of our team who was responsible for the gameplay had a power outage. Due to this power outage and some trouble with our organizing and planning as a new team, we were unable to implement any gameplay. This submission only contains the cutscenes and then rolls to the credits, sorry for any inconvenience, but do stay tuned for future updates as we will be updating it to a complete game.


If it's any consolation the main bit of my game I actually had a decent amount of gameplay for ended up with a game-breaking bug because I forgot to change an autorun back to autorun after doing some testing on the map, so when you go there the screen just stays black. :P

Deleted 18 days ago

Yeah we had issue with the upload last minute (one of the programmer had electricity shortage and we were unable to push the full build. we are sorry for the inconveniences. it wont stop us to publish the full game once we are up to do so.