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A puzzle-platformer adventure game with squirrels and mysteries.
Submitted by Thund — 9 days, 15 hours before the deadline
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Amazing game, I couldn't even tell it was built on RPG Maker!


While the jumping was a little rough, the game itself was amazingly well done. The art direction was also impeccable, and I had a LOT of fun playing it, and wanting to know more about the game and the world's lore and especially about Arp. Very nicely done.

Suggestion: I got soft locked by exploring the level, thinking I was going to find a secret. It was also a little hard to figure out what to do next at times, especially since I didn’t realize I could go in a direction I didn’t until later.



Thank you HawkZombie for playing it! I already fix some issues about the game, especially the game controls. :) 

Honestly I don't know if I continue this game because I've already some other ideas in mind, but I really appreciate your comment! :)

I really hope you do. I just adored the little world you made here!

Jam Host(+1)

Please see Teal's play-through video, as well as her review of the game in the video description:


At first it seemed just like a normal good game until the ending which was great as it wasn't cliché :)


Hi, everyone! I have a great news about Quisk, I'm working on this and I hope to fix the problem soon (this doesn't count for the jam but I want to keep you updated :D )


I have finished this game now, and this is what I think about it:

The graphics are fantastics, and the game design too. I liked the mechanic of eat an acorn to jump highter, but I didn't like that it wasn't used in the temple. I think that it's really hard to make a side-scroller in Rpg Maker MZ whit only using events, and you did an amazing work about it! There are some bugs with jumps, but honesly, thy didn't bother me much. Finally, I thinkt hat this is a very well-done game!

The bug related to jump are fault of the engine, he explained this in one of his video


Right out the gate you hear some amazing chip-tune 8-bit crunchy goodness. The title art is also fantastic. There are a few good options and sound controls, also I like the font, it feels very retro. 

The maps and character sprites are super adorable and the whole thing is very pleasing to look at. The menu is simplified and the story is pretty bare bones, but that's enough for what this game is actually  trying to do. 

This is a really wonderful start, but as soon as you get to moving the main character around, the game goes a bit sour. It's really hard to actually control your character(Quisk, the squirrel). Jumping gives you no control and once you hit that jump button, you're locked into that animation and movement pattern, so you better be sure which buttons to press and when. 

The game doesn't limit your playthrough with an arbitrary number of lives which is the way it should be, good thinking. Let the player trial and error their way through it as many times as it takes. Some people will catch onto the movements quick, some slower, and some will never be able to play this game as it's got a rough learning curve given it's limitations in movement. 

I keep trying to run-jump off ledges which causes me to fall to my death more than I think it should, but like I said it's a steep learning curve(no pun intended). You basically have to move slowly to the edge then press the jump button without holding any direction. 

As much as I love RPG Maker, and I do absolutely LOVE RPG Maker... I feel like this game shouldn't have been made on it. You should have tried this on GMS2, or Godot if you can handle node based engines. 

The tile/grid movement of this game can be very frustrating. Pixel movement kind of goes synonymously with platformers and the lack of it is very much noticed.

If you can get over those issues, the controls make sense for the most part. Pressing 'down' will let fall below some platforms to perform a drop down like it should. Pressing the action button will initiate a jump(even though it locks you in a set pattern), the up key will let you jump straight up, it's mostly all predictable. (as it should be) 

The enemies look like enemies and not powerups, which is where I've seen some games like this fail in the past. The backgrounds and foregrounds are all very well done, good job making everything look great. Quisk does kind of look like Tails from the Sonic games (Sega) especially when 'climbing' the ladders.

I think instead of the throat clearing sound effects, the "hmns", "eh?", "wow", etc... You should have made text SFX. Like a 'voice' SFX that plays when the text is scrolling, instead. It doesn't need voice acting(VA), while it could benefit from some good VA, it would suffer if the VA wasn't up to par with the rest of the assets. I believe Visustella actually has a plugin that does that(text SFX) so you could just pick the sounds you want it to play and it will loop that sound with variance. It's all setup in the plugin parameters. Maybe add a different one for each character talking and then swap between the voice SFX. (Message me on discord if I haven't been clear enough to describe what I'm talking about.)

Not being able to turn around to jump back on some areas is maddening. If you want to face a direction you literally have to move in that direction. This is another area that the control scheme falls flat. It makes for tedious movements that are not fun (to me at least), and results in several situations where you feel like the game 'jipped' you by your inputs not resulting in the desired outcome.

While I think the level design is very well done in most areas, there are a few spots that I think are just mean. For example after the falling star cutscene,(nice cutscene btw) you have to catch a fly on a map. On that first map it looks like you can walk farther than the game lets you. The branch extends farther than the collision map does. So you literally fall 'through' the branch. Not a big deal right? But these events keep adding up until the player gets frustrated enough and quits playing the game.

Once you trade the fly to the frog and find the piece of wood, then have your squirrel friend chew on it... I'm at a loss on what to do next. None of the NPCs seem interested in any of the items I have and I'm just backtracking on the maps again. 

Anyway, let's talk about practicality here. While most RPG Maker users will admit that making a platformer using this engine is an impressive feat, the end user/steam consumer won't really care what engine you used. All they will think about it is how bad the controls are and probably leave a negative review. I say this because it will be placed next to other platformers that have pixel perfect movement and stellar graphics(Look at Ori and the Blind Forest). No matter how pretty this game is, the controls are not good enough to compete with games in the same lane. 

This is a great submission to the game jam and thank you for participating. I think you've accomplished quite a bit and to be honest I think you should take these art and sound assets and remake the game with an engine that is specifically designed for platformers. You might even be able to sell it for a decent price, if you can nail down the controls. Good luck in the future! :)

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Thank you Drifty for your amazing feedback. In retrospect I think I was wrong to bring a side-scroller game. The idea was to overcome the limitations of Rpg Maker by making another genre and create a kind of tile-based puzzle platformer but you are right in saying that the controls are not good enough to compete with games in the same lane.  I could perhaps limit the game to just using the sidescroll perspective without putting jumps and enemies, but then Quisk would have less room for movement and I don't think it's right.

It will surely be a lesson for future projects. ^^


I've got through the game properly this time! it was great, cute little squirrels, cute little bunny, AMAZING pixel landscape artwork, and a simple short puzzle-solving adventure. Other than the bug from before and maybe very few grammatical and text box errors (I think one time it said Quisk was speaking but it sounded more like Ronk was speaking) You and your team did a great job pushing the limits of the RPG Maker engine and put it into making a nice short game within the 1-month time limit. I really like that you added custom voice sfx for each character, very unique. 

I'd love to see where their next adventure leads them.


You did a phenomenal job with the game design! The levels were well constructed, the graphics worked well with the music and to top it off, it had an interesting story about squirrels. I also liked how you added acorns in every map to challenge the player.

Unfortunately, there's one big issue I had: the controls. Judging this as an RPG Maker game, it's neat but as a platformer game, it's terrible. There were certain parts in the game where I had to jump onto the platform, and it bounced me right back because it collided with the wall. You should seriously consider programming a platformer framework with pixel based movement.


I'm getting a lot of sonic vibes from this and that's great! Cause it's super developed. But uh... I think I found a bug and got stuck when jumping in an area.  I stood on the small log platform and jumped straight up after collecting all the acorns, but the little squirrel went past the platform and I think is stuck in the ceiling? XD I'm playing this on the itch page btw, and I think the game froze but the music is playing. Just a bug I wanted to point out.


Thanks for reporting! Hope you saved in time before the crash :(


Unfortunately I think I saved a while ago, but that’s ok with me, I can replay up to the part before the crash. Definitely gonna try and not crash the game this time. Lol 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I adore everything about this game!!! The art, the music, the sound, the aesthetic, everything was spot on! 

Out of all the other entries, this one is by far my absolute favorite. This is the game that is going to win for sure. I’m calling it right now! 

This game was absolutely magical and captured  my attention and would not let it go. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My only piece of advice is to add a floating “Z” key over the signs that give you important info about the mechanics and controls and as others said, make it to where you can move and jump at the same time. 


Thank yo so much for your comment! I'm not so positive about the game because I feel it need a little more polished about controls, anyway I'm glad you like it! <3

It's never easy to do a total conversion from top-down RPG to a side-scrolling platformer. You had to do what you needed to in order to achieve that goal. Overall, Quisk is a great short story that could use some serious expansion as of the cliffhanger ending, maybe a sequel. That was tough to get to, but I feel like that final eagle puzzle was a solid and satisfying way to end that adventure! My only gripe about it is what Wyldfire said about the signs being unreadable if you don't know what key to press.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Definitely has a lot of issues. You can't move while jumping unlike most platformers, it is hard to control your rolling jump (which seems to have at least two different height settings depending on your movement. That or it is just glitchy.)

The controls and hit detection are just really weird because the enemies aren't necessarily where they are visually and that makes timing much more difficult.

Managed to freeze the game by jumping up onto the next screen instead of into the ladder, which caused me to change screens and then freeze.

Lots of weird collision issues with terrain and enemies. It feels like you are more reliant on luck than skill.

There are signs all over, but it doesn't look like you can interact with them.

If you talk to the bunny with the rune, she will repeat the text about the rune if you show it to her again instead of learning the first time. This feels a bit odd.

Some parts are not clear what is solid and what isn't (especially where the fly is and on the eagle map).

The acorns respawn on returning and not sure what they even do.

That last eagle on that one map is effectively impossible to get past. It is too high to kill and it is a game of luck to try to time it.

The quit button in options quits the game, not the options menu.

Developer (1 edit)

This game was meant to be a puzzle tile-based platformer so the jumps cover tile-based distances. You can interact with signs  so that you have some tutorials: you've to press ENTER like you interact with NPCs :)

For this reason I think you've not understood the acorns mechanics, which allow you to jump higher if three of them are collected.

Otherwise I know the controls are a bit cumbersome, I'm working on making everything more fluid but the game will remain a tile-based puzzle,  so the jumps will remain as before.

For the quit button in options: in the title screen if you click it you can exit the game while during a gameplay session you can return to the title screen. There is a bug in the HTML5 version about the options menu, I'll fix in the next update =)


You can interact with npcs with the action button, but it doesn't work with signs unless the signs can only use the enter button while npcs can use either. It wasn't really made all that clear on the controls from what I played.


Very nice work here! I found the controls to be a bit wonky, but game is charming and looks amazing. I make a lot more comments/you can watch me struggle to play in this first impressions video I finally got uploaded:


I'm going to watch it right now! Thank you ^_^


I have never enjoyed a platformer game or ABS game in rpg maker, the engine it is just not meant for it. B  U  T  W  O  W! I really enjoyed yours. While it still has some problems with collision and stuff(the engine is hard for those type of games) everything else I loved, the sprites looks so nice, cute and fluid. Your maps are great visually and in design. Music and SFX are great too. I strongly recommend to switch engines, since everything else it is just waaaaayy to good.

Congratulations on your entry, an impressive one for sure =)


Thank you for playing! I was trying to bring something original and different with rpg maker but I know that make a "tile-based platformer" is not so simple, let's see it as a fun experiment. =)


A platform made with RPG Maker? 5 stars, by the way I was already convinced because I liked Rookie hero and a Doomsday witch, but also the gameplay of this game is fantastic. I wonder if you weren't limited by time what masterpiece you could have came up with.
Beatiful game


Giusto il fatto che sto gioco è stato fatto in Rpg maker mi porta a votare per te! Fatto veramente bene


Just the fact that this game was done in Rpg maker leads me to vote for you!  Really well done


Nicely done! I very good experiment :D

Good luck with the contest!


One of the best game i ever played on this site


You're too kind! Thanks 😊


I share the same sentiments with Beregon on this game's gameplay and visual presentation. I do hope this would be rectified in either another engine or find a way to circumvent the issue in the engine itself. I really enjoyed the game as it is and would love to see more of what you can offer. Clearly the visuals are a high point of this game and I am in awe of such breathtaking detailed spritework.


I'm going to work to fix these issues (it will be release later due to the jam rules) but thank you so much for the positive comment! 

Credits for the graphics and sprites go mostly to LuisZeno/Ansimuz with the Sunnyland packages! 😍

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