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Yeah, unfortunately, we were getting that error for almost everything so we had to close up most of the biggest culprits. Really all you can do right now is to order materials and craft.... Unless you figure out the real game, hahahaha...

Congrats, a game that I didn't want to tear apart on stream... yet.

Uploading a new game via the submit button did not automatically enter you into the contest. I thought it was normal, but apparently it wasn't.

Honestly, the category is more of a fame category than anything. A lot of us have mentioned this before. The most famous person will basically win the category every year.

There is a workaround for the plugins issue where you basically force them into the game with a common event that you never call, but contains every asset used by the plugins.

Unfortunately, we had to dump about 90% of the functions during the port from VNM to MV. (VNM was too unstable to the point where it would work one run and break another). We will be working on recovering those functions after the contest period.

After the contest ends or after you withdraw from the contest. I'd recommend waiting for the contest to end.

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Yep, you had to manually add your game. I forgot to put out a PSA because I had a sudden last minute notice that my scripter was having us change engines and had to spend my time porting the game to the new engine. (We lost like 90% of the game in the port too).

Unfortunately, at this point, your best bet is to hope that the judges can at least play enough of your game to make it past screening at least.

Yep, the problem is that in order to make it foolproof, you'd need some rather insane methods that would cause most people to avoid voting.

That said, there are some rather iffy entries.

You will not be able to upload until the contest is over or possibly until you withdraw from the contest.

You can change which files are visible if you have multiple up, but I'd recommend avoiding that as it may affect your game's judging.

The game page can be changed and you can change which files show up. You CANNOT upload though so do NOT delete your files.

Don't delete your games after the submission ends...

Max time should be 31 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds (or 58 minutes) due to midnight start on first day and October having 31 days.

published a game 1 year ago Ultra Serious Game

updated a Uni Elementals 324 days ago

published a game 285 days ago

Farm of the word

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published a game 129 days ago

The Last Will

 published a game 104 days ago

Slime Kingdom

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Farm of the word

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published a game 42 days ago

Emerek: Test your English

published a game 41 days ago

Emerek2 : Test your English 2

published a game 39 days ago

Amerak Rpg: The Food Magician

(4 submissions by the same person, including test your english 3)

Once the contest is completely over and we can update again, I'll be remaking this how it should have been. I hope you'll give it another try then.

I know. If anyone would know, I would. I am VERY familiar with the rules. I know there are two people that managed to legitimately submit before me.

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I think you might not realize the duration of the contest. I made it the DAY that the jam started. 31 days in October and the event ends a little before midnight on the final day, but started midnight on the first day so in total, you have 32 days. (technically 31 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes, and 59 seconds). Aka. I made this in about 8 hours (minus the assets, which were for my 2017 entry post contest version.

(This was sort of a challenge from the 2017 discord channel to try to make a game on the first day of the contest).

Fair enough. I might go ahead and break the one day rule and add the rest in.

For everyone's sake, can we get an addition to the rules that includes everything that should be common sense?


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Honestly, it was ready, but I'm adding stuff right now that I don't want people to see. Besides... I added something to the game page.

It is a bit of a hint. Like I said. there is a way to unlock it if you know how. It is just a lot harder right now than intended.

I've made it unlocked for people, but there are some issues.

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It's not supposed to yet.  I had locked it until the 28th. I mainly am uploading it for those who are working on it to have a base version to work with.  Those who have a need to use it will know how to unlock it.

Going to post Dev Logs here for now since I'm hiding the project page.

My game is probably a meta game. You can play it normally and find the normal ending, but...

The characters evolve based on what you do.

Video shows some hidden features.

Have a bunch of things planned.

Bathory Route: If you kill Bathory with a spear, the title will change
Bathory Route: If you kill Bathory by feeding her holy water, the title will change...

SinのAria: The best title screen planned so far is if you piss off your route's princess without killing her.
SinのAria: When you start the game back up, you find a bunch of save files ripped up, the protagonist a bloody corpse, and the saves for that route are gone from the load screen.
SinのAria: Some gallery entries might be burnt away as well.

SinのAria: The real game starts when you touch her chest enough times that she gets angry. 

SinのAria: But only if she is in her Hero Princess form.
SinのAria: (Actually, if you do that, she hits the quit game button and when you get back on, any saves with her route are ripped apart. And you come back to a corpse of yourself on top of that)

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All the other? No, I'm implying that everyone, including my own, have mistakes. I ended up having less time than expected due to some issues popping up, but basically the idea was to take several themes of "common mistakes" and blow them up so over the top that it would be obvious that it was satire in nature.

Originally, it was supposed to have several themes:

  1. Not giving enough information for the player to complete the objective.
  2. Object Collision, Permitted Movement settings, and event initialization
  3. Excessive use of darkness without consideration for gameplay
  4. Cutting the content in the middle of an event/quest. (not finishing)
  5. Excessive text dumps
  6. Puzzles with excessively slow movement
  7. RNG based success
  8. Bad mapping (Peer Review was going to be the target here)
  9. ???

I don't see any comments saying that old games are bad and definitely not because of graphics. The concern was really more about whether or not the submission would be allowed.

Powerpoint? Notepad?MS Paint?

(1 edit)  Well, they did say ANY engine...  I don't think this is what they had in mind though... Nick confirmed it. Long as it runs as a windows executable, it is good so...

Shhh... We are trying to keep it a secret that it still exists.

Believe me, it isn't. It would be closer to Mature based on games that are out. Stalker Girl's attitude will be explained later.

Can we get the rules updated as well?

Nope. Serious educational game.

If rights would revert back after a certain time, could we see a change in the wording to include the time and conditions? It might help with increasing entries, so I believe there would be some merit in doing so.

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Except the word Creator can include Developers. My point was more about the lack of a time for Degica to decide, which means that they could potentially tie down a game so it never gets released.

(1 edit)

Is there a time period before Degica relinquishes the rights to First Publishing if they don't use it? Otherwise, it seems a bit unfair to tie up the game by preventing the winners from publishing (since if Degica decides not to publish, then the game basically can never be published under the rules of First Publishing Rights).

Creators retain all rights to their respective works. The contest runners (Degica) reserve the right to promote the game on the appropriate websites, blogs, social media, etc. as outlined in the prize packages.
Degica reserves first publishing rights for games that win Degica’s Choice, People’s Choice, and/or YouTuber’s Choice.

Those two lines actually seem to contradict each other to a certain extent. Creators retain all rights to their respective works, but Degica reserves the right to promote entries and the right to first publishing for winners. So the right to promote entries can be non-exclusive, but first publishing rights are generally exclusive.

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It should be possible. Would you be able to if I could figure out how? (I was told that it could be done, but I need to read the documentation to figure out how it works)

And if not, I'm in no major rush if you'd be willing to do make a javascript version later on.

Anyways, let me know how much it would cost to have a 64 bit version made.

I hate do admit it, but I don't really know how to call on a DLL. >.< I don't really understand DLLs, UIs, Visuals, or Sounds in general since I don't get the numbers associated with them. I am still learning what numbers go with what colors, what numbers go with what visual elements, and so on.

Rather than a programming language, coffeescript and javascript would be script languages? Visual Novel Maker primarily uses json files for storing information and uses programming language for the launcher from what I know, but otherwise uses scripting language for a lot of the functions that can be modified.

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I'm not in a huge hurry, but one of two things (Either one should work, though the later would help me out more and depending on your price if you decide to do it, possibly both): 

  1. Macrotune for 64 Bit Windows (The current version keeps freezing on my Win10 computer).
  2. A javascript based Macrotune-like extension for a game engine (basically, I want the player to be able to craft their own songs mid-battle as well as being able to use pre-made songs).
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I'd really rather not throw this in the comments section, but I couldn't find any other contact information (Forums has registrations disabled, Twitter has DM disabled, doesn't really have any pm system I know of...), so posting here since it is probably the most relevant place I can post (since it has to do with MML). 

Do you take commissions for making programs and add-ons?

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If you can't fix it, here is an alternative: Remake it from scratch using the assets you have. It will probably take you less time to remake it than to fix it since you already know what events there will be and can plan ahead. Also, as a hint, make it so that the key and door only change the variable if used on the proper map (add in a conditional branch). Basically, any item that should only be used in one map, make sure it only has an effect on that one map. There is another way to do it as well, but it is more complicated so easier to make mistakes.