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Fantastic update! Looking forward to the completed file!

The extra palettes are fantastic! Thank you!

These are fantastic! So happy to see this tileset get an update!

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Hey team,

Any news on Puzzle Depot? Haven't heard from you all in a while!

You can resize the tiles to work with it, yes.

So excited to try this out!

Once it's in a finished state, I'd be happy to have you playtest my entry!

Oh damn! That's so exciting! Love all your contributions!

Anybody hanging out in a particular discord? Always good to be able to chat with other IGMC participants.

So excited to be back at it! Best of luck to you!

Finally got around to playing this. Figured I'd stream it for posterity and for recording purposes. It's been a blast so far.

Clean, engaging, and polished. Very enjoyable puzzle game!

Not as is, you'll need to resize them like I did.

Short and sweet. I enjoyed the mechanics and the final level teaches you a good lesson in pathing!

Resized them using Photoshop.

It's doable. I'm using them in MV but you'll need to do some resizing.

Seconding that recording request! I'd love to see a speedrun of it.

I even reached out to the creator on Twitter, these are free to use commercially. Nothing was ripped.

Just a reminder that one of the rules is "Games must be available in English, but you are welcome to include other translations (just make sure the default language is set to English)."

From your screenshot, that doesn't appear to be the case.

Merci pour les commentaires! J'apprecie beaucoup!

Merci beaucoup pour le commentaire! Si jamais je revisite le jeu, je veillerais a introduire sois des nouveaux elements plus rapidement ou modifier la rapidité du jeu!  

Merci d'y avoir jeter un coup d'oeil! 

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Thanks for giving Contagion(  ) a shot! It was really fun figuring out how to to create the vintage/glitched look of the game. The sounds were taken from a free to use source, so I'm sure other games may have also used it. Since the challenge was so short and I was unable to work a full day of the 72h, I had to keep it simple, but I figured it would work for a short puzzle game.

Merci de l'avoir essayer! J'apprecie beaucoup!

Gotcha! Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for trying it out! I'll keep the speed in mind for any future versions but stuff gets weird at higher speeds.

Don't forget like any RPG Maker game you can hold SHIFT to sprint.

Those cards look a lot like yugioh cards in terms of the template. Hopefully you made them yourself 'cause otherwise it probably won't pass well with the judges.

You probably should add images and some description to your game.