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Glad you enjoyed it! Maybe I should make it more clear that raising HP at a certain point increases radius. I liked the idea of it being a surprise, but maybe that makes the brightness investment seem less worthwhile than heat, and it's hard to be surprised if  you never see it. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the review. I am definitely going to adjust the difficulty down, since it seems that unless you understand enemy behavior perfectly (because you designed it haha) it is a bit too challenging/frustrating. But glad you enjoyed the mechanics in general. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the review! It's clear that the difficulty needs some tweaking (I'm not sure anyone has beat it yet -- besides me haha). And yes, all the music is original by me. Glad you liked it.
I'm planning on making some balance adjustment based on reviews after the competition is over -- better telegraphing boss attacks, lowering damage output and hp a bit, and reviews like yours help me get a sense of what to adjust. Thanks!

I don't want to be too obnoxious... but your game opens with a bunch of copy/pasting from wikipedia. You should at the very least put it in quotes/cite it in your credits. (PS the urdu got scrambled in the process).

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Dungeon Down, a (secret santa) review

The Short: It's just fun.


  • Excellent combat system. Simple, fast and cathartic.
  • Addicting dungeon exploration and treasure. I wanted to keep playing.

Cons (minor):

  • No story. There really isn't much going on here, but it doesn't matter because more loot!
  • Some of the items/weapons etc. were a bit confusing in what they did, and what the different tiers of power were. There are so many different types of gear it gets a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to get excited about.
  • Mapping is functional, but the dungeon levels get a bit repetitive in layout, especially given that there isn't much reason to explore in the first place.

If dungeon crawling with some roguelike features are your thing, this game is fantastic.  The fun of the combat system and skill progression more than overcome its minor flaws.

Oh I did cut off there abruptly.  They're all pretty minor little things like that, but here are a few more that you could maybe fix if you think it needs them for an update: The thieves in the jail cells reset to the lobby, if you leave the room and return (touching them will immediately send them back to the cell).  You can use handcuffs on fire (this just seems a little weird). There is no exit from the ruins at the end of the game (before you use the key to fight the boss even (this may be intentional?). In the epilogue, if you explore the city, nothing has changed. This is mostly amusing, except for one major issue -- if you talk to the elder's wife again, she will trigger the sleep dialogue to embark on the final fight again. It may be possible to do this even before fighting the final boss as well.

I just thought the background on the dirty dishes was a mistake with the default photoshop background for transparencies (grey and white squares) showing up. Frankly, the combat was on the whole too easy/unvaried, and so blindness just felt like an annoyance dragging fights out longer, while I waited for it to wear off. The basic water usage mechanic is interesting, but maybe there are ways to expand on it to give more variance to combat, than mashing attack, over and over, and hoping not to get blinding.

Project Fireball, a (secret santa) review

The Short: An intriguing game, that I was ultimately unable to really play due to the required multiplayer of at least 3 people.


  • Nice modification of standard tileset, giving a fresh feel.
  • Interesting music -- it's kinda weird, but I like it.
  • Impressive-seeming multiplayer functionality on an RPGmaker game (see cons)


  • A multiplayer game without a player base. The game is presumably a room-escape of some sort, but requires at 3 people to actually play. I've logged in on several occasions and never seen another player online. While I could try to round up a couple friends to play, I'm frankly not inclined to rope my friends into what is effectively a beta test of a game that may or may not be fun.  That said, if you have friends that like trying new, untested co-op games, this seems interesting.
  • There is no option menu. It's not even possible to quit the game without x-ing out the corner, or hitting f5.  At the very least a quit button would be nice. 
  • Requiring a formal account (and use of an email address) is kind of obnoxious when it comes to testing/trying out a new game.  If I wasn't reviewing it for the secret santa thread, I probably would have quit right then.

So, I really don't have a review of the game here obviously. Judging from the care put into crafting the lobby room, I imagine it could be quite good. I hope people with more friends than me are willing to give it a go.

Ah yes. The mushroom mini boss is a definite  difficulty spike. I'd suggest moving in the small opening space of the fight kinda slowly, and trying to take out the greenie on the left as quickly as possible, to open up more movement space. The good news is, you'll only have to beat him once. Thanks again for the feedback!

Glad you're enjoying the mechanics! I appreciate the feedback on balance, it'll help me tweak it. There is an intentional learning curve with new enemies, and especially bosses, and I designed it with some expected amount of deaths in mind. But if an enemy is feeling annoyingly hard or confusing, that's something that needs changed.

Which boss are you struggling with? Maybe I can offer some tips on how to beat them. Also, if you don't mind grinding for ash, buying some upgrades can help make a fight much easier (using the save points will reset monsters on the maps in case that isn't clear). Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Thanks for the clarification, I was able to finish playing (and I must have had really bad luck the first time around in the house, because I just never stumbled upon the thief).

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Juho's Fire Adventures, A Review (Updated)

The Short: The game has some interesting principles, but needs a lot of polish. Most glaring, I was unable to complete it due to a broken map (after the developer clarified that there is a hidden moving event which you need to stumble upon I was able to continue).


  • Consequences to choices. Bringing a kid to a fire seemed like a bad idea, and it was.
  • Some nice incorporation of foreign language (French) as a game play element (although I never found the dictionary needed to translate it in game). I also liked the PSA about emergency numbers.
  •  The battle gimmick of expending H20 (mp) to fight fires feels consistent with the theme (although this could be much more developed and difficulty could be increased).
  • A couple puzzles, which were not particularly challenging, but diversified the gameplay.


  • Unbeatable - at least based on my single play through. On day 3 of the game, the characters see a thief, and then are teleported after him into an abandoned house. After thoroughly exploring the small house, I could find no way out of it and nothing to do in it. So either I missed something, or the event is broken. In any case,  I quit at that point.
  • Needs a lot of polish. For instance, trying to enter a room in the firehouse triggers an untranslated Finnish text. Or, during the tour of the town, there is a skipped sequence. The image for the dirty dishes shows its background layer, instead of being transparent.  On the firehouse map , a duplicate of the firehouse can be seen at the edge of the screen (presumably the night version of the station, which for some reason shares the same map).  A number of NPCs can be talked with infinitely, giving items/etc. There are lots of little things along these lines, which ultimately
  • Characters are rather undeveloped and the city is pretty lifeless.  Anyone who is in authority in the game demand that the player respect them and be impressed by them, which seems like a poor leadership trait... Although maybe this is a critique of a certain current leader.
  • Really easy combat, with the exception of the first boss encounter, which seemed like a major difficulty spike. Also it would be nice to have some way to clear blindness (or maybe I missed it?), since this effect is used by almost all enemies, and makes battles more tedious, with no way to clear it.

It's a game with some heart, but needs a lot of work still.

Thanks for the feedback! I had hoped to implement more world & story building material/visuals, but didn't end up having the time to work on it.