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""An Adventure Game set in a supermarket. Where the goal is reach a destination and you have a limited inventory. The game also has something to do with colours.""
Shopping for school supplies simulator

My bad, i put that in the wrong folder

Cant wait for new update

Yeah, but I dont know if I put the right folder

np mate

I dont know what im doin wrong. when I open the batch file the app shows up but no character shows up, is this right?

np mate

Gift sent, tell me if it arrived

if you give me your email i can gift you this

How is your hand doing?

Ok, thx for the reply

are these compatible with rpg maker mv?

Oh ok! Thanks!

Sorry for my vague question. I mean, on RPG Maker i can create characters according to my needs, changing hair, clothes, faces, etc.
Unfortunately, RPG Maker's charachters don't really fit in with your graphic style. How can I create my personal characters for RPG Maker in your style?
How can I customize them?

The news letter will notify me as soon as there is an update

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Hi, I am developing a little game on RPG Maker MV. I bought Monster Time Fantasy pack, Animals Sprite pack and the tileset pack. How can I create some characters?

I bought this pack some days ago, and I have to say, beatiful.  Also I want to ask a question similar to one I asked you in the previous pack comment section, how high is the probability of you doing a pack like this but with a Fantasy stile? Again fantastic pack, really fit the interior one

Thanks for the reply

I know its a silly question, but does this work with rpg maker mv?

The bug related to jump are fault of the engine, he explained this in one of his video

Are u planning about making npc? Because im not sure to buy this, because im bad at pixelart, and i dont see any npc/monster compatible with this

A platform made with RPG Maker? 5 stars, by the way I was already convinced because I liked Rookie hero and a Doomsday witch, but also the gameplay of this game is fantastic. I wonder if you weren't limited by time what masterpiece you could have came up with.
Beatiful game

There is an exterior version of this?

No :(


Why is unavailable?

I would like to know, if i have a team, my assistant have to buy this if I bought this?

Sorry, I didnt notice i downloaded mac version

Mi sa che perderò la NNN, di nuovo

Are you still developing this?

It doesn't work for me
-windows user

Bella macchina, dovrebbe essere facile modificarla per cambiare colore

i have played this game a lot, i found a bug, if you complete the game and you restart it you'll have the 4 weapons and collectibles that give you 1 more heart won't spawn again

nice, 69

nice game, are you going to update the game?