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Thank you very much, Smash Artist! <3
You are in the credits too (at the end of the game)! 

Yobob, I really like your game! The graphics are cool, the gameplay is simple but efficient and the story keeps me interested until the end of the demo and I wish to see how it ends! Good work!!! 5/5 for me

Good work! I really like the fire/stone mechanics... as a prototype I would like to see the game completed :D

A lovely game! I really enjoy the presentation, the aesthetic and the story of the game! Good work! :)

Love the style! The squirrel is adorable by the way! XD 

Good job!

This game is amazing! I really like the graphic and music! 

5/5 for me!

I really love the graphics, good job!

The premise that I have to do is that this game is an hardcore platform, so the difficulty was designed with this view in mind.

First of all I really like the basic mechanics: the fall damage is good in my opinion because it gives you thefeeling of danger and therefore you have to be careful to make correct jumps. Lately in the game you also acquire the ability to lift and throw objects, this adds a nice puzzle factor.
Making a platform with RPG Maker is not a simple thing, on the contrary, it's incredible the work that was done behind.
Finally I really like the original music, they reminds me of the gameboy era. *_*
One thing that I didn't like is the size of the font. I would have preferred bigger.
Good Job!

Thank you for playing! I apologize for any language mistake, english is not my native language, and it's something I need improvement too... I hope that this hasn't hurt too much the game experience! ^^"

Every path is very different ahahah! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Ahaha, too bad! XD Thanks for playing, Yobob!

Hehe, that means the game worked properly! Thanks for playing, Whyat!

Thank you for the video! :D I really enjoyed it!

That was the initial idea! :D Thank you!