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Congratulations to the winners! :) Thanks Komodo too, I hope too see other game jam like this in the future! <3

Thank you HawkZombie for playing it! I already fix some issues about the game, especially the game controls. :) 

Honestly I don't know if I continue this game because I've already some other ideas in mind, but I really appreciate your comment! :)

Hi, everyone! I have a great news about Quisk, I'm working on this and I hope to fix the problem soon (this doesn't count for the jam but I want to keep you updated :D )

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Thank you Drifty for your amazing feedback. In retrospect I think I was wrong to bring a side-scroller game. The idea was to overcome the limitations of Rpg Maker by making another genre and create a kind of tile-based puzzle platformer but you are right in saying that the controls are not good enough to compete with games in the same lane.  I could perhaps limit the game to just using the sidescroll perspective without putting jumps and enemies, but then Quisk would have less room for movement and I don't think it's right.

It will surely be a lesson for future projects. ^^

Amazing battle system, I love it! If you continue this game an advice: in the first world I think you need to tone down the enemies, and maybe revisit the guard effect (maybe give 10 ap instead of 5). 

The style is unique and the screen resolution in my opinion is perfect! The idea of Bookmarked is very original and opens up to a lot of possibilities and different worlds, so kudos! 

Due to the time limitations of the jam I understand that there is no menu but I guess you'll work on it. ;-) I'm surely keep an eye on this project, well done (and five stars for me)! 

Nice game!

The strong point is certainly the portraits of the characters: they're really beautiful and the different expressions are spot on! I also found the color palette wonderful, it gives the right atmosphere! As for the battle system I think it need some balancing, if you can also find some battle background to use it makes the scene better in my opinion. Overall good work! :)

I really liked it!

From the beginning I really enjoyed the artwork you used and how you carried the story forward. I would have liked to delve into the protagonist more with some extra dialogue but I understand why you chose to tell the story only through visual scenes.

The puzzles are nice, as others have said there is a problem with lag but I've read that it will be solved in a future update so good job!

Thanks for reporting! Hope you saved in time before the crash :(

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This game was meant to be a puzzle tile-based platformer so the jumps cover tile-based distances. You can interact with signs  so that you have some tutorials: you've to press ENTER like you interact with NPCs :)

For this reason I think you've not understood the acorns mechanics, which allow you to jump higher if three of them are collected.

Otherwise I know the controls are a bit cumbersome, I'm working on making everything more fluid but the game will remain a tile-based puzzle,  so the jumps will remain as before.

For the quit button in options: in the title screen if you click it you can exit the game while during a gameplay session you can return to the title screen. There is a bug in the HTML5 version about the options menu, I'll fix in the next update =)

Give me more food! Gotta Eat Them All! XD

Overall I think it's a great and fun game! I love when your actions are decisive in games: in this case you can also see it with your own eyes! Good job!

In the game page I read it's your first game: many compliments! I like the theme you've chosen: dreaming of the stars from an aquatic kingdom is a great idea! The gameplay is simple but it's not a problem, it's more a relaxing experience to me!

Good job!

I'm going to watch it right now! Thank you ^_^

Thank you for playing! I was trying to bring something original and different with rpg maker but I know that make a "tile-based platformer" is not so simple, let's see it as a fun experiment. =)

Thank yo so much for your comment! I'm not so positive about the game because I feel it need a little more polished about controls, anyway I'm glad you like it! <3

I never thought I'd see a "3D" rpg maker game, that's a point in your favor! :)

I found the battles very enjoyable: using different types of dice is an interesting concept, it reminds me of super mario party! I also found some difficulties with controls at the beginning but I got used to it. Good job!

What quality work! It's just a prologue but the level of detail is incredible. As others have said, I also found the game a bit short, but I can't wait to see future updates!

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I'm sorry for your pictures issue because overall I think it's great. I downloaded the missing files in order to experience the game as it was intended and I really enjoyed playing it, the art style is beautiful. Too bad... :(

I feel TWEWY vibes on Dreamuse! :D

The game looks unique for RPG Maker standards and the board game aspect is fun, however I would have improved the beginning with a tutorial step-by-step, too much info! Despite this, once you get the hang of it, it's intuitive and entertaining!

Great game overall! :)

Awesome game! I really love the gameplay: the companion, the puzzle elements, the experience gain by actions and exploration, the choices that alter affection with other animals... so cool and fun! The artstyle is simple but effective! Also good replay value!

Kudos for not using any plugins!

For me is one of the best game of this jam: I know that the story is not so present (almost no "real" dialogue), and maybe this aspect can be implemented in the future,  but the graphics and the gameplay elements are amazing. I'm a pokemon fan so the concept behind your game that the "monster" are... well, monster, it's genius! I see a lot of potential SmashArtist, keep it up!

I enjoyed playing this game very much. :) I already see that bugs have been pointed out to you in the comments so I won't dwell on it.

The highlight of the game, for me, is the story: the two main characters are really well done, I was so intrigued at one point in the plot for their interactions. All other game elements such as music or game mechanics are fine, in view of the limited time I think you did a great job!

The atmosphere is perfect, for me the tension was very high! The only downside was the frequent gameovers but maybe it's just me, I'm bad with horror games!

Also I really like the busts and portraits for characters: they give a lot of personality!

The art was incredible! I'm agree with Pelnar, this game has a lot of potential, I hope to see a complete demo/game soon!

I'm going to work to fix these issues (it will be release later due to the jam rules) but thank you so much for the positive comment! 

Credits for the graphics and sprites go mostly to LuisZeno/Ansimuz with the Sunnyland packages! 😍

I know, the collision/hit detection need some tweaking... Sadly I didn't have enough time to adjust it (otherwise I might not have been able to finish the game) but this is will be the first thing I'm going to fix! The change of direction on the tile can be a nice quality of life, note to self!

Glad that you enjoyed Quisk! Thank you! 😊

You're too kind! Thanks 😊

Thank you! 😊

The project is currently on hiatus for personal reasons but development may be resumed soon. :)

I don't know, maybe I've got some issues because I wasn't prepared. For the soul collector an idea could be that the explosion of the last jar defeat istantly the lich. :)

I really liked the gameplay elements, the water-fire interactions are the most interesting, sadly the wind is only the jump ability, too bad... Besides that, I enjoyed the different puzzles, expecially the carts one. I liked the idea behind the plot: the theme is awesome and highlights the problem of pollution in a wise way. 

Great job! :)

I liked the game overall. The main focus is the gameplay and I really liked the battle style of each character: I used the vagrant mechanics a little less because I prefer safer tactics, for the rest I really like the tactical aspect of the sorceress. I also enjoyed that the weapon equipped change the game mechanic for the characters, especially for the hunter. The boss fight that made me suffer the most is the lich with its three minions: I like how it was designed but I admit that it was very difficult compare to others...

Mapping is good, at first it's normal to get lost, but it's necessary because the're a lot of extra resources to power up the party. An interesting aspect are the Memento: the idea behind it with the different bonuses / malus is beautiful, however in my opinion they were a bit too many. You take the one that seems generically more useful (at least so I did).

The story is fine: the strange thing is that the character you want to save is also the one you know the least about...

Definitely an interesting game, I enjoyed it!

Wow, I didn't expect this! :) Currently I'm working on a new version (without the jam limitation) so I don't know if you prefer to translate the RTP only version or the future one. Also I have to do the Italian Localization so if I discover a simple way to give you only the text strings I think the work is much easier. :)

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Again, thank you for playing! I'll check the big mountain map, maybe I didn't notice some passability issues! >_<

As for the last scene (SPOILER)...

The dialogue isn't that important. The cutscene needs to show, after lot of years, that the world situation is better (there're now trees, flowers, river, ecc... ) thanks to the actions of people, so nothing is lost. Only time can heal. ☺️

Thank you very much!  I'm not the only one thought, there're two-three italian makers that have joined this jam! 😊

The demo ends if you solve the fog puzzle in the city, you need to find the right way!

You can't do it in the demo! ^^

The gambler is one of the hardest class! It's based on luck so sometimes you can beat the enemy at first turn...  and other times you're screwed XD

Thank you! :)

Thank you very much, Smash Artist! <3
You are in the credits too (at the end of the game)! 

Yobob, I really like your game! The graphics are cool, the gameplay is simple but efficient and the story keeps me interested until the end of the demo and I wish to see how it ends! Good work!!! 5/5 for me