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Hello everyone!

I am pleased to show you a new trailer for Soul's Spectrum! I am also very excited since I'm informing you about the Steam page with this video!

If you want to support my work put it on the wishlist, it would mean a lot to me!

Thanks! :)

Thank you Benny!  For your proposal consider that I thought about adding extra information when you access the menu, so you would see all the stages highlighting the current one and what things you can and cannot do in that form. It still doesn't have a final look because I have to see if I can make 4 dedicated tabs by changing them with the directional keys or not. 

It doesn't show me the images correctly, I would have liked to do a comparison to see what the setup looked like. :)

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Hello everyone! ^_^

I'm writing this post to give you a few more details and updates on Soul's Spectrum! First of all, thank you so much for the comments and feedback given on the demo, I'm treasuring it so that I can improve the game experience in the full version. Also I'm glad to be in sixth place in the people's choice, it means it was appreciated by other puzzle game enthusiasts! 

Sadly the IGMC:Rebirth ends here for me as I'm not in the top18 of the judge's choice, I'm really sorry about that... but that doesn't mean the project stops here! In fact, I wanted to share with you some of the changes that I'm going to incorporate into the next version of Soul's Spectrum:

  • Added dedicated character portraits so as to give them more life (thanks to MissingSeven's amazing talent)
  • Improved efficiency of bone-merang, death scythe and dark blast (ah, that's new, oops!)
  • Introduction of a legend in the pause menu with information about Nora's current form and her available actions for more clarity 
  • Added an additional tutorial room to familiarize people with the mechanics of "dying to advance" 
  • Added the ability to load the game directly from the pause menu
  • Italian localization for friends who haven't tried my game yet XD
  • Minor fixes 

In this screen we see Nora's face, finally!

Not to mention that I'm working on new areas, unrevealed characters, and the overall plot: will we be able to find out more about Nora, this dark prison, and the secrets of eternal life so much sought after? I hope the interest in this project is still alive in you! No pun intended! Let me know if you like these additions, I'm always open to feedback!


What an amazing edition, lots of cool games!

Good job and congratulations, everyone! :D

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed the game in many ways!

Consider that the scythe is the only weapon there will be (the game will not turn into a zelda-style action :D ), I had thought of it as a way to make some puzzles more dynamic in human form. Same reason there won't be a "heart bar" or anything like that.

For the choice of making a demo rather than a full game... let's say it was a difficult decision to make. I don't want to blame the time constraints, we all had them, however I had less time to make the game for the jam because I couldn't work on it in the last two weeks before the deadline. I was therefore afraid of giving a game experience too short for the story I wanted to tell, perhaps risking to release a hasty and messy work. So I decided to reduce everything to a demo, so that I can present it at its best. I am actually satisfied all the same, also because it is my intention to enrich it and make it a game worth playing. Hope you will enjoy it once it's ready! ^^

Thank you very much for your nice words! I'm already dedicating myself to improving and continuing this project, any feedback is really important to me so I'm glad you enjoyed the game in many ways. ^_^

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Amazing  game! I didn't think such a simple plot could be so funny! I enjoyed the day-to-day choices (I was upset when Buttercup I -assume- ate Kiara's rat) and the whole village management is really great! I don't see any particular flaws to say either, great job!

First of all, I start by saying that I find the title brilliant! I really like the idea and the gameplay behind, above all I love that some character traits are defined by their skills. On an aesthetic level, I guess it was fun to conceive all these different character designs and I think it's also a big selling point for this entry. Overall you did an amazing job, kudos! :)

I LOVE this kind of games! The aesthetic is simple but charming, the 8-bit music are amazing and I really enjoyed the pacing and the gameplay of the entire adventure. Bug can happens but these have not affected the experience and fun that your game has given me. I'll probably create a game with this style one day too, incredible work!

Thank you Alice, glad you enjoyed! :)

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A really beautiful game! Everything is polished, you've taken care of every aspect in detail: the cutscenes (love how you explain the backstory in train), the mapping, hotel's exploration... loved them all! I also liked the design of the protagonist, Hestia, a modern-day witch. Very well done!

Since the entries were announced Sacred Earth had caught my attention. I preferred to play it calmly after trying other works because I imagined it would be a really good game. In fact it was a pleasant experience: I really liked how it's not just a simple visual novel but it also has gameplay elements like the node-based exploration. In terms of balance it seems on spot, I enjoyed a lot the battles. An honourable mention also goes to the graphics and the UI that are well done. The only advice I can give is to add a few minor adjustments here and there (like sound effects), just to increase the quality which is already high. Excellent job!

As others have already pointed out, I really like the graphic style and color palette used! The ability to dodge in battle seems like a really cool feature, I would have preferred to battle the queen so as to see different attacks... but I understand that maybe it is due to time limits. I'm curious to see how Repari will continue! Good job!

You have created a truly magnificent game. I'm a bit emotional and sensitive about these things but it's not just that, even on a technical level you hit the mark. Great work!

I really enjoyed this game! :D It's funny and the progression system is captivating (the almanac is a great idea, you can easily understand the power level of creatures). I also like the mapping and the UI, you did an amazing job! :)

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What can I say, you've made the idea of working in this research center perfectly! The settings and palette choice is very inspired and I really liked how the game started. In my opinion the game would be good even on puzzles alone, despite the fact that there were some interesting ideas in the battle system. Overall I think you did a good job, well done! :)

I have to say that I really appreciate that you have taken the jam theme in such a unique way. Overall it's a simple game with a very sensitive and delicate story and I'm glad I got the good ending. I would have liked to know more about Oliver. ^_^

Really enjoyed this game! I've already seen the mechanic of sparing enemies before but not in this way and I really liked it, it's clever! Not only that, I actually liked how you did... well, everything, from the story to the art style! Good work! :)

The art is phenomenal! You did the right thing to join the jam anyway, sadly bad times can happen... :( Now I hope that your situation has improved a little more, but don't give up with this project or with future ones, you're so good at this! (I peeked at some of your work here on itch and wow, I bet this entry would have been incredible!)

Thanks for the rich feedback, Drifty! I'm glad you liked the level design even though puzzle games aren't your genre, it means a lot. My next project will be precisely this game! 😄 For the jam I created only this demo, so it's normal that the ending is a bit cryptic... I was trying to build suspence for the full version! 👍🏻

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Thank you!!! 🙏🏻 You've right, for the music I have to thank a lot my friend, Javarnanda, who made different track for each form! Glad you enjoyed! 

Sadly you've found a rare bug that happen when falling while you use shadow's ability, I found out only a few days ago... On the bright side at least you become a god 😂 (hope you've reloaded the game after)! Anyway I'm really sorry for that... thank you for your feedback. ^^

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I feel a lot of splatoon vibes or am I wrong? :D I love puzzle games and I had a lot of fun with this one! The concept is simple but fun at the same time, I also like the drawings/art style! Good job!

Loved the mysterious story and playing as a cat! Also appreciated the fact that you have nine lives (I know, it's a minor thing but I wanted to point it out). The only part I found a bit more cryptic was the fog maze but I managed to get through it. Curious to know how to get the other endings! :D Good job!

Amazing work! The level of detail you put in is incredible, I also like the art style you used for both the characters and the different stages. As a short game that combines two minigames the longevity of the game is right. From what I understand this is the prologue for one of the character for a future project, I would like to know more about Mithos!

Thank you for your feedback! Finding a good balance in the early stages is not easy, I was afraid that someone might get stuck right away. ^^" I'll see for the full version if I make some changes on that!

I was worried that there was too much knowledge between the different stages, the possible causes of death based on the current form and related skills... so I'm really glad you appreciated it! :)

This game starts great, from the first minutes you want to know more! The atmosphere is surreal and fascinating and I really enjoyed the interactions between the different characters! The music and sound effects are also amazing. I think it's a game that has a lot of potential, I will follow the project with  great interest (I suggest you to customize some resources for the complete version, for the jam it's fine, it hasn't influenced my vote :) )! 

I really enjoyed play Resurrection Rancher, I'm a completionist so I have to save all the poor souls! I like that you have integrated the jam theme into the game mechanics. In the long run it might be repetitive a gameplay loop of this type but it was never a burden for me (maybe because it lasts the right amount of time, it took me 12 days). Great job!

Wow! I really like the story and the characters, each one has someone to say and I think it's important to the meaning of the game. This art style reflects my taste so I enjoyed playing! Well done!

If you have a free slot I really appreciate some feedback on my game! :)

Thank you so much for streaming it! I really appreciated the advice you gave me, I will think of a solution regarding the text messages (faceset perhaps? But I don't know, I want to keep it simple) while for swimming I could add a tutorial (although I liked the idea that the player had to figure out what to do). I will give my best for the complete version! :)

Thank you for your extended feedback! I will strive to do a good english translation for the full version (maybe I'll ask someone more competent to do it). ^^

Thank you for playing it! :)

I'm really sorry for this inconvenience, I assumed it was correct since I used the export function on Rpg Maker. Too bad :(

Concept-wise I really like this game. I love the restoration effect on the maps and the possibility of building the village as you want. My suggestions to improve the game are: 1) add a way to demolish your buildings to avoid possible locks, 2) optimize parallel process event to reduce lags and 3) implement a good save system (I guess for the jam you can't do it but it wasn't a problem for me). 

Good job and keep it up!

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I was very intrigued by this entry because it used the theme in a very original way. The battle system is based on the one used in undertale and I think it was a really good choice as it gave more characterization to the cast. The fact that these battles occur during sleep also makes us understand how the protagonist is tormented by his past. Maybe I would have reduced the HP of the enemies a little and I would have added a quick tutorial on how to understand which is the most appropriate attack to do (in a nutshell use interact before acting)!

I read that in your idea there was going to be another boss fight and in my opinion it would have been perfect to have it as a conclusion! I don't know if you intended to expand this game in future or if you wanted to create a stand-alone game for this jam, in any case you did a good job, keep it up!

A really well done game! The story struck me a lot especially because I think it takes the jam theme in a different way than other entries. I also liked the aesthetics, everything is very cohesive!

I can see you have put so much care on the project, it's very polished. You did a really good job! :)

I've always been a big fan of pokemon games so I was curious to see what you did with this project. I admit I was sorry not to see an opening cutscene. I know it wants to be a quote but creating a "catching monsters" game doesn't mean making everything identical to Pokemon. For instance the choosing between three starters, and that the elements are fire / water / grass.. in my opinion it lacks a bit of originality. On the other hand I appreciated the change in the battle system of having the whole party to fight (ok that's the basic RPG Maker one, but if we compare it to a pokemon game that is always 1vs1 it's a nice twist).

Overall I enjoyed this game, I also really like the design of the Gaiamons, I just think it has to find its own identity to be able to stand out a little more.