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-Where did you hear about the jam? 

Sources like the community and from word of mouth online.

- What inspired you to join/submit? 

I joined simply to prove a point and break the systematic base of the structure of game jams even if it meant throwing a lot of controversial design choices into the mix. That being said, now that I know what to avoid and where to look. I'd say the feedback is incredibly welcome and eye-opening.  Also because I dipped out of the Touch the Stars jam, so I have to end up wanting to make something for this.

- If you didn't join/didn't submit, what was the barrier? 

I was close to not submitting mostly because of the queue ruling and the fact that you can't see submitted games till the dev period is over. It gives little room for early feedback. That being said, one can argue that people only have the patience to play the game once, and with all the bells and whistles, you won't get another chance to have the game checked for any errors again with the same tester/player. So there is that to consider.

- Future theme suggestions? 

All I ask is not to make the theme VS Reid again, otherwise we'd be interpreting Reid as an antagonist for all time.

- Do you have any assets you'd like to make available to the community for next year? 

I'll consider it.

- Any other thoughts or suggestions?

Harold. Harold. Harold. Harold in The Harold Harold. 

But no, serious answer. I'd like it if there is a way for us to have a bit more open possibilities for more Harold shenanigans that allow the judging criteria and special positions to have more variety. The Harold Ascended award is one thing, but I'd like other awards like the funniest entry, the most serious entry, the academy of excellence, etc. That way, there are more winners even though it might clog the criteria tab a bit.

I'll admit the 200% sync thing did take its sweet time. It was mostly for the purpose of ensuring that you would get all the text you need from the spoiler being without making it feel too artificial. However, I can see how it is a detriment.

The gab windows were also a bit of a stretch so I will admit to that much.

Thank you very much for playing.

My apologies for not being able to polish the action sequencing to the required standards. I am well aware that the zoom positioning is off. But I've been trying to wrack a solution for this for hours and decided it wasn't worth fixing due to time constraints. Honestly, if the feedback was given earlier, I would have had ample time to fix it. But alas time isn't on my side.

That being said, I am aware that this game is very specifically catered to ones who appreciate Harold Jam 1 more, because I designed it in such a way that captures the essence of Harold with the previous jam in mind because that jam is the thing that boosted Harold's popularity immensely. I do not mind if the game does not resonate to newcomers as this entry is more experimental than anything else.

Thank you for playing the current 2 games and may your journey in Disc 3 be a fruitful one.

I feel like everyone's getting stuck on this issue. Maybe I should have added extra wording to hint further to the secret path. Subtlety isn't enough it seems. Ah well, thank you very much for playing and giving extensive feedback.

Did I sleep is a strong word, I was able to schedule and pace myself making these 3 short games and was able to complete them 5 days before I am done. I had ample time and allow decent time management on my end to allow myself to complete these games, flawed as they may be.

Thank you very much for playing Disc 2 and I appreciate your feedback.

In regards to the 2 codes that you obtained from this game. Play Disc 3 and you will discover why.

As for facing Harold?, there are multiple layers of protection that allow him to be impervious to attacks. You need to disable it by applying the input that was given in the books to nerf him down. You will be able to see the difference in damage once you input the required keys needed to defeat Harold? for realsies.

(1 edit)

I don't think I got a game over in any of the fights you give, so you did a pretty good job on that front at least. The skills use can be a puzzle in and of itself, so I'll admit that may be part of the issue. The options you give for the follow-up skills were the key factor to victory, which I try to apply. That being said, other players might see it differently. Balancing is difficult to come from only one perspective due to the different gaming skill experiences of different players.

I appreciate the compliment. Honestly, I did extensive research on the past entries for this reason in particular. There are a lot of twinks I need to work on, but I'm glad you enjoyed the entry.

The legend returns once more in an incredible comedic fashion. Where we factory reset, have new Harolds take center stage and allow their virtually 1-2 brain cells to function as they go through the most hilarious comedy adventure of the Haroldverse lineup.

The second boulder puzzle feels like a massive trick and a half in the sense that it's almost surprising what the solution is. And the overall hilarity that ensues alongside well-executed comedic timing makes for some of the most enjoyable comedy to play through. Truly, the Harold comedian we did not deserve but appreciate nonetheless.

Ah. So that's the ending that I missed. I've obtained that thanks to your advice. Much appreciated.

I quite enjoyed this one. A very down-to-earth and less comedic entry than a lot of the Haroldverse entries, but it is polished to its absolute best. With an interesting mechanic and the story itself has a decent premise, build up and payoff.

Truly, I can see great promise in you as a developer considering the maps are decently made and the game isn't too hard in retrospect.

A funny, witty experience that encapsulates all the hilarity that ensued within Harold's comedy routine. It works on a fundamental level and truly shows that level of DnD type play-by-play campaign.

The ending twist works to its advantage as well. As a game, it is kinda about as barebones as it gets. As a comedy twist story tale, it executes its premise in great effect. Quite the fun ride.

An interesting mechanic that can get draggy unless you can speed up the fights. That being said, the annoying factor makes for its charm and the different Harolds have different playstyles depending on which Harold you choose. It makes for an interesting gameplay loop. 

The maps are designed specifically to cater to this philosophy, which I can make leeways on. Everything else is just about as standard fare as it gets for an RPG Maker game. The action sequencing is simplistic but it works. The overall presentation is fine, albeit the inconsistent art can be offputting to some.

Overall, not a bad game and I enjoyed the ride.

I really enjoyed the illustration endings that you made for this game. The music selection is very Chinese, which while offputting is also something I quite enjoyed.

I wasn't able to get all 8 endings because I'm stuck figuring out how to get the Witch to completely destroy Harold so I'll leave it at that.

Events are fine. Most of it is serviceable. It's not really anything that wows me on a visual, technical, and writing aspect but the effort is well appreciated.

A true masterpiece of the greatest caliber. Truly, the game that will win this Haroldverse.

This game feels like four friends going off on an adventure that's filled with witty humor and interestingly hilarious dialogues. While the combat is incredibly simplistic in nature, the writing of its characters makes up for it. The hilarity of the world really highlights the zaniness of the universe its at and Harold is captured in a goofy manner we all know and love.

Quite enjoyed this entry.

An incredibly well-defined and crafted game that requires a bit of a learning curve when playing solo. Due to the nature of controlling both the WASD and the arrow keys for each character. But it will be a lot more fun playing in co-op since only one person gets to man each control.  

Each particular action you take will influence both the heroism and the potential you get. Earning potential or not will influence the different Harold endings. And skewing your heroism to villainy and saint can be a puzzle in and of itself, also shifting your Harold endings. I got the Magic Scout Harold the first time, but I tried hard to get all 6 of them with Scumbag Harold being one of the hardest ones I try to get in my playthrough.

Getting all 6 Harold Endings can take a bit of a balancing act between acting out which particular thing and you can't pause in between a lot of the runs. However, you are given some short period of leeway to position your two controllable characters before starting. In a sense, this game is designed to be like those arcade-style mission minigames that are quite fun to play and allows for replay value.

The story itself is interesting, simplistic yet also hilarious to a degree, to which I will not spoil here for the moment to ensure other players enjoy the ride.

Once again, an excellent entry that truly allows for interactivity and fun on a gameplay spectrum the likes of which you have refined over your many game jam projects. Truly a Harold simulator of epic proportions.

This game definitely shows promise considering that the monster designs and the sprite work definitely has some work done to it. That being said, this game seems to go for the more atmospheric type of game, where you kinda don't have a sort of plot to it. That can be a detriment in a sense because it can be interpreted that the plot could be nonexistent. Elijah Kang have already sort of covered my main issues over the game so I won't be repeating them here.

That being said, I do hope there will be some potential game to come out from this if this game's development continues. I sincerely find the concept intriguing and the mechanics interesting and unique. Especially the look of the monsters. I really like their designs.

I genuinely am in love with this game. Everything is conveyed to you visually and it evokes such a powerful feel. I am very glad that you have created this. Thank you very much for creating this magical adventure. The music is excellently placed, the puzzles were well defined and did not go too deep and complex. The pacing is timed relatively well that I can complete it in less time.

The story resonated with me on a very internal level that I have to give the highest possible praise for this game. I am humbled to have the chance to play this and I wish you success in your future endeavors.

This sentence right here as far as I see. Though I noticed a few misspellings that I wasn't able to snapshot. 

This game is genuinely entertaining in personality and charm and I believe this game to be a sleeper hit. The combat is interesting, the themes are subtly and directly implied. The presentation is very well made despite bugs and a couple of jank movements here and there. I applaud this game and hoped to see this game to completion someday.

One minor thing I noticed is this issue here and a wording choice issue after the 1st boss: 

This game shows a lot of promise and dedication and it shows.

I share the same sentiments with Beregon on this game's gameplay and visual presentation. I do hope this would be rectified in either another engine or find a way to circumvent the issue in the engine itself. I really enjoyed the game as it is and would love to see more of what you can offer. Clearly the visuals are a high point of this game and I am in awe of such breathtaking detailed spritework.

(1 edit)

An excellent game that knows its boundaries and delivers a product with consistency and a dark twist if you dig deep enough. Game time is also decent enough for both endings to be found.

One major point of contention is the enemy AI patterns and that the enemies are a little bit too static once you figure out the patterns easily. Lack of dynamics in an action game like this won't give your game high props from more veteran action players who like it much harder. Though making it too difficult will turn off the general judges that are likely not masters of this genre. Likely due to time constraints there is no way of adding multiple difficulties, so it's understandable. 

A couple of missing full stops aside, the game is well crafted which is to be expected of a Nowis product.

I accept any feedback you wish to give me. Not sure how the game ending bug was found but if you can address it, that would be great. I am planning a future difficulty patch too so bugfixing is not out of the question.

Thank you for the feedback, the constant issue of the game being too difficult will be rectified in some shape and form post jam. However, I appreciate you taking the time to play it. 

A solid presentation, an interesting conveyance of the terror of space within the moon. Overall, an experience that conveys what the horrors of the cosmos is all about.

While the gameplay is rough in some areas, the way you use the character, the conveyance of a hopeless world beyond mortal understanding and the terror of the unknown truly captures the essence of what cosmic horror is all about. And for that, I must give giant props for following the theme so well.

Yeah. The plot rushing the points too fast, The puzzles being too hard and too long may be the unsung doom for me since after a good retrospective, I could have cut a couple more parts of the puzzle, replaced it with more key points and it wouldn't have lost much. Your feedback is incredibly refreshing and welcome. Thank you for taking your time playing.

An atmospheric adventure that captures the mental deterioration of the horrors of the human mind. Truly, a very special experience that captures the cosmic horror theme.

Solid presentation, battles felt like you need to use everything at your disposal, a relatively gripping experience as you traverse through the area. Hits the essence of a terror truly beyond our understanding. An effective and truly worthy sequel to the previous Gargantuan.

The very fact that I was able to bring that sort of emotional response truly brings a pep in my step. I thank you for giving me your experience.

To hear that you find amazement with the custom work I did brings a smile to my face. I thank you for playing my game Nowis. It is a massive honor.

An exemplary entry in terms of visual consistency, thematic cohesion and conveyance of the terrors of the cosmos while putting a unique spin in terms of its gameplay. Hoping your entry becomes the winning piece for this jam. Great work.

The dice is too vague of a clue honestly. I tried looking for combinations that can fit the dice clue but no luck at all. 

Thank you for the offer, but I have already seen the ending based on Studio Blue's walkthrough on it. So I don't particularly have any reason to go back and replay it. Regardless, I appreciate the effort done. Keep doing your best.

You are truly a developer I have the highest praise for. Thank you for making such an entertaining game.

These are my full thoughts on all 17 entries that made it before or within the deadline. Any games made after I will not give personal thoughts here. You are free to disagree/agree with me however you like.

I am not a prolific writer, not an expert in mapping, not the greatest game developer nor artist. I'm just a guy playing all these games and give my thoughts on the subject. If you are offended in my writing structure, I sincerely apologize. 

One game I did not exactly describe my thoughts in full. Its a little much for me personally. Which is why I redacted the full details. If you want to experience it, play it yourself. Not going to name it directly here. You'll see it if you read the document below.

Keep in mind that the criticisms and thoughts may not be accurate since some games I played were submitted before the deadline, and I played them earlier. So any issues that have been rectified may change the key point of the criticisms that I pointed out. But otherwise, the scoring doesn't change that much.

Redeeming qualities that I find in your game were mostly superficial like the effort to change the facesets and the movement of the slimes. The concept of the slime lord boss is an interesting one, so I give props where due. 

Also, I guess I didn't check the cracks for that advantage considering what I said. The mapping didn't encourage much exploration and the movement speed isn't helping me much for that.

Honestly, I do apologize that you think I would virtually see no redeeming qualities whatsoever considering that you worked insanely hard for this. But my thoughts for the most part were honest. I guess I played so many games that maybe some of the good qualities I often missed in the tracks while playing yours. Considering I played yours near the end and I've played so many games with a lot of expectations shifting here and there.

Regardless, I'm humbled by your response. Thank you.

Here are my extensive thoughts on all your gamejam entries and the score I would provide based on my experience. This is not the judges' scoring nor will it affect who wins or not. This is an outsider who plays your games and gives near full thoughts on the subject. And my thoughts aren't perfect. You are free to disagree with anything I say. Just don't be offensive.