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I don't mind. Go ahead. But the artwork on yours was made by my younger sister. So.. I suppose you can credit BerryJr or something. Considering that both of us prefer our anonymity IRL.

Containing all the 6 games I played in 2018. There are 4 more in (hopefully) 2019 that is still being worked on and will be made in February 2019. Click on the image below to download the non-compressed version.

Compressed Version (5 MB)


- Magical Disaster X by Atlas Atrium

- Umbral Astral Dreamers by Kato-san

- Rising Saga Origins by Harold 2.0

- The Chains that Bound Me by yobob

Heartland by Faye Valentine

- Junkdogs by sudobeats

Artbook Thumbnails

The dev already knows this. But eh. I'm just gonna slip this in. 

This video encompasses the specifics of what to do alongside solutions to the game's puzzles and challenges. If you feel like you are stuck. You may refer to this video for guidance. Just know that it does spoil a majority of the solutions. It also has my thoughts on the subject.

The dev already knows this. But I'm just gonna slip this in instead of me saying and gushing praises left and right. lol. 

I'm just gonna leave this here... yeah.. 

Just thought I let you know. Also, I've rated it.