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This is a little late but better late than never. Thank you for such an amazing game :)

All the jump scares got me!! I'm giving full points to scare rate. I was out here with anxiety and nervous for the next thing that would happen. Game play was fun but the map was HUUUUUGE!!! Things are buildings were so hard to find!!! Immersion was a 4 also because when I wasn't frustrated looking for things the story parts of the game were great!!!

I was getting scares from zombies when I couldn't see them but I could hear them so I would start turning and looking with just a tiny bit of anxiety which is good for scare rate. Game play was not so bad but it only revolved around killing 10 zombies. Still, the graphics were gorgeous. Not rating on graphics for this jam unfortunately though. I was just a little immersed when looking for the zombies and shooting them down. Game could use an options menu for mouse sensitivity. Not  a big fan of the blur effect but still not a bad game. Thank you for the submittion!!!

The sound effects were good, the drawings were goods and I became invested in the characters as the story progressed. The grammar needs help. I played through 3 endings! Not a bad game!

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This doesn't have a download or web window to play it. I cannot rate this. Apologies. I will rerate this game down the road if I am able to play it. Have a wonderful day :)!

Not a bad game,  this is one of those games that should have ended 10 minutes into gameplay BUUT I kept playing because I got sucked into the gameplay, especially with the mechanics that you made for the game and I kept getting better!!! It's unfortunate this game didn't have controller support. R.I.P. your hands and expect to have carpel tunel from casting and the rituals at a rapid pace without controller support.

What does the theme "Freeplay Killing" mean?

It was a solid game :D

Dope game! midway it started to lag on me and had to mess with the setting. Definitely could map more efficiently to keep lag from happening.

Hi all,we are live with another game :D

Hi, I am live with your game :D

Live with another game :D

Hi, I am live with your game :D

Ohhhhhh, this looks so good! Gonna buy it when I get home. Have to check out the competition :).

Hi, I am live with the next game :D

Hi, I am live with your game :D

Hello all, I am live with PIGGR :D

Hello, I am live with your game :D

Planning a stream today to make up for yesterday and then a stream tomorrow to get back on schedule :).

Hi all, we're starting the game plays :D

Hi, I am live with your game :D

create a new topic here with the title of your game, details and screenshots :).

I can do live streams if people would prefer live streams. For me live streams are easier too. The benefit of doing the recordings like last year is that i can edit them and make the games look really good. Good looking games = more interested people I would think xD. I am open to How ever you guys want though :).

Hi all, thought I'd drop some courtesy gameplays here before for the early birds.  After the Jam ends I will begin working on the 7 gameplay videos for the submissions to the jam :)

Hi, I am live with your game :)

More screenshots is always welcome and gifs will work just fine for a screenshot :]
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Hi all, 

Thought I'd drop a speed deving video of todays work. I do a little every day and a lot during the weekends.

Hi, I will be going live with your game :D

Hi, I am live with your game :D

Hi, I am live with your game :D

Hi, I am live with your game :D

Hi, I am live with your game :D

Hi, playing your game live :D

Hi, I am playing your game live :D

Hello, I am live with your game :D

Hello, I am live with your game :)

Hi, I am live with your game :D.