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Hello, I am live with your game :)

Hello, I was live with your game, solid game. I really liked it. Thank you for building this gem :).

Hello, we are LIVE with your game :D.

hello, I am live with your game :).

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A big thank you for doing this @LadyJJ and a big thank you to all the people who have also downloaded this game!

Played the game from start to finish and the graphics were solid, the SE were dope, there were NO rewards for turning in quests and I wanted soup!!!

Playing this game live :D!

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Nooooooooooooooo, I waited too long to download this game. Now it’s unavailable 🥲

thank you so much for doing a castle puzzle walkthrough!!! Seeing people come together to help each other solve the game mechanics has been a great experience!

Hi!, I am live with your game :D 

My greatest and most sincerest thanks for downloading the game @LadyJJ!! To answer your question, I could be wrong but I believe there were only enough Relic Weapons for a few characters. The ones you decide are your favorite characters and maybe a few extra but not enough for everyone. The Source is outside the city of gold. Before you enter the city gates there is a dirt road that keeps teleporting you back to the same location. You need to take that path 7 times and it take you to The Source.

Hi @LadyJJ, I'm so happy to see you've downloaded and are playing Epic Wings 2! The only time your party is reluctant to go down the dark stairway is when you have not talked to Secretary Lu. Secretary Lu is on the fifth floor near the elevator most of the time. If you talk to him he will want to meet you on the 10th floor. That is when the party will finally decide to go down those stairs :). I hope you are enjoying Epic Wings 2 and happy gaming!!!


This answer goes based off of memory alone and I could be wrong but I believe you can purchase Safe Keys from Victory City. Happy you solved the puzzle! That’s not an easy puzzle!

hello @LadyJJ,

Firstly, I want to say thank you for downloading the game and I am so happy to know that you are enjoying it! Defeating Fernando and the legendary 7 is an absolutely huge undertaking and I am very impressed that you’ve defeated them! To answer your question, all remaining tasks that you need to do once you go to the underworld are in the underworld. There is an NPC in town  who’s daughter was kidnapped, she needs to be saved, you need to prove your self worthy in the underworld arena also, those are some of the tasks that will lead to getting the key to the castle of darkness. Your character should be called Narmita, If her name is Narmi then she has most likely already transformed. Hips transformation can be found in the starting country library. In the snowy continent there is a semi-big tree in the overworld. If you walk into it you will find an angel that will tell you the location of the veryones transformation!


I've gone live with your game :)

I was having so much fun with this game. I AM gonna have to finish it.

It was a solid game, though, the mobs seem like they are eager to attack with minimial frame rate breaks which makes the game a little more difficult but the game was still fun :).

The game was fun but it was a little hard. Principally because of the movement being so sensitive lol.

Awesome game!

I had a lot of fun playing this game and is definitely one I see my self playing on the big screen!

It was a fun game. I can see my self playing this for  hours!

Mapping is nice nice nice. Definitely needs that second patch, I just read the game was meant to be cringe, would have given it a better score if I knew that was the intention to begin with but here we are LOL.

oh, I read that wrong. Just ignore me LOL.

I'd like to see you try >:)!

Thank you! I was a big fan of Megaman and so that's why I created Meganoble :)!

Awesome game! Saving could use some work :o.

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awesome experience! I want to build a game with this level of quality :)!


It was a great experience. This is something I wish I could experience on the Oculus :D.

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Trippy and the vibe was perfect for October!

Story isn't bad. Could use some help with grammar and story execution.

Amazing game! Hard to tell it was built in rpg maker from how well it was built on different mechanics!

Amazing game, I couldn't even tell it was built on RPG Maker!

I recommend this game :D

Had a fun time playing this :)