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Not a bad little space horror game! I felt like the lighting was a little rough, and the gameplay was mostly just storytelling, but I liked the setting, storytelling, and palpable desperation.

Extremely fun. Despite failing to save and losing to the last boss on crow level, I gleefully replayed it to the end (and saved). I know I missed some words in the scenes that flashed quickly, and I was too focused to read the words on the map, but I think I gleaned enough from the story to enjoy it.

Wonderful entry. Now to play on Hawk mode to see how easy it is.

Wow, that was really fun! The room is quite small, and there are few enough items in there that I think it is not too frustrating, even when players may get stumped. The game makes good use of all three dimensions, and even subtle mechanics like rotating items for inspection. Really cool to see little snippets of writing as well. Ambiance, sound effects, lighting all came together to create a perfect horror environment.

The worst part for me was figuring out the controls that I needed to perform tasks, like crouching and picking up items. It broke immersion a bit when I saw a lighter and a note, but was incapable of investigating them because I didn't learn how to crouch. I actually figured it out by pressing all the keys before I found the note that provided more controls. In my opinion, discovering basic controls shouldn't be part of the game, and could have been added to those introductory sticky notes.

I really enjoyed my time with this, and in my opinion the difficulty (aside from discovering how to crouch) is just right. Solid entry; would play another!

Hey, nice horror game opening. I mean, too short, but the music, storytelling, pacing felt just right. Too bad I was hoping to figure out what in the world it meant to divest time.

I enjoyed this boss rush. It was kind of nice to not have to wander maps, while still getting a good story. Battles wee not too hard, and perhaps a bit too similar (I used the same magic build the whole time), but still pretty fun. I did like the story a lot too, maybe in part because I'm familiar with the Miyumi crew from games past. This may be my favorite Miyumi game so far!

I'm really impressed by the group effort. The scope of this game is just totally out of this world. Writing was spot on, there was custom artwork, cool little custom tiles like the instruments, and the music was good too. Loved hearing the variations on the theme change in the underground. 

I think at this point the problems are obvious - the game is gigantic for a jam game, and after 1.5 hours of wandering, I did not manage to beat the game. Even after getting a walkthrough, I am still stumped as to how to trigger the ending of some of the sub plots, which is pretty frustrating. I imagine issue was pretty clear long after all the interwoven tales were created, and it was just going to take too much time to cut it down to size, or offer players better ways to figure things out in a timely way.

Still, given what I guess was a big time crunch, the game worked really smoothly, and I was able to touch on a deeper story with characters that all had their own lives, motivations, and secrets. This must have been really hard to accomplish, and I for what I saw, it was executed really well.

Thanks for playing! Hope it was fun for 20 seconds. I could have given everyone carpal tunnel and not been disqualified but I figured good not to permanently injure players.

Nice ambiance and short bit of story telling. The ending felt a bit unsatisfying, since there was a whole setup of a monster but no monster? Felt like an unfired Chekhov's gun. Overall the gameplay was just walking from one room to another, and I felt like I was always waiting for a payoff that never came.

Nice mapping and use of shadows and lighting. Set the stage for a good horror game. Just needed more of the horror.

I don't know how you pull of wordless storytelling so well. Somehow I could feel a connection to the characters, although I admit I was a bit confused by the story. I think the opening scene flashed by too fast to gather what it was communicating, as did the ending scenes. 

Combat was clever and challenging, though I found having to refuel so often to slow down combat too much, especially against the many many mobs throughout. I liked the challenge of the boss - I definitely picked the wrong enemy to target the first time around. Character sprites and enemies, I thought were really cool looking. 

The title screen change is always quite cool. I love how you do that, though I started a new game and didn't see anything different. Did I miss something?

Simple game play and straightforward story, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I especially liked the punching animation for John Doe. Four battles was about right for length as well, since more than that would have made the combat mechanics a bit too drawn out. There's got to be a way to make it so there are fewer sub commands, and main commands show up as you learn them. Having to navigate an extra sub menu to sweep the leg etc. felt like an unecessary extra step.

Good storytelling with flashbacks as well. Really enjoyed the slow story reveal, and your voice acting was really enjoyable as well.

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It was fun, simple, and clever. I didn't get a chance to beat it, but what I played was pretty cool. There were some really creative mechanics worked in that kept me having to think outside the box. I'd have liked to have some sort of story or cutscene, even as simple as those ones in Tetris to break up the puzzle solving, otherwise it feels quite exhausting to get hit level after level with tough challenges. I am not sure how it fit the theme as well, though, I suppose one could stretch it a bit. Hope I can try to beat all the levels at some point!

This was a pretty spot on jam submission. Length was perfect, good writing, adorable assets - it all hit the mark. The only thing I would quibble with is a personal aversion to this kind of gameplay that involves checking everything over and over until you finally trigger an effect. But for what it was, it was well executed, and I think easy enough that it will not be frustrating for most players

This gave me real halloween theme park ride vibes. Lots of cool creepy scenes to see. Gameplay wise, I would have liked a little bit more than just walking. I got a little impatient walking around. Keep innovating with the RM 3D stuff!

Man, you tricked me. The dialog was somewhat humorous and I liked the two different reapers. We gotta see a complete Mobius game at some point!

Extremely satisfying game play. The rapid fire, damage feedback, controls, everything worked together to make a very fun experience. Fun boss mechanics as well, and the difficulty was not very high. Probably a good level for a jam. Top, top marks for gameplay.

Assets were awesome and well used as well, and you did a good job incorporating the theme.

The story with the vaccines and disease being sent out rubbed me the wrong way, despite being a joke. Too soon? Could be! A straightforward zombie story would have been just a tiny bit more enjoyable.

Aw thanks möbius! I been feeling a little sheepish about this silly joke so I am glad you got something out of it :)

Might take a little but you can figure it out! Try some more basic stuff first and get familiar with the engine and script calls and feel free to join the Discord if you got more questions.

Another solution (quite complicated but thanks to Nate the Bard is the following:

for (index =0; index<target.traits.length; index++){ if (target.traits[index].code == 11 && target.traits[index].dataId == (id of the element in database) && target.traits[index].value > 1) { do stuff, like call another common event, or flip a switch to trigger other effects}}

Thanks for the comment! Elemental weakness is a little tricky. Here's a different solution (thanks to Moogle Rampage:

if you're using VS Status core, can I suggest: Create Element Traits instead of assigning weaknesses directly to enemies. Each Element Trait has Passive State X You can then check for the Passive State and return the applicable weaknesses when present.

Checking for states is not hard: Use a conditional and do if script:


. . . you've shattered my fragile mind.

Pretty fun premise that maybe needed a tiny, tiny bit more. I got super rich quickly, got the slasher, and then I was unstoppable. I couldn't really see if there was an endgame after the cave so I quit after that. 

It was mostly bug free. The only real functional thing I encountered was that I couldn't shoot cannonballs in the cave or after leaving until I stopped at another port. 

Love the continuous original games!

I did finish it! Nothing can stop Priscilla of course, despite having an imbecile navigator Reid (clearly the cause of the disappearing ship).

Fun to go around killing sharks, legendary krakens, traders, the navy, etc. Some cool mechanics here that definitely could be developed a bit more. For a jam submission, I think it worked well enough, although I was not sure what the different stats did, only that I couldn't seem to lose any battles later on. 

A few events seemed busted, for example I lost health when people told me I was a famous pirate. Sometimes an autorun event would make it so my ship was gone when I left a town, so I had to start from a previous save. You could also buy or steal the same map multiple times. It was also pretty easy to miss the chests that you had to check for maps/shovels.

Polishing up the events and having some of the mechanics less obscure might make the stat improvements more exciting. Of course some cool visuals for battles, brawl's etc. would have helped too, but for a quick jam it did suffice.

I enjoyed the custom artwork, variety of attacks, diverse gameplay, and the Saturday morning cartoon storyline. There were few issues with passability and tiles being on the wrong layer, but nothing major. Combat was a bit one dimensional, and some attacks like the AOE ones were not very useful in most situations. It was also really just a matter of healing when low on HP, and then you'd win. Would be cool to see some more mechanics sprinkled into the combat. The voice acting was really cool, but magical girls may be a bit outside your typical VA range.

Awesome! Hope to see it soon, y'know if you're not busy destroying all your jam competition.

Hey when's the next update!? Would love to check out more acts.

Thanks so much for the feedback everyone, especially the critical notes on the themes and the rating system. These are total blindspots for me, but they seem to be a common problem, so I will definitely seek to address these in future jams. I'll be reviewing all the notes here before I make another jam, so thank you all and feel free to post anything else you think of!

As a lover of stats and records, here's my post covering my thoughts about the execution of the jam, results, mistakes, and more. This is also a helpful record for me to review if/when Haroldjam gets planned for next year.

Entries at jam end: 35
Entries by end of judgment: 32
2  games removed then added to extra submissions
1 game removed from jam due to being a non Harold game posted to many many jams
Votes: 557
Average ratings per game: 17.4
Distribution: Max 21, Min 13

Return participants: 8
New participants: 20


Given the stats, I'm extremely happy with the results. We had a huge number of new people join and show us their skills, and a lot of return talent as well. Members generously voted on each others games, despite the huge amount of entries. I noticed many helpful comments as well, all in the spirit of the Beta Testers server. I was also impressed by how many multiple submissions there were. Two members submitted 3 projects, 2 submitted two. Lots of people jumped on the bandwagon last minute, and skyrocketed the submission count, which added a ton of hype to the jam.

Hidden from the stats is the quality of games. The originality in this jam as staggering, with no two games alike. I may have enjoyed playing these entries more than just about any other jam's, and that speaks to the quality of the community, and the inspirational effect of Harold himself.

Nowis' banner art was a runaway hit, and I credit it with a lot of the hype and enthusiasm that people brought to the jam. It was so ridiculous, so high in quality, I'm certain its responsible for drawing attention to the jam and the community, and I'm so thankful to Nowis for contributing his time and talent in this way. I provided just about no help with prompts for this, so 100% of the credit goes to Nowis for drawing inspiration from the such an unexpected source.

I think promotions were pretty successful. Decent penetration into the forums, Twitter, and other Discord servers. Nova Kane recorded a wonderful podcast advertisement that played on RPG Maker Cola. I think we came close to maximizing our opportunities here, given the time and connections I had.


First of all, I nearly sabotaged the jam by scheduling it at the same time as the largest RPGM jam in years. Thankfully, I reached out to Touchfuzzy inquiring about promotions, and he helped me narrowly avoid my mistake. I did have to do some last minute rescheduling, and the jam occurred when many people were recovering from the previous jam. Based on a few reports, this prevented a few people from entering. It also meant I promoted the jam in a lot of places a bit early, and had some ham-handed Tweets (that probably weren't noticed anyways).

Secondly, I announced the themes as soon as the page went live. This made it easier for potential unscrupulous entrants to begin their jam work early, before they were supposed to. Luckily I don't think this was a problem, but better not to make it possible.

Lastly were the prizes. While not necessarily a mistake, in retrospect they seem relatively unimportant. I'm thrilled to reward and incentivize these creative pursuits, but given how many people refused my Haroldcoins, I'm thinking the real reward is the devving itself, the feedback, the laughs, the community.  I plan on taking my prize budget and contributing in other ways hopefully (see below).

Plans for Next Year:

If Haroldjam survives to next year, I plan on coordinating better with the big RM figures to avoid overlap of jam times. I'll also seek some sort of official sponsorship if possible. Themes will also be announced when the jam goes live, not way way beforehand. I hope to get more artwork made ahead of time, maybe get more shared assets created that can be used by the community.

I'll also still award prizes in the future, but may scale it down, and put more resources into things like art, music, etc., that the entire community can have access. In this way, maybe I can reward the whole community, or inspire a few new entries with the assets.


Had a great time, and I hope everyone else did too! If you have feedback about the jam, I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Anything is welcome, but especially interested in the following.

-What did you most like/dislike about the jam?

- Where did you hear about the jam?
- What inspired you to join/submit?
- If you didn't join/didn't submit, what was the barrier?
- Future theme suggestions?
- Do you have any assets you'd like to make available to the community for next year?
- Any other thoughts or suggestions?

First Place: Harold Simulator by Nowis-337 (Harold Immortal Role)
Second Place: Harold: Origins by KV_Kingdom, Nova Kane, Muyoko Honey, and Knightly (Prize - $80 in game assets)
Third Place: Money Maker Harold by Manu Gaming Creations (Prize - $50 in game assets)
Fourth Place: Mach V Harold by Human
Fifth Place: Day Dreams a Harold Story by Zyphli
Sixth Place: Harold Tales Monster Life by Berry B (Prize - $25 in game assets)
Seventh Place: Harold Kart Racing by Wrath of Wood ($25 in Degica gift codes)

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who passed their prizes down the line. I'm always so impressed by the culture of collaboration and generosity I've seen in participants, and passing a prize to someone likely to use it for their next game is a gift to us all.

Harold Ascendant Prize:
Harold Truth: Macrocosm Lyterian by Berry B

Given the ambitious, experimental nature of this game, strict requirements for completion, and challenging gameplay, I knew it might lose a few people along the way. For me, I found this game to be the culmination of so much hard work, talent, creativity, and respect for the source material, I couldn't think of another entry more worthy of the Harold Ascendant prize. And given that two other games were required to even access this one, I felt compelled to consider them all together. Berry's talent for breaking the normal constraints of game dev won me over, and I loved every moment. Berry honored the Harold, and the entire RPG Beta Testers community with this entry, and for that I'm deeply grateful.

Pretty cool dragon hunting adventure! For me, combat was the high point. I could see some thought put into tactics with taunting, buffing, etc. This was held back a bit by the fact that MP is so easily drained, I didn't want to use it on regular mobs for fear of being short. So unfortunately it incentivized attack spamming instead of creative skill use. 

However as the game ran on, I think resources felt more available which opened things up a bit. Dragon battle was my favorite part, as I got to fully unleash all my items and attacks, and basically let Harold spam his "Sun Power" attack until it was at God strength. I'll admit I thought the game broke when the dragon used "fly" but I understood the second time around.

Storytelling-wise, I didn't feel a strong sense of Harold. Your characters were original and pretty cool, but I didn't feel a ton of personality infused into the MC. 

Thanks for the entry!! I dream of seeing a 100% joker art style Harold adventure one day.

Not bad for a first game! I thought the light shard and blindness mechanic were pretty clever. To me, the highlight was the story, including the little snippets of dialog and character development every round.  There were some funny parts, and seeing the story surrounding "Reid" was enjoyable to uncover. There were definitely some typos, misspellings, grammar problems, but nothing so bad it made it unplayable. 

Biggest thing to be improved is gameplay. Despite the blindness aspect being clever, in game all it means is using an eye drop every few minutes. That doesn't make for fun gaming. Light shards were fine too, but why not just have the inhabitants be demons to start? Having to use an item runs the risk of running out, and I really don't know what one would do. I didn't see any way to farm lightshards.

Combat was a bit one dimensional. I typically just attacked until enemies died and didn't use spells until the final boss. Harold's spark was weaker than his attack, and so was Therese's Ice attack. Skills without a use aren't exciting to have.

Having to equip a pickaxe or fishing pole to fish or mine is a bit cumbersome too. It added a bit too much menu exploring in order to do things. I think it would be totally fine to just check for the party possessing these items to allow you to use them, because no one wants to accidentally bring a fishing pole into battle.

On top of that, fishing as spamming confirm button is not super fun either. Definitely needs some mini-game, some skill, or even to not exist (I'd be okay with that).

One of the biggest problems for me was the total lack of poison antidotes (as far as I could tell). Because it took me a little realize I had to equip a fishing pole, I accidentally used bait on Harold. He was poisoned for the entire run. No shop on the way sold antidotes, no enemy dropped them, so I was just making sure I healed before battles.

Anyways, I wrote all the above to try to help, and I really appreciate your entry to Harold Jam. Hope to see you make more stuff and keep improving!

Cute game with great, simple art. Only now after reading the game page do I understand the food = fight slime mechanic. Also I made a huge mistake and I won with Reid. NOooooooooo. Thanks for participating!!

Pretty funny and very Harold. Wonder why Harold had to wear his tapdancing shoes during his nightmare. I died a lot so your game name is definitely accurate. I also wish the sword didn't slow Harold to a snail's pace. I only ever used them accidentally, but I was always bummed when I did. In some cases I got legit freaked out being chased by some of the Reids, which was a thrill. Glad you got an entry in!

Got all the endings and a lot of laughs. I like the blind vengeance one hahaha. This was definitely a fun entry, and pretty clever. A bit of a puzzle getting all the endings but the pictures from the pillow gave me some good clues and I figured it out.

It does get weird if you choose to reload after game over and accidentally save. I ended up stuck with a show picture covering the screen as the scenes continued. A few tiling issues here and there, and little things like non-transparent background on Slharold, but none of that mattered for the flow and hilarity of the game.

So glad you joined us again for another Harold jam! Really hope to see the third next year!

Copy paste from your YouTube vids!

OK so any feathers missable? Also how many total?

Finally beat this one start to finish. I respect the open-ended nature of this game, and I found it really fun! Plenty of side quests, secrets, and alternate ways to play. I chose the Goddess Icon route, which was a pretty interesting way to win.

Still looking for all the secrets like the Goddess Gems and Feathers. Some sort of hint or progress indication would be nice! I have no idea what I'm missing or where. Luckily the world isn't too huge so I'm bound to find everything eventually, right?

I thought your asset usage was really good. Custom facesets, tall map sprites, Low's side view battlers, MV remixes, FSM tiles. . . really nice job putting them all together to make something cool.

I'd love to see you do a little more experimenting with alternative battle systems and maybe a few custom action sequences. Also your Harold SV battler was really cool. Sooooo close to being perfect. Just needed like one or two pixel adjustment on the head I think to make it smoother.

Story was perfect jam length, and it was nice to see an older Harold helping the youth's of MZ. A boss battle before getting rid of the sword would have been cool, especially using all five heroes. 

Fun submission Rose! Thanks for making one!

Really enjoyable story setup and execution. Gameplay was not super deep, but it was fun. Boosting was more or less unnecessary, as was braking, but it was nice to crash into Reid 5 times and speed off. 

The use of MV3D was really awesome looking, and I really enjoyed checking out different elevations. Only thing missing is firing off some sparks forward or backward!